The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
Acai Berry&life CleansingLB Envision Net Worldwide Ltd UK.

impossible to get hold of the above.also no e-mail address could be found.for obvious reason, they dont want too be pesterd.all they want is my money.
i orderd on a trail base acai berry &life cleansing. free, one only has to pay for postage.for this i agreed, but not for the next steps.
amonth later my visa was charged $182.35 by dermasolution+[protected] and anti age access+[protected]


  • Derrick Apr 12, 2010

    I have been reading about all the rip off stories about this acaiberry crap, and all the way through it, m there are advertisments for that and other similar products

    I really thought that was so funny, but I do feel sorry for all you people who have been ripped off
    Just strange to have Ad's for the very stuff you are all complaining aboiut along side

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  • Ca
    Casa Tika Feb 14, 2010

    IT IS POSSIBLE TO GET A REFUND!! Make sure you make notes of who you have spoken to, and what date and time, and what was said. The contact email address is '[email protected] '

    On 13th December, I ordered the trial sample of Acai Berry and Life Cleanse at a cost of £0.95 each. When the samples arrived 5 days later, the shipment bill showed a cost of £3.95 each - OK, perhaps I made a mistake I thought. After Christmas I went on holiday, but on return I checked my bank statement to find that 2 lots of £73.82 had been taken from my bank account.

    I spoke with my bank and explained the situation. They were sympathetic, but advised that as I had given my debit card details, there was nothing they could do to cancel the payments, as they could be assisting me in fraud. If I cancelled my debit card, then payments would automatically pass on to any new card. If I received written confirmation from the supplier that I had cancelled my order, and further payments were subsequently taken, then if I forwarded a hard copy of the email to them, they would refund payment and persue the matter.

    So I rang the numbers which I found on the internet, [protected] and +[protected], and went through the automated cancel section, which was the only thing available as it was a weekend. The following day, I rang the 0203 number, and was given cancellation reference numbers. I also explained the overcharge for the initial 15 day sample, and asked for an email address so I could put forward my case. I was told that they only deal on the telephone, and that they could not give me an email address, but confirmed that both orders had now been cancelled. I requested email confirmation as suggested by my bank.

    Some 2 and a half weeks later, I had not received the requested confirmation; neither had I received the 2nd consignment. So I called [protected] again. I spoke with another operative, and went through the scenario of the over charge again, plus the charge that had been levied at the beginning of January, but that I had still received no goods, and also no confirmation email that the order had been cancelled. I requested either goods or refund. I said that if I did not receive a satisfactory reply, I would take the matter further! I was told that they did not issue refunds, and I would just have to be patient to receive a confirmation of the cancellation.

    Finally I received confirmation from '[email protected] ' that my order had been cancelled. I then replied to their email, asking for a refund of the overcharged amounts for the free trial, and also stating that I had still not received the goods for which I had been charged on 2nd January, requesting that they either supply the goods or refund the amount taken. If no satisfactory reply was received, that I would take matters further.

    4 days later, I received an email from them saying " we have reviewed your claim and issued the refund following your request". The refund has now been credited to my bank.

    Like so many others on this website, I felt that I had been duped and robbed. They had taken funds from me, which I could ill afford, as my husband had recently been made redundant. So finally a refund has been issued, and I hope the story and advice above will help others who find themselves in a similar position.

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  • Cj
    c j Jan 23, 2010

    I to was stupid and ordered the life cleanse and acai berry. I have since read the fine print and called a number 02 [protected] and just this minute, 23/01/2010 I cancelled my order.

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  • St
    Stephanie Eyles Jan 20, 2010

    I too fell for this con. Thought my bank account was rather low on funds. I got a call from my bank yesterday asking if I purchased a tooth whitening kit. They have now cancelled my card and have told me to go in to the police station and file a fraud report. I am out of pocket by $535 in a period of 1 month over Christmas. (I just moved & only just got internet on). I Have rung the Australian toll free number for this company with no luck yet, the # I rang was +61 [protected]

    Steph E

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  • Be
    Bettan Jan 15, 2010


    Jag i min vinter desperation beställde några prover från företaget . LB Envision Net Worldwide.
    Först dem har debiterat mer från mitt konto än som står på offerten.
    Nästa steg efter två veckor har dem tagit från mitt konto flera större belopp som vi inte har kommit över ens om .
    Jag varnar alla som har något med det företaget att göra att vara väldigt uppmärksam .
    En riktig oseriös bedragare företag
    Jag har bet hjälp från mitt kreditkorts utgivare att hjälpa mig få tillbaka pengarna . Jag hoppas att dem kan lösa det och stoppa alla sina kunder att handla hos det företaget

