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lack of training for employees

I recently began trainng for 1-800-flowers. It was a week of training via conference call/webex.
You could work from home. Great, I thought. Our trainer was also working from home. She would leave us holding while she tended to her kids, did laundry, and checked her Facebook mail. It was paid training. We were on a call w/ 18 other prospect employees. At times you couldn't get a question in-too many people trying to talk. in our class was several people who shouldn't have made it past the first day. One man couldn't speak a complete sentence in English. Another woman was using a cell phone. We could hear her driving her car etc. An older lady couldn't navigate her computer well. But yet the entire crew graduated! Trainer must get some kind of bonus for that! We were all supposed to do mock orders on graduation day. Only 4 people got to to do that. We were scheduled to work that following Monday.Nobody was ready!!! More than half of the class quit. I spoke with several of them. They said they felt like they were thrown to the wolves. The only communication with a supervisor was thru aim chat rooms. Sometimes they wouldn't even give ansers back. or tell the customers to call back.etc. So now let me give some of you customers some advice. (A) You are more likely to get a "newbie" on the ph on Mondays (B) Give the cust.serv. agent your promo code ahead of time, once they go thru the whole order process-there's no going back for discounts (C) You can always call for a staus check, even if it's a couple of times a day or only a few minutes after the order-I advise it! (D)If they tell you they can only give a savings pass as compensation, that's BS. We were trained to do it in steps. 1First they offer the redelivery, savings pass, partial refund, full refund, or full refundw/savings pass . It goes in that order. Keep on them to get the full refund! (E) Once you give your cc # a hold will be put on the amount of the item(s) being purchased. Even if they are still processing the order. I canceled mine at the end of my conversation and she told me a hold would still be on that money up to 5 days!(F)They charge a $13.99 service charge and the tax depends on what the tax is in the "recipients" state-not your state, if different.(G) If you have a concern about your bill, when you call ask to speak to "Billing Dept." The person who answers is not trained well enough to handle some billing problems.We spent 10 minutes in class over this, if that. The rep will transfer your call to a more experienced person.(H) The cust.rep. gets a bonus for each call they transfer to the "Live Well" program. They try to sell you as much stuff as possible. They start with the most expensive, too. And FINALLY my advice is to use a local florist in recipients area. Ask the customer if the item is a florist or vendor item. Vendor means flowers will arrive UPS/Fedex in a box. If there is a vase you might get 2 boxes. Not very fresh. You can also use it's very helpful. ***I sincerely would like to apologize to all of you who have had a problem based on inexperienced/ill-trained cust.serv.agents. There are some good people working for them.**** Good luck!

  • Ca
    Carl Jul 30, 2009

    On Monday morning, July 6, 2009, I ordered flower from because they guaranteed same day delivery. I needed them delivered today. Price was not the issue. I placed the order, they accepted it, charged my credit card and e-mailed me a confirmation. That evening I received an e-mail stating that their florist would not be able to deliver today after all but they could deliver tomorrow and would compensate me for the inconvenience. I replied stating that only if they could deliver in the morning. I assumed if I went elsewhere I wouldn’t get it any quicker.
    I didn’t hear back from them so Tuesday the 7th I e-mailed again asking for an update. Tuesday evening I received an e-mail stating that they could deliver the flowers today if I wanted them to or I could cancel. I replied stating that I would like them to deliver if they could today but I needed confirmation.
    By 10:00 am Wednesday, I realized that this just wasn’t going to happen. I still had not received a reply. So I e-mailed them cancelling the order. It is so unfortunate that these large companies promise a service, take your money, knowing they will not be able to deliver. It’s obvious that they don’t care about the consequences to the consumer. I wonder how long it will take to get y credit. Any bets?

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  • Am
    Amy52 Feb 18, 2013

    Same complaints as everyone else. Contact the Better Business Bureau!

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stale flowers and deflated balloon received

I ordered a flower arrangement for my wife for my anniversary from online. On the day of the anniversary around 10:00 am I tried to check the status of the order and it did not pull up the order so I called the customer service. The guy said he was not able to pull the order even after searching by order number, name, email, phone, and cc number so he asked me to call back in half hour just to make sure. I called again at around noon and same thing so I asked to cancel the order and I bought the flowers from some other place.In the evening around 5:00 pm a guy showed up at our door with the stale flowers and deflated balloon and my cc was charged. So next day morning I called in to complain they said ok we will cancel the order and someone will pick up the flowers from the recipient. So at the end not only I had to go through all this ugliness but I looked like a [email protected]#$ to the recipient when the guy shows up at the door to pickup the flowers. Luckily, I had sent the flowers to just my wife and she understands. I cannot even imagine sending anything to anybody from this place ever again. I do not know why they want the flowers back; my guess is they want to send to the next customer…

