Ackermans Storesunethical behavior - supervisor and manager


On the 01 august 2017 my wife and i went to the ackermans store in Kwagga Mall, Pretoria West to pay our account, after we paid i looked around for a sandals for my child of which i found in one of the shelves. We then used the same ackermans account to purchase it. It is with great regret to notice that though the sandals is used internal it the sole of the sandals opened from the platform of the sandals.
On the 14 October 2017 we took the sandals to the branch with the aim of receiving an exchange, we spoke to the cashier who then referred us to the store supervisor ..she asked for the receipt we told her we dont have one but we do have the date ...instead of helping us to retrieve this information from the system she called the manager who is a coloured male . He was absolutely useless i mean usless in helping a customer ...he demanded for the receipt. We left the store without any help.
When we arrived home we started to look for the receipt of which i later found in the plastic packet of Ackermans .
On Monday i arrived at the store i was attended by the manage [ coloured male ] who was not so impressed to see me coming back to the store with the original copy of the receipt.
He then spoke to his store supervisor the same person that has no time for customers ..she was too busy chatting about something that was not work related to her colleague and i was asssited by a young female who the asked me for the receipt i responded can you not see that it is in front of you ..she was so so surprised as if she has not seen a receipt before like this ...then after she processed and a new sandal was exchanged as she put the sandals back into the plastic i asked for a receipt. By then the store supervisor was present ...out of the blue she started to raise her voice at me saying you did not bring a receipt we helped you to exchange the goods hence you are looking for a receipt.. i responded i beg your pardon are not doing me any favours i have a receipt infact i walked into the store with a receipt...she just looked at me as if she does not regard me as a customer not i think she has a passion for customers.

In conclusion i am upset i feel that ackermans store in kwagga Mall, my experience i had received should go viral and the store manager and his supervisor should be expelled.

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