ABSA Bankfraudulent debit orders

C Aug 01, 2018 Review updated:

Yesterday it has come to my attention that an amount of a whooping R89.00 was debited on 31st July 2018 with a description SHAZ MARKE SAGE [protected] .

I do not know these people who steal my hard earned money without my permission. What frustrates me the most is that I am being charged a debit order even though I did authorise this debit order. Please reverse my money and I do know what this to reoccur in the coming months.

My contact number is [protected]


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      Aug 16, 2018

    ABSA Bank / Unauthorized Debit Orders by Companies called “LUVMORE and STERO/BLAQR

    I was debited for the amount of R95.00 from a company called “LUVMORE” their reference number is LVMRAUG41488 and also an amount of R99.00 from a company called STERO/BLAQR, their reference number is STERO/BLAQR006331. This happened yesterday on 15 August 2018. I must say I have never heard of these thugs who steal my hard earned money without my permission and definitely did not authorize any debit order with them.
    Trying to search for any details of these thugs, I came to realise that many people banking with different banks in South Africa are experiencing the same situation.
    Surely ABSA has a lot to answer, getting on ABSA online complaints page, there are many clients who have been sucked by these criminals using the same modus operandi. How could ABSA not be aware of these illegal activities within its system which is depleting its clients? Surely your system is so advanced to curb all these illegal activities, that’s why ABSA itself could not complaint about been sucked by these criminals the way criminals do to its clients.
    I demand that ABSA stopped this illegal debit order and reverse my funds.

    From Lesetla Teffo

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  • K
      Sep 10, 2018

    There are so many complaints regarding fraudulent activities (SCAMS) occuring in SA's major banks, yet in so many years of such complaints it seems as this major banks are not doing/reacting in their atmost best in solving what "their" clients are complaining about, one would swear that there might be a partnership agreement between the major banks and this criminals (SCAMERS), because our banks would charge your account a fee if the criminals fail to get founds in your account ( Stated as " unpaid debit order" ). What more is it that we as clients should say or do for our demands/complaints to be met, how else is it that this major banks should be exposed that they are not taking this matter serious, for if they are tackling this matter then they are not visible because of why is it then we see such complaints everyday on social media like Tweeter ; Facebook ect..?
    As an ABSA client I have been a victim for more then three times already, So i ask ABSA and all other banks please please act on this matter. Because if you as banks are not afraid of your clients exposing you to the world then atleast be afraid of this criminals as they have exposed you (Major Banks) to be weak, that your securities are weak and penetrable. we as clients are fedup now, as one said this is our hard earned money.

    From: Kabelo

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