  • Jo
    Jo Ann Schmidt Sep 11, 2007

    I ordered flowers for my Grandmother, at over $70. They were to have been delivered on Saturday (Grandparents Day). I filled out the online form to send her an e-card letting her know that she was getting a flower delivery. Big mistake! By the following Monday, the flowers hadn't shown up yet, and she'd been waiting for them. I called on Monday and they told me that the local florist was out of the flowers I ordered. They claimed they had tried to contact me. I told them that something needed to be delivered to her that day and they said "It shouldn't be a problem". Tuesday came around, no flowers and no contact. I called back again and this time I was told that no florist had ever picked up the order, because there weren't any florists in that area that could access their system. When I asked why they accepted my money for delivery to that area, they said they have no way of knowing at the time the order is placed whether or not a local florist will be able to fill it. I will never, never, never use this florist again!

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  • Valerie Apr 21, 2008

    I ordered a bonsai tree for my brother's birthday on He didn't get it on his birthday, a week went by and he still didn't get it.

    I called the company and they said it was still in the delivery warehouse and hadn't even been sent yet! The customer service rep was nice but had no explanation as to why it wasn't sent.

    They offered me a $10 gift certificate...gee, thanks...that doesn't even cover their shipping cost! Do not use 1800flowers, you can't rely on them to get your product delivered in time!! What else would you use a special occasion service for? They suck.

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  • Ka
    kathy May 08, 2008

    1-800flowers sent 23 instead of 24 roses for Mother's Day. Short change Mom, will you? That's very naughty. Bad.

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  • Ma
    Markie Carter May 14, 2008

    I ordered flowers for my mother for mother's Day, I was told my credit card was declined which I knew it shouldn't, I later found out one payment was authorized and the other declined, but was told they couldn't send the flowers, after talking to my credit card company, i found that one payment was authorized, after having conference call. the next day Friday I received a call from it was stated they would send mom her flowers with the payment that was already authorized, mom did get her flowers, but another payment was authorized for the flowers.

    I had to call my credit card company so many times to get this straight, after putting the money back in my credit card over $8.00 was charged to me, every time I had to talk to a live person they were charging me, when suggested they owe me they refused even thou most of the calls was conference calls with them on the line. Mother's Day should have been a happy day for me even thou my mother lives 3, 000 miles away, I was too stressed to be happy.

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don't know how to deliver

Ordered a plant for my wife's birthday. They were scheduled to be delivered on Friday to her school. They say they were delivered after she had left but UPS tracking shows it was delivered on the following Monday. Over the weekend I was promised by a representative that I would receive a full refund which was not honored by the supervisor that I spoke with. I was forced to spend hours on the phone speaking with representative after representative to try and get a straight answer about where the order was. Was told lie after lie including and not limited to:
The address the order was being shipped to was changed to get it to my wife at home
The order was being sent by FedEx (even given a bogus tracking number)
Someone would call me on Saturday (still awaiting that call)

and the list goes on.

unauthorized billing

I had just checked my account and saw I had been debited from TLG Livwell $11.99. I had sent an inquiry in to my Bank on the transaction because I have seen it on the account and never really knew what it was. My husband deals with the account and he is deployed at the moment. I decided to look up this company and found all Consumer Complaints.

As I was reading through all of the complaints it made sense. I had ordered flowers on Mother's Day in may and now it's october and I am getting debited from this company. I called 1800flowers immediately and as I was talking to the first customer service rep. She hung up on me because I refused to be transferred to Livewell because I had read that no one has received an answer. So... she kept interrupting me said, well... there is nothing I can do for you. I said, well... we will be on the phone for awhile until you can figure this out. She said, No we won't, and HUNG UP on me!!!

I was so offset that the CUSTOMER SERVICE representative responded with such sass. I called back yet again and the second rep said I know exactly what to do and put me on old and then put me on hold again and had transferred me over without telling me. I had the new rep tell me that I had to leave a message with Dave something or other. I had told her about how people have been getting signed up for this without there knowledge. She said, well you need to just talk to Dave but... If he doesn't answer leave a voicemail. I had told her, I will but, I am making a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. She paused for a moment and I thought she would actually help but, didn't even care. I think she was trying to think of what the BBB is.

So, I got transferred yet again and left a voicemail for David because of course his phone was off.

It was a loss of 60.00 so far and the first is coming up soon.

  • Valerie Oct 31, 2008

    I ordered flowers from 800flowers and later find that the order included a membership to livwell. This membership debited $11.99 from my account each month. I was unable to obtain information from 800flowers and searched the web for Livwell. I sent an email to 4 companies that I found with this name and asked them to discontinue debiting my account. I did not give my address or bank information as I would think if they debited my account they had this information.

