I ordered the product on the 15 day free trial. I never received the products and my credit card was charged $88.62. As most everyone else, the call in number disconnects every time -- even after waiting for over 1.5 hours I was disconnected by the rep. I finally got through to the live chat -- again after 2 hour wait - and was told my credit card would be credited within 3-5 days. Well, that never happened -- who knew! I have researched the registered business and principle owners of the business. I will be traveling to Boca Raton, FL in January 2009 to begin legal action against these SCAMMERS. If you are interested in joining in a class action lawsuit, please send your name and address to my personal email at [protected] and I will compile a list to provide to an attorney. I'm not sure how these class action suits work, but I'm going to do what I can to stop these people. I'm also attempting to contact the Oprah Winfrey show, Rachel Rae and Dr. Oz to let them know that their images and names are being used to promote this SCAM. I'm pretty confident that they will not tolerate.

I hope we get enough people to join in the fight to put these SOB's out of business!!!



  • St
    steamed Dec 31, 2008

    These scammers are recruiting and moving from state to state under new names. I was taken by Herbal Group out of California. My bank would not reverse the charges of nearly 200.00 10 days after the free sample charge came through because of their fine print agreement. I don't care what their fine print says it is illegal to refuse to refund money if the product is returned unopened...furthermore I have never gotten anyway.

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  • Hi
    hillaryrobinson Jan 09, 2009

    I felt robbed. I too signed up for a free trial. Next thing I know, I'm being charged outraegeous fees, $88.62 and $94.57. I call and call and am told my future shipments are cancelled. I am told I will be creditted. Instead, I was charged again. I also went on the website, and wrote the same thing. One additional bottle came to my home following these calls. I mailed it back with a note informing them to credit my account and cancel future shipments. I have been charged hundreds of dollars. After holding 15 minutes, I am gold that my account was already creditted 70% of the charged fee. Also, one call informed me I need to ALSO cancel with AcaiBerrySupreme, that I was talking with AcaiBerryMax, like I should know the difference, and gave me an additional number to cancel with. Of course I called it and it was no longer in service. Also, the call center practice the art of saying mid-phone call, "ma'am, are you here? Ma'am, I cannot hear you..." and then hang up mid call. Help!! This is criminal!!

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  • Be
    Beverly Kercz Jan 26, 2009

    I ordered AcaiBerry free trial from welb advertisement in Boston Globe on 1/9/09. Didn't receive the product until 1/24/09 although package indicated it was shipped 1/20/09. The packing slip indicates only 15 days to cancel order or automatic shipments will be made and automatically charged. I called the numbers and used the website - with no response from anyone. I contacted my charge account company and they told me that the company charged me twice for the $9.95 shipping and the charges were currently pending. I told the charge company I wanted the company blocked so they couldn't do automatic shipments. The Website has a "live chat" system that doesn't work and they don't respond to. The phone numbers don't work. I just tried again an this time an "operator namedSherri" got on the line and told me to try back in an hour. When I tried to ask a question she hung up. So it looks like they have it set up to send me more shipments that I can't cancel. They won't accept any cancellation without a "Return Merchandise Authorization" number, but you can't reach them to get one.

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  • Cn
    cnorwood Jan 27, 2009

    My mother was screwed by the same Co. and now she has to change her bank account too. This is rediculous because in the terms agreement it says that you have 14 days to cancel how can i cancel if i have not tried to the product because it was sent to me 2 months later.I hope these peopl burn in hell...

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  • Co
    ConcernedinCA Feb 09, 2009

    Please post information regarding any legal action that is currently being taken (or in the works) regarding this issue. Thanks.

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  • Vi
    Victim of Fraud Feb 25, 2009

    Yes. Dec 3 2008 ordered they say it shipped Dec. 13 They say confirmed Delivery on the 15 via post office. Yes I got it Cancelled Dec 27 within 15 day trial. They ship another bottle on Jan 8 2009. Send back UPS. Charged 86.48 plus my shipping back about $6. They only credited 55.19.

    Do this to a million people and you are 31 million dollars richer.

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  • Pe
    Peeved Mar 18, 2009

    Twelve days after ordering the Acai Berry I was billed $95.52. I called and cancelled further shipments, of which I received one more and was billed another $95.52. After sending the unopened second package back, I've only been reimbursed $62.04. I was informed by their customer service that there's a $33.48 restocking fee .

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  • Sm
    Smitt Apr 04, 2009

    Yes I alos was scammed I ordered this crap and was charged for some trial self help crap i never signed up for. They charged me $29.95 and said they issued a credit in which I never got then I called back and they said they would send a check in which I never got. They are crooks lets get all these ones together who were scammed and get these people, its not alot o f money but it makes you feel cheated!

