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no flowers = worst mother's day ever!

I placed an order for a flowering plant on 5/01/07, to be delivered the Friday before Mother's Day, 05/11/07. Given the fact that I ordered so early I figured that delivery of my Mother's Day gift was guaranteed. When I called my mother on Mother's Day, 05/13/07, I was told that she never received a delivery. She was understanding, but I could tell that she was disappointed that she did not receive anything for her special day. I ran the tracking number, provided by, and I found out that the package would not be delivered until Monday the 14th. The item showed to have been shipped on 5/09/07. This means that the plant would already be a minimum of 6 days old before my mother would even receive it. Well my mother did receive her plant on the 14th, but she stated that several of the leaves were dead and dried up, and that the entire plant was very dry and on its deathbed. I have sent an e-mail to, to ask about a replacement or a refund of some sort, but I have not heard back from them. I suppose my only recourse will be to try and get my bank to reverse the charges on my credit card. I understand that Mother's Day is a very busy time for a company like, but given the fact that I ordered a full two weeks in advance I feel that there is no excuse for this poor level of service. I paid a premium for 2nd day air shipping, and yet my package took 5 days to get to its destination. I guess next year I will have to do more research in order to find a more reliable company to do business with. In the meantime, my mother has a half-dead plant in her house, as a symbol of what a poor choice her son made when shopping for that perfect gift to show his love and admiration for his mother. For those that like to spend a lot of money for a gift that is a day late and a dollar short, look not further than! =o(

  • Ma
    mathias May 30, 2007

    Couldn't agree more with all I've read here about 800 flowers. You order early, get confirmation and tracking information that things are happening and by the end of the day after the close of business you realize it's been nothing but lies and really nothing short of a scam. Then they refund your money. If they were truly interested in servicing their customers, they would provide a 2 or 3 times back your money guarantee. I guess that would be a put up or shut up customer service program.

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  • Me
    Melanie A Apr 29, 2008

    I ordered flowers to be delivered same day to a friend who had just returned home from the hospital. They were never delivered and by the end of the business day, the florist called them (which was supposed to be a surprise) and not me to say they would be delivered the very next morning.

    The next morning came and no flowers. I spoke with 2 different Customer Service reps who were very rude to tell me that the delievery would be made between 2-4pm. I enforced that if there is an issue to call me. By 5:00 PM, no flowers were yet to be delievered and I did NOT receive a call. I called and spoke with yet another rude customer service rep. who basically said to me "what do you want me to do" so I demanded to speak to a supervisor. She explained to me that the florist said they were delivered which was totally false. I basically had to demand my money back and the supervisor put me on hold to call the recipient to confirm if the flowers were delieverd. Once she confirmed she did not recieve flowers, my order was cancelled when I checked the order summary online. My money has not been credited back to my check card and it has been a few days. I will keep checking but this was a very unprofessional and tacky experience dealing with them altogether. Another friend warned me previously about their lousy business ethic.

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I ordered flowers that did not arrive. When calling to complain they said its not their problem and told me to dispute it with my credit card company if I had a problem. This is the second time this has happened with this company, after talking to other its apparently a very common practice by them.

Damage Resulting. Spent the next 30 days trying to get re-reimburse. Had to order product somewhere else, and basically spent extra needless hours and resources on the phone to resolve the fraud.

anonymous flowers? tough!

My mother received flowers for her 82nd birthday today. The card had a message on it but was unsigned. A call...

valentine's day was ruined for me and my wife!

I ordered some flowers from for my wife for Valentine's Day to be delivered to her at work. The delivery was guaranteed to be delivered on Valentine's Day and never got there.

I got worried around 2:00pm on Valentine's Day, so I decided to call and check on the order.

When I called the message said that all of there representatives were currently busy and ended the call. I didn't even have the choice of waiting to speak to someone.

I never got through to anyone on Valentine's Day and my wife never received her flowers. The day after the delivery person called and said that she was unable to deliver the flowers yesterday and couldn't say what time she could deliver them today. I called the local place that was delivering the flowers since I finally had the number that I was trying to get from 1800flowers the day before when I couldn't get anyone. I asked about the guaranteed delivery date for Valentines Day and I was told that I would have to take that up with 1800flowers.

I still can't get in touch with 1800flowers. I just keep getting cut-off. Valentine's Day was ruined for me and my wife! I would not recommend 1800flowers to anyone. I had a guaranteed delivery date but no flowers and couldn't get anyone form 1800flowers. A company that big should have a way that someone could get in touch with someone when there is a problem instead of just getting cut-off.