    2 politely replied that they did not have an account for me and I replied to them thank you for checking. One did not reply and the last livwell replied by telling me that they were reporting me to the Federal Police for scam. For making an inquiry? (I did not give them personal information of where to send anything only a request to cease the debit and refund the $11.99 back the same way that the debited the amount) Very rude and unprofessional.

    I have in the meantime taken the time off work to go to my bank and prevent future debits but this company in Australia is not one that seems to run a professional business. I will never use this company and would not recommend it to anyone.

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  • El
    elizabettys Jan 01, 2011

    Anyone in this situation should call Freed & Weiss to join a building class action against the company behind this scam. (It's pretty easy, just call them and tell them your story).

    Trilegiant is the company behind this abuse. They use bogus marketing tactics to get people to unknowingly sign up for memberships and then people are charged every month, again and again.

    Call Freed & Weiss! Toll free: 866.799.9610. They need to hear from you so that they can move the class action forward and put a stop to this terrible customer abuse.

    Email: [email protected]
    Anyone in this situation should call Freed & Weiss to join a building class action against the company behind this scam. (It's pretty easy, just call them and tell them your story).

    Trilegiant is the company behind this abuse. They use bogus marketing tactics to get people to unknowingly sign up for memberships and then people are charged every month, again and again.

    (Tactics include pop-up windows during checkout at another site, text messages with fake gift certificates, bogus checks in the mail, and automated recordings when you pay a bill via phone).

    Call Freed & Weiss! Toll free: 866.799.9610. They need to hear from you so that they can move the class action forward and put a stop to this terrible customer abuse.

    Email: [email protected]

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rip off

I sent flowers to a sick employee on may 23, 2008 and they charged me 11.99 for a membership to livewell since june 2008. I did not realize this recurring charge because I failed to review my statement carefully. Thankfully american express removed the charges from aug, sept, and oct.

After reading all the comments, it seems like I will have to fight with live well/1-800-flowers to get my money back. I did not know I would be charged 11.99 a month just for ordering flowers online from this company. I only signed up for the free rewards program and receipt of promotions. Beware!!! It's better to support your local florist without going through the drama!

  • Valerie Sep 30, 2008

    Just flowers and 1800 flowers do not know what they are doing. They take your money and call another florist for you. Next time I need flowers I will go straight to my florist. These people are just a call center! What a rip off! When I sent flowers to my sister for her birthday I called 1 800 flowers and after I seen the arrangement I was mortified. I spend $100 and it looked like $10. After researching I found out 1800 took a lot of fees out of the money intended for flowers and it was not made clear, also the lady i spoke with was clueless. I had trouble understanding every word. After that I said I wouldn't use them again and tried a place out of the phone book called just flowers, well they are a call center too so I decided to just call my local florist... it was much easier.

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  • Ch
    charlie Nov 22, 2008

    what people dont is that 1800flowers is manage by costa ricans in costa rica and there organization is terrible and some of the agent dont know how to speak englis???

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  • Re
    Red62 Feb 15, 2009

    I wish I would have read these comments before ordering my valentines day gifts from 1800flowers. They are now telling me that my valentines day gift will be delivered on the 17th of February. I should have stuck to my local florist and FTD.

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  • El
    elizabettys Jan 01, 2011

    Anyone in this situation should call Freed & Weiss to join a building class action against the company behind this scam. (It's pretty easy, just call them and tell them your story).

    Trilegiant is the company behind this abuse. They use bogus marketing tactics to get people to unknowingly sign up for memberships and then people are charged every month, again and again.

    Call Freed & Weiss! Toll free: 866.799.9610. They need to hear from you so that they can move the class action forward and put a stop to this terrible customer abuse.

    Email: [email protected]
    Anyone in this situation should call Freed & Weiss to join a building class action against the company behind this scam. (It's pretty easy, just call them and tell them your story).

    Trilegiant is the company behind this abuse. They use bogus marketing tactics to get people to unknowingly sign up for memberships and then people are charged every month, again and again.

    (Tactics include pop-up windows during checkout at another site, text messages with fake gift certificates, bogus checks in the mail, and automated recordings when you pay a bill via phone).

    Call Freed & Weiss! Toll free: 866.799.9610. They need to hear from you so that they can move the class action forward and put a stop to this terrible customer abuse.

