ABSA Bankatm cash deposit

K Nov 21, 2017

On the 17th of November at 11:08 I made R600 ATM cash deposit at the ABSA Kuilsriver branch. I got a message that my deposit was unsuccessful, and the ATM kept my money.
I went into the branch, which I was not planning on doing as I was in a hurry. I was told to stand in the Customer Services line as I needed to log a complaint. There was only 2 Customer Services agents and a line of 5 people. Waiting time at this specific branch is extremely long.
Why do you encourage people to do their banking at the ATM's, but then can't help if the ATM banking goes wrong. I obviously threw a tantrum and asked for the Branch Manager, who helped me immediately, but she told me this issue will take about 2 working days.
I called [protected] with my reference number this morning and was told it will take 5 to 7 working days.

Firstly, why is the turn-around of the Branch and the Call Centre different.
Secondly, how long am I going to wait for my money. I found a similar case on Hello Peter and that guy is still waiting, about a month now.

I need my money as it was my last as I am only getting paid next week.

Ref No.: 3486900


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