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this company is a total rip-off and prays on lonely singles bank accounts

This company is a total rip-off and prays on lonely singles bank accounts. I signed up for a 3 month membership with this company for a charge of 39.95 — they charged me 69.94 and I have tried to contact them about this and their phone number is a joke and their e-mail ( customer service ) is a joke also. when I did finally get a responds from them ( after threating them withh BBB inquiry and bank dispute fillings ) they said that the extra 29.95 was a one time membership fee — and on their site it does not say anything about a additional 29.95 fee on top of the 3 month membership ( NO WHERE !! ), and when you complain to them about this they just put a filter on your account so that you no longer can send or receive messages – leaving the account totally useless and them holding ALL your money. My bank says that they can’t do anything about this and I am just hoping that the BBB can do something to help me, , , what a headache !!! — do not sign up with these people — they are crooks. what makes this even more messed up is that back in January ( of this year ) I had signed up for a one month membership and I was only charged the 19.95 – nothing else ( no 29.95 fee ). so along with my complaint and all the others, believe what you read, , Zoosk is a SCAM — if you would like to read more about this complaint ( full version — go to http://zooskscam.webs.com/ ). this company pilfers money from lonely singles all over the world — don’t let yourself fall victim to their Catch-22 legal loop-hole, , they are ### and need to be stopped —- AND they are not the only dating site out there practicing this fraud. WATCH OUT !!! do your homework before giving out your debit/credit card info.

continual unauthorised card payments

I subscribed to Zoosk In August 2010 I met a new partner in September 2010 so unsubscribed but still recieved mail from zoosk, In December my relationship ended, I contacted Zoosk In january 2011 and told them I wanted to unsubscribe due to the behaviour of my ex partner as I did not want to be at risk of this happening again however they made it very difficult for me to unsubscribe and continued to send me matches and mail from men wanting to chat I made a couple of visits to the site since which tells you your subscription is due for renewal wether you like it or not they take unauthorised card payments from your account . I used my Maestro card twice in this time and now because Zoosk have my card details they have decided to take payments from my account without my permission and the amounts of payment fluctuate . On the 2/8/2011 an unauthorised payment of £71.93 was taken from my account an amount that I never agreed to nor would as I simply could not afford to pay this left me in finacial disaster, I sent them an email asking them to return the money to my account as I had not agreed to this and therefore it was unauthorised, I also told them once again that I did not wish to subscribe, this has been ignored and they continue to send me mail and matches, this is causing me a great deal of stress and pushing me into financial hardship . I will now have to cancel my card to insure that they will no longer take these unathorised card payments . I hope you can help me by having Zoosk compensate me for payments taken without my authorisation . I look forward to hearing from you on this matter . Thank you Gayle Colquhoun

  • Do
    DOBBERSTOKES Aug 08, 2011

    This website is for complaints only, to make other people aware of bad companies/service. This website is not run by someone who can arrange compensation!!!

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stay away from this one

So I just heard about this new free dating website called "Zoosk.Com" and figured I would give it a try. Even...

fake pictures

Zoosk are using my friends picture on their online advertising. She isnt even registed with the site, never been on it at all!!

  • Ka
    katy88 May 27, 2011

    we have tried, but you need to sign up to contact them! they are shocking when it comes to contacting them!
    We think someone has stolen her photos and made a fake profile of her! SHOCKING!!

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  • Ka
    katy88 May 28, 2011

    Okay sent them a message, now lets see if they actually reply!

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I have been trying to cancel since Oct. 2010. They still continue to charge my credit card. I have called and emailed. Do not sign up. YOu will never get out!!!

  • Ch
    Chad Willis 75 Jul 14, 2011

    Zoosk I no longer want your services ok I just want to cancel my subscription to you all I do believe I got 6 months more I already paid for them you guys are charging to my card 2 times I did it I don't need the services. Please take me from your site ok get back with me through e-mail when its done please I do believe you have my e-mail ("[email protected]"). Thank You and have a good day.