    Email: [email protected]

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  • Re
    RemD Feb 25, 2011

    I ordered a Sympathy Dish Garden" on Monday Feb 7th, 2011 from for my nephews girlfriend's fathers funeral to be delivered on Sunday Feb 13, 2011 to the Funeral Parlor in Pompano Beach Florida. All info regarding the service ( Parlor address, family name, phone number, etc) had been given. My nephew called me from the service on Feb 13, 2011 and said the dish garden had never arrived. I called and spoke to a representative who told me 2 different versions. The first was that the florist could not deliver them - with no reason given WHY. The rep said there was no information as to why.The second version from the same rep saidwas that the dish garden was delivered after the service was over. I was very upset and dissatisfied as this was so important as the deceased's daughter is just 20 years old and dealing with a sudden loss of her father and a funeral the day before Valentines day. I explained this to the representative. Then the rep was quickly wanting to give me a full reimbursment, but I wanted the order to be delivered the next day ( Valentines Day - the day after the service ) to their home. The rep said that it was going to be a busy day as it was Valentines Day and was preceeding to tell me that she could not assure delivery. I immediately said, " I do not care how many Valentine deliveries they had...that they should without a doubt make this delivery a priority." She said that she would have to contact "someone" and for me to call back when I got the home address for the deceased's family in order to send it. I got the address, phone etc from my nephew and called back and got a new representative who again looked up the information via my order number. This representative told me that the florist that they placed the order with did not deliver to funeral parlors. Now, it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out upon placing a order with one of their contracted florists as they said " sympathy dish garden" . I placed my order 6 days in advance! What a load of crap! Can you belive that this came out of the representatives mouth? What a rip off. The second rep said that she would call me back after contacting "a florist" regarding delivering the sympathy dish garden on Valentines Day. She finally called me back and said the florist would deliver the order between 9 am and 7 pm Feb 14th 2011. I asked the rep to contact the florist again and to ensure that if by chance someone could not get to the door for any reason ( ie, in bathroom, in shower ) that the rep leave it on their front door step or with a neighbor...that I postively did not want a note left to say they had stopped but no one answered and to call for re-delivery) I said to the rep that if they did not delivery or left a note, the next step would be for me to get an attorney on this issue. I called my nephew back after my last conversation with and explained the conversation I had with them. I asked him to let me know if the sympathy dish garden gets delivered today.

    This is the first time I have used and it will certainly be my LAST!

    I had to explain all of this to my nephew and with a deep apology from our family to his girlfriend and her family. What a horribly unacceptable business this is. Is there no justice to be had with these rip off artists?


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sign me up for another membership

This summper I placed an order from for my grandfather that was under the weather. He did get the package I sent him. What I got in return was a membership to Liv Well. I didn't order a membership and will never use it so I asked for a refund on the charges. The agent cancelled my membership but would not refund the charges. I asked for his supervisor and after he put me on hold he came back on and informed me that his supervisor has approved a refund.

  • Ba
    Bari Jan 24, 2009

    I agree and Live well are both cheating agencies, My question is even if by mistake i did enroll for Live Well how on earth by just one click did they get my payment information, i guess everyone can understand from where?? 1800flowers when we use your site and services we out trust in you and choose you over other service providers, and look how you keep the faith.

    Please do not use any of the above to Organizations and as well as any of their associates, they are NOT trust worthy.

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  • Th
    The unknown Mar 03, 2009

    The trick you by offering you a $20 savings you can use on this purchase or a future purchase. What you hear or see is the savings what you don't is "by trying our discount program" from there you are transfered to the Live Well program. Each agent gets paid for every transfer to Live Well so yes they are going to push it.

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credit card scam

Beside the awful flowers they sent, they gave my credit card info to a company called Livwell to where they billed my credit card for 11.99 per month without my knowledge for several months. They now refuse to delete my info from their system so that It can be used again. I have since had to close down the credit card.

fraud and theft

I called 1-800-flowers to place an order for a basket to be sent to the home of my sister & brother-in-law for the passing of his mother. I gave all of my information upfront (mistake) before placing my order. I didn't know what arrangements they had so I talked to the representative to see what choices were available to me. The rep couldn't really find what I wanted and was taking a very long time. I told him to delete all of my information and that I would call back IF I decided to order from them. He said he was sorry they didn't have what I wanted and yes, he would delete everything and not to worry. That SHOULD have been the end of it.

The next day I went to check my bank account balance and saw a charge for $68.98 from 1800Flowers. I called them IMMEDIATELY and said what is this?? I was like... how could there be a charge when I never picked out anything??? The rep had taken it upon himself to choose something on my behalf and charge me for it!!! I was livid!!! This is fraud & theft!!! I was told the order had been canceled and the money would go back into my account after 3-5 days. It's day # 3 and the charge is still showing. So, we shall see. My point is that there shouldn't even BE AN ORDER to cancel because I NEVER ORDERED ANYTHING!!!

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! Once they get your information you are screwed and they will order things on your behalf that you do not give them the authorization to order!!!

did not deliver the order

I was out of town and ordered a plant for my aunt’s mother’s day.

