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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved Scam

My husband received a Settlement Offer from Afni about a Verizon bill in which we paid (50.00) because he has a lot of debt that he needed to pay from screwing up when he was younger, so I figured it was just another debt that he owed. Then we got a second one for a AT&T Mobility that I tried looking up and researched and now I am finding that they are fraudulent. Is there is any way to get our $50.00 back from them? I am not going to pay them for the AT&T and wrote them a letter disputing this charge and trying to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Can anyone offer some suggestions?

Resolved Bogus charges

They sent us a collection notice for $246.77 original creditor being Verizon California. Well the strange...

Resolved Scam/Identity Theft

This week. My 65 year old mother received a collection bill from AFNI for $285. She has not had an account with AT&T for over 15 years.

When I called AFNI, [protected], a person by the name of Natradine? answered the phone. She wants the last four digits of my mothers social security number to retrieve the account. I informed her, I have already entered the account number when I called in. Why do you need a social security number? She said it was needed to retrieve my mothers account.

When I informed her my mother is a retiree who has not had an AT&T account for over 15 years. I asked her where they got their information from. She said they got it from AT&T and are trying to collect a debt.

I told her, "thank you for letting me know. This message has been recorded and will be submitted to the MN Attorney Generals Office, " She was speechless and surprised. She tried to ask for last four numbers of my mothers social security number again, but I would not budge. I told her, they should seize scamming elders for money because the law will catch-up to them and I hung-up.

I was extremely upset because my mothers identity was stolen five years ago and used to open-up an account in Georgia for a gas card. A collection agency sent her a bill for $578.00. The case was reported to our local police department and submitted to the collection agency. The collection agency has stopped calling and sending letters to harass my mother after the police got involved.

Its amazing what can happen to anyone. So many crooks out there. They should all get the death penalty!!!

  • Sp
    sparx1_1 Sep 25, 2009

    It's not the collection agency that is the problem.
    The person who stole your mothers identity probably opened up all kinds of credit and accounts for things you have not even heard about yet.

    You can ignore this and they will eventually stop calling - and it will remain on your mothers credit as a black mark that will prevent her from getting a loan, taking out a mortgage or renewing her current one, buying or renting anything that requires a credit check. It will also prevent her from cosigning on loans and services for other family members.

    The longer you wait the less likely anyone (including the police) will be to believe her or be willing to help. I worked for a very short time for a collection agency and had no choice but to tell a man to pay for a debt that was over 5 years old. He too had been the victim of identity theft but he had intentionally let it sit for so long and been so uncooperative that both the agency and the police were unwilling to believe him. He only wanted to resolve it so he could get a new mortgage and because he had no interest in dealing with it before then, no one would believe his story. He ended up paying over $3, 000.

    About 90% of the people who legitimately owe money say that they were the victim of fraud or identity theft as a way to avoid paying their bills. Another fact is that only about 5% of the people who are legitimate victims of fraud or identity theft are willing to report it through proper channels. Just because you've denied owing money, hung up the phone, refused to pay, etc does not mean anything. Businesses need proof! Without it, the debt remains YOUR problem. Denial, anger and avoidance is a common tactic of "professional deadbeats." Anything less than a call to police with proper follow up makes you look just like them.

    It would be in your best interest to call the collection agency and cooperate. They already have her correct information - all they're trying to do it verify they have the right person for legal reasons. Get the information on the debt, ask for an invoice and original account information - like account number and service address (if available). Then CALL THE POLICE. Report this debt as identity theft. No matter how poorly you feel the collection agency treated you, remember they are just trying to collect this debt. It's the debt and where it came from that's the problem. DO NOT file it as a complaint against the collection agency. If you feel that the collection agency broke the law or engaged in unfair or illegal practices then follow that up as a separate compliant.

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Resolved Wrongly Billed for acct never owned

I received a bill stating my neice (who just turned 21) has and overdue account with Verizon Norht INC. from several years ago to the tune of 598.05 cents and that they are willing to settle the account for $50.00.
Firstly the phone number listed in refernce to this account was never owned by anyone in our family.
Secondly my neice has lived overseas for 4 years now and could not have opened an account in PA since she was in teh DOmincan Rebublic and
Thirdly she was a under age minor at the time who would have not be LEGALLY able to open an account of any type.
We believe this is a scam or identity theft. To my knowledge Verizon didn't even have stores in that area at that time or offer local phone service which has always been with Bell.

  • Ha
    Haywood Jablowmenow Aug 30, 2010

    An afni "Collection Notice" was delivered to my address indicating that I owe DirecTV $404.41.

