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paid but btc not credited to my account

On the 2nd of June 2017 I sent a considerable amount to Coinbase but since then the only information I see on my account is "enter today". It's been like that since 9th of June.
No answer from customer service. I received a message on facebook saying I should wait up to 15 days to get an answer. Never happened.
Who could help me with this? A lawyer?

request a refund

I have several times sent the emails to inform that I changed the email address and password following a...

I sent money to my euro account with coinbase and it has not appeared.

I did a International transfer to my Euro account held with Coinbase and the money has not been credited to my account.
I have sent numerous messages and support tickets but get no reply.
I know they are having support problems but my bank has confirmed that it has been received my Coinbase bank so there is no excuse for it not being credited to my account.
I know I am not the only one suffering this problem.

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    Denin Hauer Jul 06, 2017
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also have the same issue. I asked my bank to step in but they said the transfer were authorized and the finished my case.
    The only thing I can do now is to go to San Francisco to solve this issue in person.
    Coinbase, Inc.

    548 Market Street #23008
    San Francisco
    United States - 94104
    Customer Support Phone Numbers
    +1 415 843 1515

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    Mark1723 Jul 19, 2017

    i called 844 672 9115 they helped me in sorting out my issue

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    Matterhorn Aug 08, 2017

    Exactly the same thing has happened to me. There is no customer support, and I don't think they even care (otherwise they would have been helping us on here wouldn't they)! I think it's disgusting and greedy and I hope they go under. I'm UK based, and right from the start they were NOT honest about fees (in fact there is no clear fee mention on the website or when you sign up. None of the main menus show it. You have to search in google to find anything. Then secondly, after allowing me to put funds in, I was told AFTER THE FACT that they could no longer pay in or out in pounds sterling. They have EUROS 4600 and have had for nearly a week. No reply, no money, no NOTHING.

    Can I ask whether your funds ever appeared.

    Does anybody have a phone number (for ANYONE) at Coinable...?


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    Sofia Adams Oct 16, 2017
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    Verified customer

    Is the dispute between you and the company still going? I believe I could help you. One of my clients had experienced a similar situation and we managed to help him get his funds back. Feel free to email me at [email protected]

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    Kevin Heatley Nov 18, 2017
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    Verified customer

    @Sofia Adams Hi I have the same issue, some advice would be greatly appreciated.
    [email protected]

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2fa disabling it after google authentication not available

I had replace damaged device wish had google authentication app.for 2 accounts
I have gone thru coinbase process for recovery only to receive generated message ID verified shortly after another message recovery process canceled.I done this several times.I cannot get customer service but a automatic message telling me to contact them but going in circles .my funds are tied in following two accounts [protected] and [protected]

I would like 2factor verification code from google disabled so I can regain access or fund release to my bank account associated,
feel free to contact me thru email text at number provided at accounts

account locked with funds

My account was locked with funds for 2 weeks now because I uploaded my ID that was from Hawaii but I reside in the state of Maryland. I have sent multiple emails and still not response. "Although we strive to provide continuous access to Coinbase services, Coinbase has indefinitely suspended its business in Hawaii and we regret that we cannot currently support services in Hawaii. You can find a further explanation of our account suspension policy here. We hope to restore service in Hawaii soon, so please check back again"

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trying to complete my account

6th June 2017
This site is designed by a bunch of [censor].
1. They ask for a phone number. They don't specify MOBILE phone, but when they try to send you a text you realise that's what they meant.
2. They insist on you uploading your ID by means of a webcam. I finally got this to work. I've even got an email from them telling me my ID was successfully uploaded, but every time I go on the site they ask me to upload it again.
3. They have a two-stage verification routine. After entering your username and password they text you a code to enter. There is a checkbox saying 'do not ask for a code for the next 30 days on this computer' but if you check it it makes no difference.
4. They seem a little unclear on which order things should be done. They need you to nominate a credit/debit card or bank account, apparently before you upload your ID, but then they change their mind and say you must upload your ID first.
5. Even if you've given them your credit card details AND uploaded your ID they suffer from amnesia and keep asking you to do them both again.
6. I'm seriously wondering if anyone has ever managed to buy bitcoins using this site. Maybe their business is actually identify theft.

coinbase refuses to transfer my fund out.

I have made repeated attempts to access my coinbase account in order to transfer out and liquidate my...

locked account

Coinbase: on [protected]:14, "sorry, account temporarily disabled. please contact support."
9 days 6 emails to support (1 meaningless/robot reply reference to case #: 1401774) and my account is still locked.
My emails:
Coinbase: "we have put a hold on your account’s ability to login for the time being until you are certain that your account is secure."
My reply: I am certain — for over a 12 days I have been certain — for over 8 emails and one automated reply — I have been certain so please unlock my account.
After 8 emails my account is still blocked... and their telephone numbers do not connect to humans only recordings.

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    Trinity Hall Oct 12, 2018
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They locked me out of my account after I was upset that they disabled buy for no reason then I wanted to withdraw all my money back to my bank but I'm locked out. I told them I can't sms login cause my phone was stolen then they responded with email that they were going to disable my account for safety till I got new phone. I borrowed my boyfriends phone and emailed them but it's second month and still no reply. Never using them again.


