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I'll never do business with this company again

I followed the instructions on the 1-800-FLOWERS website to order a funeral arrangement for a close friend. The website accepted my order for the arrangement to be delivered the next morning. I received a call in the afternoon of the scheduled delivery date to notify me that the arrangement had not been delivered in time for the funeral. The worst part of this is that the representative tried to blame the situation on me for not calling 1-800-FLOWERS directly. Of course, this information was not provided at the time I placed the order. I'll never do business with this company again.

unauthorized charges

I am an investigative reporter looking into consumer complants about TLG LIVEWELL and 1800-flowers regarding unauthorized credit card charges. I am looking for people from Colorado who have had this happen to them and would be willing to help with this story. Contact me at heidi.[protected]

  • El
    elizabettys Jan 01, 2011

    Here is some class action info regarding the companies above:

    Trilegiant is behind more consumer abuse. Take action and contact Freed & Weiss - info @ freedweiss (dot) com (No Spaces), or call, toll free 866.779.9610

    Here's more information:

    Customers of websites like, Travelocity, Shutterfly, and Orbitz (to name only a few) are reporting mysterious monthly reoccurring charges to their credit cards.

    Thanks to marketing tactics (i.e., those pop-up windows) used during check out, without proper consent consumers are accidentally joining club memberships and having to pay for them monthly!

    Other tactics include bogus mailings of checks, text messages, and automated marketing when you call to pay a bill by phone.

    Most people don't even realize they are being charged every month for a service they never ordered!

    PLEASE CONTACT FREED & WEISS IMMEDIATELY if you - or anyone you know - has reoccurring charges after purchasing from any of these companies.

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ripped me off

How I loathe it when big companies think they can afford to lose even one customer! I ordered and paid for same day shipping. The next day my order was send to the complete wrong address. 1-800-flowers has a terrible customer service department that likes to make excuses. They would not honor their satisfaction guarantee and I got the run around for days when I asked for a refund. Their goes my $60.00. Since I got no where, I am filling a fraudulent claim with Visa and they will get my money back.

livewell charge

In July, my boyfriend bought me flowers through 1800Flowers.
Today, (9/15/09), We found a charge on his statement of $38.99 by LiveWell. We called the number immediately but their office isnt open until 9am. So we did our research and apparently this seems to be a reoccuring practice by 1800flowers!
The 1800flower representative said LiveWell is their partner company and she said she's never heard of this happening before and that we should handle it with LiveWell.
We are pissed off that a company like 800Flower is still doin business.
We were signed up for something was not mentioned at all by 1800Flowers Representative. This a fraudulent unauthorized charge and I will be making a call to LiveWell first thing in the morning!

  • El
    elizabettys Jan 01, 2011

    Anyone in this situation should call Freed & Weiss to join a building class action against the company behind this scam. (It's pretty easy, just call them and tell them your story).

    Trilegiant is the company behind this abuse. They use bogus marketing tactics to get people to unknowingly sign up for memberships and then people are charged every month, again and again.

    Call Freed & Weiss! Toll free: 866.799.9610. They need to hear from you so that they can move the class action forward and put a stop to this terrible customer abuse.

    Email: [email protected]
    Anyone in this situation should call Freed & Weiss to join a building class action against the company behind this scam. (It's pretty easy, just call them and tell them your story).

    Trilegiant is the company behind this abuse. They use bogus marketing tactics to get people to unknowingly sign up for memberships and then people are charged every month, again and again.

    (Tactics include pop-up windows during checkout at another site, text messages with fake gift certificates, bogus checks in the mail, and automated recordings when you pay a bill via phone).

    Call Freed & Weiss! Toll free: 866.799.9610. They need to hear from you so that they can move the class action forward and put a stop to this terrible customer abuse.

    Email: [email protected]

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a non-delivery for a funeral

I am listing this complaint due to correspondence from 1-800-flowers. I am truly perplexed by how many times a ball can be dropped. My advice, use a local florist that will not continally pass the buck.

Refer to the bottom correspondence:

Ms. Davila,

I want it to be understood that when I spoke with Derrick on 9/13/2009, my instructions were not to cancel the order, but according to Derrick's instruction to... make the order right.

That is why he actually took my husband's cell#, (as I am a teacher) to make arrangements to have flowers sent to our neighbors at 1-800 - flowers expense, since it was your company's mistake.

Again, another miscommunication when I feel as if I have communicated in a clear and concise manner. I am definitely not someone who wants a free handout, (especially when your flowers would not benefit me), but I am someone who had enough faith to believe that when a company "screws up" as much as 1-800-flowers, they would have the decency to be true to their word. That did not happen.

