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non delivery of flowers

I placed an order on Sunday, August 26th to have flowers delivered on Monday, August 27th. You don't find out until you have paid and receive the confirmation that the standard delivery time is between 9 am and 7 pm. So, I called 1800 pathetic and told them that I needed the delivery to occur before 4 pm. It is now 6:30 pm on the 27th and the flowers never arrived. I called four times to find out where the delivery was and the same pat answer was given, it's on the delivery truck. I will never ever use this service again! They are a pathetic excuse for a company and people should be aware of the lack of concern, customer service and sense of urgency this company fails to offer. I hate them!!!

compensation for drivers

Times are tough and I responded to an ad on Craigslist to deliver some flowers on Mothers Day. Upon interview...

terrible service, wrong flowers, poor delivery

If you are thinking about ordering flowers form this company do not do it!!!

I ordered flowers for my mom for mothers day on may 2, 2012. I live in alberta and she lives in bc. I got a flyer in the mail from 1-800-flowers and thought I would try it out. I picked out a specific basket of flowers because they were my mom sister and my birth flowers and they came arranged in a beautiful basket. I didn't want to have my mom worry about the vase etc. Money was not the issue, I ordered that specific basket because of the content. I looked at the specified times that they could be delivered and made arrangement with my sister to have my mom be at home, she was making her dinner as a ruse. I chose to have them delivered on may 10 between 6pm - 9pm and was so excited to hear from her that she had received them.

To my surprise on may 10 my mom called me at about 5:30 to thank me for the flowers and had texted me a pic of her with the bouquet. It was then that I noticed that the bouquet was not what I had ordered at all!... Also why was she calling me before they were supposed to even be there. Turns out, purolator had delivered the flowers at 11am, she wasn't even there.In fact her room mate was the one who received them and she says the delivery guy was tossing the box around like crazy, which in turn damaged some of the flowers.

As if this was not enough when I tried calling them I could not get through and when it finally rang I was on hold for 20-30 mins each time and was forced to hang up before anyone could answer a number of times. When I finally got through it turns out they are closed for the weekend and would not re open again until may 15. My husband left a message and I sent and e-mail and called a few other times but went straight to voicemail, no representative. When I finally got a hold of someone on may 17, they told me that they would put me on a 24 hr call back list. When I questioned that logic after all I had been through I was told there was nothing that could be done and that I should appreciate that she had put me on the call back list and there was nothing more she could do and hung up on me... That is right hung up!!! A short while later a rep left a message on my phone telling me that they were going to send out a new bouquet to fix the problem.

I am not really sure how that fixes anything, but I am so tired of dealing with this that all I can do is recommend that no one ever purchases through them, it is not worth it at all. They are a very shady company in my opinion and I am not sure how they can even do business with service like this.

  • SKOR May 18, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They made a mistake and sent the wrong bouquet. She received it in time for her birthday.They were closed for the weekend when you called to complain. The person who responded to your message to wanted to help, but needed a supervisor to approve and told you they would follow up. They are now trying to correct it by sending out the correct bouquet.

    Unless the bouquet they sent in error contained shemale granny porn, crack, human excrement or radioactive material, your Mom was not traumatized by this incident.

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  • Bl
    bloved May 18, 2012

    I don't know SKOR. I got my mum tulips instead of the chrysanthemums she wanted to Mother's Day and she disowned me.

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  • Purolator Help May 22, 2012
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    Verified customer

    Hi KSawyer,

    I’m sorry to hear the driver was being careless with the box. I’d like to address this issue with the local management team if I could. Would it be possible to send me the details to [email protected] for me to follow up?

    Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.

    Best regards,

    Social Media Coordinator / Customer Care Team
    Coordonateur - Médias Sociaux / Équipe d'Assistance à la Clientèle

    Purolator Inc.
    E-mail / Courriel: [email protected] ou/or [email protected]

    Follow us on Twitter / Suivez-nous sur Twitter:

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  • An
    angryflowercustomer Oct 03, 2012

    An absolutely horrible experience!

    I ordered flowers yesterday for a 60th birthday today. I paid extra to have the flowers delivered before noon. I paid extra to have the flowers delivered in a nice vase. At 1:36 the flowers arrived (96-minutes late). Not only were they late, they came in a box and not in water (the vase came in a separate box). When the flowers had not arrived by noon, I tried to call them, but was continually transferred to voicemail. I then tried their online support 'chat' function and was told that someone would call me within an hour... after 3 additional 'chat' interactions (and 4-hours later) and each time being told that I would be contacted by phone within an hour, I have yet to speak with a real live human being.

