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Acai Berry Nutrition review: cancellation of product not being honored still billing your bank account after cancelling product within time limitacc 405

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I ordered trail size paid shipping charge of 4.95 12 days later there a 69.95 charge on my bank satement call the number associated with the charge spoke with albert he said did you read the terms and conditions you have to cancel within 14 days of placing your trial size order and u order 12/4 so, its after the 14 days so I said today is 12/17 it hasn't been 14 days and I would like to cancel he said you are exactly right it hasnt been 14 days I will take care of reversing the charges from your credit card I am still waiting. c english 1126 e 83rd street chgo ill 60619 email cenglish [protected]@


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Emu Park, AU
May 17, 2009 11:12 pm EDT

On 28/04/09 I saw that there was an advertisement for Acai Burn, I clicked on the ad to read more. Eventually it goes on to give you the option of seeing if you are eligible for the "free trial". Guess what! I was eligible. So, I clicked on for the "free trial", and of course it was my lucky day as I could then either have free shipping/handling or this other free item. I chose shipping/handling. That done, I checked my bank account and my Credit Card had been debited by $35.11 for the purchase and an international tran fee of 0.88DR. Okay so not free. then 12/05/09 0.16DR from CC for miscellaneous debit, 12/05/09 another web access taking $6.51DR for a purchase that I never did and then on Sunday 17/05/09 (yesterday) purchase authorisation for $ way, I rang the bank, who said it was from a chemist. No way. Not authorised. I was told on the first call that I could put my CC on hold, so no more money is debited from my account. I have put this with the banks fraud dept. who said that the money would still go out when my CC is on hold. I went to the bank and cancelled my card. This is the only way to stop these people from debiting your CC. I signed up for a free trial only, and apparently had a lucky day as I got to have my shipping/handling free as well. On top of which, the pills came with no info inside the package and were dispatched from NSW. Do Not deal with this company would be my advice.

Joan Begg
Laurieton, AU
Mar 18, 2009 8:01 pm EDT

19th March 2017, Dear Sirs,
I ordered the trial of AcaiBurn tablets on 19th February 2017. and given an order number. Delivery supposed to be 4 - 7 days.
Delivery was not until 18th March 2017 and posted from France.
The charge was to be $4.95 for 2 weeks trial but on 20th February a charge against my credit card of $24.95 (which of course became $39.21Australian currency) was made.
I could not download any information on Insider Secrets to Weight Loss or Weight Loss E-book Package as they published and have had no luck in trying to contact them.
I have taken a copy of the e-mail sent and will return the pills unopened.
A real Scam and one I did not think I would be sucked into.

Atlanta, US
Jul 24, 2009 1:07 pm EDT

I ordered the "free" trial of Acai Burn. 30 days later I was billed 58.XX for the product.

When you place an order for Acai Burn they also sign you up for Insider Secrets, which is an online newsletter, for $3.24 a month. I never received a link or any informatin for this online newsletter. I had to call and cancel, after they charged my account. The wouldn't refund the money. The number to call and cancel Insider secrets is 866.989.2685.

You'll also be signed up for Comprehensive Weight Loss, which I'm not even sure what this is supposed to be an online site or whatever. You'll be charged $7.XX. The number to cancel is 866.989.8944. They did refund my charges.

When I called Acai Burn about these other charges they advised me it was my responsibility because it was in the terms and conditions. So BEWARE of these additional charges that will show up.

Pam Bedward
, NZ
Sep 08, 2009 4:30 am EDT

I found out that these companies had taken mone out, when i got a letter from m bank to say was overdrawn, i have now cancelled my card but according to my bank they can still take it out. the bank have sent them cancelation forms that they have 31 days to reply. my bank has given me 3 phone nubers for the companies in Cyprus, but guess what, they are no longer in use, what a supprise, be carefull of what you order over the net, these tablets never worked, and i put weight on with them.

Concord, US
Feb 20, 2009 5:01 pm EST

BEWARE! THIS IS A SCAM THAT NEVER ENDS! This so called "free" sample is going to cost you alot of money and is almost impossible to cancel/stop. I ordered the "free" sample paying only $4.95 for shipping but never received the product. SIX weeks after my initial shipping payment my credit card was charged over $300! Apparently they fail to mention that when you order this "free" sample you are automatically enrolled into 3 other programs with their "sister" companies. I have finally received my money back but wanted to share some phone numbers with you; Insider Secret is one program; [protected] or [protected]. Next group is some type of weight management/consultants [protected].

, US
Feb 23, 2009 3:53 pm EST

I have cancelled the Acai Burn subscription. I never ordered a subscription.
I ordered a trial for $14.99. This was taken from my credit card account two weeks ago. I never received the trial bottle.
Today I received three bottles. I looked at my account and my credit card was charged an additional $59.95 a week ago. After searching on the net, came up on my search. At this website, I found a working number for Acai Burn Tel: 1.800.659.3588) after a few minutes, a nice lady answered, took my info, canceled everything.

