Aaron's / wanted to rent a laptop for just a few weeks before school start

on September 07, 2019 I entered the Aaron store in Valley, Alabama to rent a laptop. I chose one filled out the information. Was told there was a block that only the manager could release but it was not a problem since an explanation was provided, I have dealt with Aarons prior. I was told the store manager would be in around 2pm est and I would receive a call to come in and talk with the manager. Around 230 to 245 I call the store where I was informed that the manager would not be in but would talk with me Monday after 4pm est. Monday Sept 09, I entered the store asked to speak with the manager who was suppose to go over the rental agreement with me. No information was located the manager went back in his office never said anything as far as a explanation very uncaring in fact just brush me off . The clerk explained that they couldn't find the computer the clerk from that Saturday had sold the computer no information could be located they would get one from Lagrange Ga and have it brought to the valley store and give me a call when it arrive so forth so on. None of this every happened just got a call about 5mins ago from the young lady who first serviced me on Sept. 07 and a very nice apology. My My My I will advice anyone not to rent from Aarons in Valley Alabama no one takes responsible for their error, customer service is a no no, and if you happen to get the clerks who do care they are very limited with what they can do to help a customer. This store has very poor leadership and yes Im talking about the poor Manager they had on Sept 09 Hats off to the sweet young lady who gave me a call You should be a Manager in that store

Sep 11, 2019

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