    Needless to say, not only was the product delivered in an atrocious manner, the customer support / service was completely unacceptable and left me feeling like I've been completely ripped off.

    If I ever hear back from someone, I will be demanding a refund, however I won't be holding my breath for either!

    I will never recommend this company and will do everything that I can to ensure that nobody that I know ever uses them.
    Horrible, unacceptable and possibly one of the worst companies that I've ever dealt with!

    Buyer beware... or better yet, buyer run in the other direction!

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  • Bu
    buwitt Nov 25, 2013

    Not up to value.Ugly and disgusting! They advertise all these nice pictures, but as a result local florists sent some whatever they have in stock, bouquet is not nearly close to what was advertised. Their business model is to hope that flower sender will never actually see flowers. Guess what: everybody has a phone novadays. I have ordered this:, paid with service charges and taxes more then $70. Picture I got from the recipient is just a bunch of carnations with daisies: $7.99 at your local Wal-Mart. My advise- go somewhere else

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poor business practice

Yesterday (May 8th) was my birthday. When I arrived home there was a not left at the front door from 1-8000-Flowers stating that I had a flower delivery and they gave it to my neghibor.

I was upset by this because this for several reasons:
A) They had no right to give my gift to anyone. If I was not home they could have left a note informing me that I had a delivery and to call them to rescheduel a delivery or arrang to pick it up.
B) They do not know my relationship with this neghibor. Although they placed her name on the card they do not know our relationship. I do not knwo exactly where she lives. Nor, do I have her phone number, e-mail or a way to contact her. Aslo, by thime I bump into her on the streets to arrange to pick up my flowers from her the flowers could be wilted by then.
C) Also, the person paid for the flowers to be delivered to "ME". I have many admirers. I did not receive the card and do not know who to thank for sending me such a lovely gift.

Why do I think 1-800-Flowers is a fradulent company and lacks integrity? Because, the purchaser ordered flowers to be delivered to me for my birthday. 1-800-Flowers decided to give my flowers to a random person who verbally stated they were my neghibor. 1-800-flowers did not take ANY accountability for the order not being placed correctly. The order was a request to be delivered to me. It should have been delivered to me (Period). So now, the purchaser is out of money. And I did not get the gift for my birthday.

1-800-Flowers appear to be unporfessional, unorganized, dishonest, unreliable and conduct fradulent practice. They also attempted to ruine a special occassion. I have time off from work because it is my birthday. I took time off to relax and unwind. I should not have to spend a moment becoming a private detective hunting down a gift that they gave away.

customer service was so outrageously poor

I placed an order to 1-800flowers on May 6th in the US for a delivery on May 10th 2010. This was a very important occasion. I received the order confirmation and was told exactly when the order would be received. It was not. I have 2 emails confirming the order. Their chat service did not work. They could not find their own order number. I have 2 email confirmations. I offered to forward to them the copy of the order but they said they could not take personal emails. The order was placed in the US for delivery in Canada. The two systems do not talk to each other. Customer service was so outrageously poor that I will never never use this service again. As of this time they still can not tell me what happened.

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abusing the floral industry

1-800-Flowers is abusing the floral industry. To clarify, 1-800-Flowers also goes by BloomNet, among other names.

I have a floral and gift shop that I opened last year. I was contacted by a BloomNet sales representative who lied about the benefits of joining the BloomNet network. Excited by all they were promising, I joined their network and purchased a website and POS System through them. My assumption was that they operate the same way as Teleflora and FTD. I was so wrong.

Here's the list of the most important problems I had with them. My hope is that other new florists do some homework on and possibly read this message before signing up with them so they know what they are getting into.

1) The POS System doesn't work when you need it to most. It is a web-based system that crashes during the busy holidays when you need it to work most. To make matters worse, making them your credit-card processor is a requirement to using the POS System. This means that when the system doesn't work, you are stuck without any way to process your customer's credit cards. Will they give you a refund on the system when you asked for it? Of course not ... this is BloomNet we're working with here.

2) They constantly made unwanted changes to my website by adding and removing products I listed. They claim to "take care of the advertizing, " but what this actually means is that they have access to all your customer information to use as they wish. When I told them I was creating a new website because I no longer wanted to work with them, they started sending out emails to all my customers with another florist name where my store name should to. I saw this as them sending me a threat. How did they fix this problem when confronted? They sent out another email full of new mistakes.

