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Complete Savings / Complete Save / complete savings online cashback programme (Complaint)

antonio moreira Apr 16, 2019

have bank account on Lloyds bank, my branch is in Chard. My address is: 4 Beckington Crescent, Chard, TA20 2BT, Somserset. I started to be charged for a fee regarding this company of £10 monthly since 2012, until now. I notice this so I went to the bank to cancell because I did not ask or I have not done nothing to have this...

Bright Forest Technology / guess how much I love you cot bed bedding substituted for fake cartier love bangle! (Complaint Comment)

AndreaNJ Apr 02, 2019

I'm sorry to hear that. It ppears that there are quite a few people already who have been deceived by this company! At least if you do receive the bracelet you can then take it to a jewellers for them to clarify whether it is genuine or not. If you ask them for written confirmation then co...

Bright Forest Technology / guess how much I love you cot bed bedding substituted for fake cartier love bangle! (Complaint)

AndreaNJ Mar 29, 2019

Bright Forest Technology guess how much I love you cot bed bedding substituted for fake cartier love bangle!Earlier in March 2019 I attempted to order a Guess How Much I Love You 4-piece cot bed sedding set at the price of £50.98 plus £10 p&p. This set was in vogue about 2/3 years ago and the price was camparable with that in the UK, except everywhere was out of stock! Initially I tried to pla...

ClickBank / computer software charge against my debit card for which I did not authorise (Complaint)

R. E. Coleman Mar 18, 2019

R. E. Coleman
Debit charge on the 14th. March 2019
against my bank Club Lloyds 30-98-06 . A/c [protected] Amount £36.84.
In March 2018 I agreed to aquire software for £36.84 sterling.
In the circumstances I r...

Lloyds Bank / Customer service (Complaint)

Saad255396 Feb 15, 2019

Lloyds Bank Customer servicegiven deed poll to lloyds bank 5 years back . and after that they had put my new name in my lloyds account. till january 2019 all statement and correspondent was reciving in my new name. now suddenly they send me 1feb 2019 statement in my old name. When i rang customer service in7 feb they said we will looking into your complain and ring you within 5 working days ...

Capitec Bank Cape Town / forex poor delivery (Complaint)

Matt Rampart Dec 18, 2018

my funds from my UK Lloyds Bank into my Capitec account after a week of waiting. It never fails to amaze me that a bank that has won as many awards as you have fails to live up to expectations when it come to your Forex department. Why is this? I honestly don't think you actually give a dam to be honest about your clients welfare at all...

Lucylouxx / myfreecams cam model (Complaint)

nowayhosay Oct 07, 2018

She will use a Lloyds bank account 77-17-11 [protected]. When you ask for skype she will block you and let you keep asking on skype about your show you, ve paid for then she;ll say your being pushey and threaten to ban you on skype making you out to be the bad guy. If you have been a victim of shaniecexx1/lucylouxx plz inform action fraud on [protected]...

GoToGate / refused check in (Complaint)

dinugutu Sep 07, 2018

LOYDGB21114 Bank: Lloyds Bank For local transfers (UK only) please use: Account nr: [protected] Sort code: 30-99-83 In the case you will not transfer this amount in 2 weeks time, I will be pushed to address this issue to a competent Court and you will enquiry more costs related to solicitor and lawyer expenses as well as to moral damages due to time consumption and broken holiday (only chance for it in 2018)...

BLS*RMG18888443886 / suscripción desconocida (Complaint Comment)

[email protected] Aug 20, 2018

payments taken from my Lloyds bank one in 1916 on 16th Apr £28. 74 and one in 2017 on 18th Apr £28. 74. I have no knowledge who BLS*[protected] are or any contact information ie phone number or email, can you help please...

Complete Savings Connecticut / using debit card unauthorized (Complaint Comment)

dimitrios78 Aug 15, 2018

charge of 15 GBP on my LLoyds bank account via direct debit. I have never authorised such transaction. My debit card is 4921********0324 please cancel the charge and refund my money. thanks Dimitrios...

WLY* / unauthorized charges to bank account (Complaint Comment)

Wizzbang5267 Jun 10, 2018

The lady I spoke to at the Lloyds Bank was very helpful and seemed to understand the problem immediately. The Bank immediately put a block on any requested payments and agreed to immediately refund all the money these scammers stole. I was again gobsmacked and couldn't believe Lloyds were going to refund all the money...

Sapphire Princess / failure to return returnable deposit paid by visa debit in feb 2016 (Complaint)

annese May 24, 2018

My visa account at Lloyds Bank, where I paid for the whole cruise, was debited for 150 pounds on 5th Feb 2016 when I paid at the future cruises desk of the Sapphire Princess whilst still at sea. I hope this time to receive a favourable reply. at least the courtesy of a reply explaining what steps I must take to recuperate the money...

CleverBridge Colchester, England, Essex / malwarebytes (Complaint)

The Bag Lady May 18, 2018

subscription using my Lloyds Bank business account VISA debit card Your system asks for an issue number THERE IS NOT ONE . Message then states " this type ofcard is not supported " IT IS A NORMAL VISA BUSINESS DEBIT CARD, SO WHAT IS THE PROBLEM ? I am not prepared towaste money phoning the USA ans the english number I wa given does not work [protected]) Please respond urgently to ensure I get continued cover...

