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Complaints & Reviews

fuel surcharge

In February 2009 I booked return travel with Air Canada from Kamloops to Sydney Australia. Air Canada...

rip off

I travel frequently with Air Canada. At least two or three times a month earlier this year I was traveling on a puddle jumper and as always, bring my briefcase with me on board the cabin. This particular day, the steward told me that I had to check my bag as it would not fit in the overhead compartment or under the seat. I told him that I could not as it was all electronics, he proceeded to assure me that sky Cap would take very good care of my electronics. after about five minutes of arguing with them. I gave in and gave him my briefcase. I did not notice any electronics missing until I got to my meeting the next morning. I was missing an iPod, voice recognition dictating software headset, my web cam, digital camera were all missing. I immediately contacted Air Canada at the airport where a landed and informed him that I had several pieces of electronics missing. Given the flight number and everything that I felt was pertinent to getting my electronics back. I felt confident the facts there was only one person to handle the sky check, Air Canada could easily figure out who that was and get my electronics back. When I came back to the same airport to fly out again. I spoke to air Canada Representative again and received a written confirmation of the report I had filed and I felt confidence and reassured that I would either get my electronics back or I would be compensated for my loss... after four months of communicating with Air Canada. Air Canada would purposely transfer me to all different departments. Just a semi through hoops. Air Canada asking me to fill out these reports over and over again and asking for receipts of all the equipment and making me jump through hoops time and time again. After all that. Then they inform me that they company policy is not to ensure or be responsible for electronics, When they are checked in.
In other words. They can steal all the electronics they want, and the company will never be held responsible. I don't even think they even investigated.

I am positive that their purpose was to stall me as long as possible and to put enough hoops and barriers in front of me that eventually I would give up. and at that point they wouldn't have to reimburse me or do anything. Not even investigates their employees. if Air Canada employees feel they will not be investigated. It's as much as encouraging them to steal.

Do not check any electronics or any valuable items with Air Canada, or Any airline.

  • Ro
    Robert Hughes Jan 13, 2009

    Nothing seems to have changed at Air Canada. Returning from Europe a couple of years ago. We left our digital camera on the aircraft seat with over 400 digital holiday pictures after landing in Calgary. We were last ones off the aircraft and the cleanup crew were waiting to board the aircraft. We went directly to the Air canada counter to report our loss feeling they could send someone to the plane and get it. That never happened. The camera was never found. You can guess who had the best chance of stealing that camera.

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  • Ai
    Airport_Insider Jan 18, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I will comment on two things regarding the initial story and the comment after:

    A) Checking in electronics is for the majority of times safe with Air Canada, you should do this with your suitcase and brief case. The airline does really do enough to take care of passenger's property as being an airport employee for YVR I've driven past suitcases just sitting on the buggy in the rain. As for your electronics, if they're important then you should launch a complaint with your local police, and even to that fact if they're worth then go through a lawyer. Air Canada hates bad publicity and theft for them isn't a rare thing, it has been in the news as many of their employees are selfish, greedy, and lazy people that feel entitled.

    B) As for your camera, you can also do them same as Air Canada has a sheet of crew peolple that cleaned that plane, and if enough pressure is exerted they will find out who it was through the crew leader who to save their job will turn in who it was that took the camera. Trust me I've seen people board these plans that shouldn't be on there just scanning for things that they can take home.

    All of that being said the majority of employees are Air Canada are honest hardworking people, but there are always a few bad apples, and this is common in all work places and it's unfortunate that you two had to be the victims of this. Air Canada has some of the worst customer service, that's what you get when you have the CAW running your phone lines, rude employees who don't care because they're unionized.

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  • Wi
    Willie Jan 21, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had the same thing happen to me, electronics stolen from luggage, they even cut the seals on the zipper, then had the gall to say that they need to open the suitcase

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points taken away

Like many others I had over 100, 000 points stolen from me by Air Canada due to inactivity on my account. Thank goodness I had redemmed about 250, 000 points about a year before that or I would call it grand larceny.