3) They change the amount they charge you for orders based on how many orders you deliver so that you, as the florist delivering their product, end up losing and always owing them money. Over Valentine's day our store delivered thousands of dollars worth of arrangements for them in containers we purchased from them, so they raised the amount we owe per order based on our "higher sales" so that we actually owed them money for the orders we filled for them.

3) Communications: They constantly messed up our orders. Communication, although courteous, was useless. When a phone rep would guarantee that they've worked out an issue in our statement or with your order, we later learned that the information and the conversation was never recorded. This makes it extremely difficult or resolve anything, so it was our word against theirs. Same applies to the financial institution they set us up with for credit card processing.

4) Statements: When the statements arrived messed up (wrong product order information etc), they refuse to fix it until the next billing cycle. So, when they would add products to our statement that we did not order, we still had to pay for them or pay a ridiculously high "late payment fee" until they fix the problem on next month's statement ... to which they always add new problems.

5) BloomNet sells wholesale and then competes with the retail florist they are selling the products to. We purchased their products to be "codified" to sell the products that they display on line and in their images. However, when we listed those products online, they harassed us by calling several times a day with litigation threats until we removed the pictures and the product listings. Huh? Being "codified" to sell these products was the only reason we purchased these overpriced products from them in the first place. I do believe it should be illegal for a company to sell wholesale (tax free) and then compete with the retailer by selling the same product and harass the retailer for selling it.

5) This company was dishonest with us in every way possible. They made us jump through hoops to whenever we tried to resolve any kind of issue. Their business is worse than a disorganized business that lacks customer service skills. They intentionally lie to florists to get them tangled up in their web under the disguise of "floral networking" while they use the florist to their own marketing ends and rob the florist of money, time, and customers.

My advice, stay away from this business. They are dishonest.

  • Bl
    bloomnet Aug 22, 2011

    At BloomNet we are always willing to take care of any issue and pride ourselves in offering superior florist service. If astrainflorist will simply let us know who they are, we will do all in our power to satisfy their needs. You can call me at 5162377875. Thank you, Mark Nance - President.

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bad quality flowers/horrible customer service

Having been a good customer of over 20 years and spending more money than I care to think about with 1-800-flowers this latest incident is the straw for me. I have had two other occasions of bad flowers and misdelivered flowers. Latest incident was Mother's Day order. I ordered two identical arrangements. One for my niece that didn't look anything like the picture but was mediocre. One for my Mother that looked like the scrap flowers you might find on the florist floor after a full day of making Mother's Day arrangements. The flowers I wouldn't have paid $10.00 in my local grocery floral department for. To be frank, the grocery store has more beautiful arrangements than what was delivered to my Mom. I paid the upgraded charge to make this a "Large" arrangement which the website states is supposed to have "more flowers" and "higher quality flowers." What a joke! Trouble is I'm NOT LAUGHING. I called customer service who assured me they would make this right and send out a new arrangement to my Mother the next day. I was very clear that I wanted a note made to my account that this florist was not to be used to deliver the new arrangement. Well, the florist called my Mother and berated my Mother with statements like "What's wrong with our flowers?" and "Well if you want a new arrangement, get in the car and bring the flowers back to us and we'll exchange it." My Mother is 73, retired, not in good health with a bad heart. The last thing she needed is an unprofessional florist calling and upsetting her. I called customer service again, even angrier and more frustrated. I was assured that this should not have happened and that this customer service agent would see to it a new arrangement was sent to my Mother the next day. Well the next day came and went, you guessed it, NO FLOWERS!! Then the next day I received a voice mail from some new guy saying that they couldn't send the same arrangement and that I would have to go on the website and pick a new arrangement and then call customer service to go through this all over again. At this point I have spent more time than I care to fooling around with this insane situation. I called customer service and explained from the top the story. They apologized and said they would send her flowers the next day. Again, no good deed goes unpunished, again NO FLOWERS!! Finally today my poor Mother received a box of unarranged flowers (not what I originally paid for). Six roses and some cheap filler flowers. By late afternoon the petals on the roses were falling like snowflakes. My Mother told me these flowers looked wilted and in bad shape. I'm all for giving people second and in this case third chances. This is it! End of the line! I'm taking my business elsewhere. I just wonder how a company that goes on "Undercover Boss" and talks above how important the customers are to them can have such a substandard florist and such poor customer service follow through. In today's competitive environment and the tough economy I would think they would be more concerned with customer satisfaction. PLEASE THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU ORDER FLOWERS THROUGH THIS COMPANY. There are too many other companies out there who care about their customers and see to it that they resolve any service issues.