Green Motion International / car hire gb941624400 (east midlands airport, 21/4/18) - debit card not accepted. (Complaint)

Peter Sansbury Apr 29, 2018

insurance using my Lloyds Bank debit card. I had contacted the Green Motion reservations team in advance of my visit to the UK, as although I live in France I have not yet transferred my address on the licence to my French address. I wanted to know exactly what I needed to provide in order to collect the car, and I was given a list of four things:- • Driving Licence • Passport • Boarding pass if flying in • Credit card for security deposit I had brought those things, except that I had a debit card, not a credit card...

Chaplin Bond Bolton England, Greater Manchester / advertising fee stolen (Complaint Comment)

Chaplin Bond Feb 09, 2018

we have had clarification of Lloyds Bank this comment is incorrect and in fact we strongly believe we know which competitor put this post up, which we knew all along to be a lie. Many Thanks Chaplin Bond...

Michael Denning Kettering, England, Northamptonshire / leakey blinders t shirt (Complaint)

Michael Denning Dec 09, 2017

taken money from my Lloyds Bank account, Michael. [protected]@hotmail. com. [protected]. Michael Denning 112 Deeble Road. Kettering. Northants. NN15 5HW. UK. Please advise A. S. A. P. I have been waiting a long time and to be honest I am very disappointed. i would like to order more products from yourselves but need this sorting first please...

GoldCar Rental Carretera Madrid, Km. 531.7 Sevilla Spain / charges for damage already existing on collection and prepaid petrol (Complaint Comment)

Sophie Sweatman Oct 24, 2017

credit card issuer Lloyds Bank Mastercard and put a complaint through Goldcar's website. If you call +[protected] from outside Spain or check this page (which looks recently updated) https://www. goldcar. es/en/atencionCliente/ you need to log this with them and get an incident number. They still stole £600 from my account the same day I put the incident through and so am taking it higher in Spain...

GoldCar Rental Carretera Madrid, Km. 531.7 Sevilla Spain / charges for damage already existing on collection and prepaid petrol (Complaint)

Sophie Sweatman Oct 18, 2017

GoldCar Rental charges for damage already existing on collection and prepaid petrolI booked a rental car through Aiport Rentals on 21.08. 2017.

I picked up the car on 22.09.2017 from Goldcar in Mahon, Menorca at 22.11 and there were three marks already shown on the car. I prepaid EUR 37.50 for a full tank of petrol, which I was advised not to fill us as I wo...

Castle Finance Direct / loans (Complaint)

Zoe Doyleford Sep 13, 2017

irecieved off my bank lloyds bank through the post on monday 11th september 2017 that castle finance had took a direct debit out of my bank account of £79. 00 on the 29th of august 2017 i have never applyed for a loan of any such thing and there for would like for this to be investigated by yourselves and for the £79...

Loans Direct UK Ltd London England, Greater London / refund of ppi (Complaint)

Caroline Chappell Jun 20, 2017

Payments were taken from Lloyds Bank. I believe I paid PPI on that loan and I now request a refund. I look forward to hearing from you. I keep emailing without success...

Emirates Group / Dubai / cancellation and inability to obtain refund (Complaint)

Lisa H33 Mar 23, 2017

It is with regret that I find myself writing to Emirates complaints department. Over the years I have flown long haul many times with Emirates but I am extremely disappointed by my experience on this occasion and hence my reason for writing.
I had booked a flight to Hong Kong back in...

DNA Insurance nottinghamshire / Motor trade insurance (Complaint)

jamesrose Feb 03, 2017

Had a quote for £800 which I accepted. Paid £200 deposit then was told very very quickly now you have paid the £200 you will be debited £101 per month for 9 months. Hang on the premium is £800 and now its £1100. I just paid £200 so the interest on £600 is £300. No thanks cancel it...

Department Halifax Bank London Plc / Fake email received (Complaint Comment)

Dennis A. Mojares Feb 02, 2017

connected to your bank at Lloyds Bank UK LONDON ? This is the contact Number of Mr. Watson+[protected] and Fax Number + [protected] using the Email add [protected]@halifaxgroup. org. Sir/ Mam will you please enlightened us if there is an account in the Name of Dennis A. Mojares of Poblacion Dasol Pangasinan, Philippines my contact number *[protected] and Please verify the Account of Steven Tega i have transfer the amount of 1, 289...

European Lottery Guild / Possible scam (Complaint Comment)

SophiaLM Jan 19, 2017

£11, 000 from Lloyds Bank but I had no idea how long it had been going on for. Nearly 10 years! I really cannot tell you how upsetting it is to see people such as my aunt vulnerable and easily conned on the telephone during the day wasting their money on something they have no idea about...

Complete Save / fraud (Complaint Comment)

Becky Clarke Nov 28, 2016

Hi folks
This has happened to me after i made a purchase from Argos .
I was led to believe I would get £15 off my purchase once I sent the receipt in . Instead they debited £15 from my account . I immediately contacted my bank who barred them from talking any more ...