A few days later I checked confirmation and the address was listed as 9 instead of 91.

I notified them immediately. They said ups had tried to deliver to #9 twice and then returned the plant. They offered to give me 20% off on a future order.

I told them ups would not deliver twice, because there was no street #9, so they should have called my aunt, them, or me. They said ups didn’t do that. I told them ups had called my son 2 weeks prior when proflowers had a delivery at his prior job, and they delivered. She hung up on me.

I sent an e-mail request for a refund of the $ 50 and they responded by offering 15% off a future order. I used a debit card, so there was not stopping the payment.

Any solutions?

never delivered my flowers

First off 1800 ***, I ordered roses for my girlfriend on Tuesday to be delivered on Wednesday... Shouldn't be that hard seeing as that's the only thing the company does. Wrong, after waiting and waiting to get a phone call from her saying how much she liked the flowers, finally by 6:30 I decided to find out myself. You know what 1800 flowers said?? «Yes we've received your order and we see it but some how it's not set to be delivered until one week from today"... Waited all day just to find out that because someone else is incompetent I never got to send her the flowers. What a crock.

Do not order from teleflora, ftd or 1800flowers

I work in a flower shop and I am a member of Teleflora and FTD. I want everyone to know that all the...

terrible customer service

I paid $80 for flowers to be delivered to my wife's office on our anniversary. They arrived and the arrangement looked like it cost about $20 to put together. All but 3 roses died within 3 days. I called customer service to complain, but their computers were down, so I was told to call back tomorrow or send an email. I sent an email asking for a refund, and was told they would replace the arrangement and the company would have to pick up the old flowers. I replied that this was not what I wanted as my wife doesn't work at her office full time and would not be there to receive them. I stated clearly that if I didn't get a refund to forget the whole thing because I did not want replacement flowers. They replied back that they wanted me to be satisfied and would issue a full refund on my card.

Five days later, no refund, and my wife's office received a new flower arrangement that looked a lot like the first one, only it wasn't quite dead yet. I sent yet another email expressing my displeasure and quoted their reply that I would receive a refund. At this point, i'd had it with their customer service and told them to just forget it and leave me alone. They emailed me back that a customer service agent would soon call me on the phone, at which point I replied again to just leave me alone.

This company is terrible. Their customer service agents can't do their job properly and their flower arrangements are horrible and overpriced. I will never, ever again use this company for flower delivery. They lied to me outright and did exactly what I didn't want them to do. They promised me a refund and gave me more lousy flowers. Thanks for nothing,

fraud and scam!

I placed 2 orders for flowers, the first were sent to my sister and while they arrived they were definitely not what we had ordered they were supposed to be shades of purples. The ones she received were UGLY they were yellow and white and no purple plus they were a total of like 5 flowers.When I complained they said they were delivered and they would not help further.There goes $50 I was quite embarrassed at the horrible flower arrangement. My wifes were supposed to come yesterday they never did. However we received a delivery conformation and when I contacted them they said my wife signed for them. BULL we have to go out of town and spent much of yesterday shopping. I told them I am going to contact my laywer and I will produce receipts for whatever time they say she signed. I am also going to file theft and fraud charges for someone forging my name! I will call my sister and find out the florist who delivered hers maybe it was the same one who forged my name 1800flowers refuses to give me the local florists!!! I will not stand for someone forging my name!!! Thats fraud!!! There goes $100.00.

  • Ar
    Artick Jan 11, 2011

    I totally agree. CRAP COMPANY if thats what you want to call them

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late delivery and poor product!

My valentine's day order was given thru the web site on 2-12-08 for a 2-14-08 delivery. The order was delivered 2-15-08. I am totally in the doghouse with my wife as there was nothing for her valentine's day. The flowers showed up 2-15-08. They are frozen and in extremely bad shape. They do not look attractive. I am refusing to pay for an order that is a day late and in extremely poor condition. Three web site inquiries were sent to, with no response from them outside of an automated "thanks for your e-mail". I tried to call them about my concerns. Their phone system refused to let me talk to a human about my issues. It hung up on me. This is the poorest example of customer service I have experienced in a long time. I will tell all of my friends to avoid using lest they be treated poorly like I was. I am going on line to let everyone know how poor this company serviced my business and then didn't handle my issue.

valentines day flowers never delivered!

On February 13th, I ordered a 149.99 bouquet of flowers for my wife to be delivered next day on Valentines Day, because I am out of town on business and we couldn't celebrate the day together. She waited all day until 6pm, when she had to finally leave to attend a dinner appointment.

They conveniently would not answer their customer services phones with some lame disclaimer that due to the high volume of calls, their customer service reps could not answer the phones and to please visit the website where you could track your order online. I was unable to track my order because there was no tracking number, as promised. I have been reading other complaints online and wish there was a way to shut this obviously BAD BUSINESS company down.