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  • Ex
    expose fraud Jan 11, 2010

    The Telemarketing company operating these schemes in the USA through a large Call Center in Florida is Impulse Marketing LLC. This company is run by some guys with a long history of failed businesses. I found out some of the owners or operators of Impulse are Joseph A. Montalbano in Trinity FL, Jason Peterson from Utah now living there in Tampa FL, and Matthew Argall in Palm Harbor FL.
    "Joey" Montalbano comes off as some kinda washed up mob guy, not sure if he is really connected to the Mob or just pretents to scare people from looking into him.
    Maybe he is washing Mob money through his call center? those businesses are known for really shady money practices and off shore banking!

    Impulse Marketing LLC Headquarters:
    3985 Gateway Centre Blvd
    Suite 200
    Pinellas Park, FL 33782
    Telephone: [protected]
    Fax: [protected]
    Email: [email protected]

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  • Fa
    fairsky Jan 06, 2010

    Cancel your cards asap and lick your wounds. Learn from this and move on.

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  • Re
    Really annyoed Dec 23, 2009

    Yep, i've been done with the same policy. Agreed to a month trial at minimal charges. have received 2 packages from the UK with a billing of 73 pounds each! How can this happen? I did not authorise any further orders and don't understand how this company can do this.

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  • Ka
    kaz 1 Dec 22, 2009

    I called this number [protected]. I explain what happen.They will give you a cancellation number and cancel it there and then. Then they wrote down my complaints. Sent them on to the company and told me if the company didn't email back in 5 to 7 days to contact them and then they will contact the company again. I then got an email to day, saying that my my account had been successfully cancelled and they were not taking anymore payments or send me any further products. They are sending me the product that i all ready ordered. They will not refund me the money they have all ready taken, but i can live with that. Hopefully this will be the end.

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  • Ka
    kaz 1 Dec 21, 2009

    I have rang this number [protected]. I explained what had happen, they wrote all my complaints down and sent the company. They said the company would email in the next 7 to 10 days, not to sure they will. They gave me A cancellation number but like someone as all ready said i am also dubious of it would cancel any further payments. I am wondering if to cancel my card all together to make sure the payments do stop.

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  • Ka
    kaz 1 Dec 21, 2009

    I am one of those mugs who have ordered a 15 day trail for Teeth Whitening. I have not received the product but they have taken a payment out or my account. The bank as told me they can not cancel the payment as the company took my card number and not my account number. Please could anybody help.

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  • Ax
    axx Dec 19, 2009

    Hey everybody,

    I am in the same situation as most of you. I can't believe how they can do it. And in my case, just before Christmas :( I am trying to find out if there are any way of getting my money back. ANy service which could represent our complaints or rights? Of course it's totally only my mistake, that I did not read the conditions before that, but not to note that the free trial is just for 15 days... it's just mean. I wonder did anyone tried or succeed in getting money back or getting some kind of refund?

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  • Nn
    NNG Dec 11, 2009

    Really worried. have stupidly fallen for the 'risk free' trial from LB Envision. I have rang their [protected] and tried to cancel the order and was given a cancellation number but rather dubious as i have nothing in writing. I have also tried to cancel my credit card who explained that this would make no difference as I gave out my credit card details. I do not understand how funds could be taken from a card that does not exist. If you have done this via a debit card then you can cancel / change the card. Does anyone have any advice for people like me who have used a credit card as very concerned i will continue to be charged and not be able to track down these people.

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  • Lu
    Lud0 Dec 10, 2009

    You can buy real acai jus at a supermarket. And Blueberry is as good as Acai. So there is a viable alternative to this scam, if you want to try to benefit from fruits jus.

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  • Is
    ISABEL TORRES Dec 10, 2009

    Buenas tardes:

    Intenté en varias oportunidades cancelar la AcaiBerry Detox y Life Cleanse al correo electrónico que ustedes reportan en el pedido de la muestra gratis y dice que el correo es equivocado. Intenté con raya al piso, raya media, punto, sin espacio, etc. y de ninguna manera me pasó el correo. Entonces decidí utilizar este medio para hacer mi cancelación y mi reclamo, así:

    Bogotá-Colombia, Diciembre 10 de 2009

    V1V3 Ltd.
    LifeCleanse y AcaiBerry Detox
    Unit 5 Mill Road Industriala State
    Linlithgow, West Lothian EH49 7QY UK

    111 Piccadilly, Manchester, M1 2HY, UK
    LB Envision Net Worldwide Ltd., DH8 0LH Blackhill, UK,
    London, EC1A 9ET, United Kingdom
    Phone +[protected]

    Presento con esta nota mi reclamación por el cobro de las siguientes sumas a través de mi tarjeta de crédito. Es importante anotar que yo no autoricé el cargo a mi tarjeta de crédito, solamente pedí la muestra gratis (sólo gastos de envío) del producto que entre otras cosas no he utilizado, pues a los dos días de estarlo tomando sufrí una inflamación en todo el cuerpo que me obligó a suspenderlo definitivamente. A la fecha no he recibido ningún producto adicional al de la muestra gratis.

