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7-Eleven reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Sep 6, 2006. The latest review employee at one of your locations 3914 s Highway 119 Longmont, Co was posted on Jun 23, 2021. The latest complaint overcharged on item was resolved on Feb 22, 2017. 7-Eleven has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 723 reviews. 7-Eleven has resolved 50 complaints.

7-Eleven Customer Service Contacts

+1 972 828 7011 (Corp HQ)
+1 972 828 7026 (International)
+1 800 255 0711 (Customer Relations)
+1 405 682 5711 (Oklahoma City)
+1 432 580 8850 (Texas & New Mexico)
+1 435 645 9595 (Park City, Utah)
3200 Hackberry Road
Irving, Texas
United States - TX75063
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Suite 2400, 13450 102nd Ave, Surrey BC Canada, V3T 0C3

Oklahoma City
2021 S. MacArthur Blvd., Oklahoma City, OK 73128

Texas & New Mexico
Southwest Convenience Stores LLC, 4001 Penbrook St., Suite 400, Odessa, TX 79762

Park City, Utah
Resort Retailers, P.O. Box 681030, 4575 N Silver Springs Rd., Park City, UT 84060

7‑Eleven Hawaii Headquarters, 1755 Nuuanu Avenue, 2nd Floor, Honolulu, HI 96817

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7-Eleven Complaints & Reviews

7-11 at 13491 Olive Blvd Chesterfield MO 63017customer service

I have been a consistent customer at this 7-11 location for almost 3 years now. Recently a woman has begun working there whom I've never seen before. She has had poor customer service skills in general in all of the other interactions I've had with her previously, although the interaction I had on 6/24/18 was the absolute worst. I walked in to purchase a few items, was the next customer in line, when she came out from the back room to tell me I needed to leave. Not paying attention, because I was doing nothing wrong, I had no idea who she was speaking to from across the room. She repeated herself and said I needed to leave. I responded politely and asked what she meant and she said, "you can't wear that in here you need to leave." Completely baffled I began handing my things over to the two other customers I came in with so that they may purchase my items for me and as I was about to walk out she said to me I "couldn't be in there because I needed to be wearing more clothes." I was dressed in festival attire, decked out in rainbow, on my way to the Pride Festival in St. Louis and can only imagine the comments she made were purely out of homophobic tendencies - as my outfit was in no way, shape, or form offending any other customers there (considering half the other customers were with me) and was in no way exposing me or leaving me indecent. Unbelievably horrible customer service as I was literally the next person waiting in line and she could have kept her comment to herself and let me give the establishment my money and be on my way. I completely avoid this gas station at all costs now and wish to receive an apology and some consequences put in place for allowing someone to make such an oppressive comment to a persom who was simply minding their own business.

customer service

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    In my opinion the operator/owner of this location does not conduct honest and fair buisness with his customers. He certainly does not believe or practice in 7-11's Corp values towards Active Duty or Veteran's of the United States Millitary. I have never been so purposefully disrespected and made to feel less then as I was yesterday 6-27-18.

    I was at the counter paying for my purchase with my Navy Federal debit card. I put my pin number in and the cash register display window read " Approved " apparently the Credit/Debit system went down at this time and the clerk not knowing if the transaction did go through or not got the owner for assistance. The owner came over told me it did not go through and to re-run my card. I explained that the register display screen showed approved and to please check. He insisted it did not go through and to go to the end of the line and wait my turn if I had any more questions. I definitely was not going to the end of line because A. I already waited in line for my turn. B. I could see he was purposely disrespecting me by not helping with the siruation. C. He spent the whole time telling me the card was not charged. I left the store.

    As I walked out the store I pulled my phone out and signed into my Bank App and sure enought my account was charged and he had been disrespectful and dishonest the whole time. I turned right around went back in and told him he was wrong and I would appreciate him making this right. He again told me to go to end of line and that my card was not charged and I am wrong. I got heated and explained that I have already waited, clearly my bank shows a debited transaction for the amount he said did not go through. I let my frustration be known to the customers in line about how I was being treated and the fact that he took my money and was denying it. It got to the point where he threatened me with calling the police if I did not leave. I left not wanting the situation to escalate.

    As soon as I got home I called the store he picked up I said give me my money back. He lost it. He started screaming about how I embarrassed him in front of his Customers, calling me all these names and provoking me, daring me to come back on the property so he could kill me. This dude threatened my life twice. The conversation was documented and recorded do to an injury I recieved while deployed. My hearing is bad and I have an app on my phone that helps me by converting what is said to a visual transcript in real time so I can have normal phone conversations. It also records.

