Ackermans Storesfaulty netsurfer tablet


I purchased a Netsurfer Tablet from Blue Route mall, Tokai Branch in Dec 2016, 2 weeks after we purchased it, the tablet malfunctioned. We took it back to the store, the condition was immaculate, no scratches on the unit, this was noted by the man that took the tablet in and marked it as such on the form which was to be sent with the unit to go in for repairs. Bear in mind that this unit was brand new, literally only 2 weeks old. I waited a month and a half for this thing to be "Fixed", I got a call last week to let me know that the tablet had been delivered back to the branch from the repair place. I went to collect it on Saturday past and on receiving it in the store was told it has a different IMEI number. I inquired as to how this can be? Was it a new unit they replaced it with? The lady that assisted me Chantel then called the repair place inquiring if it was a new unit they replaced the faulty one with, they responded no, it was a refurbished unit. Now I paid full price R899, 99 for a new unit, which malfunctioned 2 weeks after its purchase and they want to give me a second hand refurbished unit? This hardly seems fair. If I wanted to buy a second hand unit I would have gone onto a site like gumtree and purchase a second hand unit. But I came into Ackermans and spent R899, 99 to purchase a new unit, which malfunctioned. Am I not entitled to a replacement New Unit? I am not satisfied with the second hand unit they wanted to give me, I did not take receipt of this unit, I took my documentation and I left the unit at the store with Chantel and asked her to get responses for me. Today a call from her was received, she basically told me, that the unit that was sent for repairs had been recycled and I now had to be happy with the second hand refurbished unit that the repair place had replaced my brand new unit with. I either want a new unit from Ackermans or I want my money credited back to me. I want answers and I want to know why a customer who pays for a new unit gets given a second hand refurbished unit if it is not repairable, why doesn't Ackermans not just replace the unit with a new unit. I would like an urgent response back regarding this serious matter. Because I did not get what I paid for, I got a used item.

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