Acai Burnsolution! get your money back!


I, like many of you ladies, recieved a charge of $4.95 on my bank account but it was under web access along with an 866 # so after some research online reading many of your stories I decided to call the # [protected]) and they answered right away said customer service may I help you & I told them what happened & he put me onhold for about 5 mins then transfered me to a lady who said I was automatically signed up for a secrets & insiders club that was a monthly charge. I asked her to cancel it and with in a few mins she cancelled my automatic subscription, make sure you ask for a refund though! I asked her would this money be refunded back into my account & she said well you didnt ask for a refund, so I asked her to please refund my money back into my account & she politely said yes it should be back into your account within 5 to 10 days.


  • Ai
    Aimee Jan 05, 2009

    I to have ordered the free trial of acai burn. I ordered it two weeks ago and they stated it would arrive within 4-5 business days.
    Becoming a little suspicious i looked into it further and came across this website with loads of complaints from victims of fraud!!!
    I am not sure if i have been charged yet. I need to contact them but can not find a number that is actually real...the number 866-2796513 is also disconnected.

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  • Vb
    VBrown Jan 10, 2009

    I ordered AcaiBurn too. And told my daughter to order it too. Then she looked at the terms (after you already click "order free sample" and noticed that you have agreed to a $59.95 monthly subscription. When I called to cancel, they said, "no problem, " and then promptly charged my credit card $59.95. They will not remove the charge because it was "in the terms and conditions." This is a scam, top to bottom. Why would I ever buy a "free" sample for $64.90 ($4.95 I agreed to, plus the $59.95)?

    So, I called the bank and put a block on them ever charging me again...and I disputed the charge. The bank said they have had "a ton" of complaints against this company. I am going to take the advise of another post and contact the BBB on Monday.

    Good luck!

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  • Du
    duran01 Jan 11, 2009

    Hi. I just ordered acai burn and havent not been charged the amount indicated they would because of a two week trial period I was wondering should what should I do. I have been reading all this stories and got thinking. What should i tell customer service?

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  • Du
    duran01 Jan 11, 2009

    I was wondering I have not been billed for this product but i am very worried with all these stories. I am planning on calling the number and cancelling any order placed on my account including the weight loss package and secret insider. I was wondering I have not receieve my trial. nor has it been two weeks and have not been charged according to my bank statements. In this case how would cancel the orders.

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  • An
    Angry in Euless Tx Jan 13, 2009

    After reading all these comments I called and cancelled the Acai burn by calling 1800-659-3588, got a live rep named Shellie, she comfirmed it was cancelled and gave me her operator id # as proof. I called back and asked to verify if my order was cancelled and they said it was. They said since I cancelled well within my 15 day trial then I should not be charged anything else and that I did not have to return the pills unless I get charged a one time fee. To moniter my account and that way I can avoid the shipping charge.

    I cancelled the Insider secret by calling 1866-279-6513 also got a live rep pretty quick. I cancelled the e-book by calling 1800-989-5907.

    YOU MUST CANCELL ALL THREE THINGS SEPERATLY. So far I have not been charged anything else other then the official $4.95 but my 15days are not up until 1/19.

    We will see. They stated they are not crooks and that this was a honest company. He also stated that the trial is not free it is really a receive now and pay later type thing. Quite frankly that is not what I understood when I read it, so I think this was very misleading.

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  • Lo
    lostlady0961 Jan 13, 2009

    I was at a bit at a loss until I read some of your posts. By calling the
    1866-279-6513. The woman I spoke was very polite. I'm real impressed at how simple the process of cancelling the account & having ALL charges
    -$4.95 returned to me.
    Thanks everyone for doing the research

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  • Li
    lisa Jan 20, 2009

    I, like the rest of you fell for this scam. I wish I would have seen this site before I ordered it but unfortunately if you Google "acaiburn scam" the first few sites are all praising the product. I now realize it is all the same company just with different websites to fool you. When I tried cancelling within the "trial period" I was told that I can cancel but will be billed for the first month unless I return the product before the trial period is over. If you send the product back up until 60 days, they claim they will refund the first month's charge...I'm still waiting. I also got the $19.95 charge which I just discovered and managed to reach someone that claims they will refund it. I also have another $4.95 and $9.95 charge but there was no one at those numbers at night. I will have to try again. I feel like such a fool for thinking this could be real but with all the publicity it's been getting I couldn't imagine they would be a hoax. I hope this company is shut down IMMEDIATELY!!! Quite frankly, I don't know why they are still able to exist. Good luck to all of you that had the wall pulled over your face, and for those of you doing your research before purchasing - LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE!