    I called my bank and they put a fraud alert on the transaction and refunded the money. I am getting advised through a VA advocate on how to proceed with letting as many people as I can know about this. I will also send a complaint to the 7-11 Corp. There have been prior situations with the owner and I truly believe this was done with malicious intent.

    Brad and the rest of the crew at this location are amazing and all about the customer having the best experience possible. Thank you guys.


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      There is an employee at your 7 eleven location on Dobson/8th Ave in Mesa, Az that talks about the sale of marijuana and I overheard her say that she could "hook" someone up after the line clears. My kids go into this store all the time the last thing I need is for something to go wrong while your employee is on the clock selling drugs. This area already isn't the greatest but I do expect more from businesses. Employees name is Brooke Rowe. I would greatly appreciate this matter being delt with ASAP. Thank you.

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        711customer service

        I just wanted to post that I went into the 7-Eleven on Civic Center and Cheyenne and man I'm telling you I could have been more disappointed this gentleman he look like he was the owner or the assistant manager I had a question and he pointed towards the cashier that was very busy didn't even acknowledge the fact that he knew I wanted to ask a question and then it came up to the front he was very rude never said hi to not one single person I don't know maybe he's having a bad day today then another gym and try to ask him a question and he acted like he was unpacking or stalking or whatever he was doing he acted as if this wasn't buying something from the store and just needed respect as a customer to be acknowledged that he was standing there so I acknowledge them and the cashier which is his coworker looked at as if she was scared to ask him a question a little bit I mean it's just unethical

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          • Ro
            Ronni1 Jun 28, 2018
            This comment was posted by
            a verified customer
            Verified customer

            I went to 7 eleven noble park ( heatherton) and bought some bananas and asked like ( is it 4 bananas for 1 $ ) and he said ues and that stupid deducted 8 $ from my account . Not happy at all.

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          711 at 3500 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94610
          Some of the rudest people I've ever met. Left an item I'd purchased behind and called the listed numbers to enquire. The first time they apparently hung up on me before even hearing what I was calling about. The next time, got a fax squeal. The next time they refused to admit that I'd reached 711, even tho' I recognized his Indian accent. The next day, the owner was there, kept interrupting me, told me I'd have to speak to the person on duty at the time and that the item hadn't been set aside. I told him of the behavior of his employee the night before, and he didn't care, just hurried me out of the store. Said simply: "You lost it." I also noticed that one of the earbuds I'd noticed the night before was missing the rubber cushion and gave it to the clerk. It was back for sale in the same condition the next day. Rotten attitude.

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            Seven Eleven — ron's conduct in my complaint.

            My name is Renea Pacheco & I filled out a complaint against a manager named Jose ? On 06/23/2018. On...

            7-Elevenextremely rude manager.

            She was going off on me and saying that she wasnt a bank and that she didnt want to cancel our transactions she was trying to force me to purchase the products. She was extremely rude. She was talking [censored] and I just kept asking for my change. This lady/manger is extremely rude. I want her fired. This happened today june 21, 2018. Around 6-7 pm. I got witnesses to. And you guys got cameras check them out. No one should be treated like that. She is racist.

            Happened at the 711 on the corner of lakemead and pecos.

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              7-Elevencustomer service

              Went into the 7-11 on kings hwy Port Charlotte. there were only 2 of us in the store Cashier didn't even acknowledge we were in the store. one customer was at the food counter before I came up to the register. She was putting food in the warmers I was 3 feet away from her and not even a " i will be with you in one moment". If you don't like your job QUIT.

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                7-Eleven — cashier

                I came into the 7 eleven located on 5100 university on 6/19 Tuesday night around 10 o'clock after I got off...

                7-Elevencovered in gasoline due to malfunctioning equipment

                After a very nice Father's Day celebration with my family, I stopped at a 711 gas station located at ‪3508 Philadelphia Road, Abingdon, Maryland 21009‬. At approximately ‪10:00 p‬m ET‪, I pulled up to Pump #5, at store #33075, inserted the nozzle and began to pump. A few seconds later the entire hose detached from the machine; spraying gallons of gasoline on my face, in my eyes, on my clothes, and inside my dress shoes. I ran into the station requesting them to turn off the pump. ‬The attendants didn't offer me any assistance nor anything to wash up with. Additionally, they refused to give me any information when I initially asked for a manager or corporate information. ‪Over 23.844 gallons of gasoline had dispersed and charged my credit card for $66.26. Additionally, I was instructed to not move my vehicle by the fire department due to the amount of gasoline that had been disbursed; in fear that my vehicle would ignite and set the station ablaze on contact. I was forced to stay there covered in gasoline until the fire department representatives dismissed me. ‬

                The detaching of the pump from the machine caused gasoline to get in my eye, lightheadedness, headaches, and nausea. Due to the burning sensation in my right eye, once I reached home, I contacted poison control around 11:30pm. I was told to rinse it out with water for 10 to 15 minutes. When I woke the next morning (6/18/18) it hadn't gotten better. I was forced to leave my workplace early to seek medical attention. I went to patient first, an urgent care facility, on 6/18/18 due to the continued burning sensation pain in my right eye, extreme headache, and nausea.