A Walker
Aberdeen, GB
May 12, 2009 4:16 pm EDT

I ordered a "free" trial of Acai Burn, supposedly only costing $4.95 in postage - however, once I had placed my order I found out there was an additional $20.00 shipping charge, even though the order gets posted from Bedford, UK!

I cancelled my order on Live Chat - which ended up costing me around £6.00 for less than a minute.

I returned the useless tablets by 1st class post on 5th May - however, I then got another $59.95 deducted from my account on 8th May.

I e-mailed the UK helpline, however they don;t deal with cancellations and refunds! They then gave me a number to call.

Once they had assured me the number was free to call (although I still have my doubts), I called it. Of course the woman I spoke to, was not able to contact the UK Office to check my order had been returned.

Apparently, they have to wait for the tablets to be shipped back to the US, before giving any refund!

It is just a money making scam!

Rebeca Benitez
Queens Village, US
Apr 03, 2009 12:19 pm EDT

I ordered the "free trial" from Acai Burn. I did not realize that I had to call within 15 days to cancel. I got an order for more pills and I immediately called the company and let them know I was not interested in continuining receiving the products. I returned the pills at my cost and I had to follow up for reversal of charges. I have continued to be billed for $9.95 using my credit card information for something I had no idea. When I investigated it, it just so happens I had been signed up for a Comprehensive Weight Loss Program on the internet I had no idea I had! When I called to investigate further Acai Burn told me that the money was for a membership with "another company", which I discovered was called Comprehensive Weight Loss.

When I spoke to a Customer Service Rep., he told me that he would terminate my membership. At that moment I asked if they hadn't been notified of my cancellation with Acai Burn. He stated they had not since they are separate companies. I asked for a refund for the last 2 months of charges and he stated he couldn't. I asked him for the company full business name and address and he told me he could not verify the address! At this point, I was furious and asked to speak to a supervisor. She told me that only a supervisor could verify that information. When I got the information, the address was exactly the same as ACAI BURN! The only thing burning in me right now is anger and disgust at how these companies make their money.

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPA"NY. If you do, read all the terms and enter at your own risk. VERY SHADY. Imagine the feeling of having an irresponsible company dipping into your bank information!


Emma Andersson
, GB
Apr 06, 2009 12:46 pm EDT

The CANCELLATION problem in the UNITED KINGDOM, do as follows:
1. For Membership:
Have your Order ID: Number, your telephone number, your address by your side
Telephone [protected]
Obtain a Cancellation Number
To avoid the $59.95 -> within 21 days of order return the Trial to:
Atlast FullFilment,
2B Viking Industrial Estate
Hudson Road
On the outside of the package write clearly your Order ID: Number
Keep a note of your Tracking Number
2. For Insider Secrets:
Telephone [protected]
Obtain a Cancellation Number
3. For eBook:
Telephone [protected]
Obtain a Cancellation Number

Its a circuitous route to exit 'this sham' but do as above quickly for United Kingdom 'users' to sort it out and prevent the follow-on 'auto' charges to credit card from the small print.

Kathryn Duffy
Gateshead, GB
Aug 01, 2009 8:46 am EDT

I cancelled, in accordance with the 60day satisfaction, in May 2017 and sent back the full size product to the return address. 2 months later I am still being billed and they have received my cancellation as they are not sending the product. I would like a full refund of £74.86 UK Sterling to the account. I am also making a complaint to the UK trading standards.
My previous order number was 138963.
My e-mail address is
Thank you.
Kathryn Duffy

, US
May 31, 2009 10:38 am EDT

Looked at their product online. Started to order but didn't finish the process. No credit card information shared thank goodness! Still, I am receiving harrassing emails (I've unsubscribed so we'll see there), I haven't received another email...yet...but the harrassing phone calls, 12 in last day, continue from [protected]. When I answer I hear background noise, say hello and get disconnected. I call back, and it plays a message that the number It plays a message that it has been disconnected only to be called again from that number minutes later. I have called the company via their online contact info and was told that they don't handle those issues through that number. We'll see if they'll handle it when I'm done reporting this to BBB, FTC, and PD. Anything anyone can do to help here would be greatly appreciated.

123 fake street, CA
Jul 13, 2009 11:21 pm EDT

I work for a credit card customer service company in Canada and believe me, I've had my share of horror stories related to Acai Burn brought to me by customers. Obviously I won't give any concrete examples since I am not allowed, but let me tell you this:

It is not frequent that I see a customer with over 3x 90$ transactions on the same monthly statement for Acai burn and its affiliates.