  • Updated by Debi Muntz · Apr 15, 2020

    Ordered through Was delivered by mail not a florist. Was half frozen. Leaves were broken and flowers fell off. Was smaller than expected. Paid $70 for this. Am not happy.

  • Oa
    Oakie Feb 18, 2007

    I went through the same thing as you. This is very frustrating. tried to give me a $3.00 credit. I demanded a full refund and took this matter up with the Better Business Bureau.

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  • Pa
    Patricia L. Caviness Jun 21, 2007

    My daughter knowing that I collect crystal sent me flowers in a crystal vase. She ordered them from Conroys Flowers in Oxnard California, they were never delivered. When I called I was told that they had been left with the apartment manager in the office. I then told them that I was the apartment manager and I had been in the office and no flowers had been delivered. They then sent over a small bouquet in a basket. I asked about the crystal vase and I was told that due to high demand for the item they had ran out. No refund was given for the extra cost of the crystal vase. While many florists are honest and hard working a heavy season can wear hard on deliveries, but we should all get what we order This past Mothers Day, I was sent tulips by my two sons in Texas. They were from 1-800 Flowers, the tulips were wilted and yellow. I thanked my sons and I did not tell them the condition as I did not want to spoil a great gift they were so thoughtful to send. My deceased husband was a florist, so I know the high demand at holidays. I personally want to thank all the people who give me flowers while I am alive as I do not want them when I am dead.

    Thank you to all who have brought flowers into my live. Sincerely, Patricia Caviness, Crane, Missouri

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  • An
    anne Feb 21, 2008

    My husband orderd the flowers from for Valentine's Day to be delivered to her at work. It was ordered by "guaranteed to be delivered on Valentine's Day" and never got here. I was waiting the whole day. i went down to the recepient, and i saw there was a flower for someone else from I wonder why they did not deliever my flowers at the same time.

    My husband called many times ! but he got cut off due to "hight demend of call [email protected])#[email protected](#&" (what ever). Eventually, he finally went through 6 days (wow..they are so popular). The lady on the phone made such a wonderful promise like "We will do full-refund to you and send a full package to your wife. In addition, your purchase later one will be always 20%off" And "Please expect the package will be deliever tomorrow, and contact us if it is not delievered by end of day"

    Which did not happen at all... i was waiting in my office all day... we got another disappoint AGAIN !

    He called up and told the lady at "" about the package...and she said... "Oh... we don't do full refund and send a free package at same time !!"

    WOW... I think... don't you put like "most satification" on the site? Guess what... if you don't want to ruin your Valentine's Day, Order from other company.

    By the way... i order the chocolate from Paris for my husband, it actually got there in 2 days...

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  • Cr
    Cruizer Dec 21, 2009

    My experience with was terrible also. I ordered 1 week in advance, a birthday arraingement to be delivered to a cruise ship in port at Port of Miami. I confirmed delivery a few days before the due date and was told everything was fine. I emailed and called them to let them know the ship leaves port at 5PM sharp and the proper terminal number and was told not to worry, it will be there. Then on the day of delivery, at 3PM, I get a call from 1800flowers asking me to call them. Seems there is a problem with delivery. First, they needed a money order for $5.00 in order to deliver to the port. Then they needed to be licensed to be able to deliver into the port. My God, don't you think this would have been routed to a company that actually has done this before? They weren't very apologetic and actually told me that I didn't have to get upset about this small inconvenience. They could simply deliver it to my fiancee's when she returns 6 days later. Real nice...never again!

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  • Fj
    fjb0925 Sep 18, 2019

    hese flowers were terrible!! They started dying after day 2. They were delivered with broken stems. I ordered EXTRA LARGE order and received tiny !!!
    I'm totally pissed, make this right or I'll never place another order with your service, and next stop will be "YELP"

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  • De
    Debi Muntz Apr 21, 2020

    Was delivered by mail not a florist. Was half frozen. Leaves were broken and flowers fell off. Was way smaller than expected. Paid $70 for this thing. Not a happy customer. Will probably not use you again.

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misrepresentation & lies!

Failed to Deliver Flowers as instructed; in fact they didn't even check that the local store that was to deliver was open, we found that out from a second representative after the first representative said the flowers would be delivered by 7 pm (which was a complete lie)... by that time we could not go out and get the flower ourselves.. this is the second time this has happened... this time was worse given the misrepresentation (lie)!