I am perplexed as to how all of this could have become so convoluted. Again, I chose not to cancel but to rectify. I wanted nothing more than what was the 'right' thing to do. It is well beyond that now. Time has passed and this was a lost opportunity. I am sad to say it was because I put my faith in your company to undo the wrong. Instead, just more passing the buck.

Salem, VA

> Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2009 17:09:16 -0400
> Subject: 1800Flowers.Com Order #W00542402942079 (KMM17836893V60242L0KM)
> From: [protected]
> Dear Nancy,
> Thank you for contacting us.
> Nancy, we are so sorry that you had such a problem with this order. We are sure we would feel frustrated too if it had happened to us. Please rest assured this is not the standard of our service.
> We apologize that this happened to you. We know you wanted to show your neighbors how special your friend was. Unfortunately, since your order has been canceled after your phone instructions of 09/13/09, we are not longer able to make a redelivery to the family's home.
> We totally understand and this should never have happened to you, it is not the way we do business. We are so sorry; we would feel the same way.
> If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at the address listed below.
> Sincerely,
> Aida Davila
> Sales and Service Specialist
> [protected]
> Original Message Follows:
> ------------------------
> Customer Service Inquiry:
> Request Date:09/14/2009 16:03:13

> Order Number:W00542402942079
> Order Date:09/12/2009 00:00:00
> Recipient Name:Marie Wade
> Category:Feedback
> Comments:To Whom It May Concern:
> Late Friday evening, our neighbors became aware of the passing of a parent of one of our dear neighbors.
> I was asked to take up funds and place an order with 1-800-flowers, to show our respect and sympathy for this dear friend.
> I placed the order before the 11:30 time limit Sat. AM for a same day delivery. After myself and my neighbors went to the funeral home on Sunday, the 13th, there were no flowers represented from our order. I went to the funeral director to see if perhaps there was some mistake, and he said that no flowers were received from our party.
> I immediately called 1-800 flowers and spoke with Derrick. He apologized and initially offered me 20% off for the order that never arrived. I told him that was totally unacceptable, and he told me that he agreed, and since it was Sunday, he would have someone from 1-800 flowers call me on Monday, and right this embarrassing wrong.
> Derrick said that your company would send an order of flowers directly to the home of the family, with an apology note, stating the intent of the neighbors. He also said that there would be no charge for the flowers that were never delivered.
> Today, being Monday, at 3:50, I never received a call from your organization, and what Derrick promised was not honored. I just spoke with Donna, and she told me a full credit would be given. There was no other offer. I do understand that, but how many times can a ball be dropped by a company?
> Thankfully, we do not have to rally for such an occasion often, but I am truly embarrassed to have to give neighbors their money back, (begging their fogiveness), and replacing sympathy with apologies to the family who lost a loved one.
> The berieved family is prominant in our community. I plan to advise each of my neigbors and all who will listen, to think twice before using 1-800-flowers. This was a time when it really mattered to 'get it right'. Sadly, there was no follow through on any level, when I played by the rules and trusted what 1-800-flowers said, in regard to same day delivery.
> N.M. Salem, VA

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unauthorized charges

I ordered flowers through i800flowers. 1. They sent the flowers but didn't include a card. 2. After I complained they said they would give me a 20% discount on my credit card; I received 10 % 3. They authorized tlg live well to charge 38.99 to my credit card account. I did not authorize this charge. I do not want to belong to tlg live.

I will never again order from 1800flowers!!!

  • Valerie Oct 31, 2008

    We make many orders with 1-800-flowers On 1 order my wife clicked to do a survey. She did the survey and we were hit with $11.99 charge from TGLivwell. She never gave her credit card info. They got it from 1-800-flowers. It asked if she wanted a discount on next order. Of course you would say Yes. Apparently, this enrolls a person in Livwell. They then charge $11.99 a month ongoing.

    This is the sneaky, low integrity crap that businesses do to try and stay below the threshold where people stop the charges. Integrity applies at any dollar amount. The strategy here is to make this a low enough amount that people will not notice it. It is time people noticed. Integrity matters in business. Full disclosure matters no matter the amount.

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missed delivery, again

My complaint is the same as many others... Not delivered on a special day. Flowers ordered well in advance so that they would arrive on the birthday of a newly deceased spouse so that hopefully, the day wouldn't be so painful. Flowers weren't delivered and when I called the next day, 1-800 offered to send them the following day at 50% off??? What good would that do??? Give me a break. It seems that the only part of their service they can do in a timely way is to make sure that the billing is done. The billing is done the day of the order... Not the day of the delivery??? Never, never, never order from 1-800-flowers. Thank goodness I used my american express as they suspended payment immediately.

