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The National Lottery london liverpool / drug & fraud (Complaint Comment)

skinon Jun 03, 2016

The National Lottery
P O Box 1010
Liverpool, L70 1N
(Customer Services)
Ref: UK/9420X2/68
Batch: 074/06/ZY369


Dear Lucky Winner,


Frank Tailor Cardiff Wales, South Glamorgan / Non delivery and no refund (Complaint Comment)

StDave Mar 30, 2016

I ordered two coats on 10th February, one of which was delivered after a fortnight. As for the other one - no delivery despite repeated emails. Their promises amount to nothing and of course no refund. But I have a cunning plan - it's called 'chargeback'. Contact your bank and they will so...

Halifax Yorkshire / Payment (Complaint)

amyn majid Mar 22, 2016

I need to know if this letter is authentic

Permanent Buildings Commercial St., Tel: [protected] – 6986
West Yorkshire HX1 1BH United Kingdom Fax: [protected]

OUR REF: ……………………….. YOUR REF: ……………...

Arc Labs Inc London England / Unauthorized debits on my account (Complaint)

Reviewer66242 Jan 13, 2016

Arc Labs Inc Unauthorized debits on my accountOn the 17th December 2015 I ordered trial packs of Ultra Ketone plus on order no 5007524 and Ultra Power Cleanse Trial on order no 5007545. I was to pay for postage which I agreed to pay on my debit card, these amounts were £2.95 and £3.95 respectively. These amounts came off my account ...

Migration Advisory Service London England, Greater London / Visa scam (Complaint Comment)

LinsJL100 Nov 14, 2015

in January: Lloyds Bank plc Sort Code 30-66-76 Account Number [protected] Then told me they changed banks in September (should have raised concerns with hindsight) :-( Sort Code 40-51-78 Account Number [protected]...

Bank Of America / property claims department (Complaint)

BarbaraJo69 Nov 09, 2015

Chronology of contact with Property Claims Department *September 19, 2015: Check for Recoverable Depreciation received from our Insurance Company (ASI Lloyds) dated 9/17/2015 *September 23, 2015: All forms needed by Property Claims and the check sent by overnight priority mail sent to Prop...

Migration Advisory Service London England, Greater London / Visa scam (Complaint Comment)

Barrett67 Nov 07, 2015

Lloyds Bank Plc The Immigration Advisory Service Sort Code 30-66-76 Account [protected]...

Migration Advisory Service London England, Greater London / Visa scam (Complaint Comment)

Sam the spread Nov 07, 2015

for them are Lloyds Bank Plc. Emigrate Australia Sort Code: 30-16-41 Account Number - [protected] Think I'll got to the bank and try and get my 2400 back if it listed as a fraudulent account... / fraudulent withdrawals (Complaint)

Reviewer46219 Oct 11, 2015

withdrawing £15 from my lloyds bank account without me giving them permission to do so. Tomorrow i'm gonna have to go to the bank and cancel this, without knowing if i'm ever gonna have my money back...

Complete Save / unauthorized charges (Complaint Comment)

Lizzy Bailie Sep 26, 2015

returned me my £30 lloyds bank . but if they prove i sign up i will have to pay £30 back . so beware when buy online etc or paying with bank card online . read the small print, used be had tick for things now it seems if you dont tick you could be agree to somthing you dont want or no about ...

Department Halifax Bank London Plc / Fake email received (Complaint Comment)

Mamdouh Mamdouh Sep 25, 2015

and a subsidiary of Lloyds Bank Plc. We are one of the UK's largest commercial bank/building society and we have maintained this position since the year 1913 when it was established. We are Structured and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the World Bank under registration number 169628...

Motability / Refusing to provide car for my mum (Complaint Comment)

Clarityfunk Aug 27, 2015

Disability boss on £850, 000 a year from the taxpayer: MPs and campaigners attack 'lavish' pay and call for cuts
Mike Betts received the money as boss of Motability Operations
Motability Operations is a not-for-profit company funded by the state
It received &pou... London England, Greater London / scam website (Complaint Comment)

Waggs91 Aug 22, 2015

I made an order with this fraudster back in June. I paid £80 to an:

Alan Morrissey

Was very quick to email back and forth once paid the money, waited 10 days and nothing to emailed him agai...

