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I bought curtains at ackermans potchefstroom on 7 june 2012, my debit card was rejected by their nedbank machine and a slip printed saying "unsuccessful - transaction declined". I then paid with my husband's debit card r539.70 only to discover afterwards that the amount was in fact also debited to my cheque account. I have been trying for 2 weeks to get ackermans to have the duplication reversed and my money refunded. I have spent approx r100 in phone calls, listening to promises that the matter is "pending" and will be sorted out. The manager at potchefstroom keeps promising to phone me but doesn't do so.


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    L.N. Jun 10, 2014

    My husband was the first to try this company by the suggestion of a mobile dealer, and since it was working fine for him he referred it to me. I signed up with them too, but it did not work well for me, and I think that the dealer as well as lycamobile were guilty. Every time it was time to pay my husband's phone they disconnected mine even after he paid his, and I couldn't make calls as many time as I wasn't even though my plan was unlimited. For instance, I called a person and left a message, if he didn't returned my call and I decided to call them again Lycamobile would not let me! It happened so many times that I got tired! Also even though I was paying for internet connection it only worked if I had the wifi on! My husband started having problems with Lycamobile as well, so we decided to changed providers as soon as possible since there is no contracts. So it was almost 2 days before my husband's phone to be paid again and he changed to another provider, and as I still had 16 days paid on my phone I was planning to changed providers as soon as possible to. To my surprise Lycamobile disconnected my phone on the same day they disconnected my husband's phone and there was no way we could convince them that I still had 16 days or that I was the owner of that phone and my husband was the owner of his phone. I had to change to another provider right away and Lycamobile kept 16 days worth of my monthly plan. They kept my money!!! Is there a way I can make them refund me what they've stolen?

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