Pamela Dennis

order never arrived, but I was billed

I ordered flowers to be delivered from 1800flowers for the Saturday before Mother's Day. They never arrived and I never receive any contact saying they would not arrive, despite the company having all my contact information. They did charge my credit card. When I contracted the customer service representative, she told me they did not have a vendor in Eau Claire Wisconsin so they could not EVER fulfill the order. She offered me 20% off my next order. Does she think I am that stupid that I would use them again? I requested a refund that took a week to come. This company is definitely not legitimate.

misrepresents themselves as a 24/7 company

On 4/10/11 I placed an online order for flowers from (Bloomex) at 11pm. I bought the Fields of Europe for Spring which I thought came in a vase. Immediately upon receiving my order confirmation I realized that I had made a mistake. The flowers did not come with a vase they would arrive boxed or wrapped in plastic. The flowers are for a 89yr old who is legally blind, lives in assisted living, and not able to arrange the flowers herself. So I immediately went back to the website to correct the order. I wanted to change my order to something that would arrive in a vase. On the website there is a button to push to speak to a live customer service representative (CSR) I put in my name, order# and explained why I needed to change my order. Then I waited. After 30mins I called the 800# but that kept going to VM all I could do was leave a message. After trying to reach someone online or over the phone for over an hour I gave up. I started calling the next day 4/11/11 starting at 8:30EST. Several times through the day I held on for a CSR (I am convinced they don't have any) and was always put through to the same VM that promises a phone call back. By the time I got home Monday night there had been no calls to my cell phone and no calls home (I will be happy to provide phone records if needed) I decided to go online again and try to get a CSR there again. I filled out the same box with my name, order# and new message “I want to cancel my order!” to my surprise “Nicole” popped up with a quick reply “A manager will call you tomorrow.” The next day, 4/12 went by with no return call so when I got home from work I called again but this time pushed the button for new orders not existing orders and someone answered! I explained the situation and she couldn’t have really cared less. Her response to me not getting a phone call back was “Well, maybe they didn’t know what you wanted.” Our solution to the problem was that they would do “Fields” as an arrangement instead because if I canceled now they were going to charge me $25. I received email confirmation from AB stating that the order had been changed as discussed. The flowers were to be delivered on 04/15. I call the intended recipient on 4/16 and she raved about the treats I sent but said nothing about flowers. I asked her if she had received any flowers and she said no but that somebody had given her “a beautiful Lily in a pot that could be planted outside.” The problem is that the “Lily in a pot” could either be the arrangement from me OR an actual plant that was sent by another relative for her Birthday. She is blind and has dementia so I can’t rely on her I have to rely on the feedback florist. So I checked my email for delivery confirmation and there wasn’t any. So, I called the order desk again and a nice young lady answered and tried to confirm for me that the flowers had been delivered. She came back on the phone and told me that she didn’t see anything that indicated that the flowers had been delivered but that AB was the manager who changed the order and she would have AB call me back shortly. That was yesterday around 1pm. I haven’t been called or sent an email confirming one way or the other. My debit card has been charged $75.73 for the flowers (plus almost $3.00 in international transaction fees) At this point I have no choice but to believe that the flowers were not delivered for my Grandmother’s birthday and I am requesting a refund of my full purchase price of $75.73 (US) I am not going to waste anymore time trying to chase down a “manager.” They present themselves as a convenient 24hr/7 day a week business online and on the phone but that is certainly not the case. It’s outrageous and it’s false advertising. I chose to use the online service for the convenience of being able to order at 11pm on a Sunday instead of having to find time during a busy week to take care of this. One of the worst customer service experiences I have ever had!!! I have filed a complaint with the BBB. Hopefully, I'll get my money back.

  • Sa
    saadis01 Apr 21, 2011

    My order was messed up too

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  • An
    angryflowercustomer Oct 03, 2012

    An absolutely horrible experience!