As of noontime, today, (EST), had made NO EFFORT to contact me or to have the flowers delivered. The real thing that chaps my hide is all the rigamarole I'm now going to have to go through in order to get a refund! What a disappointment and what a drain on my wallet! I would highly recommend finding another floral service!

  • Me
    Melanie A Apr 29, 2008

    I ordered flowers to be delivered same day to a friend who had just returned home from the hospital. They were never delivered and by the end of the business day, the florist called them (which was supposed to be a surprise) and not me to say they would be delivered the very next morning.

    The next morning came and no flowers. I spoke with 2 different Customer Service reps who were very rude to tell me that the delievery would be made between 2-4pm. I enforced that if there is an issue to call me. By 5:00 PM, no flowers were yet to be delievered and I did NOT receive a call. I called and spoke with yet another rude customer service rep. who basically said to me "what do you want me to do" so I demanded to speak to a supervisor. She explained to me that the florist said they were delivered which was totally false. I basically had to demand my money back and the supervisor put me on hold to call the recipient to confirm if the flowers were delieverd. Once she confirmed she did not recieve flowers, my order was cancelled when I checked the order summary online. My money has not been credited back to my check card and it has been a few days. I will keep checking but this was a very unprofessional and tacky experience dealing with them altogether. Another friend warned me previously about their lousy business ethic.

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failed valentines day delivery!

1-800 Flowers failed to deliver flowers to my daughter of Valentines Day, and then proceeded to charge my credit cad and assume I wouldn't notice. After spending hundreds of dollars with them on a single order, they just didn't show up. No call, no email, nothing.

Their phone lines simply stated that due to the high number of calls, their operators would not be answering calls so if customers could not complete their call with the automated system, they should go to their website. i went to the website and my order tracker simply said, "order placed."

Here I am at midnight on Valentines Day and my daughter is disappointed b/c the flowers I promised her were never delivered. I placed the order days ago. Meanwhile I still paid for them and cannot reach anyone at the company.

How classy.

  • Mi
    Mike Mahoney Feb 15, 2008

    Completely agree. This happened to me. I'm literally sitting on their hold message now. Clearly, they are not going to pick up. Absolutely criminal. I also just typed in "1800 flower complaints" on the internet. Endless complaints pop up. I can't believe they are allowed to conduct business like this.

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  • Rz
    rzt7z75 Feb 16, 2008

    Agree. My wife still not received the flowers I order!! I will not order flowers from 1800flowers again.

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  • Ch
    chris Feb 17, 2008

    Same thing happened to me. How do they get away with this ???

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  • St
    Steve Feb 19, 2008

    Same here. Ordered flowers on 2/12 to be delivered to my daughter on Valentines Day. Nothing received, and no call or e-mail informing me of a problem. They charged my credit card, which I cancelled through the credit card company. Difficult to reach them on the phone, but when I did, they did not take responsibility and blamed it on a "vendor". In the future, I will call a local Florist directly.

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  • Ch
    chuck607 Jun 29, 2009

    I just had a completely disappointing interaction with I ordered flowers for my mother, who is recovering from surgery. They were to be delivered on Friday, 6/26/09. I called her that evening and found out the flowers did not arrive. I contacted 1800flowers, and was told by an agent - who sounded bored and uninterested in my issue - that she would put in a "redelivery request" with the florist for the next day, Saturday, 6/27/09. Again, no flowers. This time, an agent called me to tell me the flowers didn't get delivered. She actually called my mom and apologized to her for the problems, and promised delivery today, Monday, 6/29/09. Mom waited all day for a delivery that never came. I called Customer Service, and was promised a refund ... in three to five business days! At this point, they have had the $85 I paid for the flowers for 5 days, and will hang on to it for another 3-5 before the charges are reversed. I will never use this service again.

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  • Mo
    Monica and Harold Dobbel Feb 22, 2011

    I received flowers from my husband, through 1800 Flowers on Valentine's Day. When we opened the box, the flowers were smashed, wilted, brown, cut and broken. They were a disgrace. My husband spent $75 and after contacting the company, was told that they were issuing a $20 voucher to use on our next order. (Like we'd want to order from them again) They would not give a refund and told him they would resend the flowers. When I came to work the next day, the vase the ugly flowers were in was sitting in a puddle. It leaks!
    I did get the flowers again and I admit that they are very beautiful, but the disappointment of the first order still lingers. What ever happened to money back guarantee?

