Aaron's / unethical behavior

United States

I've written several times (sending via certified mail, so I know Aaron's in Longmont Colorado received them) and yet I've still not received an itemized statement, have not received a payoff amount and continue to receive daily/multiple harassing phone calls (before 8am on the weekends) and today received one at work. This needs to STOP!!! I'm drafting a letter today that will come to you at the home office as well as a copy to be sent to the B.B.B. and Attorney General. I've had enough! Aaron's in Longmont even took $3 from my bank account unauthorized when trying to take a full payment out when a payment was not due AND they were not given permission to access funds directly from my account. This is my official notice to Aarons to ALL calls from the Aarons store in Longmont to myself, my work, my landlord, or anyone else associated with me. I will ONLY speak direct with the home office since my communications are going unanswered. Thank you, Candace Ayers (ayers.[protected]

May 15, 2019

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