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My husband and I took flight AC143 from Toronto to Calgary on Wednesday May 18. He helped me pack my luggage and can confirm the items that have gone missing. At no time did we leave our items un attended prior to checking our baggage in at the Air Canada conveyor belt.

The flight was delayed for over an hour because the Air conditioning and the starter motor for the airplane engine were not working, and had to be replaced.

Upon arrival in Calgary, we went immediately to the baggage carrousel, and there was no delay in the arrival of our items.

We picked up our rental vehicle near Calgary airport by shuttle bus. At no time did we leave the baggage unattended at the car rental office, nor in transit.

We went grocery shopping, and the rental car and trunk were locked during our shop. We loaded the groceries and drove to our accommodation, the car was not left unattended at our accommodation.

Upon opening my luggage, my husband and I noticed that several items were missing including :

- a teal down puffer jacket with hood

- a pair of telescoping hiking poles

- a navy blue zippered polar fleece jacket

- a brown and teal paisley toiletries kit with handles, zipper, and two pouches, one lined with plastic, the other with breathable mesh.

In the toiletries kit there were the following items: shampoo and conditioner, new tweezers, toothbrush and toothpaste, a new bottle of la Roche Posay tinted facial sunscreen valued at $50 plus tax, a dental mouth guard valued at well over $500 for replacement cost, a yellow high end deodorant tube.

I tried to make a complaint online with Air Canada, and the website kept crashing.

The next day, I phoned Air Canada Customer Service, and talked to someone nice and helpful. She told me a procedure to follow for filing a claim, which was to first check with lost baggage and see if the items are there, and then if not, to file a complaint with the police, and with Air Canada. She said I could also make a claim on my travel insurance or credit card. I said this was an Air Canada problem caused my Air Canada employees, and I wanted Air Canada to incur the cost of replacing the stolen items so that then they might see it necessary to do something about an employee and customer relations problem that is embedded in Air Canada corporate culture.

I phoned Lost Baggage at Toronto Pearson Terminal 1 and spoke to 2 separate employees. They put me on hold and hung up on me both times. I phoned lost baggage a third time, and no one picked up the phone.

I phoned Peel Regional Police and filed a report with Constable Cornea, badge #3527.

I phoned Air Canada Customer Support again, put in my number for a call back, and got a call back from the ticket sales department. When I said I was phoning to file a baggage theft report, he was dismissive and rude, saying « no m’am, you phoned the ticket booking office, we have no customer service phone number, you have to make a complaint online. I explained I had tried to do so, and the website was unavailable for making complaints last night and this morning.

This trip was a surprise 60th birthday gift from my husband to me. So far, because of the negligence, criminal actions and total lack of support I have received from Air Canada and its employees, it has been a nightmare. It is freezing cold in Banff and snowing, and I do not have sufficient warm clothing to wear because it was stolen by Air Canada Employees. Air Canada does not seem to care about this issue because they don’t have a proper website or customer support team to deal with this issue. I am sure I am not alone here. The police confirmed that this is a frequent occurrence, and that Air Canada is very difficult to deal with..


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