  • Ka
    Karyn Mar 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered a simple arrangement for my mother for Easter. As she loves bold colors, I ordered a hot pink roses and alstromeria combination that looked fantastic online. When it arrived, it contained not hot pink roses but red roses (2 of which died within 2 days of arriving). The difference is not minor, especially when you pair red roses with hot pink alstromeria. When I complained I was informed that the fine print says they "sometimes" have to make substitutions. I would hope that such substitutions were actually THOUGHT about before doing something so ill-considered. Flowers are a visual gift and are generally selected visually. No one asked if this substitution was acceptable to me. If they had, I would have said no and made another selection. So the lesson here is simple. If you care about what the flowers look like, don't use 1-800-FLOWERS (aka ProFlowers). I certainly won't use them again.

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  • Bi
    Bikranes Jun 19, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had recently ordered flowers for mother’s day, I ordered a few different orders one to may mother in NY with flowers and candy, and one to my wife in FL.

    The order to NY made it there fine and was left at the door, the order in FL: I was called the day before mother’s day at 7:30 PM and told that the driver was trying to reach me all day. This is not true as I was home all day, the driver then said he would deliver it the next day which was mother’s day and I said fine.

    At 1:00 PM on mothers day I got a call from India it was 800 Flowers and they said the driver made a few attempts to deliver and that they would have to reschedule the delivery for another day, WHAT ?

    I explained to the young lady that barely spoke English that this was mother’s day and delivering the flowers and candy on another day was unacceptable not to mention the driver never made a delivery attempt.

    I was promised a call right back, never happened and as of today I still have not got a refund.

    I have used 800 Flowers many times before and consider myself a good customer I guess they don't view me that way and really don't care.

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  • 18
    1800babe Sep 04, 2010

    I was in the floral business for over 35 years and I heard all the complaints posted over and over again. You take a big risk ordering anything over the internet expecially something as personal as flowers
    for a special occasion or person. In the future i suggest to anyone ordering flowers to always have on hand a local florist and deal with only them. If you maintain a close personal relationship with them they will always strive to keep your business, because as we all know that trust and loyalty is earned. When orders were processed on busy holidays the on-line or wire service orders were usually second in line to our more personal or home accounts, because we knew that they were our bread and butter so to speak, I'm not saying that we didn't take the utmost care with the others, we always strived to give the customer what they wanted . hope this helps all dissatisfied onlineflower buyers.

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  • Es
    esj0909 May 10, 2011

    This is the absolute worst company ever, they took my order to be delivered on Mother's for the rep to enter the wrong damn date and then told me there was nothing they can do about it. they then offer to deliver them for free the next day. i call the next day and now the flowers were no longer in stock, then they claimed to have found a florist that has the flowers and can deliver them. they finally deliver the bouquet and they sent the wrong damn bouquet and a smaller one at that. i have been calling and getting in there a** every hr and i will continue to do so until they deliver the right damn bouquet.

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  • Mo
    mommyofone Dec 18, 2013

    I ordered flowers for same day delivery to my friend who is terminally ill and on Hospice with Stage IV Breast Cancer that has spread to her brain. I placed the order on 12/17/2013 to be delivered. As of 5 p.m. 12/18/2013, still no updates on the status of my order. I finally called them to find out that the flowers had not even been sent and they were scheduled to have them sent out on 12/19/2013. When I called and spoke with customer service, all they could tell me is that none of the local florists would fill the order and they were rejecting the order. I went on the internet and searched for local florists in the area and placed a phone call and within 5 minutes I have an order going out first thing in the morning and it was cheaper and the delivery fee was much less. I will never do business with 1-800-flowers again. I will call the local florist and place the order myself. If you want something done right the first time and on time, I recommend you do it yourself.

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  • Mo
    mommyofone Dec 18, 2013

    I ordered flowers for same day delivery on 12/17/13. I never received any status updates for my order. When I finally called customer service on 12/18/12 at 5 p.m. they said the order would go out in the morning. This is unacceptable. I ordered these flowers for my best friend who is terminally ill and could pass away any minute. They said they could not find a local florist in her area that would take the area. I got on the internet and found five florists in that area on my first try. I called the first one on the list and they are going to have an order out for her first thing in the morning. The flowers were cheaper and so was the delivery fee. I will never do business again with 1-800-flowers. I highly recommend before you order from 1-800-flowers to call the florist directly yourself first.

