Ackermans Storespoor customer service.

N Jul 17, 2019

I went to ackermans letsoho mall today to collect a lay-by. I did not know that the lay-by had expired as it was not done by me but my husband. He had told me that today was the last day so i went there and a cashier called Celiwe was to assist me. I showed her the sms we had received from ackermans stating that the 17th of july 2019 was the last day to make payment. Celiwe did not bother to read the sms instead asked for the slip and i gave it to her. Her response was 'kanti why do people let their lay-bys expire' which was absolutely rude as she was not saying that to me but her collegue. She then says 'tell the person who made this lay-by to come and refund it. Ok but the sms states the 17th is the last day...she says 'you should have been here when the store opened and not after that!' She was so so rude she even decided to ignore me and called other customers. Never have i been so humiliated and ill-treated... Should such people not be dealt with accordingly i will proceed to take action because i never want to receive such treatment again from the same person as i am a regular shopper at ackermans letsoho mall. For me to lodge this complaint it is because it was not the first time she was this rude to us.

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