    I ordered flowers yesterday for a 60th birthday today. I paid extra to have the flowers delivered before noon. I paid extra to have the flowers delivered in a nice vase. At 1:36 the flowers arrived (96-minutes late). Not only were they late, they came in a box and not in water (the vase came in a separate box). When the flowers had not arrived by noon, I tried to call them, but was continually transferred to voicemail. I then tried their online support 'chat' function and was told that someone would call me within an hour... after 3 additional 'chat' interactions (and 4-hours later) and each time being told that I would be contacted by phone within an hour, I have yet to speak with a real live human being.

    Needless to say, not only was the product delivered in an atrocious manner, the customer support / service was completely unacceptable and left me feeling like I've been completely ripped off.

    If I ever hear back from someone, I will be demanding a refund, however I won't be holding my breath for either!

    I will never recommend this company and will do everything that I can to ensure that nobody that I know ever uses them.
    Horrible, unacceptable and possibly one of the worst companies that I've ever dealt with!

    Buyer beware... or better yet, buyer run in the other direction!

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no flowers delivered

I ordered flowers for my mom on her birthday. The flowers didn't arrive when we we expecting them. I called the next day, they promised to resend them. Apparently they never did, because when I called again they told me they will credit me back. Two weeks later with no refund I called again, they said something about a coupon towards my next purchase.

I still don't understand why they didn't refund me the money. I have no desire to shop at their store again.

  • Ar
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Flowers was order for mothers day 5.12.07 was not deliver, not even shipped. Promised to be deliver on 5.14.07. Never was delivered. Please do not use

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  • wecare Apr 17, 2014

    We're here to help! Please accept our sincerest apologies for the issue you have posted. Please email me at: [email protected] with: your name, the recipient’s name and the delivery date of your order. Please also include an email address and a contact phone number where you can be reached. Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you and resolving this for you promptly. - Tina Flowers

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When you order flowers they will sign you up to a program that is called Live Well and its is some kind of club that bills you every month for something but I don’t know what..tried to talk to a supervisor but got no where..I am on Social Security on a fixed income as a senior citizen ..I order flowers because my best friend sister passed..could barely afford them…ended up bouncing checks and losing my apartment because this Live Well took out $35.99 for a club fee ?

bait without even the switch pricing

Less than 12 hours ago I put the Gund puppy in my basket for my daughter's birthday (see below)
Happy Birthday Puppy from Gund® Code:25003Qty:1$12.99Total Price: $12.99 & the total for the order including shipping was Merchandise Amount: $12.99
? Shipping Charge: $4.99
Sub-Total: $17.98
Tax: $0.00
Order Total: $17.98
I needed to add a message as it was from her brother, submitted the order & this is what came up:
Prices of items in your shopping basket have changed, please remove these items and add them to your basket again. Now they want $19.99 for the same puppy & $12.99 for shipping instead of $4.99 - all to the address that had been entered last night for a TOTAL of $32.98 instead of the $17.98. There was no notice on the web site that this was a 1 day deal. I called & the first rep was both rude & insulting - calling me a liar. THIS IS A SCAM. When you find something you want, magically within hours the price changes. It was for delivery at the end of Feb. I could see if it was a fresh flower order - but this is a STUFFED TOY. Did Gund raise its prices overnight - no one can explain why shipping has gone up by over 250% within hours to the same address. BUYER BEWARE.
At least I saved a pdf of the shopping cart, notice and all. I would love to know who to complain to in the government.

fraudulent company

I went through today. Didn't know it was associated with Bloomex. Boy did I get screwed.

I needed same day delivery service as someone had just lost a family member and I could not be there with them. I ordered around noon a nice bouquet. I received an email saying delivery would happen between 12 and 5pm today.

I spoke with Courtney who provided the business address for the company as 1-9 Capella Crt in Ottawa K2E 1A7. I expressed my displeasure with the fact the flowers were not delivered today. She said to check the confirmation email as It says the delivery is not guaranteed when outside of the normal delivery areas.

The email actually says delivery would be today between 12 and 5pm. I offered to show her the email and she said she doesn't need to see it.

I said I wanted to cancel my order. She laughed and said it was too late. She also laughed when I mentioned the "100% satisfaction guarantee" that is listed at the top of the website. She then hung up.

I emailed to cancel the order just to back myself up.

I called Visa and the first thing they said was whether I was disputing the charge by "Bloomex". I couldn't help but laugh as this confirmed to me that Bloomex was the company running

I will be disputing the charge.