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mother's day complaint

1) I spent 90CAD on the bouquet (Fields of Europe) including all the special surcharges for morning delivery, etc. The delivery was late and my mom decided to go shopping after waiting for four hours at home. The flowers and vase were left at the door in a box while she was away, not arranged.
2) On the web picture, I saw bright yellow lilies, red roses and daisies... but the box at the door contained white carnation, chrysanthemum and some small purple flowers. Chinese only send white flowers on funerals... Imagine how my mom would feel on Mother's Day when she opened the box!!!
Being an ocean apart from my mother, I naturally would have to put a lot of trust in the internet service providers for gift delivery because occassionaly I want to show her how much I love her and miss her... I feel betrayed by 1800flowers not because of the $$ I spent on some grocery shop quality flowers but when I imagine how my mom must have felt opening up the box of white carnation and mum... the disappointment on her face...
I am usually quite easy-going but this time I have to let everyone to know my experience... I would not want to see another disappointed face because of

mother's day complaint
mother's day complaint

  • Ac
    ACS1107 May 12, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is really disappointing to hear. I have always wondered what the flowers you have sent look like when they get to their destination. No one is going to call you and say "Hey, thanks for the flowers, but they look like you picked them and mailed them yourself!"

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  • Al
    allen R May 29, 2009

    I agree completely, I ordered an expensive set of flower for mothers day to be delivered on Saturday. But these thugs, cheaters fake the delivery and posted delivery date on thier website, but the floweres were never delivered even after contacting thier automated online reply system.
    I finally requested full refund after two weeks, still waiting for it.
    These guys should be shut down. I will do my best to ask CA atterny General to invetigate this company for misrepresentation and misleading and taking advantage of people.

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  • Lo
    Los Angeles Jun 01, 2009

    I had the exact experience on Mother's Day. I ordered the same arrangement you did. One for my mother and a second for my Mother N Law. My mother received her flowers, but they were nothing like the pictured arrangement. My mother n law never received her arrangement even though I paid extra for each delivery to be on Saturday. I called customer service and they canceled my mother n law's order and stated that they would issue a full refund. Two days later my mother n law's order arrived at her house. I still haven't received the refund. I emailed 1800flowers and the customer serv rep Ashley Gerhardt replied stating they had processed a full refund on 5/10. I never received the refund. I called customer service today 6/1 and spoke with Marc who said there was some kind of problem that they were working on and someone was going to call me regarding this order. So apparently Ashley lied when she said it had been taken care of. I won't hold my breath regarding the phone call and I will file a complaint with my credit card company. Don't use this service it is a rip off.

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delivery and condition of product

I placed an order on 5/5/09 for delivery of a flower basket by 5/8/09 (In time for Mothers Day).

I received a confirmation that my order would be delivered by 5/8/09.

On 5/9/09 I received an e-mail confirmation that my order was just shipping and would be delivered by 5/8/09. Excuse me? It just shipped, obviously it was not going to make it there as promised.

I contacted the company by e-mail and advised them I would never order through them again as this was the 2nd time this happened with this same company. They sent me a "credit of $20.00" for future use :(

My Mom received the gift basket today 5/11. The box was damaged, the basked overturned and dirt all over the place. It was supposed to be the daffodil garden. The tips are broken on the plants that have started sprouting. Not only was her Mother's day gift late, it is totally defective. But hey, I have my $20.00 credit for future purchase!

So much for their 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • Jg
    JGooch May 18, 2009

    Followup from my earlier post -

    As a result of 4 phone calls and 12 e-mails which included sending photos of the damaged product, 1800flowers finally sent my Mom a new flower basket. Of course they didn't have what I originally ordered but claimed to have sent a higher priced item. It appears based on their site, it does cost approx. $10.00 more. Also it was delivered by a local florist, not shipped UPS. It took one week of both me and my mom contacting them to get this straightened out. I was told, in my final conversation with a customer service supervisor, that my order had been deleted and they could not validate my complaint however by sending my e-mail confirmation and my order number multiple times, they were able to correct it. Grrrr...

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no delivery/poor service

I placed an order for one of the Mother's Day specials that were so heavy advertised both on television and interent. The delivery was set for Saturday by my choice to account for the Sunday rush. No delivery! Calls to their tracking dept phone number would be disconnected each time I would either speak, or manually enter my order number. Today no luck either by website tracking or telephone. After multiple attempts and waiting on hold for twenty minutes I spoke with "William", operator or something another #48269. He spent another forty-two minutes between my being on hold, and stating that he was unble to find my order, he can't access it, and then as I watched on the websit tracking my order SUDDENLY appears a second time and is entered as 5/10 instead of 5/8. Note: the order from 5/8 was still displayed. He says after all this that the order cannot be filled due to the heavy volume of Mother's Day, yet had no answer as to why no delivery could be made the day prior. After all of this I then see an entry on the website tracking utility showing that I had cancelled the order. These people are as "fly by the seat of your pants" as I've ever dealt with. On top of all this my demand for a confirmation email as to my card being credited back has yet to come, and they "should" have the card credited back within three to five business days. I am furious! Not to mention that my girlfriend in Texas and her mother, to whom I was sending the flowers (from Ohio) are without any flowers for Mother's day! I have utilized their customer survey and filed a complaint with their in house customer service. I cannot help but think that it too will be met with the same high level of service, interest and satisfaction (sic) in which the initial order was dealt with.

