7-Elevenmy complaint is an employee.


I want to report a rude an unprofessional employee at 711 located at 10656 Rosecrans Ave, Norwalk CA. 90650, on May Thursday 25, 2017 l went to this 711 to buy some bags of sunflowers seeds, and when came to the cashier to pay l asked him also for 2 Lottery tickets, he grab the bags of sunflower to scanned each of them, and then He threw them on the counter, then he grab the tickets and also threw them on the counter when l had extended my hands to get it, then l paid him with a $20.00 and when he gave me the change he did it one more time and threw it on the counter, l didn't said nothing but then l wait to see if he does the same with others customers and didn't do it, l think l didn't said or do nothing him, it was just that he was acting very rude this happened at 12:35pm on the date l had mention and the employee’s name is Raj, it sad that you have somebody with this kind of attitude working in this place, they have no respect, and they don't have knowledge of a customer services at all, l would like that you investigate this matter and check the cameras of this facilities and you will see that l didn’t' do anything that will lead him to acted like that, l didn't even said nothing to him after he did what he did, you can contact me: [protected]

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