Customers never receive the product, they can't get a hold of customer service, they can hardly find a valid email adress

Unfortunately what they do is entirely legal, so us, as a credit card company, legally cannot block this merchant from charging, nor can we refund. The only way is to ask to cancel the membership, and even if they don't, to keep the proof and hope that your credit card company will be able to help you (in our case after X days of the email sent we contest all transactions)

I HAVE SEEN SOME CUSTOMER'S WHO WERE CHARGED UP TO 800$ AND MORE IN A MATTER OF A FEW MONTHS (few being less than 3)! Unfortunately, for some they do not have the money to make even the minimum payment brought by such an overload, and this can truly harm the credit rating before we can even (legally) react


Rising , US
Mar 02, 2009 2:01 pm EST

I placed an order for acai burn late on a Friday night. My husband then alerted me early the next morning about all kinds of complaints about this company. Early Saturday morning, I called to cancel, only to be told that their "systems were down." I was told to call back in a few hours, that they could not even take my information to cancel the order when their system was back in operation. I called again 3 hours later, only to be told the same thing, that their computer systems were down, and to try to use the live chat on the website. Of course, it was down too. I called the next day (Sunday) and was told that my order had already shipped -- amazing -- if they couldn't access my info to cancel, then how could my order possibly have shipped? At any rate, I was also told that my CC would be charged and that to get my money back I would have to return the product, insured, with tracking, yada yada. I then had to call no less than two other numbers to make sure I wasn't charged with the fees for the Insiders Edition (which came through in heiroglyphics when I tried to open it) or for the other monthly subscription. One of the numbers was only available Mon - Fri, 9am to 5pm MST -- how convenient for those of use who live on the East Coast and leave for work before 7:30 am and get home after 6pm. Well, thanks to the snowstorm today, I actually did get through to cancel all this garbage. I personally think the attorney general should go after these frauds.

, US
Jan 20, 2009 9:54 am EST

I ordered Acai Burn yesterday before reading any reviews on this product. I got scared, and I called to cancel all of the memberships. I agree that this seems fishy the way all of the charges are hidden. Sure, the first bottle is supposed to be the $4.95, but also with the first shipment comes three other bottles of Acai, which you will be charged $59.95 if not returned within 14 days. You will also be charged a monthly fee for the Insider Secrets to Weight Loss and the Comprehensive Weight Loss eBook Package. I am listing below the necessary phone numbers needed to cancel all of the memberships. Make sure to ask for a refund and a cancellation confirmation or ID number from the representative. I hope many find this helpful, and when I mentioned the complaints that I had read, not one representative denied any of the alligations. Ironic, don't you think?

Acai Burn [protected]
Insider Secrets [protected]
Comprehensive Weight Loss eBook [protected]

amanda loren
The entrance, AU
May 26, 2009 9:26 pm EDT

acaia burn is a bloody scam i am so angry with them i'm a 24 yr old single mum on a pension wit a 1 yr old and i ordered the free trial wit 4.95 post and handling which was all i authorised and they took $30 out then 2 weeks later 9.95 web access fee whatever the hell that is then 3 days later $82.70 no more products i spoke to sumone on there web page and they sais they would cancel it and gave me 2 numbers to confirm cancellation but it just goes to a answering machine i left my no but nothing. i then went in debit $123 and have had to cancel my card i'm from aus and don't know how to contact them i want my money back as they took it from my rent money

Hilo, US
Apr 07, 2009 6:02 pm EDT

I ordered on line the acai burn for $1.95 for a trial for 2 weeks. I cancelled within the 2 weeks because it did
not work. I talked to Mary of Acai Burn and she told me that she will stop the auto ship. I thought OK everything is fine. Then I get my credit card statement and see 3 different charges. So I called each Company and they told me when I signed up for the trial that I was bound to these terms. I told them I did not see anything like that and then told me they will cancel further charges but I am obligated to these charges. I told them I was not bound to those charges because it was never told to me and I did not see anything saying that and I told them to reverse these charges. I also called my credit card company and they told me if they do not reverse the charges they will personally call them up. Acai never told me that I had to return the trial and in order for me to get the credit of $59.95 I will need to send it via insured mail back to them in order for them to credit my trial of the acai burn. This is a scam because if they truly believe in the product they are selling, they do not have to have these hidden fees and if they were an honorable company they should be and willing to reverse those charges and not to mention they should have said if you are not satisfied to cancel within the 2 weeks but you must return the product back to us to prevent further charges. This is not the case with this company. I hope the federal government close them down and charge them of fraud as I will also be writing to the Attorney General of Iowa to let them know what Acai Burn is doing to scam customers and I hope everybody will do the same