    I spent many hours wrenching my brain trying to figure out how this could have happened. I guess the initial shock affected me more than I realized at first because after talking it over, and calming down, I realized that I have never been a customer of DirecTV. EVER!

    I'm going to bother afni... just the way they bothered me.

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collection notice

I received collection notice for disconnected phone by Verizon for $82.12. I never had the phone they listed. I have been with another company for 5 years and I never received a bill before regarding such bill from Verizon. How do I save my credit from this apparent rip-off?
L. Kanov M.D.

  • Su
    SuperVepr Jul 13, 2009

    That is a tough one since Verizon is pretty vicious. Get an attorney.

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  • He
    Helen Mason Feb 17, 2015

    This company sent me a collection notice on a bill, they claim I have with AT&T Mobility. For the sum of $494.05, which I never had a phone with AT&T service . I never had a cell phone, that I had a contract with . I don't know were they are getting this info from .But they have the wrong person . Please help me and others from getting harassed by them in the future .. Thank You

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Resolved Collection bill for phone service

My name is Kimberly Utz and the collections letter that we had recievced was in my 14 years old son'...

Resolved horrible customer service

AFNI Collections has horrible customer service! I work in customer service and you need to be able to talk to people like they're humans not just money. I was extremely frustrated when I received a bill from Verizon for a phone that was disconnected in 2006. I never received anything from Verizon or from Afni Collections until today, almost 3 years after the phone service was shut off. I asked the customer service rep to assist me with a dispute and she basically told me no, we want our $30. I then asked for a supervisor 4 times, after the agent flat out refused to help me. I was placed on hold and never spoke with anyone. The agent also informed me that my account was about to go to collections after only receiving one notice. I never even got the agents name, since the first thing out of her mouth was account number and name. I've dealt with collections agencies in my line of work and Afni Collections is by far the worst in customer service.

  • Sp
    sparx1_1 Sep 25, 2009

    If you are in arrears and not paying your bills then you are no longer a customer - customers pay their bills. Why would you expect preferential treatment for being a deadbeat?

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Resolved The Truth

Well here is the truth folks, i have worked for afni for two years... and yes we are a real company been...

Resolved Wireless Cellular

I received a collections letter stating that I owe T-Mobile $690.04 and that I need to pay or else they will...

time barred debt

Afni sent a letter offering a supposed great deal of offering a settlement for only $400 for a debt that wa...

Resolved Fake billing statement

I received a bill from AFNI, Inc for $334.07. In this bill they offer me a settlement of half, $167.04. I called them and this was for a house I lived at over 10 years ago...Are you kidding me ? All of the bills in that house were listed under my Father-in-Law's name. Not mine. This is total crap. After reading all these complaints on here Im damn sure not going to pay this. These people are out of there minds. Im following the proper steps to basically tell them there full of it. I can only hope everyone else does the same. Lets show these clowns who there dealing with. Im not putting up with it, and neither should anyone else.

Resolved alleged overdue bill

My name is Victoria A Morgan. I have not had an account with Sprint PCS since 2005. I at that time was n ot...

Resolved Scam and cheating

Two days ago I get a letter from AFNI telling me I have an outstanding Phone Bill from Verizon in Buffalo NY from 2002. I call and tell them I have been in Rochester NY since March of 2000 since I moved here for a new job. The lady on the phone did not care all she kept saying was 'sir I can settle this for you now for about half of what you owe'. I kept telling her this is not my bill I am not paying it.

I called back yesterday and spoke to another lady to get all the information. Very odd it's an address I lived at for just over a year. I moved out in the beginning of March in 2000, verizon has verified I had a phone shut off at that time. Somehow in June of 2000 a new phone when on in my name there, it stayed on until Jan. of 2002. I have proof that I have lived here as I signed a new Lease in May of 2000 (I moved in with a friend for the end of march and all of april while I found my own place) and even have Time Warner sending me proof that I had my phone turned on here in May of 2000. This lady said they 'might take that into consideration'.

My question is what else could they possibly need as proof that Someone else made a mistake here?

  • jimmysd31 Feb 25, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    THIS IS A SOLID FEDERAL CLASS-ACTION FOR FDCPA VIOLATIONS. I SAY WE FIGHT BACK! There are some solid California attorneys who can help all of us victimized by AFNI. I say we form a group on this board and submit our case to a reputable lawyer who will hold AFNI accountable for their outrageous collection tactics. Reply to me and maybe we can make a difference.