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  • Gb
    G. B. Apr 22, 2009

    I too fell for the "free trial" which cost $11.84 for shipping. I'm in Ontario Canada. The next thing I know is there is another charge of $103.99 and 2 weeks later another charge of $106.65 on my VISA. I called ADVANCED WELLNESS RESEARCH INC and was told that it says this is what will happen if not cancelled...In Canada that particular practice is illegal - Buyer beware I guess...However not being one to be taken completely I informed the ADVANCED WELLNESS "customer service" rep that the produce is not working and that I wish a refund of the charges that appear on my VISA bill. I have not received further product by the way - they just have my money. I was told after considerable argument that they would refund my VISA and it would take 10 - 14 days.
    Some 29 days later and I'm still waiting. I called ADVANCED WELLNESS RESEARCH INC again today, only to be told that I had never been given that information as it was not recorded - although they knew that I had called and they had cancelled my account on March 24. How very convenient for them. I again had quite the disscussion with the c.s. rep and finally was told that they would refund my VISA for $70.00 dollars (US) and send me 1 bottle of the acai berry. NOT ACCEPTABLE and to add to that, I had to argue to get a confirmation # of this agreement. I have to wonder if that too is bogus. Free trial?? What a joke! What a disreputable company using disreputable marketing techniques. Take heed...NOTHING IS FREE!
    Peterborough, Ontario

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  • Jo
    John C Apr 29, 2009

    Completely agree.
    Had to cancel my credit card with PAYPAL Mastercard to stop this scam from being continuously billed to my card.

    I did not opt for any additional services when I ordered my "FREE" $4.95 trial.
    The trial arrived three weeks later. The very next day my card was billed $29.95 and $39.95 for the very things I DESELECTED on the order page.
    It hasn't meant squat to PAYPAL.
    I hope PAYPAL and ACAI - DR OZ, OPRAH, and Rachael Ray are all enjoined in a class action over this!...

    John Canfield
    [email protected]

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  • Mi
    mijemajade May 18, 2009

    I hope this company is taken down. We are struggling enough, pay check to pay check, with out unauthorized withdrawals causing over drafts and fees out the wazoo!!! If a class action suit works, I hope they take them for all they have and give it back ten fold to the people that were scammed.

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  • He
    hester May 24, 2009

    Is there a lawsuit or not? how can sign up to be a part of it?

    Overall, I only lost about $200 in the scam but these people need to be stopped.

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  • Ke
    Keshia May 27, 2009

    I also order the Acai Berry it arrived a week or so later then a couple of days later i checked my account and they had charged me $87.13. So i called and after and finally got through to someone i asked for a refund of my money, they told me it would take 2 to 3 business days for them to refund my money. Well it has been nearly a week and i still have not gotten my refund. So i called again today demanding that they put my money back into my account because they have caused me some serious problems and they told me that it wasn't their concern and that it was going to take another 2 to 3 days for them to put my money back! I'm tired of the run around and they were such jerks. The pills did nothing for me execpt give me really bad migraines and it seemed as though as long as i was taking them i would stay sick to my stomach and have bad migrains. I tried the pills for like 2 or 3 days and had to stop taking them and once the pills were out of my system, i was fine! I wouldn't mind joining the lawsuit!!

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  • Na
    natty812 May 28, 2009

    Hi I to would like to join the lawsuit. I ordered the trial in December 2008 and was charged for it on my credit card and within a week I was charged $59.95 and had not even received the bottles. I called them and they said it takes 4 weeks to get to Australia.Then they took another charge of $59.95 out of my credit card 2 weeks later and still had not received the bottles for either shipment. It has been 6 months now and I keep ringing from Australia and keep getting told that it's over 60 days and no refund without proof of delivery that I sent the pills back. How the hell can I send them back if I never received them.Utter b/s. Told it was going to Corporate for them to refund my money. I have threaten them with a lawsuit as this has caused me stress emotionally. I have had finances and over limit charges on my credit card cause of them. They have Oprah on their website has anyone advised Oprah of this scam.All I wanted was my money refunded back and still they don't do that. Bring on the lawsuit and make sure it's for millions. They need to pay for all the emotional strain on us having to chase them.The pills made my stomach hurt, I got migraines and had the runs for days on end..

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  • Sr
    sruth Jun 30, 2009

    If there are so many complaints out there, then why is no one doing anything about these S.O.B's? I canceled and they gave me a number that I find out later is not valid. I read it to the guy and he said it was right. Then they charged me again and I called back and they said the number I gave them isn't correct. It is all a scam. They canceled again and gave me another number. Where are all the hungry lawyers who wan to find cases? I want my money back and I can't get anywhere with this. Anyone else find help out there????