  • I want to add my comments to the list of complaints about this company.
    When I called to report my dissatisfaction in the quality of the flowers, the 'customer service' person was rude. My Mother's Day flowers never opened, instead I was left with a bunch of dried up and shriveled buds.
    Please save yourself the aggravation and order from a more customer friendly and reliable organization.

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did not deliver flowers

I ordered flowers for my mother on Friday before Mother's Day. They were to be delivered on Friday. On sunday, Mother's Day, they still had not been delivered. I had not been notified that they were not delivered and when I called for status, I was told they didn't know why and all they could do was reschedule for Tuesday. Told them I wanted my money back and they told me 5 - 7 business days to credit my credit card. I work in service. To credit a card, you chose the credit option and run the transaction. When you post that days receipts, the credit goes through just like a charge. They can take my money but not deliver as promised? NOT good business practice. I will NEVER use them again and will tell EVERYONE I KNOW about their incompetance and poor customer service.

failed to deliver

Place an order on May 1, 2017 for delivery on May 8, 2017. This was to be a Mothers Day arrangement for my...

terrible service

I have had not 1, but 3 consecutive bad experiences with ordering flowers via 1-800-Flowers. The first time was for a funeral of a close friends grandmother out of state. Of course I was assured that they would be delivered the day of the funeral. They never showed. When I called them to complain they said there was nothing they could do, but offered me a 20% discount on an order that didn't show up in time for the funeral. I asked them to escalate the issue to UPS. Again, they said there is nothing that they could do since the shipping records showed that the flowers were in UPS' possesion. Knowing that was a complete and total lie, I called UPS directly and after several hours on the phone with them demanded that a UPS supervisor personally take the flowers and drive them to the home of my friends parents who lost their mother. That was only done because I took charge after 1-800-Flowers washed their hands of the situation.

For Mothers Day, I gave them one more chance. (I don't know why) I placed 2 orders for 2 dozen roses be sent to my mother and my daughters mother. After not recieving an e-mail conformation of the order I called them and they said they'd resend one. I never got that either. I called back in the following morning and was told they see the order but they don't know where it is or where the flowers are. I asked to speak to a manager who gave me the same line. I then asked to speak to HIS manager and he told me that he is as high as it goes and he doesn't have a boss there. I told him that I was honored to be speaking to the CEO of 1-800-Flowers. He said that he was not the CEO of the company to which I replied, "Then you DO have a boss Sir!" He stated that somebody should call me back before the day is over to which I disagreed and spent 3 hours on the phone refusing to leave until I got answers. Nothing came of it...Flowers did not show up for Mothers Day and I'm left to pick up the pieces and do my own detective work.

Once upon a time they used to be reliable. That hasn't been the case over the past few years...their service and reliability is so far sub prime it's sad if not illegal for them to be charging people money to be abused. DO NOT USE THEM AS YOUR FLORIST...YOU'LL ONLY BE DISAPPOINTED AND ANGERED!!!

  • Ch
    Chris2130983 Feb 02, 2010

    My mother recently ordered flowers and experienced the same exact problem. Spent 3 hours on the phone. Flowers are 2 days late. They said they would send complimentary roses but didn't know if any florists would have them in stock? Come to find out they never even put in that order for the complimentary roses. UPS tracking # doesn't even exist. Account never refunded for flower order they couldn't deliver.

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  • Fl
    flowerscanceled May 11, 2011

    i had ordered a beautiful flower arrangement for my mom-in-law from 1-800-flowers and they just simply canceled the order the day before without ever notifying me. Apparently they could not find a local florist ????what? how is it possible?
    Anyhow, need i say how disappointed everyone is.
    I will never use them again and encourage everyone else not to.

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  • Go
    GoEyi Feb 13, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was in the process of placing an order, and found out the price was much higher than what was listed on the website. So I cancelled the order and put in a new order for less expensive flowers. I was told that the first order was cancelled and that the new order would be delivered at 2 pm- this was an order of flowers for my wife for Valentine's Day. I called UPS to confirm the tracking number, but UPS said their tracking order numbers have no resemblance to the number I was given. Additionally, UPS does not deliver at certain times; the order would have been dropped off between 9 am and 4 pm rather than at a specific time. I called right back to cancel, but was told it was too late. I explained that I was given wrong information, that I had just placed the order five minutes before, but they said they could not offer a refund. I then called my credit card company, and they said that there were two charges to the account- so Flowers had double-charged me. I told Mastercard that I had been given wrong information, that I had been told I would receive a confirmation e-mail which never came, and that I had been given a wrong shipping number. Lots going wrong here. Amazing how when I called their voice message said at this time they could not accept any changes or cancellations due to high call volume, and yet when I selected the option to place an order I got right through. So has time to take our money, but no time to back up their service and correct errors made.