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  • Li
    Lisa Jan 21, 2009

    I just called Acai burn and cancelled, then I read these posts and called back to ask for a refund. They said since it was within my 60 days (it's after) I would have to send the product back, insured, to

    Acai Burn USA
    Army Post Road Distribution
    3600 Army Post Road
    Demoin, Iowa 50321

    Keep track of tracking number and put order number on outside of box and inside and I should see a fefund of all charges withen two weeks.
    I will still contact the BBB, but am hoping this will work and I will get my 60 plus dollars back.

    Good Luck!!!

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  • Ma
    Maria Jan 27, 2009

    I tried to cancel today 1/27/09 by calling them and they would not answer. I received the bottle of Acai Burn 1/15/09 (so that is within the 14-day period. I called my credit card company and I just found out this company charged me already for $69.95. I am going to dispute this and I had my credit card cancelled at the same time. The thing is Acai Burn claimed it will stop your hunger but my appetite actually become bigger.

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  • Fa
    fakingperfect Jan 30, 2009

    I got the acaiburn free trial for the $4.95 and then I ordered another product called total cleanse and when I got the packing slip I noticed that it said it would charge me if I didn't cancel. I figured acaiburn would do the same if I didn't cancel, but I had already thrown the slip away, so I tried everything to cancel. so if you do order acaiburn make sure you keep the slip that comes with the pills!!! I also got charged for the monthly subscription that charges you the additional $4.95. the number did show up on my bank statement and it is 866-279-6513. I did call it, and it did work. the woman that I spoke to told me that when I did order the acaiburn it said they would give me a free 7 day trial and if I didn't cancel, they would charge me. I couldn't refund my money unfortunately, but she did cancel it for me right away. so if anyone is going to order acaiburn, just make sure you read everything thoroughly read everything! I don't feel it was a scam, just sneaky. I like the acaiburn, but I would rather have ordered it on my own instead of them charging me $59.95 for more. it does suck that they take advantage of overweight woman who will try anything to lose weight. hopefully this will help someone!

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  • Di
    Dissapointed Jan 30, 2009

    I also Fell for this scam ... If Oprah had not raved about it i probaly would not have even looked at it . I canceled my order and was refunded, but then i recieve a charge on my account still and see a number attatched so I phone that number to find out it is the insiders secrets LOL and cancel that too . BUT they will not refund my money because they have no proof that i did not access their sight . what ever . then I come on here and see that i also need to cancel something called E-book which they also will not refund you for.LMAO what the heck are these companies doing that they need to piggy back off of others and sucker you into buying something you have absolutly no need for !!! SO make sure to call all three places to cancel your order/ subscriptions ...this is crazy!! Best of luck to you all and remember to cancel them all !!!
    Acai Burn (1-800-659-3588)
    Insiders Secrets (1-866-279-6513)
    E-book (1-800-959-5907)

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  • Al
    AlphaFemale Feb 01, 2009

    My sister buys this stuff off ebay. You have to pay full price but at least they don't continue charging you. It seemed safer than "signing up". Just be sure to check sellers feedback because even ebay has its scam artists.

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  • Ce
    Cel Feb 02, 2009

    My co-worker and I ordered around mid-Januaray. To our surprise we never receieved the order. We called to cancel. Supposedly they will not charge us. After reading all your comments I am skeptical on that promise. This is a phony site: They even use Oprah, Dr. Ozz, Dr. Perricone and Angelina Jolie to "sell." For anyone who is thinking of purchasing thru ACAI BURN please do not. They are liars.

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  • Na
    nanc Feb 03, 2009

    Similiar to previous posts - signed up for a $4.95 trial, never got any email confirmation with terms, and then found another $4.95 webaccess charge, a $1.00 processing fee charge, and a $59.95 charge from AcaiBurn.
    Seems difficult to resolve - wish I had checked out this site before ordering.
    (Also, the product did not work for me - unable to take it and threw it away.)

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  • No
    noworries Feb 08, 2009

    I fell for it too, and noticed the charges on my credit card. I copied the number on the credit card transaction and googled it... and come up with the complaints. I went on the live chat available on the website and asked them about the charge. I was told that the terms and conditions must have been misunderstood. I disagreed and said if I opt out then all charges should cease. she gave me a number to call and the website to access to ask questions about this. I replied that I thought this sounded like a scam and the girl assured me ' this is definately not a scam company' right!! sounds like a scam to me. anyway I will seeif the charges stop now. it is a little difficult to call from australia

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  • Bo
    Bobbie57 Feb 11, 2009

    I was charged $59.95 from Acai Burn which i did not order on my account. I was also charged $4.95 from Web Access which i did not order. The order came and I imediately return to sender. I cannot contact them to stop these charges.