Oroville, US
Mar 13, 2009 6:20 pm EDT

ACAI Burn isan online offer for the ACAI berry supplement seen on TV. They offer you a sample for $4.95. The problem is when you accept the sample and enter your cred it card info, the trouble starts. They state that you have enrolled in three programs all toll and each begins to charge your credit card. I received 5 different charges in one month. The credit card company states they are getting hundreds of calls and people don't know how to cancel this. The CC company said you agreed to a monthly charge and it will follow you even if you cancel the card.
The CC company advised me to contact these companies and cancel the "subscriptions". I call ACAI Burn at the toll free number on their website. I must admit I beat up on this poor call center girl and got the cancellation numbers for the other two companies. At first they will cancel but not issue a refund. It takes some persistence to get the refund. The toll free cancellation number for "Insider's Secret" is [protected]. The toll free cancellation number for "Comprehensive Weight Loss" is [protected]. I didn't even know who these companies were. They offer online information and tell you that when you ordered the sample from ACAI Burn that you automatically enrolled in their companies.
Most of these people are operating from overseas. I have had charges from as far away as Irael! Don't be fooled by these guys. Don't enter your credit card for any free samples. They freely share your credit card info and then bill you continuously without giving you info or a chance to stop the charges.

I made the mistake of trying two different products. Neither worked and both charged my card for several other "services". This is really a buyer beware climate.

Stockton, US
Feb 03, 2009 10:42 pm EST

This product doesn't work. The only part of there duel combo Acai Burn and colon cleanser that really works is the colon cleanser. Take the Acai Burn by it self and you lose nothing not even one pound. But if you take the colon cleanser alone you can lose 20 to 30 pounds. 80.00 for Acai they say 3 months 240.00 yea right. Colon cleanser another 80.00 amonth 3 months 240.00 plus 5.00 shipping for each product that 30.00 more for a total of 510.00 If you take the colon cleanser for one month and lose 20 to 30 pounds for 80.00 your winning


Saint Augustine, US
Aug 19, 2009 1:28 pm EDT

Well basically, a lot of people, including me, are always looking for new ways to improve our bodies. Unfortunately, we get caught up in new trends and jump into them without doing a little research first. This company "Acai Burn" is actually owned by a marketing company and in no way shape or form is associated with, or interested in helping people reach their goal and have preyed on us "health junkies" for a one-time bs deal. If you're like me, you ordered with the intentions of cancelling, and they know this and are prepared. They will cancel, yes, but you must pay their 79.99 fee for your "free trial" and are offered no sort of cancellation reassurance. I will give you one tip that worked for me and stopped all 5 companies from charging me anything now, or in the future.

Call your bank and tell them the situation, they will be more than happy to REPORT YOUR DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD STOLEN! This will stop everything and you will be reissued a card and happily live your life thereafter.

Remember, there are a lot of scams out there. Do your research first (I wish I did), and don't jump so quickly at the next craze. Futhermore, do what I did, pick up a Men's Health magazine, or Women's Health, and reach your goals safely. There is no quick and easy route to a healthy lifestyle. Hope this helped.

Kidderminster, GB
May 30, 2009 9:56 am EDT


London, GB
Apr 01, 2009 10:59 am EDT

to whom this may concern

below is an order confirmation, for a dishonoured purchase made on line
please advice on what action i can take going forward.

Order Confirmation

Thank you for your order! You will have 2 full weeks after you receive your supply to evaluate the product and see the results for yourself before you are ever billed. If you’re still not sure after that, you are still fully covered by our 60-Day Full Money Back Guarantee (which doesn’t start until after the 2 full weeks).

Date/Time:03/15/2017 04:14 PM Order ID: (Please write this number down!): [protected]

Shipped to:


Summary of today’s charges:

Item Description Price Quantity Subtotal
AcaiBurn Capsules FREE 1 FREE
Free Trial 30-day Supply
Subtotal $0.00
Shipping & Handling $24.95
Priority Upsell $0.00
Grand Total $24.95

Your Shipment is estimated to arrive within 4-7 business days.

please read my statement below

this order has still not been recieved, it has been 17 days, meant to be recieved in 4-7 business days, i am uanble to contact anyone to complain, no details of any customer service, they billed me for £24.95, yet claimed there limited offer was only £4.95, there limited offer trial lasts until 01.04.09, i ordered on the 15/03/09.. when confirming details it showed payment datail as £4.95, as soon as i pressed the button to confirm, it showed £24.95... i believe this to be a scam, and would like to find out how to prevent them from taking further money from me.

kind regards


Ed Nuhfer
, US
Apr 27, 2009 2:50 pm EDT

The Acai Nurn and Acai berry scams are almost legendary. About two months ago my bank replaced my credit card at their initiative by noting that it "may have been compromised." If your bank or credit union is on its toes, it may well have done the same for you. The cause of "may have been compromised" is likely the Acai scammers.

