V Aug 12, 2018

I had complained last week about when I ordered the chicken strip and wedge meal I was told that dipping sauce was now $0.50 a piece even though there's a sign that 2 dipping sauces come free of charge with the purchases of a meal. Today I ordered two 3 strips of chicken 3 wedges and a big gulp for $4.00 meals. There was a big advertisement sign saying this meal earned 500 bonus points. So for the 2 meals I ordered I should of gotten 1000 bonus points plus I bought 2 chocolate bars so I should of gotten over 1000 reward points. I checked my reward points right before I entered the store. I only ended up getting 300 points for my purchase today. This leaving me 700 plus points short. And once again was told I'd be charged $0.50 for each dipping sauce. It's pretty sad that you have signs all over the store promoting your rewards deals and I was excited to get these meals today to earn 1000 points so you can imagine my disappointment to only get 300. And then to say once again you're going to charge me $0.50 per dipping sauce when you have a sign that 2 dipping sauces will be included for free. I'm really getting disappointed in 7 eleven in Olds. As mentioned in my first complaint I have been a very loyal customer to your store since the day it has opened. I am there at least once a day and quite often even more than that. I have spent thousands of dollars here but if this is the way you are going to keep running business I just may be forced to go somewhere else. I would really look forward to a response.

Thank you,
Vicki Rees

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