Ackermans Storesa phone with a factory problem


I bough a phone at Queenstown Ackermans in july 2016 the phone when i open it after charging my son noticed that it was black with no menu I returned it they told me that it will go on repairs then I came to JHB . A friend kept on checking on the progress of the phone with no luck up to date, one day he went to check it he was told that a voucher for a new phone has been issued, but they need a till slip of which I returned the phone with it, when I told my friend that I did not make a duplicate of that till slip they told him that he can not make a purchase of a new phone without knowing the cost of that repaired phone . I told my friend that it was 7 something .I bought a phone to use it not to be fixed and a bad treatment from Queenstown Ackermans opposite to Shoprite stores


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    Sibongiseni2 Jan 27, 2017

    thanks a lot my phone problem has been resolved thanks thanks I was called with a good customer service Im namhla

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