Many of us were taken in by the web ad flaunting Rachael Rae and other celebrities. The purpose of the ad is to distract you from the small print. In addition to getting billed for Acai pills of dubious worth, you also unwittingly subscribed to two of their "affiliates." I hope their officers are soon indicted as "accomplices."

To get off, start by calling affiliate #1 Secrets and Insiders
[protected]. My experience was a recording that says they don't do refunds of past charges, but a polite agent who took me off with confirmation number. She cued me to the fact Ialso needed to call affiliate #2 Comprehensive Weight Loss [protected]. They verified my bank had already canceled their act for me .

The final stop is the primary culprit [protected] --Acai Burn. They too informed me that my bank had canceled their ticket. I have paid a bit for this lesson but I am now shed of them.

West Burleigh, AU
Apr 02, 2009 9:43 pm EDT

I am an Australian resident and have been scammed too. No product has not turned up so I had no chance at all to return the 'trial'.

So first thing contact your bank and reported a disputed transaction. From what I have read you need to call 3 numbers 1 to cancel the pills another to cancel the inside secrets guide and a 3rd to cancel your web account. Here are the numbers. There are 4 here its what I have found on other complaint pages. Try to get through on all of them but be prepared for a late night or early morning with the time differences make sure you dial international as the AU toll free numbers owner gets quite mad!


Good Luck

Lake Charles, US
Mar 10, 2009 9:26 am EDT

Got the free trial thing for $4..95 which was nothing more than Green Tea extract, which can be purchased at any dollar general store for $2..95. Once dissatisfied, I called to cancel, any further shipments. They cancelled the future shipments alright, but still continued to bill my credit card $59..95. If that's not enough, I then get charges for $4..95, $1..00, $9..95, & $1..00 from these other things they enrolled me in, without my knowledge. Oprah did us, a real disservice, by endorsing these thieves. I used to have respect for the lady till now. I will never trust her again. Makes you wonder, if she got paid to endorse these swindlers. Or maybe she pocketed some of my money! Hmmm!

Waukegan, US
Jan 05, 2009 5:05 pm EST

I ordered Acai Burn's "free" trial... before I even got the pills my credit card was charged $59.95. After calling a few different places including my bank I got a working number for them... [protected]) after a few minutes, a nice lady answered, took my info, canceled everything and issued a refund. I thought I'd pass the number along

Melbourne, AU
Apr 21, 2009 6:57 am EDT

to all these people who think acaiberry is a scam i got a bottle of them and i dident pay for anythingi just simply lied to them and got a free bottle sent out i dont know if it works but i heard 1000times it does its not the fact that it dosent work ur all complaining the fact u got scammed when u ddient cause i read the terms and condions and they said you would be charged after the trial and the live agent was real so before complaning read the small print if it was such a scam opera wouldent advertise it on her show and i wouldent of got my bottle? im from australia to so there ya go and if u look on utube theres heaps of before and after videos of people using it yes real people

L Allan
Newton Abbot, GB
Aug 05, 2009 3:16 pm EDT


To cancel your subscription with

ACAIBURN [protected]

If you order a TRIAL from Acai burn you will automatically be linked with these other companies (apparently its in their T&C's but Im not convinced its there). So you WILL need to cancel with these other companies or money will keep on being denited from your account.

All the representives were very helpfull. They would not give me a refund on previous payments but assured me NO MORE will be taken from now on. Which I will keep my eye on from now on. As I understand if this keeps happening you need to report fraudulant payment with your bank.

I hope this was helpful and if anyone has more knowledge or info please comment below.

, US
Jan 21, 2009 8:06 am EST

Please be aware of trail offers there are hidden agenda's and could cost you to loose your money I order a free trail of Acai burn (acai berry) from A customer service called to me to offer me the product and I declined because I haven't even received my trail Acai burn.

A month later I receive a charge on my credit card for $29.99 from a Fit factory. I called this company and stated that I didn't sign up for the services and requested a refund. The company would not refund my money and told me that when customer sign up for the acai berry free trail the company automatically give them a trail of a fitness program website and this was stated in the fine print of the agreement. I was this was a hidden agreement and not advertised to give the customer the choice to choose this website trail.

I'm not the only person this company rip off.

Chloe Gilzean
Southampton, GB
Apr 20, 2009 4:47 am EDT

I Like everybody else on here I figured somethingw as wrong when I was sent confirmation of a $24.95 charge which was supposedto be $4.95. I went to my bank straight away & found out that £19 had beeen taken from my account. My bank teller went onto the website for me to try and find a cancellation email. When he couldnt he tried to find the company using the fraud prevention system that they have. He couldnt find the company.

I then went back online and spoke to a live chat person who told me that she had cancelled my order but that she could not refund the shipping charge and that after 14 days I would also be charged for the months supply that I hadnt asked for.

