ABSA Bankvehicle involved in accident 20 years ago, still on my name, absa refuses to scrap vehicle from my name

I financed a vehicle with Absa and almost 20 years ago, the vehicle was in an accident and was a total write-off. I never heard from the bank after the accident or from the insurance company, so it was presumed that the vehicle has been scrapped and that the insurance settled the amount at the bank. For years after the accident I never heard from either Absa or Budget Insurance, but when I bought a new car and wanted to register it I could not because I first had to pay all the years of outstanding license fees and penalties on the car that has been written off. Then when I contacted Absa, they wanted me to pay the settlement amount, I refused because I never received anything from them nor heard anything from Absa for almost 5 years after the car accident, thus the claim has already lapsed, as per South African law any claim lapses after 3 years, if no contact was made or intentions were communicated between the parties. So this never happened, Absa refuses to this day to scrap/remove this vehicle from my name. So it costs me a hell of a lot of money every time I have to take out a vehicle license. I want this vehicle removed off of my name. I am going to take this to the courts for Absa keeping something on a persons name for 20 years after the goods were already written off and refusing to provide copies of the vehicle registration form so I can submit it to the police and the Clerk of the Court. Absa is acting against the Credit Act and against the law!!

Oct 09, 2019

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