    Check out:

    AFNI is a front operation for:
    Telecommunications Risk Management Association, Inc.
    TRMA was created as an industry forum to bring Telecom Risk Management professionals together to understand and cooperate to prepare its members to deal with the industry's uncollectible issues.

    AFNI, Inc
    404 Brock Drive
    Bloomington, IL 61702-3097
    United States
    Founded in 1936
    Phone: 309-828-5226
    Fax: 309-820-2610
    Key Executives
    Mr. Bruce F. Griffin
    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
    Age: 50
    Mr. Ronald L. Greene
    President and Chief Operating Officer
    Mr. Louis V. Slavens
    Mr. Greg Donovan
    Vice President of Finance
    Mr. John Mobley
    Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Information Technology Services

    Following is a post submitted on another site:
    AFNI, Inc.
    fka/Anderson Financial Network, Inc.
    404 Brock Drive
    Bloomington, IL 61701
    Phone: 866-633-4384
    800-767-2364 or 888-338-2364
    Fax: 877-435-8073 (309) 828-0931

    Web Address: www.afnicollections.com

    Head Debt Collectors:
    Bruce F. Griffin
    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
    President Ronald L. Greene
    Vice President Gregory J. Donovan
    Secretary Gregory J. Donovan
    Treasurer V. Curtis Oyer
    2007-04-13 14:36:17 UTCSpike
    I will not be surprised when I learn that AFNI is changing dates of last activity on credit reports, such is the scam of these bottom feeders. They do this to inflate the net worth of their portfolios, so they can borrow more money to buy junk debts. These are the lowest of the low life's, which collect debts.




    STATING: DISPUTE and VERIFY! (Get a receipt it was received). AFNI must provide copies of the original cellular contract including ID verification and customer signature.

    AFNI calls from 12 other numbers:
    866-857-7209 888-276-1908 866-307-0278 800-598-9331 800-598-9349 888-309-2416 888-459-2098 877-298-2251 866-857-7193 877-497-9053 877-497-9050 877-403-0670

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  • Wo
    woodricd Jan 28, 2010

    I just received a notice of "another attempt to collect a debt" saying I owe ATT
    (formerly Bell South) $587.16 but for a payment of $50.00 the debt will be 'paid in full'. There is no original date nor account number. Wouldn't one or both be included on a collection? I don't know, I have never received one before. And furthermore, if there was an oustanding balance of this amount would a collection agency ask for a one time payment of well less than 10%? Seems like a scam to me especially since the last time I dealt with Bell at least 25 years ago in another state more than 1000 miles away.

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  • Je
    Jen42081 Sep 23, 2011

    I just got a call from this number. A woman told me that she was trying to collect a debt. She said it was from a Qwest bill from 2008 and that I still owed $100. I told her that I've had Verizon for about 7 years and I have absolutely no accounts in collections. She then said that even though they are a collection agency the debt hadn't actually gone to collections. She then said that I had made three payments two years ago and I still owed $100. I have made NO PAYMENTS to any sort of collection company in the past two years, mainly because I have no accounts in collections. FYI, I haven't had a Qwest account since 2001, which she didn't know about. She also "verified my information" by giving me my last two digits of my SSN and my VERY OLD address, which is my mom's. She said that they had been mailing me notifications for payment for the last two years, which is a lie. Obviously when I receive mail at my mom's house she gives it to me. This has SCAM written all over it. I asked her to send me the payment/account/collections information via mail and I would have my attorney look over it. I believe this to be complete BS. I don't owe any collection company any money, let alone for a Qwest bill that I had over 10 years ago. Sounds like a scam artist(s) fishing for money.

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  • Ho
    honeygurl Jun 16, 2009

    I had a sprint bill that was over due, but for the amount that AFNI had asked me to pay was not the amount

    of my last bill, nor was it the amount that sprint asked me for payment, they asked me for $600.00 more

    then sprint asked me to pay.With the way the world is today, we dont need to try and beat people out of there

    money. its not right.think about it being your parents and they don't have the extra money to pay so there

    credit is in trouble because of greediness .please stop this stealing from people.

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  • To
    tonya hawk Feb 17, 2011

    It probably isnt even on your credit history. Go to the annualcredit.com and find out if there is anything even on your credit from whoever afni is saying that you owe. Even if there is, dont send money to afni. call whoever it is that you owe and explain to them and go from there. Thats what i did. Afni is a fraud, point blank.

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Resolved false collections

Rec'd a letter stating I owe money to Verizon. This is highly unlikely because I have had verizon...