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  • N4
    N4adia Mar 28, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    - the gift was nevwr delivered and I've been charced for it!
    - customer servise representatives are not wiling to help!!!
    - never order from them!!

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didnt order out of state flowers

I was ordering the next term book for my daughter literature class and wouldnt you know as the sametime that I used my credit card to pay for this hard to find locally, book, that she needed. Well, I decided to buy it out of state to get it "out-of- the way". Not only did I get the book in time, ...seems the added bonus of someone else sent someone else FLOWERS TO THE TUNE OF $19.99 on my credit card, and that happed 3 weeks in a row from the same location/strip-mall area I found out where I bought my daughter's book. ...BUT IT WAS IN NYC> I LIVE IN AZ !!! What a rip off !Though I did get my money back after investigation. hahahaahahah!!


I ordered the Christmas centerpiece that was so heavily advertised on television. It was to have been delivered to my daughter in another city. I paid $58 by credit card. What they delivered was a little pot of mums I could have gotten at Publix for $10. I called and complained. The service rep. apologized, said they had run out of supplies but that they would re-deliver the next day. Nobody ever showed up. When I called again, the service rep. told me they don't issue refunds but that they'd give me 20% off the next order. I said "You've got to be kidding! I wouldn't order from you again if it were free!" I disputed it on my credit card. The company is now lying and saying that they tried to re-deliver the flowers but that my daughter refused to accept them. DO NOT BOTHER WITH THIS COMPANY!!! IT IS A RIP OFF!!!

  • Valerie Apr 18, 2008

    The website says 100% satisfaction guaranteed. They decide whether or not you are satisfied. They will not give your money back. Please don't order from them.

    I ordered for a funeral; it was time sensitive. They called and left a message that they could not fill my order and wanted to (completely) substitute. When I called them back, they told me that (1) they could not confirm if my order had been delivered or what had been delivered and (2) I could not cancel my order. They told me that 100% satisfaction guaranteed does not mean that I can get my money back even if my order has not been delivered.

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  • Gi
    Gillian May 11, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My first time ordering with this company -- and never again.
    My mother's cousin's 92nd birthday. On May 9 I ordered arrangement be sent to her on her Birthday - May 11. Yes, I know that's also Mother's Day - creating large volume of orders. ...But not til May 10 did an rep phone to say that arrangement was out of stock. The rep hunted around and came up with another arrangement that could/would be delivered either on the 10th or the 11th. As of now, 1p.m. on the 11th, I've had no confirmation regarding order and have phoned the recipient twice...she has not received any flowers.
    I've phoned 800Flowers twice - spoken also to a Supervisor - who cannot guarantee anything...they say they've spoken to the local florist, who doesn't have time to check whether or not they indeed have the order, because they have so many orders - being Mother's Day. Florist says that they stop deliveries at 4 p.m. today (it is, of course, Sunday). 800Flowers say that they continue delivering until 7p.m. Who to believe? I still have no confirmation via e-mail from 800Flowers -- the phone reps are unable to give me any definitive word/confirmation on my order as to whether or not it will happen today. And, sadly I have now lost the opportunity/time to call one of the recipient's neighbors in Manhattan, to ask if they would buy/deliver an arrangement for which I would reimburse them.

    800Flowers -- if you can't handle such a Holiday volume of orders, then post a cut-off. You are disappointing your customers - I will never EVER order again from 800Flowers!

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Failure to deliver

Pop ups all over the place on line for Valentine's day delivery of flowers.
Ordered approx. $70 worth flowers and candy to be delivered Valentines day to my mother in law from her husband.
Flowers never showed up.
Spoke to "Call Center" employee- with the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee posted all over- the only thing they would do is deliver by Tuesday and give 50% refund or cancel order all together.
This is not 100% satisfaction for me. Would not allow me to talk to supervisor and have yet to hear back from them!
Terrible Service!!!

charged credit card but no delivery.

I placed an order with 1800Flowers on 2/5/09 with a delivery date of 2/12/09, 1 full week in advance. After speaking with the person whom I scheduled to send flowers to for Valentine's Day, I am informed they NEVER arrived. So much for the surprise huh?

I called 1800Flowers customer service line twice. 1st time, the rep asked to call me back and did so within 30 minutes, stating he had spoke to the florist they routed my order to and the flowers were on their delivery truck and would arrive in 60 minutes or less.