  • Ha
    Haydee T May 12, 2013

    TERRIBLE COMPANY! I ordered flowers to be delivered to my mother-in-law for Mother's Day on Friday, May 10th. I spoke to her today (Mother's Day) and they were never delivered. I tried calling the number listed for this company - 800-491-0671 and you get a recording saying their voice mailbox is full. Yes, I'm sure it is full - OF COMPLAINTS FROM DISSATISFIED CUSTOMERS LIKE ME! BEWARE! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! IT IS A SCAM!! I will be disputing the charge on my credit card and will refuse to pay anything to these crooks!

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operator cut me off after about 15 minutes

I ordered flowers for my girlfriend in Upstate NY for the Friday prior to Valentine's Day. The flowers didn't show up. I sent 1-800-Flowers begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1-800-Flowers end_of_the_skype_highlighting a message via their website to complain. They encouraged me to call them to seek resolution. I did this, even though I am based outside the US and could therefore not take advantage of their free 1-800 number. The first time, the operator cut me off after about 15 minutes. Her key aim seemed to be to get money out of me, and I didn't think this reasonable under the circumstances.. so I guess she decided to hang up on me! The second time a new operator claimed her computer had frozen. The third operator transfered me to another department and I was then kept on hold for ten minutes. At which point I gave up. Awful experience. I emailed again to point out that I had no success with calling their customer service: no response so far received. No flowers. Nothing. Shocking.

  • Ro
    Rodney Feb 14, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Flowers never came and it was Valentines Day. Customer service was no help and flowers were promised by a certain time. I am filing a claim with the consumer reports and also telling my credit card company that I never received the flowers and I am filing a fraud claim.

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  • Je
    Jennifer Linden Feb 15, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    There are numerous complaints across many Web sites about 1-800-Flowers. It has now happened to two Valentine years in a row, that flowers ordered by my husband from this company were not delivered on Valentines Day. Last year he even paid extra for a Valentines Day delivery. Its the day after and I have yet to recieve the flowers he ordered. It wasn't smart to order flowers from a company that messed up once before, but he had faith. I called customer service to track the order, since I will be leaving my office soon, and they couldn't even tell me where the flowers were. But they did offer me a gift certificate for a future purchase.

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beware, no delivery

I had a time sensitive Mother's Day arrangement. I paid for same day delivery and by 6 pm that evening the flowers had NOT been delivered. In fact, they were NEVER delivered, but said they had been delivered two days later, with a signature. Delivery was at a university which was not even OPEN on a Sunday!!! SO this was clearly false! They only offered a very small partial refund as well as redelivery A WEEK after Mother's Day! All reps are overseas/offshore, yet with American names. They do not care, will not make the customer happy! This is the SECOND time I have used this company and the SECOND time something went wrong! Buyer Beware!!!

  • Ma
    MarC09 Jan 05, 2010

    I wanted to send my best friend of over 50 years something special for Christmas. She lives in another state and means the world to me. She loves plants and is especially fond of cactus. My health is not good and I found a site with Christmas Cactus. I thought if I were not around it would be nice for her to have the cactus bloom each Christmas as a reminder of our friendship. I placed the order with 1 800 Send Flowers. Paid $67 for them to be delivered 2 days before Christmas. Instead she received a small tin pot of poinsettias!!! I was so embarrassed! What a cheap crappy gift. When I contacted 1 800 send flowers and told them how upset I was, they didn't bother to apologize or comment in anyway, instead they sent me an e-mail thanking me for being a valued customer and offering me $5 off my next order!!!

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bad service

I sent this email to customer care. Still no response or phone call!

I ordered 2 all about you bouquets, 1 blooming joy with 1 vase and a card. 3 different orders all sent to one address.

My sisters recieved the 2 all about you bouquet but my mother did not recieve the blooming joy, she recieved a empty vase.

I called that same day and was told someone would call me back. No one called me back. The next day I called and a woman told me they sent out a order to resend it that same day. That never happened. Today, 4 days later, I called again and I was told they would resend my order.

I told the woman... I did not want my order resent. My mother would not be home, mothers day was 3 days ago, and I was just not satisfied with the service and all the broken promoises I was promised. I just wanted a refund for what I didnot recieve. She said to me " theres nothing I can do for you" and hung up the phone.