When I asked her how it is feasible to receive an international shipment and get it back to them within 14 days she gave me an email for the "support team"

I emailed the "support team" and recieved the exact same email response 3 times from different members of the "support team"

They say that they have cancelled my order and will recieve a refund but I doubt very much that I will.

On saturday I cancelled my entire bank account and have re-opened a new one. My bank have logged a fraud complaint against them however since they are not a real company I doubt anything will happen.

On their home page under "contact us" they give an address and number for Cyprus. On the next page its Des Moines. I'v read about people getting charges from Isreal!

Unfortunately people will probabaly only read these warnings once they have been burned. If I was in the US & did just pay the $4.95 shipping cost i would not have panicked and wouldnt have known about all of the charges until it was too late.

Its a complte scam. As my bank manager told me on Friday - If you want to loose weight Eat less & exercise more.

Albury, AU
Apr 20, 2009 12:00 am EDT

I purchased but I believed to be a 14 day free trial OBLIGATION FREE! However what was never mentioned or displayed in check out was the extra $20USD postage for overseas clients or extra $59.95USD+postage per month for acaiburn monthly program. The only time I become aware of these charges was after they were charged. I tried to contact the company for more than 3 weeks but was unable because their contact numbers dont work in Australia and their ONLY form of overseas contact online support wasn’t working atleast not for me. I finally found a valid number on my credit statement which showed up nearly 3 weeks after the purchase and I had already been trying to contact the company for 2 weeks to find out why the trial that was meant to cost me $4.95USD actually cost me $24.95USD then I was trying to contact them to find out why I never recieved the product. I searched the entire site for a contact email address but only found under their privacy policy section. I emailled it 3 times without a single reply. I believe the site was illegitiment so I contacted comsumer affairs in my country, who advised me to cancel my credit card which I did and it was very inconvenient. I finally got through the company after 2 days of calling the number on my credit statement. I was informed the company was unaware live help was working in Australia and that Australians were unable to use the numbers on their site and that the “ONLINE” company does not have a contact email address or forum other than live help for consumers. So if don’t live in the country where those numbers work and live help fails TOO BAD! I explained my frustration and inconvenience but was shown no compassion or sincere concern. If you buy from this site, READ IT CAREFULLY! The extra charge for overseas clients is only displayed in FAQ’S under will I be billed if I keep my trials and you must click to see the information and be sure to read the trial information in the very bottom right hand corner on the check out page. The customer service of this company is the worst I have ever experienced EVER!

Kris Chapman
Eagle Point, AU
Aug 10, 2009 8:00 pm EDT

Hi, Need information on how to UNSUBSCRIBE from Acai Burn. Daughter joined it. What alot of crap!Membership fees, plus webaccess, plus international fees come out each month from bankcard. Need to STOP this and not be in it ASAP. Can you help? No luck from this end. Need to catch them on MOUNTAIN TIME?What is that ? help. Kris

mark moore
Byron Bay, AU
Mar 07, 2009 2:22 am EST

I had the website come up at my facebook site saying a free trail of a weightloss supplement, 4.95 for postage was the only payment and when I filled in the transaction it told me it just took 24.95 from my account, which is 40 australian, certainly not what I would have ever agreed to, they seem to be uncontactable and I have defenitely been scammed, what should I do?

evensville, US
Jan 12, 2009 7:28 pm EST

Terms & Conditions #5 Orders/Billings: reference to Comprehensive Weight Loss and Insiders Secrets. Cancellation phone number information is not provided upon cancellation of program with Acai Burn direct. Elizabeth agent id # 41062 can't even explain what this paragraph straight from the terms & conditions means: "You also get the Insider Secrets Expert Tips Package and the Comprehensive Weight Loss eBook Package that come with a seven day and twenty eight day trial period so that you can put the diet expert’s extensive knowledge into practice for yourself. You're billed only four dollars ninety five cents and nine dollars ninety five cents monthly (will appear as Internet Access Fee and Membership) for as long as your unique All-Access passes remain active. These minor bonuses are non-refundable. Cancellation is hassle-free and immediate whenever you wish. (All necessary cancellation information is provided when you claim your AcaiBurn System today before it is released for others to claim). Any charge is made through the same account." I can't get money back from either company. Complete fraud! I suggest a class action suit if for nothing else but to put these folks out of business.

Dallas, US
Mar 25, 2009 11:21 am EDT

It is funny how many people really DO NOT READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS..If they would read it on the page where it says at the bottom Terms and Conditions it tells you everything..If you go to Acai Burn how people want to blame someone else for their laziness on their part not being a responsible buyer..But then they want to bash the company..