As you can imagine with 350, 000 I did a bit of travelling over the years and tried to stay loyal to Air Canada to rack up my points. I had a couple of years of relative flight inactivity due to changed job responsibilities which is why I went inactive, but I have been flying again for a year now and avoid Air Canada like the plague but a couple times there was no avoiding it so they got my business grudgingly.

Once in a while I go on-line looking for a class action lawsuit to join which lead me to this post so if anyone else knows of one please let me know ([protected]@shaw.ca).

Air Canada if you read the complaints, I want my points back. I cannot believe your executive team thinks it is a long term winning strategy to rip off your most loyal customers. The more loyal we have been, the more you have been able to take. I cant think of anyone other than Robin Hood who made a good name for themselves by stealing, or perhaps Robin works for you now so you felt justified?

  • Un
    unhappykelly Jun 28, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If you want to sign up for this class action suite you can do so online at:
    These thieves must be stopped. I lost 40, 000 points today, and only noticed when expecting to book a trip to Mexico for a family wedding, after years of saving points through business travel. Down with Areoplan!!! I will actively post everyone so you can all get involved also.

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terrible service

I arrived well over two hours early for return flight from Toronto to LAX and checked in. Despite having chosen a seat during my internet ticket purchase, no seat assignment was printed on my boarding pass. Ticketing and luggage matters were handled smoothly initially. Well before boarding commenced I lined up to receive seat assignment, but the single agent handling all pre-boarding matters was so busy with phone calls, etc., he required 40 minutes to service only the 8-10 passengers ahead of me. Consequently I was only assigned a seat at the very last minute-after standing unnecessarily in line-and boarded. I received a window seat but needed an aisle seat since I must use the toilet frequently.

During the flight an attendant handed me a message stating that my luggage was not aboard the flight.

1. The boarding agent did not call for assistance, thus not only delaying the flight's departure, but the flight attendant then lied about the reason for delay in his PA announcement upon takeoff.

2. The boarding agent had every reason to know that the luggage of last minute boarders would not be loaded, since security requires that flier must be boarded-or at least have a seat assignment- before his luggage will be loaded.

3. Since the boarding agent was so far behind, many other passengers had their luggage withheld, yet no steps were taken to augment the sole clerk at the lost baggage office at LAX, thus increasing delays for passengers since registering a lost bag is a fairly lengthy process.

4. The in flight video was screwed up from the beginning but it took the crew 30+ minutes to realize it and initiate a lengthy re-boot. When AC's video is not functioning it is maddening to deal with, since there is not indication that it is mis-booted. It simply acts as if it should work, but doesn't.

5. Only 5 minutes before boarding the agent announced that the purser was not given change for on board purchases. At this point it would have been impossible for passengers to race 100 meters to attempt to get change. It was simply idiotic.

6. Please send me proof that these obvious, structural deficiencies have been corrected... i.e., that I am not wasting my time writing to you.

Thank you.

  • Ge
    Geronimo Jan 18, 2010

    You are wasting your time. Air Canada like so many airlines has become a bus company. Unfortunately their employees harbour disillusions that they are somehow professionals who deserve to be obeyed and respected. All the while not showing the same courtesy to the travelers who pay their salary.

    Unfortunately they have no standards to live up to as the entire industry is just as arrogant and inefficient.

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cancelled flight

i wish to submit a claim under EC.Regulations 261/2004 (as required by Article 14.2)for cancelled flight AC898 on 10/07/2008. Edmonton to Heathrow 4227 miles, due to mechanical failure which does not fit in to catagory "exeptional circumstances" it is in fact poor maintance or a coincidence Air Canada shed hundreds of flight attendents. Having sat aboard flight 898 for 2 hours then informed the flight was cancelled, rescheduled the following day at 3pm it took a further 3 hours for accomodation to be found the staff were less than helpful i was a female passenger travelling alone, they could not of cared less about my well-being, i was not offered or given food or refreshments or to make contact with my famiy via telephone, email telexes or fax. Air Canada has clearly failed in its DUTY OF CARE TO PASSENGERS. My journey home took 3 days, Thursday to Saturday, my connecting flight in England involved an 11hr wait in heathrow airport.
my claim is for the cancelled flight unnecassary stress, anxiety due to air canada's chaotic+ disorganised staff.
I am obliged to inform you i have taken informal legal advice on this matter.

