Ackermans Storescustomer service

E Dec 03, 2019

I am writing a second email with regards to this store and I have not received any feedback!!. I went to ackermans on the 30th november to buy clothes for my daughter and also take out her lay bye for her sandle.
The store was full and we stood in the que for a good 15 minutes, the tills were fast that I am not complaining about. When I got to the till, I paid for my items and took out the lay bye for the sandle, I was told to go to the tills at the back for lay bye take outs where the was another massive que, with a long line of people who had been standing there for some time as well. I stood there for 30 minutes with no assistance, there was one lady assisting with lay bye take outs and as well assisting with the tills, she would go to the back get a few items and give out to the people or she would come back and say she cannot find the lay bye therefore you need to wait. My daughter at this time was very unsettled and was tired (1 year old). I went to the front to consult the manager but he sent a till operator to hear what I had to say. At this point I was very upset and disgusted, I left my lay bye slip at the till with the cashier and walked out of that store very angry. No one has gotten back to me since then!!. If no one responds to this email I will have to write on other platforms.

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