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On 28 may 2010, I took flight ak 050 with couple of friends to macau. Our flight landed at macau airport app 10.15 a. M. Sadly, could not find my luggage on the conveyor hence, made a lost luggage report to airasia vide the macau airport authorities (‘maa”). Meanwhile, my husband tried calling the airasia customer service hotline but no answer for the next few hours & when he did finally get someone on the line, airasia advised my husband to go to the lcct terminal to lodge a report….. What the heck, what if my husband was calling from malacca or ipoh…what’s the point of having a number to call when they cannot attend to queries on the line??? Having said all that, my husband did drive all the way to lcct @ 4 p. M. & was told that they had received my report from maa but still could not locate my luggage. Just told to wait.
Anyway, back in macau, I received a call from maa at 9.30 p. M. & told to claim my luggage from the airport. The maa told me to get an explanation from airasia, apparently the & lsquo;lost luggage’ was caused by airasia at lcct.
Basically, I had to spend $ to purchase clothings, undergarments & toiletries, pay for return cab fare to macau airport to claim my luggage & air asia did not even have the courtesy to call & apologise or the least airasia could do was to explain what the heck happened to my luggage!!! But this is what I think, they missed loading my luggage at lcct terminal & upon receiving my report, looked for my luggage, loaded it on the next flight to macau (Arrived at 8.30 p. M. ) & just assumed problem solved! How rude!!
Would be good if someone can advise me where to lodge a formal complaint to airasia.


  • same like me... what can i say is...air asia is bad airlines !!!
    give me back my luggage !! if not...please pay me(claim) !! this is second tyme i lost my luggage.. I had to spend $ to purchase clothings, undergarments & toiletries..staf lcct also ignore my report !!! now...everyone can see ur true colour !!! plis change ur bad behaviour.. flight from kuching-miri, kuching-kl delay 4 along tyme !!! what did pilot say ?? he wont fly bcoz overduty !!! argggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!! i want my luggage..or my claim !!! please show ur responsibility

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  • El
    Eljer Aranjuez Jul 13, 2011

    I have fly from singapore to kota kinabalu on the 7 july flight details is AK 6274, i have check inn two luggage but I only receive one and until now I havent receive any news from airasia!the worth inside the box is about Malasian ringgit Rm 2, 800. everytime I call to the tracing center nobody pick up the phone!!is this the way yo treat to your costomer?hello fernandez I think you should change your policy to make more better effort and change your staff better attitude..I ask one of your staff of the phone tracing center and she told me that sir if nobody pick up the phone dont be be upset because we are busy..what?how many staff do you have working with you and not even one be able to pick up the phone???I really upset very dissapointed and would it be great if one of your stuff can explaine properly the situation.

    Evryone can fly and everyone can lost their luggage!I want my luggage back...!

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  • Id
    IDUR1309 Dec 09, 2011

    same with me.. I have lost my luggage in air asia flight from Bali to Darwin... it has been 5 days, every time i called them the only one answer "still under investigation" how many complain about luggage lost..but no action from air asia to solve it as well as to reduce this losses happen again... BAD AIR ASIA...THE WORSE AIR LINE IN THE WORLD

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  • Ai
    AidanEthanOnelove Jan 05, 2012

    Are you serious? The BAGGAGE WAS PICKED UP WRONGLY BY ANOTHER PASSENGER, NOT HANDED BY AIRASIA CREW TO THE WRONG PASSENGER.. Complaint on an Airline or anything else if you have the right basis, if not, don't..

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  • Pa
    PatriciaNg Jan 21, 2012

    I flew in from Jakarta to LCCT yesterday 20 Jan 2012 via AK1381 flight which was delayed from 8.30am to 8.50am. My booking number is L49SKV. When flight arrived LCCT at 12.20pm. By the time I cleared immigration and made my way to the luggage belt, most of the passengers already picked theirs up. There were a lot of other bags on the floor and I went to ask the Lost & Found counter staff who confirmed that all luggage down from flight. I asked him to look if any left behind and he went behind the belt and came back with 1 luggage which was not mine. I asked him to double checked again in case more are left behind and did not get onto the belt but he said he found only 1. He then proceeded to make the BAH or Property Irregulariy Report and took down all my particulars. I told him what is next and he said he will check with Jakarta to see if luggage is there. I informed him how long it will take as I need to catch my bus from LCCT to Ipoh and he said for me to go home to Ipoh and once found, they will send back to me. They will call me to update me on their findings. In between from the time I reported before 1pm to my reaching Ipoh around 6pn, I called many times but most times busy. Whe I got through, I was told that KL side has lodged report to Jkt side and that KL has not got any reply. I asked them why didn't they call instead? I called again just passed 6pm and was informed that Air Asia Jakarta had replied to KUL's email that they cannot find my luggage and that I should call again today afternoon. I then asked what did that mean? Was my luggage on the flight or was it lost in LCCT airport? The lady who picked up my call said they will contact Jkt again to get details of tracking numbers to see which is the cause! I have been calling both Jakarta and KL side again frantically looking for where my luggage could be. If the luggage was on the flight and someone had mistakenly picked up my luggage (which was very visibly marked with a bright green ribbon on its handle so that can be differenciated from the rest of the black bags), then at least if we had known this yesterday, we can see if those baggages that looked similar to mine that are still left on the floor, the owner of those bags could be tracked. Air Asia - I have always been a huge fan of yours and have flown many times as well as my family members and somehow, the relaxed attitude of the staff here on the ground (LCCT) have really and sorely disappointed me. In this luggage I have many presents and momentos for my family for this Chinese New Year and losing my luggage except for the clothes on my back have left a very bad experience especially all the sources that I have came in contact with seemed to be not helpful at all. There seems to be no one of authority that one can speak to. Being in the dark after making the BAH report and not knowing what had happened to my luggage and being promised to get calls from the Lost & Found which never came unless I was the one to contact; all these are starting to shake my confidence with AirAsia handling. I need someone to contact me urgently! My Report ID is BAHKUL12A00232 and my name is Ms Ng.

