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I am writing to request that Air Canada compensate me in the amount of 2500$ USD for damages occasioned as a result of the delay of our checked baggage, and to refund me the tickets fees as a compensation for all the damages that it occurred to our trip in accordance with Article 19 of the Montreal Convention

1. On June 20,2022 I flew from Montreal to Cancun on flights AC1882. I checked in 3 piece(s) of baggage, and a walker bearing baggage tag number AC641893, AC642341, AC641884,AC641890

2. Upon arrival at Cancun Airport , my checked baggage bearing tag numbers AC641893 did not arrive with me. A baggage irregularity report was completed at Cancun Airport , and assigned reference number CUNAC18464.

3. My checked baggage was delivered to my home address on June 28,2022 at approximately 11:00 am.

4. As a result of the delay of my checked baggage, I incurred losses totaling 2500$ USD that are supported by the copies of receipts and can be provided upon request, as well as my damaged baggage that arrived and that cost me 190$ plus the refund of the baggage fee that I am entitled too.

I would like also to mention that I am a person with disability, I have a Neurological Disorder that urge me to take daily medications and unfortunately all my prescription medications for blood pressure , pain and antidepressant were in the luggage and that caused me a big nightmare and pain that I still could not recover from it and unfortunately while there I couldn’t get a replacement

I requested Air Canada for a compensation a month ago and until now I did not hear anything back and I prepared a small claim court and ready to be filed but I thought I will try this way before going ahead and file it and hope this will help.

Sincerely yours,


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