  • Updated by Ann Luhr · Jan 06, 2018

    I ordered $80.00 worth of flowers and the colors were wrong . I was so disappointed I will never call 1 800 flowers again and I will be telling my friends.

  • Valerie Feb 16, 2007

    On February 12th I called 1-800-FLOWERS to purchase a half dozen roses, a bear and a box of chocolates for my girlfriend in Alaska.

    I placed the order, paid $100.64 for it and everything seemed to be going fine. Valentine's Day came and the gifts were not delivered. 1-800-FLOWERS called my girlfriend the evening of the 14th to inform her, instead of calling me, that the florist had gotten her phone number wrong and that was why her flowers had not been delivered. The representative stated that the delivery would arrive shortly. February 15th came. Still no delivery. I called 1-800-FLOWERS, once again, to find out why the hell her flowers had not been delivered. They told me that it was the fault of the florist and that they would check into it and call me back. I never received a phone call. Her flowers were delivered at almost noon on the 15th. Now, every time I call them no one will even speak to me and their automated service is designed to hang up on you if all of their customer service representatives are busy. I am very dissatisfied with the service that was provided to me. 1-800-FLOWERS is not the type of company that I would ever recommend. It wouldn't have been so bad if they would only have talked to me about the mistake. It was, however, their mistake.

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  • Th
    Theresa Feb 16, 2007

    My Husband ordered me flowers for Valentines Day. After taxes and delivery costs it ran him about 140 dollars. They carelessly made many mistakes from the beginning and still have not fixed the issue. Firstly, 2 days before Valentines day I received a call at our home and when I answered the party asked for my husband, I said "He's in the shower, may I take a message" they said sure please tell him the 800 Flowers has called. So, there went my surprise, well this is no biggie compared to the arrival of the flowers. When the flowers arrived they looked horrible, they were DEAD! I felt so sad but angry that my husband spend this amount of money on dead flowers. So I called them and surprisingly the representative was very apologetic and promised to send another arrangement at no cost and a 25% refund and promised they would be at my doorstep no later the next day or day after. Well 2 days later and still no flowers. Now when I call there isn't one representative that will even apologize, every representative that I've spoken to says "all we can do is put in another request for redelivery". Not even an apology??!! What kind of company does this, I have never been treated so rudely in all my life. We will make sure to never use their services again, and I will make certain that everyone I know is well informed of their horrible customer service and poor quality of flowers.

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  • Ju
    Julie Anderson Sep 09, 2007

    For my birthday my boyfriend spent $85 dollars at and they looked like a blind 2 year old put the arrangement together in a butt ugly dollar store vase. There was no creative effort. They died within 2 days. Therefore I tend to believe they were not fresh. For $85 dollars go to your nearest grocery store pick out a beautiful vase, fresh flowers and you'll have a beautiful gift and money left over to go out to dinner. I complained to them they claimed that they had never received a complaint before and offered only 20% off my NEXT purchase. Do they think we are fools and purchase from them again? Instead I plan to spread the word how much of a rip off they are because I feel that they no effort to make this right. Since then I heard of other complaints. BEWARE DO NOT USE 1800FLOWERS.COM!!!

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  • Je
    Jean E Graf Jul 24, 2008

    Ordered get well flowers for my granddaughter. I ordered 6 peach or white roses w/a bear and two baloons. Rcvd a call that they could not do balloons but would substitute a few more roses instead.
    My granddaughter rcvd. 6 yellow roses, no balloons and no bear. Small version of picture and charged $87.00. Again, charged my card immediately and has made no adjustments to the price to my credit card.

    Very inconsiderate and poor business.

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  • Th
    The color of unhappiness Dec 10, 2009

    My wife just ordered TWO arrangements from this company. At first, I questioned why they charged so much for delivery, as that was typically built into the price of local florists. THEN, we get notices that they sent them by UPS! So, rather than receiving an arrangement that is all fluffed out, and handled at appropriate temperatures as expected from a florist, the recipients got packages that could have been sent from a factory in China. What a rip off!

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  • La
    Lalaisloved Aug 21, 2018

    I ordered 2 separate flower deliveries for Mother's Day and neither were ever delivered. I want a full refund including $20 service charges for both. $79.97 + $77.97 totaling $156.94

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  • An
    Ann Luhr Sep 02, 2018

    I went to a funeral for a dear friend and ordered from 1800flowers. The colors I picked were important to me. And what was delivered was all wrong.
    My family was disappointed and we will never call 1800flowers again.

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