    Por esta razón solicito sea reversado el cargo a mi tarjeta de crédito de inmediato. Los cargos a reversar son:

    14-10-09 91015230908858956334001 HelpYourHealth+35894 $10.875, 50
    31-10-09 91103233842781144334001 HelpYourHealth+35894 $243.595.97
    31-10-09 91103233842784755334001 HelpYourHealth+35894 $243.595, 97
    15-11-09 91118005530989895334001 Global Welbeing+36180 $239.350.59
    15-11-09 91118005531009663334001 Global Welbeing+36180 $239.350.59

    Aprovecho para decirles que no autorizo de ninguna manera un Nuevo cargo a mi tarjeta de crédito y no recibo producto adicional.

    Solicito sea atendida mi reclamación lo antes posible y espero su respuesta.


    Calle 138 No. 58D 01 Ed. 14 Apto. 102
    Tel 613 17 12

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  • An
    Andyj Dec 09, 2009

    Yes I fell for it too, I just had to call a number in Germany [protected] basically the terms and conditions state that you must cancel within 15 days of placing the order or you will be charged the full amount.

    If you do not cancel in that time frame there is no chance of a refund after the money has been taken from your account.

    And to add insult to injury the product did absolutely nothing for me

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  • Sh
    shez 1857 Dec 09, 2009

    As previously posted I phoned [protected] from UK and cancelled my subscription. They have given me two cancellation references and am hoping that will be the end of it. I spoke to my bank a second charge and they have confirmed that so long as you have cancelled your card and they have no other bank details then they have no way of making a charge against the account. I also now have a note on my file just in case they are successful in making a charge and I can pass it through their fraud department. I must confirm though that I have had no further charges for over 7 weeks and it has also been over 5 weeks since I cancelled the subscription and my card. I will be keeping an close eye on my account just in case but I feel confident that nothing more will occur. For all those still suffering at the moment keep trying there really is an end to it all.

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  • Si
    Simon Miller Dec 06, 2009

    I've been screwed by just think media as well with a pay for a small delivery charge only offer. Pretty soon thay had scammed me with bogus weight loss products to the value of $385.46 the purchase of which are all unauthorised.

    It's an Acai Berry and Colon Cleansing scam which is supposed to give amazing results. They prey on our desire to become "ripped" and super fit without any work. It's a total scam and should be stopped.

    DON'T DO IT!!!

    JUST THINK and don't fall for it.

    These ###s give legitimate internet businesses a bad name.

    They are nothing more than thieves. Don't take the capsules either. These guys cannot be trusted so God knows what is in them!

    Simon Miller

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  • Na
    nantas Dec 06, 2009

    I called the [protected] she cancelled the order on my behalf and gave me a cancellation# she said I would get an e-mail. She is trying to get my charges refunded for me.
    She said it would take approx 5 days to get an e-mail response. So i'll wait and see.

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  • Ks
    Ksahib Dec 03, 2009

    previously trading as LB Envision Net Worldwide, this company runs the website

    they offer a FREE NO RISK Trial for £3.95 P&P for said product, the product will arrive late leaving you very little time to reject
    but beware as you will be very soon be charged over £70 and more if you do nto cancel immediatey.

    their company tel number where you will get a rude call girl is

    +[protected] and also try Laura on [protected]

    new registered address for complaints is Registered Office:

    Director :
    try writing to :

    MR DAVID HENDERSON and Ms Lorna Willis

    DH8 0LJ

    also try this address:
    Pontop Cottage, Dipton, Stanley, County, DURHAM UNITED KINGDOM

    Lb Commercial Funding Plc
    25 Bank Street, London, E14 5LE UNITED KINGDOM

    Company No. [protected]

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  • Ca
    cathieB Dec 02, 2009

    Hi. I am from Australia another fool taken by this scam. I was billed for AUS 130.00 this morning and alas no email or contact No that will connect. I spent all morning on the phone to bank and have cancelled card while they investigate. Cath