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  • Li
    Linda West Jul 13, 2012

    Agreed ~ Zoosk is not reputable at all. STAY AWAY FROM ZOOSK. Really. BAD NEWS. Bad bad news.

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its a scam

I joined Zoosk for one month even after a friend warned me - stupid move. They lure you in with woimen that supposedly have messaged you, then the messages were almost all the same, or two different computer generated response. I have demanded my money back from them. I have enough self-confidence to fight them and report them here, but its absolutely pathetic that the lonely people who are too timid or embarrassed to respond get burned. Please let me know if there's other ways to get compensated by them...thanks

  • Th
    The utter Truth Jul 25, 2011

    Zoosk is crap!!! they cause you to think people are flirting with you when there NOT!!! its automatically done by the site to send you flirts from people that aren't flirting with you at all!! I payed for one months subscription and they tacked on another 22 bucks for a first time user fee plus, I only e-mails I ever got were from people trying to get me to go on another site like Yahoo.com where their not monitored so they can try to SCAM you out of money.Zoosk dating is complete ###!!! don't get me wrong I'm a decent looking person but, I just live in the boonies were you don't get to meet new people very often so, I tried that Zoosk dating and it was a BIG MISTAKE don't waste your time or money on them.

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  • Do
    dodobrains Aug 27, 2011

    Contact the Better Business Bureau. Not sure how it works in other countries, but they charged my card 6 times and I had to file a dispute with my bank to get my money back from them. I also sent them a message saying that I have reported them and if my bank does not get my funds back, they better do it. Also informed them that I reported them as well. I did not sign up for Zoosk account either! The charges just popped up out of nowhere!

    Anyway, try that. There must be a way that they can be stopped.

    Best of luck!

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obtaining money by deceit

joined zoosk 3 weeks ago, had a wink from a lady but couldn't respond because they wouldn't let you unless you paid them a minimum of £20.+vat
After a day trying to locate the lady through other sites I decided to pay the £20+vat.
Had one response from the lady and then ignored all other emails.
I feel she was a stooge for the company on a percentage, although I cannot prove this.
Her name was Johnson, She wouldn't tell me her first name.
Be warned the lengths people will go to fraudently obtain money from you, its the country we now live in.

  • Dr
    driver2 Jul 24, 2011

    hi i have just joined zoosk and its says to send and recieve emails it is free, when you join up, and now they are asking to describe and pay money, its a big con, if its promissed to be free it should be free and not start charging to send messages to other people and when you contact the site all you get back is a robot, not a normal person, i think it should be looked into so that people who are single can contact this ladies without paying, its a site just out for making money, im not all that happy with zoosk at moment.

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  • Jl
    JLM1407 Nov 02, 2013


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tricked into subscribing

Having set up a profile and browsed the Zoosk site and 'winked' at some people I went into a screen that suggested someone had sent me a message but I needed to subscribe to recieve the message. I would not have subscribed at that point if I hadn't been led to believe a contact had been made. But on subscribing (and finding they don't mention the VAT being extra until that stage) I found that the message I was getting to unlock was merely my 'wink' to them.
There is no cooling off option and once they have your money you are irrelevant, and it is not as if the product is much good compared to other sites I have visited which had betting functionality.

Forget the adverts and hype - don't waste you time and definately don't give them any of your money.

way too expensive for what it is - doesn't even come close to match

See the same people over and over - no way of simply saying "Not interested" - only option is to "report" the other person.

Matches don't fit search specs 100%, eg. people without photos kept appearing in my search.

WAY too expensive for what it is - doesn't even come close to Match.

Too many problems to mention.

And it's the only thing I've signed up to recently, and since I deactivated my account I get at least 50 spam emails EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! They all mention zoosk or sex. Very annoying.

cannot cancel subscription

I signed up for a member ship on Zoosk. Ended up meeting someone and decided to cancel my membership. I followed the instructions, but was not allowed past the survey part and actually cancelling the membership. I tried to call their office in Californina. All you get is a recording that they cannot service customer calls and to email them. On their help questions, they specifically state that they cannot guarantee they can reply to your email. So basically they have my credit card and can keep charging me a montly feef for a service that I no longer need. They only way I could cancel was to call my credit card company and cancel my card and be reissued a new one. This site in my opinion is fradulant.

