7-Elevencustomer service/gas station

C Jan 25, 2018

The gas station that is now a 7-Eleven store has poor management, his employees who work outside pumping gas are working long shifts alone, with only one person on the pumps it is frustrating to go here and have to wait over 5 minutes for someone to pump my gas. It is unfair it seems to me, to have gas attendants working alone for hours and hours when this Sunoco station is one of the busiest, I have been coming to this Sunoco for years and may have to find somewhere else to go due to the managers lack of care for his company and employees. I have seen many cars just leave because the wait time is too long and most people are in a rush, especially in the mornings. Something needs to be done, correct this issue because technically it is wrong and loss of money and profits is not good for ANY company. I will take my business across the street to Lukoil since this has been ongoing for over a month now.

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