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  • Km
    kmar Feb 11, 2009

    Here are the numbers to cancle acai.

    the ebook, is 800 9895907
    the weight loss secrets online is 866 363 0187
    acais number is 800 6493588 or you can go to and they have a live operator you can chat with. However they wont credit your account. THey are shams. One loophole for you is that their terms read they will not ship out a new shipment until 2 weeks from the date of your reciept of the trial product. If they did not wait, you have a basis. See if you can get them to credit your acct. then call your bank and cancle your card. If its a visa debit card, just have the credit portion cancelled and order new cards. I was lucky, acai told me they were going to charge my acct 59 dollars on feb 15 when i called to cancle today. so i immediately called my bank and told them what was going on, and closed my acct so acai could cancle. My bank said they are a predatory vendor, and almost 100 percent of the compliant calls they recieve, are becasue of acai.
    good luck

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  • Ti
    Tiffany Lucas Feb 16, 2009

    I did not order this product yet 59.95 was taken from my credit card for it and i'm tryin to get it back. I can't seem to find anyone to help or find a way to even contact these people. I want my money back!

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  • Sd
    sdriskell16 Feb 20, 2009

    Ok so I probably should have done some research before I ordered the product but after ordering it something didn't sit will with me and I decided to do some investigating. after reading all of the complaints on this site and seeing that they immediately charged me the $4.95 for the shipping and handling I called to cancel my order of acai burn. I called before they shipped any of the product and was told I would receive a refund for the $4.95 in the next 5 to 10 business days. I did ask for the refund, its not given unless you ask. also remember that you have to call to cancel all the insider secrets to weight loss subscription and the comprehensive weight loss e-book package.

    Acai burn (1-800-659-3588)
    Insiders secrets (1-866-279-6513)
    E-book (1-800-959-5907)

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  • Na
    Nads Feb 21, 2009

    Lol. idiots. there's no such thing as a "lose weight miracle". you can't go through life taking the easy way. there's no such thing.
    This scam should give u a wake up call to get off your butt, exercise, and tighten your mouth when it comes to food. babies.

    When something seems too good to be true, it often is.

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  • Iw
    iwasfooled Feb 23, 2009

    You guys are on the right road with this. I ordered the acaiburn, changed my mind, called to cancel and by the way the representative wasnt very nice or helpful. It sounded as if I were talking to a machine. She says I had subscriptions and e-books and all kinds of stuff on the account. For one I didn't agree to order. However, she did cancel the insiders secret (866-279-6513) and said that I wouldn't be billed because it was cancelled before my 14 day trial was up. And as the e-books as well(800-989-5907). On the other hand, the acaiburn she said if i didn't return the rest of the unused bottle by March 3, 2009 that they were going to charge my credit card $59.99. Thats so bogus and a bunch of crap! This whole thing is unheard of. I also asked for her to repeat her name in which she did, however again this female refused to give me an employee # or confirmation # so I would be sure that it was really cancelled. So, im making sure that I return their product because it's not worth them taking money/food from my kids and I to benefit this supposibly WONDERFUL WEIGHT LOSS MIRACLE. The product allowed me I think to flush a little, but I do regular exercise daily and I play tennis 3 times a week. As well as the weekends. So the acaiburn doesn't get all the praise. I lost 30 lbs in about 2 months with it along with the exersise and that was it. It doesn't seem to be working anymore. I have read some of the blogs and I do agree with most of you. It's their own little I"M GONNA PULL A FAST ONE ON YOU SCAM! So be really careful guys. I'ts completly your choice. Just make sure and read ALL the FINE print. Good Luck!

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  • Ba
    Barbara Feb 24, 2009

    For Australian orderers, the numbers will say 'disconnected' or you will call another company. in front of the numbers place 0011. i ordered my products last night and am in the middle of cancelling them. i did order from, so im not sure for other websites, but i had no trouble from 2 of the 3 companies. the 3rd is closed due to time zone differences so i am waiting for them to open.