3 Hours later, still NO FLOWER DELIVERY ... I call customer service for the 2nd time, I am placed on hold for 10 minutes, when I do get a rep on the line, I am given nothing but excuses. I am furious by now, ask to speak to a supervisor. I am placed on hold for 30 minutes, no one ever picked up.

I would strongly suggest to anyone who wants to have flowers sent delivery online DO NOT USE 1800FLOWERS.

I will be calling my bank to dispute the charges they made to my credit card and have spoke to my attorney who tells me I can file suit for fraud since they charged my credit card account and did not follow through under the terms of their service!!!

Mr. Huff

fraud & lies

I ordered and paid for flowers. Received confirmation of delivery. Flowers never arrived. Called company. They confirmed flowers were delivered yet no flowers arrived. The order was submitted to be delivered 2.11.09. Received another confirmation. Call company again. Again, they confirmed flowers were delivered and left at residence. Again, no flowers. While on hold with customer service, they call recipient of flowers and she was told that no flowers were shipped. I had 2 employees of this company both put me on hold, call the florist and both tell me that flowers were delivered. One lie after another. I canceled the order. While on the phone, I received another confirmation of an order that I never placed and my credit card was bill. This company advertises 100% satisfaction guaranteed. This is the biggest lie of all.

  • St
    Steakpak Feb 11, 2009

    I've been had by them too. I ordered a calla-lily arrangement in a basket that I thought looked nice. When the flowers were shipped, I didn't get calla-lilies. I don't know what kind of flowers they sent but they were ugly and in the basket the calla-lilies should have been in. I called to complain and they said they would reship for no charge and I could keep the ones I did get. They were for a birthday so it made for an awkward situation. They did reship, except they sent the same exact thing. When I called again to complain, they said sometimes the flower shops they deal with don't have an item so they'll replace it with something similiar. Cala-lillies are rather expensive and I'm sure that both of the wrong flowers I received wouldn't total up to what I spent. I wasn't offered any kind of refund. They did offer a 20% discount on my next order. Don't think I'll be using that anytime soon though.

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  • An
    Ann Mar 12, 2009

    I ordered flowers for a colleague to be delivered to our office 3 days in advance of her BIrthday. 800 flowers never delivered the order and never sent me any kind of status change. I called the 800 number and was told the weather was bad in D.C. and that the flowers could not be delivered...I thought this odd because we have a large corporate HQ in D.C. and none of our folks had trouble getting to work. Day two, same thing - no delivery. I called 800 flowers and was told "delivery would definitely be made today"! Of course that never happened. Day three, I received a confirmatin email from 800 FLowers that the delivery had been made. I called my colleague and was informed that she NEVER received the flowers. So, again I called 800 flowers and they admitted the delivery was not made, apologized for the "mixup" and promised to deliver today! Day four, still no delivery to my colleage...I called 800 flowers AGAIN and asked to speak with the Julie L.Kaufman, Director of Customer Service that is listed at the bottom of the delivery confirmation page. I was told she was "unavaialble". So I asked to speak with any supervisor...after having to explain my situation to 3 additional customer service reps, demanding again to speak with a manager or supervisor, and being placed on hold for nearly a half hour, a man by the name of Charles Stine picked up. It was like pulling teeth to get him to give me his name and title. After explaining the situation again - he offered me no apology and told me they could either try to deliver or refund my money. When I asked to speak with his supervisor, Charles said "my supervisor does not answer the phone, I am the only person you can spealk with". What a joke -- no attemp to make this right what-so-ever! Well 800 Flowers you can be sure I will tell all my corproate connections, friends and relatives that they hould NEVER use you! Your delivery and customer service is a joke!

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paying too much for flowers

If you have ever paid for flowers through 1800flowers or any other online vendor that does not have an actual store, you are paying close to $15.00 over the cost of the flowers just for their fee. The worst part is, you rarely even get what you see in the picture, and they don't tell you that.

As a florist, I try to educate our customers all the time on how these online services work. The strange thing is that even though customers are "online" to place the order, they rarely look online for a local florist to fill the order personally, and these online companies like 1800flowers, FTD, Teleflora, WesleyBerry, Flowersallhours, ALL OF THEM, send the orders to the local florist anyway.

It is then up to the local florist to fill the order, and most always, if they don't have the same vase or flowers, they send something "similar", which based on costs of the flowers could be a lower value.

Now let's look at costs. Say you have a $40.00 arrangement you want to send someone. Add to that the $15 the online company charges you for delivery and handling, and you are paying out $55.00. The local florist will get $31.20 of the money you paid, as they also take 22% off the retail price as a commission. So, in effect, you are spending $55.00 but only getting an arrangement that is $31.20.