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  • Kr
    Krcountryfl Jul 23, 2009

    I feel for the order online free trial. Two days after i ordered the crape they charged me 5 times some 3.95 charge inthe same day and have charged me several time from .12 each time. I think that is when they call me. Sometime they would call and just hang up. Not even allowing the phone to ring once. NOW they have over draft my account almost 300. Charged me for a different product for 39.95 and i havent even recieved the product.

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  • Mo
    Monica S Sep 26, 2009

    I would like to join this lawsuit as well. For one, how is it REALLY legal to advertise a 30 Day Free Trial, but put in fine print that you have only 15 days to try it & cancel? I think the claim was that you usually see real results in 1 to 2 mos (or something like that). But that's not my whole argument. I never saw a charge for the Acai trial bottle on my account (for 99 cents + shipping & handling). I just got charged for a full bottle in the amount of $86.42 (before I EVEN RECEIVED a bottle). Finally, in the following week, I received 2 bottle in separate delivery (which I assumed was my trial bottle and the 1 bottle I was billed for). I also ordered the trial bottle of Colon Cleanse at the same time. I actually got to talk to an account representative at their number to cancel my account. The second phone call I made was to Acai Berry to cancel my account with them. All I got was a pre-recorded message telling me that this account had already been closed, this was on August 19th, 2009. Just 3 days ago, I was billed another charge of $86.42. I, unfortunately, have to go to my bank Monday morning to close all my accounts because I was told that this company could come after any exhisting accounts within my financial institution. I am also contacting my local news paper & TV station today, September 26, 2009. We need to stand tall together & overcome these SOB's!

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  • Ra
    ramirez150 Sep 28, 2009

    I recently purchased a bottle. On the 15th day I was charged for $89.00 and ended up with bounce check fees of $271.00. I went to the bank and cancelled my card completly so that they don't charge my account again. I tried calling the phone number but I was hold forever.

    I will very disappointed and disgusted by these people.

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  • Pa
    pantherhawk Oct 28, 2009

    I would love to see a lawsuit against Acai berry tropic as well. Put me down.

    I fell for the crap. I ordered my 'free trial' on 9/29, canceled on 9/30 (after my credit card company called me to warn me about them), and just received my product yesterday.

    I wasn't even mailed until 10/13 (which is the day they should have received it back from me per their online terms of cancellation), which in itself constitutes fraud.

    I hope someone gets this lawsuit going.


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  • Am
    Amandago Nov 18, 2009

    Put me in for the lawsuit to I found Colon Cleanse on Rachel Ray. com I hope she is not really part of this scam!

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  • St
    stormy6519 Mar 28, 2010

    I joined the free trial, as well, and then immediately charged the $87.13. I called the company, was hung up on, had to wait for an unreasonable amount of time, was told a confirmation number but it didn't stop the crazy billing. I had to close my account and start a new one so they couldn't keep charging. I sent the pills back immediately then was told I owed $200.00 because they received the merchandise. What the hell was the $200 charge for when I cancelled.

    Now they are telling me they are going to turn me into a collection's agency. This company is a nightmare.

    Has it showed up on anyone's credit report, yet?


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  • Pi
    Pissed Off in Texas Apr 26, 2010

    I too was scammed. I won't go into details, because they're very similar to the stories above. But why isn't a lawyer chomping at the bit to start a class-action on this one? This company is clearly fraudulent, and I'd love to see these people get what they deserve.

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  • De
    debbsalm Aug 17, 2010

    I'm so glad I found this blog. If anyone gets any more information on this lawsuit, would you please pass it on. I have never been scammed so bad. I noticed the website that pulled me in is still on line. In fact it is at the top of this blog. Unbelieveale. I hope this goes forward and all who've been scammed gets justice.

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  • Ju
    judy williams Jul 21, 2016

    They offered to send a trial sample, all I had to pay for was the shipping & handling of, $5.95. I never even used the stuff, I never even opened the bottle, and yes this offer is attached to a trial offer of the Acai berry and how Rachael Ray used it and lost so much weight. That too was to just pay for the S & H of $5.95. I did. I haven't received anymore Acai berry but did get another bottle of the Total cleanse. Charged $84.79. Called the toll free number, its no longer in use. I called my credit card co. to dispute it and they are giving me another credit card and I am not paying for the illegal charged, they told me to send in back and to request a receipt and to keep any bills. Thank you judy

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  • Mi
    Michael Kondilas Jul 21, 2016

    I to got taken and there should be a way to stop this from happening!

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  • Ji
    Jill Jul 21, 2016

    I too have been taken. I am going to report this to tv stations, radio and contact MSNBC, CBS NEWS, and WebMD for allowing their logos to be used in this FRAUDLENT AFFAIR!

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