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  • Sa
    Samonyi Feb 17, 2014

    Their service is horrible I don't know how they stay in business I should have stuck to Pro-flowers. I never had any issues with them. This is 2nd time they fail to come through for us. The last time I placed an order for a sick friend and they sent her wilted flowers. I was mortified. They said they couldn't do anything and blamed the local florist. This time my daughter unknowingly ordered flowers from them on behalf of someone who is disabled and they were never delivered. She even tried to cancel a week ahead and they said THEY COULD NOT DO THAT. Here we are 2/17/2014 still no Valentines flowers oh but they sure charged her credit card. Still no news on the flowers or the refund. This is criminal. At some point outfits like this should be charged with fraud for billing for nothing. Sounds like theft to me or at least Fraud.

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false advertising!

I was sent an advertisement from, to order flowers, it showed a price and description of the flowers to be sent. When my wife received the flowers it was nothing like what was advertised, I was totally embarrassed by what they sent to my wife. Instead of a plant with a bunch of flowers in the pot, she received one flower, and there were two sticks along side the single flower. (The sticks looked like chop sticks). I called their customer service, and was told, that eventually the plant when full grown would look like the advertisement. This company should not be allowed to be in business, they are nothing but scammers. I would like to sent you pictures of what they advertised and what was sent to my wife. I will never buy from this company again. I intend to notify the BBB in my area.

  • Di
    Diane S. Jun 17, 2008

    I've used 1800flowers twice.. the first time it was great, the plant I sent was as advertised. The second time, it was DINKY.. not as pictured. Have heard other complaints from friends that have used 1800flowers, that a multicolor tulip boquet only ended up having one color flowers. I would go to the local florist instead and get something from them. Or else find a florist online that is in the area that the person lives and talk to them and order a product from them. I have done that for friends in Illinois and had great experiences with local florists providing a superior product to these online florists.

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  • Lu
    Lucy Jun 18, 2008

    I would like to know what means by 100% satisfaction, guaranteed? For the record, my satisfaction with this company is minus 100%.

    I wish I could attached pictures! I ordered and paid for 1800Flowers Item #16941 Sentimental Surprise and the pitiful arrangement of flowers that was delivered isn't even somewhat close to what is advertised by 1800Flowers. You tell me --- is the SURPRISE for the customer, when we realize that we ordered isn't what was delivered has to consider whether or not to pursue a correction or just let it go? Or is it the SURPRISE for the receipient (and not the person who placed the order and paid for the order) when the receipient receives a call from 1800Flowers asking why they aren't satisfied with the flowers? So that both the custumer and the recipient are both embarrassed, put on the spot, and humiliated? 1800Flowers falsely advertises and misrepresents their merchandise. I want my account reimbursed. Does anyone know how I would go about getting my money back?

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the worst flowers!

For my birthday my boyfriend spent $85 dollars at and they looked like a blind 2 year old put the arrangement together in a butt ugly dollar store vase. There was no creative effort. They died within 2 days. Therefore I tend to believe they were not fresh. For $85 dollars go to your nearest grocery store pick out a beautiful vase, fresh flowers and you'll have a beautiful gift and money left over to go out to dinner. I complained to them they claimed that they had never received a complaint before and offered only 20% off my NEXT purchase. Do they think we are fools and purchase from them again? Instead I plan to spread the word how much of a rip off they are because I feel that they no effort to make this right. Since then I heard of other complaints. BEWARE DO NOT USE 1800FLOWERS.COM!!!

  • Po
    PO Sep 03, 2008

    I Agree. I just ordered flowers for my mothers 59th birthday, and what came was horible. it looked like weeds in a cup. I want everyone to know how bad this service is. I live in Manhattan. Trust me there are real florists with taste here and it is not hard to find a normal florist to make the arrangment.
    They refused to give me a refund on the flowers. Even though i ordered balloons also. They wanted to give me $19 off when i spent $70. Yea ok. You ruin my mothers birthday and now are trying to be cheap. Are you kidding?

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  • Sh
    Shauna Jan 02, 2009

    you think 1800 flowers is bad don't go to go they will charge you for flowers you have not received, and then say it is out of our hands!!!They have to be the worst I do not recommend them at all!!!11111

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1800flowers lied to me!

On may 8th 2007, I ordered flowers for my mother from 1800flowers. They were supposed to be delivered the next day (May 9th, 2007) , well in time for mother's day which was may 13, 2007. On may 16th, I got as call from my mom. She never received the flowers!!!

I contacted 1800flowers that night. After arguing with them for several minutes, a supervisor finally cam on and promised to deliver the flowers and give a full refund.

I never received notification of the delivery, and I never saw my bank account credited anything. I called my mother to find out that they finally were delivered on saturday (Ten days late, and six days past mothers day).

I called 1800flowers today (May 22nd) to find out what happened to my refund, as was told that they never refund the whole amount if the flowers are eventually delivered. They claimed that they had nothing in the notes about it.