By using a local florist, you are insuring they get paid fairly for the work they do, saving yourself a minimum of $15.00 (more during holidays!) and taking out the middleman who has nothing whatsoever to do with the creation or delivery of your arrangement, other than forwarding it on to someone. Now, after all this, isn't it just more simple to go to the source?

  • Th
    The unknown Mar 03, 2009

    I totaly agree with the Florsit and not the beltering "idiot" above. You do pay $13 and up for 1800flowers services here's the kicker. They have out sourced employment. An American company that hires those they can pay $3 an hr to. Let's say an average is 12 order per hr. (i happen to know at holidays this is a extreame low average) if you know your math that is at the very least $120 pr hr pr employee (outside the us and there are hundreds if not thousands of them) There overhead is not that great when they have to pay Americans but it's a hell of a lot more then pocket change and you are less likely to get an someone who can't do the job unless they are new. Do they screw the florist? Well, they don't exactly tell them to bend over so I guess you can say no, they rape the florist! If you want happy flowers sent yes call a local florist your self your sitting in front of the computer look up the number and call. Most have a web site you can view samples of what they have. No you can not get a trademark 1800flowers arangment but a florist would be an "idiot" to tell you they can't make something close to it, and if you give the florist the extra 15 you can get exactly what you want plus more and know right then and there if they have the flowers. The only benifit to paying the extra is someone else has to do the dirty work if the florist is out of a flower you just cant live without. A hint about florist most know another shop in town and will recomend or will go to great effort to get the flowers you need and all the time are more then willing to let you know when the truck comes in and if the flowers are bad. Even if they are on there last flowers it's a birthday they will work with you to get a little something there for the birthday and what you want as soon as they have fresh flowers. I say hire AMERICANS pay americans to do what you want done and love the USA!

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scam and cheating

Order from 1800Flowers was not shipped as promised. Someone from 1800flowers actually called me on the day of the order and advised that it was a difficult order to fill but assured me that is would be delivered prior to Christmas. I was sending this as a Christmas gift to family out of stat. As of 12/29 the order had not been delivered. I called 1800flowers and they advised the order will NOT be filled because they could not find a remote flower shop to put the order together and deliver it. THEN why put the items out on the website and take the consumers money prior to KNOWING the items are available for shipment/delivery. And at the very least they could have told me!! I waited and waited and finally called them and then I found out the order would not be delivered. They did offer my money back. We will see if that comes through. I DO NOT recommend using 1800Flowers and I DO NOT have anything good to say about them and this was the first and LAST time I will use them!!!

  • Re
    Regina Célia Duque Apr 23, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I 've been a victim of 1-800 flowers also. They kept delaying and delaying, now they say that it was delivered and it is not true. The show no proofs of what they are saying. These people are cheaters.

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  • Pa
    Pamela Kay Feb 16, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Another Victim! I ordered flowers that apparently they never had to begin with and were not delivered. I then placed a new order, which, more time and hassle to only have it happen yet AGAIN. The time alone was a hassle, none of the employees speak proper English (likely also within the scam, they certainly understood I wanted my money back) every letter spelled out for them, sometimes several times. When I called to tell them nothing was received and I wanted my card refunded, they replied that "We can only give you half back as the order was placed, we can send an apology to recipient, and give you 20% off your next order"! Oh my word!! My time, two orders placed, no flowers ever delivered and charged and the audacity of their reply! More time spent with my bank today to open a fraud claim.

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  • Rk
    Rkhb Feb 15, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    My 1st and LAST time I’ll ever use 1800 Flowers!

    1) Agent language barrier caused huge issues
    2) Agent gave me wrong customer ID for tracking
    3) Agent guaranteed and confirmed delivery date, then changed without notice or asking me
    4) No email or any confirmation
    5) Called to cancel order, transferred and left on hold 1x for 37min 2nd time almost 1hour
    6) Asked for supervisor but given runaround when there was no one
    7) Agent left my “ticket” open so no other Agent or Supervisor could access my order to cancel and refund me
    8) Was told I’d be contacted to be refunded when “ticket became available (NEVER HAPPENED)
    9) then CHARGED TWICE! I don’t have the money spent nvm charged twice?!
    10) Couldn’t be refunded bc order was “in-process” but nothing done on florist end!
    11) Come to find out the changed delivery date was again wrong (per their local florist) and can’t deliver until 4-5 days later
    12) Florist now not answering so I was told by Agent to “Wait and See”!
    13) I had to remind Agent that all my calls are/were recorded by them and they should review and own up to the lies, wrong information given to me!! JUST MAKE IT RIGHT! ... but of course they don’t have access to information (the recorded calls) that’ll prove CUSTOMER WAS WRONGED!!


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