    Cancelling acaiburn 0011 1800 659 3588 (5.30 am-9:00 pm MST)
    Cancelling insider secrets 0011 1866 279 6513 (6:00 am-7:00 pm MST)
    Cancelling comprehensive weight loss eBook: 0011 1800 989 5907 (sorry, not sure of times, though similar to acaiburn times)

    there is a 24 day no charge period from the comprehensive weight loss, so they said i had no charges, will check and let you all know within the fortnight.

    shipping will be charged for the acaiburn, but so long as i send them the bottle back, with the reason why i cancelled and the order number inside, along with the order number written on the outside they will refund the 59.95 and i will have no more charges. items need to have a tracking number when sent, so if any problems you give them that number and they will check, see where the bottle is and you will get the refund and it also needs to be insured.

    the acai burn address is:

    Acai-Burn USA
    Army Road Distribution
    3600 Army Post Road
    De Moise, IA, 50321

    be nice to the call centre people and they will help. I had Beatrice from Acai Burn and Linda from Comprehensive.

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  • Ma
    MARIE ANDREE Feb 25, 2009


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  • Md
    mdprr Mar 01, 2009

    This company is a fraud, they charge you things that you don't even need or use at all, such as the internet access, which are only suggestions about eating, so it shows that this product is not a "magic bottle" like they say. I cancelled my membership and after that, they still keeping charging for membership, it seems that they have like three different ones. I wouldn't recommend this product, try to to buy something different and buy it from stores, it is the safest way.

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  • Ci
    Cindy Mar 03, 2009

    To date I have been charged $59.95 by Acai Burn, $88.73 by Herbal Group and $9.95 for some e-diet comprehensive weight control???? Total rip off for what is advertised as free trial for shipping of only $4.95. Had to close my account to stop all the debit from web accessed sites that got my bank account #. better Business Bureau needs to get involved with these folks and FAST.

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  • Ti
    tim Mar 03, 2009

    You are not just getting to the "Scam of things"... the BBB, Federal Trade Commission and the Attorney General's office in pretty much most of these States are aware of this...

    I think the sad thing is, the Scam Artist and those of you in other Countries... know how easy it is to put together a fake website with a bogus product and charge up Our cards... you take advantage of the innocent Consumers who are use to buying online and know that the System online has not quite figured out how to make the laws strict enough from stopping crooks like You.

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  • Ti
    tim Mar 03, 2009

    Someones Complaint on this website:

    Acai Berry SCAMS - Beware Free Trial SCAMS

    Got this from doing a search through

    In fact they will cost you more than 4 TIMES AS MUCH as it should cost per bottle. These scammers will charge your credit card at least $80 per bottle each month. That more than twice as much as quality freeze-dried acai berry should cost. And to make it worse, they send you crappy drum dried Acai Berry, which cost about 1/2 as much to produce. So you end up paying at least 4 times more per bottle than you should.

    Yes, they say they just charge you for shipping. If that were so, it wouldn't be bad. But in reality, they just want your credit card number and will bill you every month for a subscription you didn't sign up for. They bury the fine print in their terms and conditions.

    There will either be noone to contact to return the crappy product, or they will say you have to call their customer service number to get return authorization. When you do, you are put on hold and shuffled between different people until you give up. Don't believe me? Before you purchase, call or email them and say you did not sign up for a subscription and please stop sending the product. You will get the runaround

    They don't expect you to be happy with the product. They don't care, so they make even more money by shipping you crap. Acai Berry supplements must be freeze dried, or else they lose most of the nutrients and antioxidents. These scammers use cheap, heat processed Acai that cost 1/2 as much. Read more about choosing a quality supplement

    It's really obscene what some of these scammers do. We've listed a common offer below, where they bundle additional offers if you do not deselect the checkbox (it's checked by default). Some are hitting people with $150 a month in charges.

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  • Ti
    tim Mar 03, 2009

    Another one on this Complaint board:

    Consumers Warned to Avoid 2 Supplement Sales Sites
    BBB warns consumers of 2 companies that use Oprah, other celebrity names, to sell supplements
    NEW YORK January 7, 2009

    The BBB on Monday named Central Coast Nutraceuticals Inc. of Phoenix and FX Supplements of Arlington, Texas, as two companies that engage in misleading sales and marketing practices. At least part of the issue is their use of "negative option marketing" techniques that require customers to cancel recurring orders or membership in ongoing programs they may or may not be aware they've signed up for. BBB said it received numerous complaints from consumers who found it difficult to cancel the orders, and were often charged multiple times.

    BBB also criticized the companies for using what appear to be endorsements from Oprah Winfrey, Rachel Ray and other celebrities for their products to lure customers in. "They knew they had a gold mine here by using Oprah's name, " said BBB spokeswoman Alison Preszler-Southwick.