I don't understand how zoosk even still exists

I signed up and realized that in order to email back to someone, chat, or anything, you have to upgrade, so they basically force members to pay the expensive upgrades. There weren't any very attractive men on there, in the early 20's group because who wants to pay to find friendship, dates, etc? I don't understand how zoosk even still exists.


Hello my name is lynne lucas. I have been using zoosk for a little while now and ive logged on and already had 51 hits and now you are wanting me to pay 29.95$ for six months?I am having to pay for this in reading messages?That is ridiculous. E-harmony is offering me of 10 days free. And you think this is a better site to go with?! I dont think so. If someone tries out a new site they are interested in and already have to pay? You all should give a free trial for new users and/or people who are trying to use your site. I also have a bachelors degree in or nursing studying for my phd and I am also a mortician. Its not like I do not have the money, its the fact that we have to pay for this crap. It seems as if you all are desperate for money! There are also a lot of other sites out there offering me free. I am a beautiful lady (No conceit intended). The men who are sending me messages, it is not fair to them that I cannot even respond to them especially if I am interested in them. If you could please respond to me as soon as you can. I have read other complaints and it seems as if you all are out for the money for some reason. I want a response immediately. You are letting people down and it is not fair to them. I am willing to pay by 2/1/11 on my platinum card! Respond asap or forget it. I need it by e-mail [protected]@gmail.com


  • Ha
    happyedes Sep 28, 2011

    zoosk is nothing but a fruadulent dating site.i just paid for my billing today but the following day good for nothing zoosk terminated my membership...shame on you zoosk management, my GOD will passes unpardonable judgement to all your generations.happy from sweden

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I payed my sutbscribtion on the 24 th November at the commonwealth bank and am still not a member . have sent...

over charges & theft

this company is a total rip-off and prays on lonely singles bank accounts. I signed up for a 3 month...

false advertising - not free site

I had just deleted my profile on Plenty of Fish dating site when I was re-directed to join a new one called Zoosk. They said it was free so I set up my profile. I soon found out that I could not send messages or read any sent to me without subscribing. I've tried to e-mail them to ask about it, but because I'm not a subscriber they say they don't have the staff to deal with everyone's comments. Catch 22. So basically, I was stuck. I found it very frustrating as I found someone I really wanted to connect with and I couldn't unless I paid up. I would never use Zoosk again. Their advertising is false and I'm annoyed with Plenty of Fish that they put me on to them. Now I get bombarded with promotional e-mails from them. I don't believe that they have so many millions of subscribers as they say. They should be taken down!

  • Sh
    Shanti63 Jun 04, 2011

    I absolutely agree. I just wasted an hour of my life setting up an account, writing my "story, " blah, blah. Someone winked me and sent me a message right away. Really? At 2:30 in the morning? That's when I found out that I can't actually read his message until I pay. Really? It's free to set up an account and browse profiles. Well, what good is that? I agree that's false advertising to say the site is free. I may have paid to use the site, if that's the mindset I was in going into it. To be tricked or "forced" into paying is beyond the pale. Zoosk is on my list of places to avoid and to spread the word on.

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dumbest dating site ever

This is the worst dating site ever. They tell you their services are free, but once you sign up you have to subscribe in order to send and read messages being sent to you. That is so not fair everyone should cancel their membership and find another dating site that's 100% free and tell everyone about it, because Zoosk flat out SUCKS!!!

  • Fa
    falas20 Oct 07, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Lp
    lp2u2 Oct 23, 2010

    The WORST site on the internet.
    Total RIP OFF!!!
    I hope people start *Getting It* and get the hell away from ZOOSK. A F***ING TOTAL Rip Off!!!