  • As
    A sethi Aug 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Did they respond to your letter? What was the outcome?

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  • Ai
    Airport_Insider Jan 18, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I think she thinks this is the complaint board to place legal complaints.

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air miles

You have taken my air miles away.
I had 24033 air miles and they are now gone.
Your customer service rep advised an email was sent Apr 8-08 advising me.
You have my email address, my phone number and address on my profile (still there today).
Why did you not give me a more recent alert that you were going to take them.
These are valuable to me, and this is tantamount to theft.
I want them back. How can you possibly justify this. Who got my air miles?
Where are they going with them? What rewards are you or someone else getting for them? This is absolutely ridiculous, and no way to treat a customer.
I am requesting a reply, and a return of my air miles.

  • Ke
    Kevin Lennox Oct 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too had over 100.000 air miles that were stolen from me by Air Canada. Thank goodness I had redeemed about 250, 000 points about a year before that or it would have been grand larceny.

    As you can imagine with 350, 000 points I had done a bit of flying and was prettly loyal to trying to fly Air Canada so I could keep racking up my miles. I fly off and on depending on my job responsibilities and had a lull in my flying which resulted in my lost points. Now I have been flying quite a bit again and try and avoid flying with Air Canada but once in a while cannot avoid it.

    From time to time I search online for a class action lawsuit to join which I was today which led me to this post. If anyone hears of one please let me know ([email protected]).

    Air Canada if you read this. I want my points back. It was pure thievery on your part and I cannot believe your executive team actually believes you will win in the long run when you use these tactics on loyal customers

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  • Un
    unhappykelly Jun 28, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If you want to sign up for this class action suite you can do so online at:
    These thieves must be stopped. I lost 40, 000 points today, and only noticed when expecting to book a trip to Mexico for a family wedding, after years of saving points through business travel. Down with Areoplan!!! I will actively post everyone so you can all get involved also.

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price of tickets for funeral

In March of 2008, my beloved brother-in law passed away and the funeral was in Miami. tickets were full price and the total for just two of us was almost $2500.00. Had I had a wife and a few more children, you do the math.
The plane was virtually empty.
There used to be a policy in regards to deaths and sudden bookings but my understanding is that Air Canada no longer does this, period.
I find this deplorabel. It is bad enough to lose a loved one but to have it cause use substancial financial pain that is unwarranted makes the entire incident a hundred times worse.
If this is in fact getting to Air Canada, I would like a large portion of my money re-imbursed. You can find the details of his funeral by googling "Jack Levine, obituary and Miami Herald."
Barry Rich

  • Ge
    Geronimo Jan 18, 2010

    Air Canada announced a while back that they would no longer have bereavement fares. It was a scam anyway. You had to pay for a full fare ticket and would receive a 50% reimbursement upon supplying a death certificate. The fare they quote as "full fare" is not one you ever actually saw. When my father died a few years ago three of his children had to return home from, Tel Aviv, Vancouver, and Toronto. We were all quoted this "bereavement fare". As it turned out 50% of the fare we were each quoted was more than any of us paid just by calling Air Canada and buying a ticket. In the case of Vancouver and Toronto for travel the very same day.

    I can't recall the fare for the others but the full fare I was quoted from Tel Aviv at that time was $5000. (Yes this was Coach.) After being reimbursed it would have cost me $2500. By calling Air Canada in Tel Aviv directly, the fare on the flight the next day (same flight as the bereavement fare) was $1800.

    So in an effort to help me in my sorrow Air Canada was graciously going to permit me to pay $700 more.

    I used to be loyal to Air Canada (one year I flew 103 flights) but now I fly whichever airline has the best fare and schedule for when and where I need to be. It is a lot less of a problem to just purchase access to airline lounges when I choose to. That seemed to be the only benefit. In all my flights with Air Canada I have been bumped up to Business class a grand total of twice! And unlike other airlines that I frequent, one is not able on Air Canada to use air miles to upgrade to Business class.