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[Resolved] stay away!

There were some fraudulent charges from Coinbase. I was contacted by my bank and they said that Coinbase took some money from my account.
That was strange but I was 100% sure my bank was telling the truth. When I checked my bank statement I was shocked to see that some money was really missing. I tried to contact Coinbase customer service to get some reasonable explanation, but they ignored me. Stay away!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Coinbase's response · Oct 21, 2016

    Hi there,

    Sorry to hear that you are having trouble! We respond to all complaints and fraudulent charges and would be happy to help you with this. If you reach out to [email protected] with more details such as the total transaction cost, and payment code, we would be happy to assist you with this issue. Thanks for your patience and we look forward to help you.

    Coinbase Customer Support

I didn't get the code and therefore I couldn't open the account

When I registered on the website, the rep didn’t warn me that I needed some verification codes. I received them before I wanted to log into my account, but the last time I didn’t get it and the old ones didn’t work out. As well as I was worried and asked the reps to help me, but I heard some blah-blah and nothing was done. Maybe someone knows how to get the codes.


Coinbase was funded by a criminal, Roger Ver, who has renounced his US citizenship and has been refused a visa to ever reenter the US. Coinbase has been known to steal people's wallets (over $10 M in 2014) and charge extra fees and hold clients' monies for as long as possible. I have heard the FBI is investigating them and will close them down soon.

coinbase fraud

I am here today to tell you about our horrible experience with a so called bitcoin merchant. For starters they have horrible customer service both for customers and there own very merchants. Just to get help with a problems takes days even weeks because they have no clue what each other are doing you get passed around there service center like a good bag on nutz.I have opened and managed many successful businesses and have dealt with many other business and by far this is one of the worse I've seen. Secondly if your developing a website based on coinbase or there API i would stop right now and look into other options don't make the same mistake i made because this will cost you a lot of time and money when you finally complete your project and coin base works one day and fails you the next. They don't have sandbox accounts and they don't let you register multiple accounts to validate and verify your store.They force you to mix your personal account with your business which can be very confusing as well. They have a very poor verification process that literally picks up anything and when i say anything i mean anything. Log into your account from a different IP. Try to buy to little amount of bitcoin or to much even.There entire algorithm sucks and honestly does not work at all its filters everything out but the fraud because if it was honestly working you would not see all the complaints on this company and they would not experience all the fraud. Also a word of advice has a Major security flaw that i informed them of and they took no note on the matter and froze my account again for bringing this to there attention. There bank verification is stone age and ###ed. Lets pretend here something no way am i endorsing my self or anyone to do this but upon using my own very account i stumbled across this matter by mistake because people that deal with cyber security as my self have a very good eye on picking out weaknesses. There system allows a person to use any bank account login credentials and as long as you have a login name for lets say bank of America you can use that login to add or link any bank account you want from that same bank so if i have an account number from lets say subject A to bank of America and i have a bank of America account or happen to know someone's login i can use subject A's routing and account number and verify it with Subject B's login credentials. This is serious because it allows not only coinbase to experience major fraud but it also allows consumers and the American people to be victimized through coinbases system. We at Virtual CoinBox have become a victim of coinbases bias and prejudice system and techniques they use and there mistreatment because of them we are forced to redesign our entire API integration and our merchant to make virtual coinbox a successful bitcoin community which has been delayed in its launch date again now because of lack of professional conduct to provide services to business to my self professionally. We are currently looking for a relationship with and we hope to have a successful and long relationship with them. And as for coinbase they can go to hell and there EGO will be the very thing to bring that company to its knees.

  • Co
    Coinbasetookit Aug 17, 2019

    Coinbase stole my BTC. As a verified member on Coinbase, I bought 2 BTC's. I decided to give my son 1 BTC and I was going to transfer the other BTC over to another established Coinbase account for myself. After the lengthly check and re-check of all information, the transfer button was clicked. As soon as the button was clicked, the receiving address changed. My investment was gone! Coinbase told me to look at Blockchain for the transfer information. Strange thing happened there as well. As I was looking at the information on Blockchain, I noticed the information had nothing to do with my Coinbase addresses, and as I was reading Blockchain, all of the information just disappeared. After several pleas for help, Coinbase blocked me from my account and from communicating with them. I lost all my money on this investment and Conbase turned into this horrible entity that just clicked their button to shut me out with no compassion for what I had just lost. If ANYONE knows what I can do to fight them, PLEASE let me know.

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no order and fake promises

Don’t buy bitcoins from the website They charged me for these bitcoins and provided nothing at all. I sent them messages and asked for my order, but these scammers only promised to deliver them. After several weeks nothing and the seller stopped to reply. WTF? Maybe someone has any ideas how to return money back, please contact me then or leave a comment. Thanks.

I got suspicious this was not right.

I responded to a magazine ad for some coins and employee guided me to some other products. He...