I called numerous times, left over 18 messages, spent hours on the phone. Only recieved 1 phone call back from a woman who hung up on me. Please, please, please. I spent $211 of my hard earned money and im sooo frustraded that no one is hearing me out. I just want someone to listen to me. Im praying someone would try to understand why this is important to me. My mother recieved a empty vase for mothers day. I have tried to be patient, but im sooooooooooo frustrated because your customer service hung up on me after she told me your company "has wasted one to many flowers" and accused me of lying when I told her I didnt order 3 vases. I can assure you. I am not a liar. I work hard, im honest. I have no reason for putting myself through all this frustration to cheat anyone. All im asking for is for someone to call me and listen to me.

(No one has called, not one response through email) I cannot believe a this company doesnt care about their customers. Therefore I will tell everyyyone I know... Anyone who mentions flower... And anyone with ears... I will tell them not to use 1800flowers!

  • Sa
    saadis01 Apr 21, 2011

    Wish I had researched on the company before... My order was messed up too.

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  • Ca
    can not believe it Jan 01, 2012

    DO NOT ORDER FROM You are going to be disappointed!!!
    First of all, just to be fair I did get refund for the undelivered flowers I ordered. But what had done to me is not forgivable.
    I ordered 4 baskets of flowers $89.59 each 4 days ahead of time for my mother's funeral. I requested them to be delivered to a Chapel between 9:00am and 12:00noon for 2:00pm viewing service. I called the Chapel at 12:00noon on that day to find out that there were no flowers showed up. I called 1-877-450-8664 3 times between 12noon and 12:30pm. I was told again and again that someone will call me back. Around 1:45pm, I called the 4th time and asked to talk to a manager. The answer was I reached the sale department, and the sale people do not have ability to connect me with anyone. The only thing they could do was to leave a message for the manager to call me back. There was nothing I could do at that point the service went on without the flowers and no explanations from the company either. I did get a delivery notification email though said the flowers are delivered at 2:00pm later the same afternoon.
    I got a phone call from the company said she was sorry the next day and asked whether I would like to have the baskets delivered to a different location. I wonder what she was thinking.
    A very unhappy customer

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  • Jz
    Jzee Mar 23, 2012

    A very bad company. I ordered 4 dozen long stem premium roses cost over $200 and only one dozen was delivered. It was for our grandma'sbig 80th birthday. Customer service only willing to refund the 3 dozens they did not send. How about the not so premium one dozen and the ruining of the occasion? very unreliable !!!

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  • Gt
    Gtsewa2 May 12, 2013

    I ordered for mothers day..sent order on is Sunday at 2am. put a post on a standard answer...gee whiz...we are sorry..please tell us how we can fix it. Then was ignored. Reported them to BBB and also RCMP as scam artists...They took my money and never deleivered a product.

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  • Ke
    kexy Nov 05, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Very unreliable company. Prices are high and quality is so so. I used them before for Edmonton- it was a local delivery. Now they ship overnight from Vancouver. My fiance told me that they just arrived frozen. I would not use them in winter. Period. Pictures looks nice, but what you get is completely different.

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  • Rr
    RR18 Dec 23, 2013

    frozen flowers. what a mess

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  • Mj
    mjhmjh May 16, 2014

    I ordered flowers for Mothers Day (2014) and I had initially put the date as the 15th. I caught this before I sent in the order and changed it to May 8. When I checked my confirm, the date was still for the 15th. I called and had the date changed to May 8.
    Were they delivered May 8? NO I called and couldn't get through to customer service and had to leave message. May 10 I sent emails via contact us. No response from anyone. My daughter told me they had arrived Sat night so I thought no more about it. Today I get an email from my Dad that the flowers arrived for Mothers Day on May 15. At least they were received...
    100% smile guarantee? What a joke. They don't care about customers.

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  • Ya
    yashwanth.258 Aug 08, 2015

    Similar experience for me. I ordered a plant for my friend's birthday as I resided far away from her place. Later we found the plant they kept in website is different from what they delivered. I seriously disappointed as I selected the plant to represents proper feelings.

    Don't ever try to order it because you regret later !!!

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failure to deliver flowers

This is NOT resolved to my satisfaction. The savings pass does me no good! I will NEVER use your service again. I relied on you to deliver a gift to my mother. I paid you a week in advance but you kept my funds and then waited till late Saturday afternoon to tell me that you could not deliver the flowers. Much past the time that I could make any other arrangements. My mother ended up getting nothing for mother's day.