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  • Ch
    cheated,cheated Dec 01, 2009

    How do you stop this criminal. Somebody, OH GOD! please stop these criminals

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  • Ed
    Edith Soto Montaño Dec 01, 2009

    Hola, mi nombre es Edith Soto Montaño, mi correo es [email protected], soy de la Serena Chile. Me ha sido imposible comunicarme con ustedes, a través del mail que entregan al requerir las muestras gratis de Acaiberry y Colon Cleause. Yo las encargué y dicen que en menos de 5 dìas son distribuidas en Chile. Hasta el momento no he recibido nada, ya van para 3 semanas. Siento que esto es un Fraude, asì que tuve que eliminar mi tarjeta de Crédito para que no sigan cobrando algo que no he recibido y que ya cobraron. El valor que dice la ´pàgina es 3 Euros y un poco más iva incluido, y me cobraron, más de 5 Euros por cada uno. NO QUIERO MÁS PRODUCTOS, Y SI QUIEREN QUE SE LES SIGA CREYENDO, FAVOR QUE LLEGUEN LOS QUE YA CANCELÉ. Y DEN UN CORREO LEGAL Y NO EL QUE ENREGAN QUE REBOTA Y UNO NO `PUEDE RECLAMAR.



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  • We
    Wendyismad Nov 30, 2009

    Oh is anyone else's email getting lots of pharmaceutical spam and porn spam--I have neverhad spam because of my internet provider and firewalls and having a mac but now I have a lot of it and young boys to hide it from. I think it stems from this company.

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  • We
    Wendyismad Nov 30, 2009

    Beware the achai berry and life cleanse are the first steps of this fraud. Check your credit card statements for the next 3 months for $2.65 charges or $7.01 charges and for other larger charges in the hundreds range and around 60+ dollars. You may see charges from EZkit and CTT, IMprovehealth, Elitepack,, world club fitess, or weightloss resources.
    Phone your visa as soon as you see these and phone each number on the visa sheet cancelling accts and getting confirm numbers, then phone visa back if you get no satisfaction. I got it all refunded for 3 months of charges that I hadnt noticed ( my husband get the statements).


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  • Sn
    SNComplain Nov 29, 2009

    If I cancel my credit card, without ending the "subscription" what are their course of action, billing my phone? Have any of you experienced them using your personal information in any way?

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  • Ju
    julie kennedy Nov 28, 2009

    to whom it may concern i have been to my bank so they cant take any more from account all i did was ask for a sample of the product and now every time they send me some i send it back they can keep sending it to me but i will keep sending it back not happy they are very dishonest thats all i got to say

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  • Sa
    SAfriend Nov 27, 2009

    guess I have the same problem. but I could reach the number and cancelled my account. I hope that this works. In the next days I will call my bank aswell so that they can stop any automatic debit transfer. Maybe this will work.
    I am so angry about this incident.
    Verena from Germany

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  • Li
    lightningsibes Nov 26, 2009

    Can anyone from Australia provide a contact number for these people?

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  • Li
    lightningsibes Nov 26, 2009 Suprise suprise, this web site no longer exists.
    I am just going to report my card stolen.

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  • Mo
    Mommy Mayhem Nov 25, 2009

    I also have been scammed..I live in canada I am going to try the 888# now i'm out almost 800$ cad...

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  • La
    lahita Nov 25, 2009

    95200 SARCELLES

    je veux annuler la commande des produits gratuits (effective Cleanse Antioxide et Acaiberry ) car cela ma été facturé beaucoup plus que sa aurait du l'ètre ! et me faire rembourser merci !

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  • Vo
    Von44 Nov 24, 2009

    I work for a credit card company...simply report your card stolen and they will not be able to charge the card any more.

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  • Derrick Nov 24, 2009

    Call your bannk, cancel your cards, tell the back that this is a scanm,

    print off everything you can from here,

    present it to your bank and get the bank to warn all their customers (I doubt that they will, but its worth a try)

    Just make sure you cancel your CC or they will haunt you for years to come

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  • Cd
    cd777 Nov 23, 2009

    If you want good products with good reputation, don't hesitate to go to that website.

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  • Na
    NancyBrantford Nov 21, 2009

    Thank you to the person who posted [protected]. I did actually speak to someone. He sounded Australian. Don't know if that is where I was calling or not.

    I called just now and cancelled my orders. (I hope). I had to give give an 0rder #, but they also accessed my account through my e-mail address.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed that nothing shows up on my next visa statement. And I have only received 1 of the 3 products! They say to call back Monday, as they are having problems shipping to Canada.

