Air Canadaflight from dublin to vancouver /calgary on september 3 2018

D Sep 07, 2018

I was returning from Ireland with my disabled sister 62 years and daughter 21 after attending my eldest daughters wedding. We left Cork at 3:30 to catch the flight at 10:10 out of Dublin. There was a major construction on the M8 and we were delayed by over an hour. I was not too concerned as we had left early and I had checked in the night before. I had trouble booking on my iPhone and it seemed to keep refusing my checked bags. I rechecked the 3 passsangers three times to try to get the bags accepted. You can check your computer records. We ended up arriving at the end of the line at the baggage desk to submit our bags about 50 minutes before departure. The agent was cold and unhelpful saying the bags were not checked. She the asked why we were late getting to the airport I explained about the traffic delays at Nass on the M8 she shrugged and then she said the flight was closed. I told her my daughter had classes starting tomorrow and her and my sister needed to get home. She asked a supervisor that just looked at us with contempt and said no. In afterthought I thought the very least she could have said leave the bags with me and I could fly out later and the girls could go ahead. Instead she said it was a 20 minutes walk to the gate and we would have to rebook . If I hadn't been so shocked I should have given the the electronic boarding passes and sent them to the gate myself but I listened to the agent and assuming we were ow screwed. This would still have given us ample time to board. She made an attempt to send us through Toronto and said no seats and we were to go to Swiss port to rebook. Swissport quoted us 1600 euros per person. I was livid at this point and called AC direct. I explained our predicament and he booked us on the same flight next day for $185 PP . I accepted this and decided it was not his fault and that I would take the issue up with AC upon my return to Calgary. We left the airport and found a $65 hotel room for $200 and came back the next day. Seeing many aircrew at the Travelodge hotel I knew it was one of the cheapest airport hotels in the area. It took us only 15 minutes to clear security and get to the gate including about a 5 minute walk not 20 minutes as the agent seemed to use to justify her position. We checked the bags at 8:45 and sat at the gate over an hour. The flight was still boarding at 10:00 FYI
We were lied to and humiliated. Helpful is the last adjective I would use for the agent. Several years back my daughter Kaely and I flew first class on AC and had a connection in Toronto. There was a huge walk across the airport and they actually held the connection flight for us. There seems to be two classes of service plebe and vip. This return trip was a complete disaster in comparison. We were on an antique aircraft and my seat was so uncomfortable I had to fashion a seat cushion out of pillows because the seat was like sitting on a sheet metal chair. I'm sure the cushion was 25 years old. The foam was completely collapsed and the pocket was full of garbage on both outbound and return legs. From being a proponent of AC where my father worked for 25 years I am now disgusted and seeking redress. I am asking for reversal of the 3 x $185 fees and the $200 hotel room. FYI My sister had an aneurysm in the brain and is seriously disabled requiring a lack of stress and orderly timely sleep and rest. I am a senior and have been looking after her for 30 years. Your young heartless cold agent and her supervisor are a disgrace and poor representation of the company. Please advise me of your response so I can govern my future actions as I do not plan to Absorb the cost. Weddings are expensive enough for the FOB and this has left a sour taste in me leaving me to question my allegiance to AC. I am a very disappointed Calgary resident and thinking of shopping around for a new Canadian air carrier.
Regards, David Zaluski

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