                During this ordeal, my dress shoes that I was wearing were destroyed, my credit card was obnoxiously overcharged and I am currently dealing with a variety of non-life threatening but inconvenient health issues that have resulted in me seeking medical attention.

                I look forward to speaking with someone to address the events of 6/17/18 as soon as possible.

                covered in gasoline due to malfunctioning equipment
                covered in gasoline due to malfunctioning equipment
                covered in gasoline due to malfunctioning equipment
                covered in gasoline due to malfunctioning equipment

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                  7-Eleven — cheetos

                  I bought a bag of Cheetos and they were stale. I took it back to the store to exchange it and the manager wa...

                  7-Elevencustomer service

                  I went to the 711 in BRICK, NJ on the corner of route 88 and 70 just a few minutes ago and experienced the worst customer service. I was trying to find snacks but unfortunately nothing I liked was there. I didn't make a big deal about it. It took me a little while because I was trying to find alternatives but there was nothing that I really wanted that was there
                  The whole time the person up front was watching me looking irritated. Eventually my fiance and I made it up to the register to buy him snacks and get cigarettes. The attendant proceeded to be extremely rude saying "you're not buying anything?" "I just cleaned the floor and you're barely going to buy anything?" Then proceeds to ignore me and answer his phone as I'm trying to address how rude he was being to us. If it wasn't so late, I would have left and spent my well earned money elsewhere.

                  I know that this 711 is open 24/7, so the fact that he was this rude about cleaning the floors and me walking on them was absolutely ridiculous. There will be more customers after me. I could only imagine how they will talk to them. If they were closing and I messed up what he did, I could SLIGHTLY understand where he was coming from. But if you are going to run a business, you better be respectful to your customers no matter what time they come in and how much money they spend.

                  I'm extremely disgusted with this experience and will NOT be visiting 711 again, even during "normal" business hours.

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                    Went in to the store almost 3 weeks ago with a coupon for 1.50 off 2 can of Copenhagen. The lady at the register said I don't know-how to do coupons. She asked to keep my coupon so she could ask how to do it and I paid full price for my snuff. I have been back to this store 5 times and she isnever there and no one knows anything about my coupon. Never got her name but was older white lady.

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                      7-Eleven — no coffee made at 5:56 am?!?!? 4222, sunrise highway massapequa ny 11758

                      I just stopped to grab my morning cup of coffee at 5:56am today, Friday, June 15th, before headed to the...

                      7-Eleven — unethical behavior

                      6/13/2018 I am not aware of the employee's name but a worker, who is a female, working at a 7-eleven in the...

                      7-11 — sexual harassment

                      210 n main Street 7-11 manager mokesh made a sexual comment to his employee Alana while i was there and i...

                      7 Eleven — using my debit card.

                      I have been living in Huntersville for two years now. There's a few gas stations that close to my house, but...

                      7-Eleven — customer service - refuse refund

                      I came to the store at 8395 w Atlantic Blvd in pompano beach 6/11/18 at 7:28pm tu buy a car wash premium for...

                      7-Elevenpower tripping stuff

                      Store manager at 7-eleven maple ridge location Canada. Was rude unhelpful, started arguing instead of explaining. When I asked her to calm down and stop arguing with me and explain me the issue, store manager in anger banned me from the store that I was doing my small purchases for the past 8 years... if a person is sick or under influence of any meds they should be home and not at work showing her frustration. After this incident I will do all my small purchases at another corner store. Thanks I have macs around the corner.

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                        7 Elevencustomer service and having no coffee in the store

                        I recently visited 7 eleven in Harlem on 116 st and 5th ave and not only did they not have any coffee which I find ridiculous because it's 7 eleven and that's one of the main reasons people go there but when I asked the clerks about it they told responded with hell no and laughed at me and even told me to hurry up and move because they were mopping the floor this unacceptable please make sure they have coffe 24/7 and that they learn proper customer service

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