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  • Fr
    Frankthetank198711201 Nov 19, 2009

    1stly, thanks to Consumer Crusader, the information on these companies was not that hard to come by and to be honest, the research didn;t seem to take that long either (maybe becuase I'm so angry at these scamming b'stards that it was actually a pleasure to find out all I could about them and publish it for the greater good of the honest public, if not a bit guilable).

    Could be Fraud after all not just a scam.

    I have just spoken to the son of the man listed as the sole director of Trading Planet Ltd, he claims that thier company name and address has been used in a sort of business takeover fraud where by a company has its name and trading details used by a Fraudster to convince poeple they are trading with a valid company.
    I don't know whether to trust this guy or not, he may just be lying but he offered me a crime report numebr he has received from the police after reporting the use of thier business name by someone else...My only niggle with this is that if this was a global account/business take over fraud then the police would have given them more than a reference number for thier records, more like a crime investigation number.

    In any case, the guy I spoek to confirmed the address of Trading Planet, and thier other businesses as that already listed in my previous posts, maybe someone should pop round and have a 'Chat' with them?

    If this is a Fraud rather than a scam why have the authorites and CC companies not done anything about it, laws must have been rboken and possibly cross border laws, can someone, somewhere in authority do something about this, please, they should nto be allowed to continue breathing, let alone trading!!

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  • Co
    Consumer Crusader Nov 19, 2009

    The people behind this seem to be linked to the Dazzle White Pro Scam and need to be stopped.

    I was happy to see someone do the massive amount of research to to find out who might be behind this and now it is up to all of us to bring this company and all entities down. If we can't get the individual person responsible, I am sure that this person can be traced to investors, family and friends who can be utilized to make this person do the right thing.

    If enough of us band together on this across the globe, we could help stop things like this from happening and change the way things are. The only way "The authorities will do anything" (as was asked a few messages back) is by banding together in such a way that we gain attention. It doesn't mean standing on a corner with a bunch of signs, but it does mean things like class-action suits, websites, news agencies, you-tube and so on, but in SUCH a massive salvo that it grabs everyone's attention INCLUDING websites that promoted this stuff in the first place.

    If companies like MSN, ABC and others find out that their names and logos are being used to promote these items and do nothing about this and our efforts expose this as a scam or fraud then it would be easy to implicate them in the suit as well as parties to national and international fraud.

    Sounds like a David and Goliath scenario of sorts, but NONE of these companies NOR the investors, friends, employees and family want to have their names and pictures plastered all over consumer awareness and fraud websites or on broadcast news either.

    It takes everyone, but they got me with DazzleWhite and while it was only to the tune of a couple hundred dollars, they truly messed with someone with more money, resources and an exceptionally overdeveloped sense of vengeance and honor and I really hope everyone joins the crusade against people like this.

    If the company won't do the right thing then we'll kick it up a notch and implicate the investors, advertisers, business partners, promoters, etc. If these entities don't lean on the company to do the right thing then we'll go after them (legally) on a personal and civil level and ruin their lives so that their children are paying reparations for the crimes of their deceitful parents.

    It wouldn't hurt to start posting the names of the financial institutions that have denied fraud claims when the Internet itself contains legions of entries surrounding these companies and the facts are beyond clear down to the transactions on the cards themselves. Banks and credit card companies sure can't afford more people NOT paying for things or canceling accounts, so if their names are used on these sites as "not helping their customers" (remember Bank of America), you're going to see the FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS and their lawyers taking up the crusade as well.

    Now is not the time to walk away from even 1.00 being duped from anyone...

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  • Sk
    skeptic_consumer Nov 18, 2009

    I too, got scammed by this company for the "free" trial of the Acai Berry Cleanse weightloss supplement. A few months later I came across another web site that offers "fit pics", basically a photo shopped picture of yourself. What caught my attention was the ad had the same picture as the girl in the Acai Berry weight loss ad.
    See for yourself:
    Here is the same girl in the ad for the photo shopped pics:

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  • Tr
    tricianga57 Nov 18, 2009

    I can't believe it! I called the [protected] and all he could tell me was that he could not access my account and for ME to call the bank and get another number and call them back tomorrow and how lovely he thought my Georgia accent sounded to him...what a crock!!! I told him that even though he could not access my account, they were certainly feeling very free about charging my card for 4 times plus several shipping charges and that I haven't even received the first shipment. He said he understood that I was angry, but to call back tomorrow. I had to end up canceling my card anyway.

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