7-11forced to purchase unwanted item


Went in to purchase 2 packs skyline menthal 100's, the cashier
rang the item up as I was picking up the packs and noticed they
were King size, not 100's. I asked to get the 100's, he said he could
not change them because he already rang it up. He then called the
store manager, who said its the law...never had such bad service,
will never shop there again. I know he could have switched them out,
he just too damn laze to deal with an over-ring. I didn't even pick-up
the cigarettes. The cashier rang it up too fast, not my fault, he didn't
even ask it that was all, I did tell him 100, s . This was the lazy
manager excuse for not doing the right thing. Who runs a business
like this. Does he really expect to keep return customers, he needs
more education as well as his employees. I was forced to purchase the
wrong product from this store because of his in-experiance as a business owner and the cashiers speedyness(who was very nice).
Guess who the real looser is!


  • Po
    pobarjenkins Jan 11, 2011

    If someone refused to give you the product you wanted, then you should have walked out and gone somewhere else. Pretty simple.

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  • Wi
    wixter May 18, 2011


    keep to the freaking subject! its not about smoking pot, and f*cking lung cancer, or any of that ###! its was about how the stupid cashier said he couldnt re-ring the cigarettes cuz he already rang them in which is COMPLETE ###!

    if youre gonna post stick the f*cking subject or keep your mouth shut..

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  • So
    someone101 Oct 30, 2012

    Well, it IS the law that you cant return tobacco or alcohol. But you had not left the store yet and you were given the wrong product,
    so, yes i agree you should have been given the correct ones. I hate to admit it but Bad Cust. Service. I apologize for that store.

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