B Jan 09, 2020

On January 3, 2020, I called the store at 3364 Cental Ave, Hot Springs AR. I spoke with a lady to ask about fixing my french door refrigerator. the handle on the freezer part came off. She informed me that after you pay off the item that aaron was only responsible for 60 days once it had been paid off. She then told me that it was still under warranty and someone would be out January 8th. I call the store today(January 8th) and a man name Anthony explain to me that they took me off the list because it was not under warranty.
No one called me to tell me that they had canceled the order to come out to fix the refrigerator. I stayed home all day waiting. I responded with why and I became very upset. I have a very loud voice and it may seem as if I was screeming. He begin to scold me if I was a child. I explain to him that I had spent over $3000.00 dollars in that store and you mean that you won't honor your contract. I have never heard of a aaron's club until today. The point is that I paid off two refrigerators on time and everyone was nice except this person. I told him that I would never step back in that store again; to sum it up he was very rude and never should he talk to anyone like that. I am 75 years old and I demand respect. It is the principal of the matter, that every customer be treated with dignity.

Brendalyn Henry Jacobs

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