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ABSA Bank review: Car insurance

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on the 7/7 had an accident from JHB cbd driving back home from Jeppe mall, it happened roundabout past 5 pm the heaviest traffic time, Was bumped by taxi driver who was trying to overtake in the midst of traffic. My driving speed was around 40 ks/ph. The way pannicked didn't even manage to see the taxi number plate,if it showed. But it just continued driving and didnt have the option cos it could have been worse, so drove back home. Was hit on right fender which affected the front bumper aswell.submitted the claim -4529878- and was received on the 13/07, Assessor appointed on the 17/7 but nothing has been done so far. Followed up with the assessor on the 14/8 and was sms'd automagic has been appointed, but not authorised yet shoould wait to hear from claims department. Also on the 29/8 followed up with claims department and was told claim will be processed in the next 48hrs. but still nothing shows on app. been paying my monthly installments and just feel paralyzed now. For never have waited this long. Can you guys help on this matter as dont know what ateps to take now.

Desired outcome: I'd appreciate some urgent response. Thanks

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