Resolved Fraudulent collection notice

Afni, inc. tried to collect on some disputed dept that T-MOBILE had written off. The amount was only $32.68, but I was unwilling to fork over any money in this difficult economy. I investigated Oregons law and found out that I was entitled to all information regarding the debt. When I tried to get afni to fax over the information they hung up on me. Subsequent phone calls finally resulted in the ommission that they were cancelling my account with them : i.e.- they would no longer pursue the matter and would not report anything to the credit reporting agencies. I am still waiting for this confirmation in writing, but I am not holding my breath.

  • Ch
    Cheryl Jul 03, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My nightmare with Afni began a few months ago with a letter stating they were attempting to collect a debt for a Verizon bill I paid (and have proof of payment) from 2000. Unfortunately, I have recently moved and all of my stuff is in storage in another state. Just having started a new job, I couldn't make arrangements to go to NJ to get my records. Knowing that I resolved this issue, I called Verizon and explained the issue. They told me they could not help me because once they sell a debt, they no longer have access to any of the records associated with that debt. They refused to help. However, miraculously, when I found a letter from January, 2001, from Verizon, thanking me for settling this issue, they sent Afni over $200 - for what, I'm not quite sure, as they said they had no records of my situation. Afni would not explain why Verizon made them a payment, either. They just sent me a new statement with the balance reflecting the Verizon payment. As my credit is very important to me, I paid the remaining balance. That was before I found this website and was shocked at how many people are dealing with the same fraudulent situation. I wrote to anyone who would listen - no one - and am now going to file a suit against Afni and, possibly, Verizon. This is absolutely criminal and unethical and they should be sued by as many people as who have the energy to fight this fight and deal with the frustration. They are counting on the fact that people have moved, don't keep old records, etc., and the fear around having one's credit ruined. This should not go unpunished!!! If anyone has any other suggestions as to what I can do, please let me know.

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  • Ve
    very unhappy May 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Same thing is happening to me. From a so said unpaid bill from 1999. Its 2008! Afni said they got the collections notice in 2006 and sent me a collections letter in 2007. They sent it to the wrong address and I have been out of the country. Now almost 10 years later I am getting a bill that is a complete suprise to me. So, why did Verizon not contact me? Why wait so many years that I have an inflated charge I know nothing about? Who can help me? Verizon is the culprit.

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  • Da
    Dale Wayman Nov 03, 2008

    Afni Collections has sent me a notice saying I owe qwest $616.00 . I have not done business with Qwest since 2002.
    I am still waiting for documentation to support their claim. Everyone scammed by these losers should contact the Attorney Generals Office and report what they are doing. Notify the Better Business Bureau as well. There is power in numbers.

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  • An
    Anonymous in NY Nov 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I will join your lawsuit! I just received letter in the mail today - collection notice claiming I owe over $300 for an old T-Mobile bill. I've NEVER had a T-Mobile account! They've messed with the wrong person here and I will fight until my dying day to make them pay for this. This is disgusting! I am filing a police report and having a very prominent ny atty write a certified letter to cease and desist and will copy the BBB, atty general and consumer affairs. I am also filing a fraud complaint with the credit agencies. Copies of complaints against Afni from others that have been scammed will be included as attachments to my letter. Also, Help Me Howard will hear about this as well. They don't call us the "fighting irish" for nothing!

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  • Ha
    hanscom Feb 14, 2009

    I am interested in knowing what were your next steps. I just rec'd letter from this company stating I owe this money. Which I know is impossible! I want to take action but I am not sure what I should do.

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Resolved unpaid bill

My mom got a letter on Feb.11, 2017 stating that she owed Sprint $184.22. The Sprint bill is in my name and...

Resolved This Company is commiting a crime

Yesterday I recieved a collection notice from Afni claiming I owed $184.20 on an old T-Mobile bill from 2003...

Resolved collections notice

My ex husband received a collection notice for a cell phone that was in my name while we were married. I...

Resolved truth

afni is a real comp there are 3 in tucson az they just collect what the comp they are contracted with say people owe

  • 6r
    6Romeo Feb 13, 2009

    Obviously they aren't a very smart collections agency. Look at the number of complaints referring to bogus charges. I'm not sure who you are but if they have actually purchased this debt and are attempting to get paid for it then this means that afni has obviously been duped, big time! I fail to see how that is our fault?? I'm not going to pay them for something I have never owed? Would you?? If so then go ahead and pay my "discounted" debt while your at it. afni is a HUGE scam operation and that's that. End of story.

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