    They have a virtual monopoly in Canada. Their motto should "We Don't Care, We Don't Have Too!".

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  • Au
    aunty_pathy Dec 21, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My mother has just flown Air Canada to resolve matters in Canada after her uncle's death, and despite the fact that she for some reason paid half as much again as her sister despite them both booking on the AC website within minutes of each other, Air Canada have sent a letter in response to her query, the gist of which is "We don't give a damn, you've already paid us."

    I personally will never fly AC again. They are sharks.

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delays resulting in miss connection

Delay in departure from Quebec City to Montreal resulted in missing connection to Toronto and subsequent missed connection to Sarnia. Sitting in an airport for 5 hours is now my idea of a way to end a trip. Ticketing agent in Montreal was all but blaming me for being late (the plane was still sitting at the door and she would not let us on) Air Canada should include the saying "PAY YOUR MONEY - TAKE YOUR CHANCES" with any of their booking regulations. No sense of responsibility on their part.

cancelled flight due to weather... no other airlines cancelled

Flight AC222 , June 5.. scheduled to depart at 6:15 pm... checked in... looked at ticket.. departure changed to 8:05 pm. Reason as per AC clerk... and announcement... Mechanical issues. Waiting for plane from SanFransico to arrive and then depart with this plane. Waited till 8:00 pm... announcement that flight is cancelled due to the fact that Calgary Airport had a power failure and all incoming flight are cancelled... I went on -line later... the only flights cancelled was AC222 and the one later... that was it... all other airlines reported minimal delays or on-time... NO CANCELLATION. No report by the airport of a power failure. I feel totally ripped off... i think Air Canada did not want to or could not fly and used weather as a way to not pay for hotels and food. In other words... I want a third party explanation!! I am sure many people will want an explanation once they look into the real status of arrivals into Calgary Airport. This just does not add up!

  • Ja
    Jasmine Oct 15, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The EXACT same thing happened to me with Air Canada!!! They STILL won't give me my money back!! I missed my whole honeymoon in Cuba! Can you BELIEVE THAT!?!?!

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  • Ai
    Airport_Insider Jan 18, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    That's actually a tactical money saving technique deployed by Air Canada, the reason being that the flight might have been over sold and there fore by delaying or cancelling they might annoy enough people who will use another airline and of course most of their tickets domestically aren't refundable. So they way they see it is that they can create circumstances that allow them to shed people at the same time keeping their fares, so either put and shut up or use someone else.

    0 Votes
  • Ai
    Airport_Insider Jan 18, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Not meaning to be rude, just giving you the way they think, and Xmas 2008 wasn't any better and fully shows exactly what I just posted above.

    0 Votes
  • Th
    thd Dec 07, 2009

    I too have experienced Air Canada's LAME excuses for canceling flights. The solution is...NEVER fly with them again.

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unfair service charges

Why should I have to pay extra $20 per reservation for making my booking over the phone when Air Canada web-site " seems to be experiencing some trouble finding a flight date for me... is it not enough with all the EXTRA charges already? I tried many many times to book it on line but it was impossible... and the people who have no internet have no right either? NOT FAIR

I want Air Canada to give me my money back

Thank you

  • Ti
    Tim Feb 08, 2009

    Lsat week i booked a flight to London, England, which i had seen a few days earlier for 980.00. At the time of booking the price had gone to 1040.00. A day later i checked the fare, and it had gone back to 980.00. This turned out to be a difference in the fuel surcharge. How can this be, when the price of oil had been dropping all week? Should they refund the difference?

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Aeroplan sucks!

Business class ticket goes from 7500o points to 432000 points! When will someone start a class action suit against Aeroplan.

Points were canceled without notification!

I have been a Aeroplan Card holder since 1993. At that time I was using Air Canada for business trips and the...

unwarranted change in itinerary

On 1 September 2006 i booked an online return flight ticket from st. john's newfoundland to boston...

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