It tells you right here that it is not FREE and that you will be charged if not canceled in 14 days $59.95 which is what the bottle cost! You only pay for the shipping to recieve the product..It also tells you here that yes you are signing up to be on the auto shipment program for Acaiburn

Trial Offer and Sixty (60) Day Guarantee: Where AcaiBurnTM offers its "Trial" Promotion, and where you have chosen to register for such Promotion, upon submitting your initial AcaiBurnTM Application, your Active Credit Card will be charged only the non-refundable Shipping and Handling Fee for your initial fourteen (14) day trial membership ("Trial Membership") and you will receive a one (1) month supply of AcaiBurnTM. If you do not cancel your Membership as set forth in Section 6 hereinbelow, and return the one (1) month supply at your expense, which must be received by us within fourteen (14) days of your receipt of the one (1) month supply of AcaiBurnTM ("14 Day Trial Period"), your Active Credit Card will be charged the monthly Membership fee of Fifty-Nine Dollars and Ninety-Five Cents ($59.95) ("Monthly Fee"). Your first three (3) month supply of AcaiBurnTM will be shipped thirty (30) days from the date that your initial one (1) month supply was shipped in connection with your Trial Membership. Thereafter, for as long as your Membership remains active, your Active Credit Card will be charged for the Monthly Fee on a monthly basis, plus Shipping and Handling, every third month, for your ongoing Membership. You hereby authorize AcaiBurnTM (or its partners, affiliates and/or agents) to charge your Active Credit Card all such fees associated with Membership on a monthly basis. You acknowledge and agree that AcaiBurnTM will not obtain additional authorization from you for each installment of Monthly Fees charged to your Active Credit Card. All Monthly Fees will appear on your Active Credit Card bill as "Internet Access Fee and Membership."

This is the part that tells the customer that they will be enrolled in Comprehensive Weight Loss and Insider Secrets

Upon placing your first order for Online Products, you will automatically be enrolled in the AcaiBurnTM all-access program ("All-Access Program"). The All-Access Program enables you to access, via your Services Account, the Insider Secrets Expert Tips Package ("Insider Secrets Package") and the Comprehensive Weight Loss eBook Package ("eBook Package") made available on the Website. Initially, you shall have access to the Insider Secrets Package pursuant to a fourteen (14) day trial period ("Insider Secrets Access Pass"). If you do not cancel your Insider Secrets Access Pass during your fourteen (14) day trial period, then your Active Credit Card will be charged the monthly Insider Access Package fee of Six Dollars and Ninety-Five Cents ($6.95) ("IAP Monthly Fee"). Thereafter, for as long as your Insider Secrets Access Pass remains active, your Active Credit Card will be charged for the IAP Monthly Fee on a monthly basis, for your ongoing Insider Secrets Access Pass.

Further, you shall initially have access to the eBook Package pursuant to a twenty-eight (28) day trial period ("eBook Access Pass"). If you do not cancel your eBook Access Pass during your twenty-eight (28) day trial period, then your Active Credit Card will be charged the monthly Insider Access Package fee of Nine Dollars and Ninety-Five Cents ($9.95) ("EAP Monthly Fee" and together, with the IAP Fees, the "Access Fees"). Thereafter, for as long as your eBook Access Pass remains active, your Active Credit Card will be charged for the EAP Monthly Fee on a monthly basis, for your ongoing eBook Access Pass
All Access Fees will appear on your Active Credit Card bill as "Internet Access Fee and Membership." You hereby authorize AcaiBurnTM (or its partners, affiliates and/or agents) to charge your Active Credit Card all such Access Fees on a monthly basis. You acknowledge and agree that AcaiBurnTM will not obtain additional authorization from you for each installment of Access Fees charged to your Active Credit Card
. Cancellation of AcaiBurnTM Membership. Insider Secrets Access Pass and/or eBook Access Pass. You may cancel your Membership, Insider Secrets Access Pass and/or eBook Access Pass at any time if you are not completely satisfied. To cancel your Membership, Insider Secrets Access Pass and/or eBook Access Pass you must contact AcaiBurnTM customer service by doing either of the following: (a) contacting AcaiBurnTM via telephone at [protected]; or (b) accessing AcaiBurn’s™ live help option available on the Website, 8:00AM to 5:00PM MST seven days a week. Please have your e-mail address and other Registration Data available for efficient processing of your cancellation order. Please be advised that unless you are canceling pursuant to the fourteen (14) day Trial Membership or 60 Day Guarantee as set forth hereinabove, and unless we receive the applicable Qualifying Return Products within the applicable time period, we will not refund any amounts previously paid up to the date of cancellation or termination, you shall not receive any pro-rata refund for partial months and you shall remain liable for any and all unpaid charges billed by AcaiBurnTM. You understand and agree that cancellation of your Membership Insider Secrets Access Pass and/or eBook Access Pass, as well as the return of the Online Products, is your sole right and remedy with respect to any dispute with AcaiBurnTM. Upon any termination and/or cancellation of your Membership, Insider Secrets Access Pass and/or eBook Access Pass, your license grant, as set forth in Section 7 hereinbelow shall immediately terminate

