7-Elevenleaving my transaction open and adding charges to my credit card after I left the store

J Aug 07, 2018 Review updated:

I Paid for gas with my credit card. I didn't want the receipt. When I tried to pump the gas the screen read "one moment please". After a few minutes. I went back in and asked them to reset it. That's when the district manager David got snippy with me and told me that my card was declined. I said it wasn't when I left the store. He said yes it was. I asked why didn't she tell me before I left. He showed me the receipt and I asked why the soda was on there. David told me because he added it after I left. He voided out the transaction after it was declined by issuer. All three employees present were involved in this incident. The clerk, the store manager and the district manager. None of them are worried about it. Because my complaint was sent to the district manager David. I have been asking to talk to his supervisor but have not been contacted by him yet. It has been a month. I was a loyal customer of that store and 7-eleven. But I have not been back since this happened. I'm wondering how many times before has this happened and it went through. I doubt that I am the only one this has happened to. It seems to me that they are encouraging their employees to defraud people's bank cards.


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      Aug 07, 2018

    seems like a scam to me make there "declined" excuse or whatever and they add things for themselves

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