    Both Web sites feature photos of and comments made by Winfrey and others regarding the reported health benefits of acai (pronounced AH-sigh-ee), along with identical photo montages of other stars who have purportedly used acai to boost their diets. While neither site specifically claims endorsement of their products, the BBB said the tactic misled consumers who thought the products were getting the nod of approval from their favorite stars.

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  • Ve
    veronica Mar 04, 2009

    I only paid for the $4.95 charge for shipping and handling for my "Free 30 day trial" and the next thing I know my the following month I've been charged an extra $100 on my account with and my bank too out an overdrafting fee because of this mess. When I tried to find a number for AcaiBurn, there was a non-existing number listed. I was very upset because these people are taking money from my tuition for college that I really need. I don't have a job so this makes it even worse.

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  • Ol
    Oldfool Mar 06, 2009

    Every one of your posts are right on - happened to me too. I am very skeptical usually. About once every 10 years I have relearn my lesson! ugh

    I am out 2 times $59.95 until I sent the shipment back. A shipment of 3 bottles I didn't order. (or didn't know I ordered) They arrived with no documentation with them too. Very strange. I have cancelled and when they receive the bottles back they are suppose to refund the monies charged. I got the whole speil about insuring the package, etc too.

    I am also out $9.95 for some other subscription. And 2 $4.95 charges. I cancelled but they say they can't refund. UGH again.

    I just called my credit card company and had them cancel the card and reissue the card so this will stop.

    Nothing is ever "free" in life. I should have known! Stupid scam companies.

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  • Je
    jennifer thomas Mar 08, 2009

    I tried acaiburn and it did not work at all for me. I not only took that but the cleanse they said worked best with the package. BIG SCAM!!! NOt only did I not lose weight, it does not give you any energy. I dieted for a month now eating only vegetables and low fat meats, No sugar, exercising my tail off. I did lose 9lbs so far but it has nothing to do with the pills. If I were you. I would not even waste your time or your money.

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  • Lo
    LochsaLady Mar 13, 2009

    I did the $.(5 trial and then called to cancel as the product did not work. A two month supply was deducted from my account with a !.00 charge that was seperate. I called and cancelled again...sent my product back and still have not received a refund. I notice this morning I had another 1.00 charge taken from my account. If you use this porduct...DO NOT give them access to your account.

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  • Ki
    kimbob Mar 18, 2009

    I, like many of you got dooped out of over $140.00 after all charges were taken out from my account...I feel completely stupid and embarrassed for ever agreeing to give this company my bank information without doing initial I actually canceled my credit card to stop this fraudelent company from taking more money. DO NOT ORDER ACAIBURN! It truly is a SCAM.

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  • Tr
    Tracey Mar 20, 2009

    I tried the acai burn and the cleansing pill. I have not yet to see any progress in my weight. They did not curve my appetite or give me energy. I don't recommed this product to anyone. I was sucessful in the return of my products. I have contacted my credit card company to stop any future charges from these companies. Good luck to those who are still having trouble with their return issues.

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  • Be
    Bela Farkas Mar 21, 2009

    Ordered free trial, then they sending me the product and charging my credit card without my consent.
    This is a rip off and should be stopped!!!
    The time from you order the "free" trial to the time you get your credit card statement is what these
    crooks scam on. Sleazy people without any conscience praying on others!

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  • To
    Tomeka Mar 21, 2009

    I also ordered a "free bottle" and I was charged twice on charge was for 83.90 and the other charge was for 79.90. I am currently on the phone right now and I have threatened to report them to the business beareau!

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  • Li
    Lil C Mar 21, 2009

    I too had the same result. I paid the 4.95 and then found the 79.00 charge plus a web charge as well. I can't seem to get a hold of them on the phone. They are really a web fraud site. Don't order from them. I never received a second bottle to warrant a charge.

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  • Cl
    cleo Mar 24, 2009

    I ordered for the acai burn and it hasnt arrived in over a month now.I was told it would take 4-7 days but no sign of it arriving.I dont leave in the US but thats where i ordered it from.Cant get in touch with anyone and my credit card company have sent me bills already i dont know what to do.Can anyone assit?

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  • 25
    250skeeter Mar 24, 2009

    hello, i like all of you got ripped off with acai-burn. i was charged $4.95 times 3 in two months and one of these times i was charged twice in one day
    and $9.95 twice. today i called the co 1-866-279-6513 and their was a pre recorded message stating that no refunds will apply however, the account was closed and i ordered a new credit card today

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  • Na
    naz Mar 25, 2009



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