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Air Arabia  - Ground staff mismanagement complaint - bergamo cairo 21st oct 2021

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Good day

I traveled with my family from Bergamo to Cairo through Flight E5543 (PNR [protected]), kindly note that we are husband and wife with a child and a newborn.

We were the first in line for check-in and after printing of boarding cards the employee of check-in counter female staff, she asked me to check our COVID green pass as it mandatory to take the flight so we showed both; Paper Certificate for my wife and Electric certificate for me detailed with QR Code. The employee refused to accept the Digital Certificate issued by the Italian Ministry of Health then she told me to talk to someone of the ground staff without (Amr as I knew later on) . I asked him to what I need to do exactly, he answered with arrogant way telling me this is no way to travel without PRINTED COPY OF PCR Test or Green Pass. In fact, I have said that I have the Certificate as requested but in Digital form then he said you can't take the flight without it in printed form. I asked him to help me to find the way to resolve this issue he told me this not my problem you can print it wherever!
I went to look where I can print it in Airport, the only solution I found was at the Airport ticket office at a unreasonable price 14 €!

I went back to "Amr" to tell him the only solution was I found, it's costly and not logic if not mandatory to have a printed copy. He started raising his voice in unacceptable way saying that there's no way take the flight and he went to the employee on the check -in counter saying they can't take the flight shredding our boarding cards, tearing off labels of our luggages and threw it in the trash without helping us or find another solution. After that, I asked him to respect us and getting the way to handle this issue, he told me there no way without the printed certificate and this is my order to the female employee because these are rules! At this point, I asked if it written in ticket, email, regulations of AirArabia or Egypt Travel COVID regulations that I need to have the certificate in paper or printed copy? And usually I bring my Digital Certificate with QR Code everywhere as Italian regulations without any problem! So I asked him to show where is written this mandatory to respect your orders!? He answered aggressively and loudly said that "it's me who give the order here, I don't care about you're saying and stand down" "I'm in command, I decide here and I don't need to prove nothing to you" I reacted by saying you can't talk to me in this way, be professional, I paid for this trip, you're here in this position to support us and we will take this flight anyway. Then, he told me, "if you can't accept what I say, call the police anyway you don't take the flight as I said before" I was shocked and humiliated by this way in front of my family and other passengers by such an irresponsible behavior of international Airline staff.
After long indescribable time "about two hours" with false informations and unprofessional behavior I decided to return to the ticket office and print it paying 14 € to close this useless conflict and don't tire more my babies and my wife.
I saw him again while we were taking the seats on the flight, I asked him to tell me his name to make a complaint, he yelled at me No No it's a private! No name! No name! I said to him you have a tag name card without any information!? He left when talking and he refused to tell me any information about him. This happened in front of cabin staff, my family and other passengers. After this, I turned to Rewan Senior Cabin Staff to know at least his name or position, the unknown man is Amr.

When we are arrived to Cairo Airport, I showed only my digital certificate directly without the printed copy! And they told me that there is no need to have a printed copy!

Capitan and cabin staff "Rewan" they are committed to me to forward their feedback to you about what exactly happened.

In addition, few days after my return to my city Suez I went to your office in Florida Tower in Cairo to talk and present my complaint to branch head, trying to explain what happened face to face, but the receptionist "Abdo Elmekkawi" has refused and he told me that's not possible to access to anyone here!

I've been traveling since I was 16 and I've never treated like this under any circumstances. So, please be informed that I traveled on Air Arabia flights many times and I decided to write this complaint for many reasons, specially to understand how you are really interested about handling critical situations with your clients that occur through unprofessional behaviors and actions from your staff.

Said that, you can get a random feedback from other passengers and cabin staff to validate my complaint.

Finally, I wonder if this is the right image that Air Arabia wants to convey to us and if that is the staff that should be chosen to work in Europe.

I need a responsible answer and action to my complaint, noting that I can prove my side to anyone legally if required.
- Official apology - for disrespect in front of entire family
- Take action with the responsible of ground staff and with the unknown man Amr - for mis information and unprofessional behavior
- Reimbursement of my ticket - for time lost about two hours staying in conflict & compensation for moral damage
- Reimbursement of printed copy - cost of useless copy

I would appreciate your immediate attention to this matter.

Best regards

Dr. Mohamed AYED
Mobile Egypt: +[protected]
Mobile Italy: +[protected]

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