I demanded to speak to a supervisor, and when I told him that I would tell everyone I know how I was treated, I was told to do whatever I had to do.

So, I am here to tell people not to do business with this company. They lied to me. They ruined my mother's mothers day. They are not to be trusted, and I am telling everyone not to do business with them, unless they find such treatment acceptable.

  • Gr
    GREG Feb 19, 2008


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  • Sf
    sffitz Feb 15, 2011

    I order three sets of flowers for my wife, mother and mother in law for Valentine's day. I paid $20 extra each for special delivery. My mother got dead flowers, my mother in law got a bouquet vaguely resembling the photo and description on the website and my wife got NOTHING. I called the local florist at noon on Valentine's Day to check on the status of my wife's flowers. I was promised that they would deliver by 1 pm. My wife saw numerous deliveries to her office from this florist, but not hers. I called the florist to redirect them to my house at 3 pm as my wife had left her school for the day. Daniel at the local florist(Watermill florist in Fort Lauderdale) told me to call 1800flowers for a refund. 1800flowers was busy for the remainder of the night. I spoke to "Rachel" in India on 2/15. She was very sympathetic until I asked for a refund. Then, she faked a bad connection and severed the call.
    Please tell all of your friends not to use 1800flowers ever again. They are scam artists of unbelievable proportions.

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  • Fa
    Fazoobegirl May 04, 2011

    I just had an ordeal with 1-800-Flowers and will NEVER use them again. I accidentally made a one letter error on the address and immediately emailed the company to "change my order" and change the letter of the road as a correction. I followed up the next day with a phone call, to no avail. I was told that they couldn't do anything because the flower order was confirmed. I contacted USA Bouquet in Chicago (the supplier) and was told that they just download the labels and couldn't make any changes. I called back to 800-flowers customer service and spoke to a supervisor. My flowers are not coming and I can't get a refund! That was $85 down the tubes! 100% satisfaction guaranteed - FALSE ADVERTISING!

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always call a local florist!

Never, never order on a generic floral delivery website like 1-800-flowers or e-flowers etc... If you want to order flowers online, look at their "about us" section and find a local address and phone number and make SURE they have an actual flower shop with real designers working. They will be honest about their charges (you pay for the flowers and delivery only) and you will know exactly what you are getting. 1-800 Flowers skims money off the total not to mention charges you a 12.99 service charge just for the privilege of ordering from them. PS they won't give you your money back either!!!

  • Di
    disgusted in Olympia WA Apr 30, 2011

    Heads up is all I can say! I simply wanted to order both my Mother and Mother in law flowers for their special day and I felt like I needed to order MYSELF sympathy flowers after the experience I went through! (of course from another florist)!
    I first went online to order and selected the flowers that I wanted to send and as it turned out I had selected the same flowers for both Mothers. Easy right? WRONG! So I get to check out and I was pleasantly surprised that the flowers that I had selected were on sale for even less and even though I had selected the flowers only, the new reduced price included the clear vase! So when it came to add in the address for the recipent, I realized that it wasn't giving me a second address option for the other delivery and so it appeared that both arrangements would be delivered to one Mom and not the other. So I backed out and went back in to set them up one at a time and now the sale price was no longer an option. I even tried to reenter the order like the original way that I had when the sale price came up and still no price reduction! So I called customer service only to find that the service rep spoke little to no english, at least none I could barely understand but I still explained what had happened (a couple of times) then he said that there had been a mistake and that the flowers that I had selected were not on sale and that somehow their system had made a mistake the first time. Okay fine, it was hard enough to tell my story and to understand his responses so I let it go, however he said he would give me 10% off both orders for my inconvenience and I was a little bit appeased by that. He asked me for my phone number and the order code for the flowers and asked me if he could put me on hold for a moment. I agreed. After at least 5 minutes on hold, the phone was disconnected! I waited for a few minutes as he had my name and number but no call came through. So once again I called them back and spoke to another rep, although she was a little easier to understand, it was a long drawn out nightmare that lasted 32mins to order two flower arrangements! I would have to say I wasn't sure that SHE understood english as things were repeated over and over again at least 5 times. Although my order went through (supposedly, I mean nothing has been delivered at this point) I was never so frustrated in my life over what should of been an easy order. Oh did I mention that I did NOT receive the 10% discount off my whole order for my trouble that was offered by the first rep, oh no, I only got 10% off my SECOND order and only after I threatened to cancel the whole thing! The bottom line...NEVER AGAIN! In the future I will definitely cross 1800flowers off my list of people I want to do business with. I will definitely pay whatever our local florists are charging in the future as you can't put a price on good customer service and clear english speaking employees that don't have to read off a cue card.
    All I can do now is HOPE that my Mothers get what I have ordered and on time!

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