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  • Ra
    RaiZul Sep 16, 2011

    agree 100% zoosk is scams

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cannot sign up for one month only - bad link

Hi! I think Zoosk is a total scam! I tried to sign up for just one month b/c I wanted to respond to someone who "winked" at me, who then sent me an email. When I tried to respond, I was told to unlock the message, I needed to subscribe. Not being a strong believer in online dating, I opted for the lowest option -- 1 month for 29.95. Upon entering my credit card info, the "confirm" page just sits there and it does not let you confirm. Not wanting to pay more, I did not try to enter my info for the 6-month or 3-month plan. I investigated and saw that you could pay via paypal and thought that would be easier. However, I discovered that when you use paypal to pay, you have barely any options on how much time to buy on Zoosk - you have to buy something like 1 year or 2 years. And.. pay all money upfront... with no clear instructions on cancelling. The same is for payment by check... only can purchase some astronomical amount of time on Zoosk.

I'm planning on reporting them to the BBB and any other agency I can find that can shut them down. I'd recommend that NO ONE sign up for this service and everyone who is unfortunately paying, to pull out (if they can) immediately.

FYI, Digital Media Wire reported on June 12, 2008 that Zoosk raised $4.1million in it's second round of funding led by Canaan Partners, with add'l backing from previous backer, ATA Ventures. Paidcontent.org reports that in June 2009, they raised another $6 million in their third round and raised $30 million in their fourth round, reported December 3, 2009, led by Bessemer Venture Partners.

That is about $40.5 million total raised, with who knows what percentage owed to these investors. Did they take the money and run...? Someone is going to be running after them soon enough if they don't fix their subscription problems. How are they going to make money if us daters can't subscribe? That's probably why, as another post on here said, there's no way to cancel your account and they just keep billing you month after month... they have to make this money to pay back investors SOMEhow! Honestly, what does a dating site need $40.5 million for...???

Looking forward to the shut-down,
Dating in NYC

  • De
    debby409 Nov 10, 2010

    someone had send me a email telling me to unlock it. they send me hello how are you. when i try to repsond to or try to send a message back i couldn't text this person back

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  • Ja
    jalasian Oct 25, 2014

    Zoosk employs the method of automatically renewing your subscription. THIS IS DISGUISED THEFT. The cure is: Use a credit card that only has a limited amount deposited by you...fpr the Internet only. Never use your main card . To defeat them ...CANCEL YOUR SMALL CARD AND GET A NEW ONE. THEN NEVER SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CROOKED CORRUPT SITE EVER. THEY ARE CROOKS AND NOT HONEST ...

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  • Ja
    jalasian Oct 25, 2014


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  • Ja
    jalasian Oct 25, 2014


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romance fraud

I fell victum of internet romance with an alleged Captain Nicholas Blackburn (Buckus) [protected]@yahoo.com, this person portayed himself to be a "Captain" being lonely and wanting to find someone before he retired from the Military. Everything played out just right, he said the right words and came on line just at the right time to where he made be believe that he wanted to be with me and come to marry me, and that if i would send him a plane ticket, food money, hotel stay in Cairo, Egypt because the Military was gong into Terrorist Mode and that he couldnt fly out until 4 days and that the Military doesnt have excess to their bank accounts until they get back to the States. Then all hell broke loose. However, thousands of dollars were sent to Egypt. And that Generals were involved ([protected]@aol.com and General David Petraeus)
SO BUYER BEWARE OF THESE FOOLS...once a "fool" second time a "### up".

  • Rc
    rcole Jun 01, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This sounds like a carbon copy of my experience with the same guy.
    Was this around sept/oct 2010??
    There are way more people involved then just the ones listed!
    Hope you are well and enjoying life again.
    I'm furthering investigation of this.

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zoosk scam - redhotpie.com.au style baiting tactics

Zoosk scam? sure is some elements of an online dating scam here by dating website http://www.zoosk.com - I...

account charged for a year, then cancelled without permission

I had signed up for a month subscription, but Zoosk took out a full year subscription from my account. Then...