Now if the customer cancels within the trial period...Well guess what YOU ARE NOT CHARGED!

chelsea, GB
Mar 20, 2009 7:00 pm EDT

this is free trial is a scam!
i ordered free trial for $4.95 and got charged for 24.95 where i had to pay £2o for international order
received teh trial and took the caps for a week didnt do anything fair enough this is not long enough to see teh effect but after reading the complaints online i had to return the package ASAP.
i posted the product within 2 wks and just found out that i was charged for £44.45 so i spoke tp someone on live chat and was asked if i have the shipping company details and tracking number? i told them i dont have this info and gave her my order ID number i was still been told they need the company's name. i didnt receive any info in their email and also website. i woud think they should have this details and shouldnt be using this as an excuse to charge me. i was then promised they will refund me once they receive the package. it has been 3wks since i sent the package, has anyone got their money back? and does anyone know how to get the shipping company details i received the trail from USA delievred to london UK. please help !

Pella, US
Feb 12, 2009 8:17 am EST

I received my "two week" free trial about 10 days ago. Very disappointed in the product. No boost in energy, no hint of weight loss. I read all the complaints on this website and was afraid I was out all of my money. Checking my cc statement, I called the number listed on the charge and was connected to someone within a couple of minutes! She said I would be billed for the first month's supply because I had received it (so much for the free trial!).
To return and get a refund of the "unused portion" of the original shipment, she was kind to give me the address to send it to AND said to make sure I included IN the package my written reason for the return, my ORDER NUMBER, and the unused portion of the bottle I had received. ALSO she said to make sure I put my ORDER NUMBER on the outside of the package to help insure it was applied to the correct account. When I received my "free trial", it came in an envelope with no correspondence at all. I explained that there was no paperwork in the shipment that had my order number on it, and I didn't know if I still had the envelope, so she dilly-dallied around a little bit and easily came up with my order number (don't let them play dumb). She also said to make sure I insured the package ($100) and had a tracking number on it.
I should see a credit on my cc statement within two weeks of returning, but will only be for the unused portion of the "free trial". It is a scam. But I'm hoping that I will get back at least some of it. If not, my cc company said I should start a dispute form immediately. Here's to hoping it all turns out "OK"!
DON'T ORDER IT! Hope this helps out some of the rest of you.

tusca, US
Feb 02, 2009 5:28 pm EST

Do not order acai burn! It doesn't work and you get charged with all a lot of products that you don't need and more than likely didn't ask for. The free trial is a scam. If you get the product, it says after you RECEIVE the product then you have two weeks to try it out AND then 60 day FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Well... that is not true. I've had mine since 1/26/09 (which is when I actually received the product to my house) and called to cancel it today (2-2-09) and was not allowed. They said that I will still be charged $59.95 for this first shipment, which I was under the impression that it was a FREE trial; clearly not. I have to ship the product back (under my expense) as soon as possible in order to get the money back minus the shipping and handling I have already paid for in the beginning. So my advice to you all is to DEFINITELY DO NOT buy this product. I hope this helps and will be happy to answer any questions regarding the return process and canceling the rest of the subscriptions! if you want to email me about the process or about the product.

thatcity, US
Mar 25, 2009 6:24 pm EDT

these ###s sold my cell phone number! i now have telemarketers calling me 2-3 times a day! i would call the number to tell them to stop calling, but it is not the same is a different number every time i am called! I would be on my phone all day every day if i were to contact these 'telemarketers.' DO NOT TRUST ACAI BURN, or any other acai berry company, for that matter! plus, Acai does the privilege of enrolling you into several different 'membership programs' who also charge you money (and probably sell your info, too). this is the biggest nightmare of my life! i have lost ALL sense of security because of these ###s! THANKS, ACAI, FOR ###ING UP MY LIFE!

Pullenvale, AU
Sep 06, 2009 4:00 am EDT

I took advantage of the free trial for the Acai burn product about a month ago. When i payed for the shipping I received no information about the product being charged to my account every month and there is no information on how to stop the product being sent. i Just checked my bank account transactions and there was a transaction for IMPROVEHEALTH [protected] CY on September 3, I was charged $71.74. I am a student and I don't have this money to waste on fad products. I would like the money back and I want to be taken off their product list, or be instructed on how to be removed. My email is, i would appreciate it if this could be looked after asap

Tash Tash
Sydney, AU
Oct 11, 2009 7:44 pm EDT

I had the same problem as all these others... I just cancelled my credit card and got a new one.

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