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  • Ma
    Martin Stanbury Oct 15, 2012

    We flew from Johor Bahru to Kota Kinabalu last Thurssay night. checked in then went to board and the hand luggage was over wieght, so had to pay RM490 in excess lugggage, then I had to take the bag all the way to the plane and then staff took it to put in Cargo. then when we got to KK, the bag did not come out of the luggage pick up. a lost bag official docement was filled out, the following day we attentded air asia and again no bag/case. so we went to the bank on Sunday afternoon to do a normal transaaction and found 24, 000 RM gone! so we nade police reports SUnday then CIMB bank report today...til now nothing happened to recover the money.
    in the bag/case was all our legal documents, cheque book and jewelry fro our business. Asir ASI HAS NOT AND NEVER CALLED US! i AM TOTALLY PISSED OFF AND NOW 24k LESS IN OUR BANK. someone from that bloody airline has stolen our bag and farusdenlently cashed cheques...air asia is a bunch of cheap no good ### and I will be suing them and want them to seffer like my family has!

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  • Mr
    Mr.Suryono,Uung Nov 08, 2012

    My son, Steve arden suryono has repotted the lost of his black berry mobile phone from Beijing to K.L. sometimes ago and never heard anything from lost and fond.We went to the office and reported.Pls let us know.rgds, Mr.Suryono, hung

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  • Ba
    batman look for badman Jan 19, 2013

    ###er airline n like a sucker chick !!!
    GOD BLESS THEM (Hopefully)

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  • Sa
    Sarah Phillips Dec 27, 2015

    Think a big part of the problem is lazy ground staff- disorganised baggage loading- not caring because it's a sipper budget airline. I lost my small bag on a 45 min flight to catch a flight from BK to Bali - totally down to ground crew ineffiency -has ruined my Christmas in Bali - and they tell you they have 14 days to find it - I will be gobsmacked if it turns up Last time with this airline -sick of being treated like cattle. Pay more for service and peace of mind

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  • St
    stevehi Apr 21, 2016

    Travelling on Air Asia from Perth Australia to Bali on flight QZ 535 on 9 th April the bags were intentionally removed from the flight. On arrival in Bali we were notified that the bags were not onboard. The bags arrived the next day after 24 hours. During the day we purchase goods worth $200 to get us through the day. The airline claims that they are not to compensate us for this. This is an intentional act by the airline.

    I can be contacted on [email protected]


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  • Ab
    Abdullah Yousuf Nov 02, 2016

    I have lost my baggage while I was coming back from jAKARTA last Friday.
    I have complain in the Sydney Airport but till now no communication from Air Asia.
    Looks like:cheap ticket:cheap services.
    I will wait couple of days & I dont mind to go to the Media.
    Also, my solicitor getting ready to send them action letter, see what what happens ?


    [email protected]

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  • Gu
    Guwahati bidisha Apr 01, 2017

    Worst ever experience. Travelled through Air Asia from Delhi international T3 airport to Guwahati. After paying all the heavy amount on ticket and for overweight of luggage Air Asia has misplaced my luggage. Their ground staff are so mean and hopeless that instead of supporting they accused me that I have not deposited the same in check in baggage. After every possible follow up they somehow managed to find the bag and gave me back my luggage without all the valuables in it. So frustrating and irritating Air

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  • Sa
    Sabahan Jun 01, 2017

    Worst traveling experience. When I thought things couldn't get any worse, they promised to deliver my baggage to me by 10am the following day (after an hour delay and not enough in flight food to serve) but it's 1pm now and I am stuck at Kota Kinabalu without my medication, soap, towel and clothes. Called them repeatedly since morning but they just left the phone ringing. Looks like Air Asia is not serious in providing basic services to its customers. A total of 80 people had to survive the night without their baggage. Bye bye, this will be my last time flying with Air Asia.

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  • Wi
    willxharris Jul 16, 2017

    @Sabahan Did this get sorted out by them in the end? I am in the exact same situation coming off a flight from Bali via Kuala Lumpa to Mumbai. I'm now without any clothes, toiletries, towel or shoes in India. Yesterdays communication via phone wasn't helpful and i'm still unsure they know what's going on themselves.

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  • Bb
    Bbabu Jul 27, 2017

    Took a flight from Brunei to Kuala Lumpur and my checked in bag did not arrive in Kuala Lumpur. Lodged a report at the lost & found baggage department and had to rush to catch a connecting flight from klia1 to Osaka. Contacting the airasia staff with the number they have provided is an absolute nightmare! The phone keeps ringing out and eventually only the same 1 staff picks up during his night shift. It has now 3 days and my bag is still untraceable! Getting less hopeful. This holiday with my family who I see only once a year has been ruined! They provide no compensation. Have had to spend so much money to buy clothes, toiletries etc! Please airasia you need to pick up your feet and get your act together! Running a budget airline is not just about providing cheap flights! It is also important to think about your customers and provide reliable customer service!

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