I believe that consumers should know that they should be wary of the claims of A lousy email to notify me of their failure of service and their inadequate apology is not acceptable. Why did they ask for a phone number from me when I ordered the flowers? Certainly not to contact me.

I beleive that consumers should know that they are potentially wasting their time and money by attempting to use their service and if they do take a chance with that they should do it only if they don't care whether the flowers are delivered or NOT!

Angry Customer

  • I ordered flowers for Mother's Day but none were received. When I called to check on why they were not delivered, I was told they could not be delivered until Tuesday after Mothewr's Day on Sunday. I had been promised a Friday delivery date. I was not called or notified in any way about the non-delivery.
    The person I was put in contact with to resolve issue was located in Quatemala, Mexico...need I say More...Anyhow, after offering me the order for half price since it wouldn't arrive until Tuesday now, I refused stating that I would never use them again and I thought I should now get the flowers free of charge since their business practices were so ARCHAIC, because they didn't even give me the courtesy of a call or an email to tell me they were not shipping. Anyhow, he told me I would receive total refund and that he would not cancel thje Tusday delivery. TO MAKE A LONG STORY not so long, the Flowers have still never been received, and they won't be. BECAUSE, When I checked my credit card account on-line a couple of days later, I was given the refund, But it was listed as a "RETURNED "item. They must get a TAX WRITE OFF...YA THINK?????????? How many thousands or millions of TAX WRITE OFFS did they get just for this past Mother's Day... THINK ABOUT IT...Is there any Honesty in Business anymore???????? NO!!!

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Up until now, this has been a legitimate, user-friendly site. Try to believe this: I was unable to update my credit card and new email address on their site. I had to contact customer service -- and then spent the next HOUR on the phone with a Central American rep who could barely understand English, made me spell each word several times, a letter at a time, and we had to repeat this several times. It was incredibly frustrating. I'm dumping this service after 8 years. Ever heard of "web forms?"

they don't care about the consequences to the consumer

On Monday morning, July 6, 2009, I ordered flower from because they guaranteed same day delivery. I needed them delivered today. Price was not the issue. I placed the order, they accepted it, charged my credit card and e-mailed me a confirmation. That evening I received an e-mail stating that their florist would not be able to deliver today after all but they could deliver tomorrow and would compensate me for the inconvenience. I replied stating that only if they could deliver in the morning. I assumed if I went elsewhere I wouldn’t get it any quicker.

I didn’t hear back from them so Tuesday the 7th I e-mailed again asking for an update. Tuesday evening I received an e-mail stating that they could deliver the flowers today if I wanted them to or I could cancel. I replied stating that I would like them to deliver if they could today but I needed confirmation.

By 10:00 am Wednesday, I realized that this just wasn’t going to happen. I still had not received a reply. So I e-mailed them cancelling the order. It is so unfortunate that these large companies promise a service, take your money, knowing they will not be able to deliver. It’s obvious that they don’t care about the consequences to the consumer. I wonder how long it will take to get my credit. Any bets?


Ordered two bouquets (882394 &882396) for Valentines Day, both looked like they were bought in a grocery store check-out line, looked nothing like the picture on the website. One lived for about a week, however the expensive roses arrived with one dead, and survived three days; based on that alone. Never Again!

This really is not my biggest complaint. I ordered these Flowers in the early morning of the 11th of February, to be delivered the same day in the evening. This generated two extra charges. $11.99 for the same day, and $4.99 for the evening (on each bouquet..for additional charge of $38.37 incl tax.

20 minutes after ordering, phoned (1-800-Flowers) to advise that nobody under their contract delivers in the evening in my area (suburban London), and the flowers would have to be sent by CanPar (courier); sometime the next business day.

The flowers arrived at 5pm the next day, and 1-800-Flowers processed the credit card charges as if they honored the delivery request I originally requested and charged the $38.37 delivery fee for Flowers that came in a cardboard box by courier a day later, not the same day in evening I requested and paid an extra $38.37 for!

The flowers did not look anything like the picture on their website, and I paid $140.00 for check-out flowers, that would have been $19.98 if I went to the local discount grocery store, no vase, nothing!

I wrote an email to 1-800-Flowers advising that they charged my credit card for the original delivery terms that they could not live up to, and here it is March 1 - and they have failed to reply or credit the difference back to my credit card.

Poor Service, Poor Quality, and Internet Shipping Fee Bandits! NEVER EVER AGAIN!