Lumera Eye Serum & Dermanique Face Serum Greenville / Ripoff! (Complaint Comment)

Mary P Scott Jul 09, 2015

to get I touch with Lloyds bank debit card dispute, what a hassle to try and get through to that and all for eye cream and face cream that certainly DOES NOT WORK. Help please if anyone has and address that I can get in touch with them I would be much obliged...

Apex International Marketing / Lying and ripoff (Complaint Comment)

Chaiwe and Edd Jun 06, 2015

no relationship with Lloyds Bank of UK as one of the sales people made us to believe. 6) Apex staff were not willing to refund us the excess payment even after the annuity we finally settled for was for less. 7) When we disputed part of the charge as a way of getting a refund for the excess payment, there was no honest response to my credit card company by saying that they were not aware of any issues...

HSBC UAE / poor service (Complaint Comment)

dorios2001 Mar 21, 2015

agree, worst bank I've ever been to. came from australia where the internet banking (with ANZ) is a pleasure. Here I need to carry a small calculator with me if I want to make a transaction and follow by-the-second instructions as to how to get a bloody code. Plus customer service one erro...

Forrester UK Holdings LLC / Debt collection problems (Complaint Comment)

thebed Mar 02, 2015

Im am in the same boat, i think lloyds should be helping customers out now, its easy to send demands to small companies but if lloyds TSB would get involved it could help and it was the bank that put me it contact with Forrester in the first place.

XE Corporation / Currency Company TORONTO VANCOUVER / Illegal practices, unprofessional service! (Complaint Comment)

Architect999 Feb 27, 2015

totally agree with the above - I've just spent 3 days of hell trying to get basic wire transfer information of them - there is no customer service, they drive one to frustration, and can give no clear answers to straight forward questions on proceedures and timings. I had used this company...

Merrywood / Unauthorised use of card details (Complaint Comment)

LittleMissSnou Jan 29, 2015

On 30th September 2014 I had £69.95 taken from my account by SHOCK Merrywood Loans. I was 35 weeks pregnant at the time (did they care? did they fudge!) so I called my bank (lloyds) and was told they must have been authorised to take payment, I told them they wernt and I needed advic... / Bad experience (Complaint Comment)

David Silvester Nov 01, 2014

Zainersmaster. Get your friend to contact their bank, I did and they should investigate it. These "$hit$ took £79.99 out of my bank AND ALSO SIGNED ME UP FOR MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION OF £79.00!

My bank, Lloyds cancellec the subscription and I had the £79.00 put... / Unknown deduction from my bank account (Complaint Comment)

Chloe Sharman Oct 24, 2014

I have the same issue, I would really like money to stop being taken out of my account, it's £15 a month and I am 17. This is wrong and something should be done. my bank is Lloyds and my email is [protected] Please confirm that something has happened. / Scammers (Complaint Comment)


00) from my account in LLOYDS bank without my permission, but I'm not take any loan from www. loansplusmore...

Fraudulent Lloyds Bank Accounts / Scam and fraud companies (Complaint)

Joykel Sep 03, 2014

I made payments into these accounts for a travel ticket to Lagos which I never get and my 992.00 pounds gone. What is infuriating is that Lloyd's bank knew about these bogus scam companies before, have been informed by police before and they still allowed them to function. If Lloyd's have ...

Ak herts gb / Refund (Complaint Comment)

Jerry St Aug 21, 2014

00 again Lloyds bank is really hard work. more phone calls :(... England, Oxfordshire / scammers and &free trial& (Complaint Comment)

JezLeeds Jul 22, 2014

I'm in the same situation... Was recommended the site by a friend of a friend, decided to give the free trial a go, realised it was a rubbish site and emailed to cancel before the free trial expired. Got a response with detailed 'instructions' as to how to end my subscription but most of t...