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Zestadsmintlyfe patch

First I want to say this company is shady as Hell! They don't get back to you if you need to cancel. I have contacted this company half a dozen times with no response. All I wanted to do is cancel and reorder seeing that I used the wrong patch. You people have the WORST customer service I have ever seen. As far as the patch, I'm interested but not with this company.

Zest Adsbioclear nail pen

I was offered a discount on this product, they said it would be 10.49 plus 4.99 shipping. Instead, I was billed 83.00 plus shipping. I have had no response from this company or Pay Pal. My attempts to reach them have received no response. Their website is not for their product, it is someone else's website. I tried to file a dispute with PayPal but did not receive a response.

Zestadsorder - purchase drone x - not confirmed or delivered

One Drone X ordered thru ZestAds on Nov 21, I have confirmation of PayPal payment but no email order confirmation nor delivery of Drone, have a shipping tracking number from the PayPal transaction to an unknown company, transaction number from PayPal. Sent email to resolution center but no response. Will be contacting PayPal next to let them handle it and get my funds returned hopefully!

Zestadsfitbit watches

These watches were ordered for senior adults. They would not do what was described. They would not sync to sight. They are cheaply made and not as described.
There were two orders made at the same time: totaling $42.00 and $188.95. Please send return labels and my refunds.
I went to their resolution site and have done all I was directed to do, but have heard nothing. I definitely will never purchase anything from Zest again.


I bought two Drone-X models from ZestAds limited on 20 November 2019. I have not heard anything from ZestAds Limited. No emails or phone calls or text messages. As of 10 December 2019 I have not received the Drone-X's. I ordered these Drone-X's online so I know they have all my contact information. In my research I have found out ZestAds is a scam outfit. Luckily I paid through PayPal so I'm taking my case to them.

Zestadstp360 pro flashlight

I ordered 5 TP360 Pro Flashlights in Oct 2019 (Buy 3, get 2 free). Order number A2AFBFB922, order date 10/10 8:10am). I only received the flashlights last week. However, the flashlights sent were not what I ordered. Instead of the TP360 Flashlights, I received 5 WZAIX P26, XPE-LED 91 flashlights. I want to have what I ordered. Please resolve or refund money

Joan Smith
13 Eastbourne Cres
St. John's, NL
A1A 5G8

Zestadsdrone order

Ordered the "special" rate for 2 drones! Once confirmation was sent, it was for one! I could not contact seller AT ALL and there was no way to cancel! I tried several times reaching out to paypal since this was the source I thought I could trust sending payment through, and they give the run around! Shipment Still hasn't even left China and it has taken weeks between steps! This is shady and paypal is being shady also with the involvement of them! Something needs to be done! That's too much money to be out of before Christmas!!


When will I receive this product??? It has been almost a week and I still have received nothing from you, no other emails or anything. I ordered the multiple flashlight special on December 4, the money was taken out of my bank account per PayPal. Please be more specific when you ask me for more information but do not tell me what information you want



I ordered this thru paypal on november 21, 2019 at 11:03 am. Said it was shipped by no one and have received nothing I want my money refunded now!!! I will contact paypal and the better business this is a scam. Refund my $30.80 today!!! My name is robin cooper and I have no order number from you fake ass people. Says it's shipped by no one. Wtf??? My email is [protected]


Zestadswatch - see below

Mon 14/10/2019 09:09

Hi marie king,

Thank you for placing your recent order.

Please find the summary of your order below.

Order Number: A5A7E2FF03

Order date: 10/14 4:09am

Shipping Address: 166 Moorhey Road
Liverpool, L31 5LW

Billing Address: 166 Moorhey Road
Liverpool, L31 5LW

Phone Number: [protected]

Email: [protected]
Items in Order:
[B1] CTY-0009-GREY-01 LifeBit™ Watch(G
If you have any inquiries regarding your order, please do not hesitate to contact [[protected]]
Sub Total: $49.00
Shipping: $4.95
Grand Total: $53.95

Zestadsdisc [b1] s-nore clip

This was a error in ordering (Dec 7, 2019) and would like to cancel it but I find it impossible to cancel it through ZestAds as I cannot find the transaction cancellation on the website. I tried cancelling this just few seconds after the transaction has been made through paypal as the payment was with them. The transaction number is 1WY810388W737580U. I am doing this even before the item leaves the seller and would cancel the transaction with paypal (I believe that this was already paid) Below is the transaction with paypal.

December 7, 2019
ZestAds Limited
-negative $18.92
Paid with
Citi® Dividend MasterCard
MasterCard Credit Card x-7790
You'll see "PAYPAL *SHOPONLINE" on your card statement.
Ship to
Noel Santiago
3320 N. Newland Ave.
Chicago, IL 60634
United States
Transaction ID
Seller info
ZestAds Limited
Purchase details
DISC [B1] S-nore Clip$18.92

Zestadsdronex pro

I ordered a DroneX Pro from ZestAds Limited on sept 23, 2019, I payed 75.92$USD with Paypal transaction # 43361666V2961900L. I receive it but when I try to rise the drone, it begins to rise and then goes on the side. I try many times and it allways goes on the side not straigh up. I send 6 emails to them ([protected] and I didn't receive any answer.
I try to have a refund with Paypal (folder #PP-D-[protected]) and they refuse my demand. Copy of the email: (sorry the email is in french)
Bonjour Gaston Laroche,
Nous avons reçu les dossiers que vous avez soumis le 29 novembre 2019.
Après examen de ces transactions, nous avons rejeté vos réclamations. Cette décision a été prise car la Protection des Achats PayPal couvre seulement les biens ou les services qui n'ont pas été livrés ou fournis, ou qui ne correspondent pas à leur description. Veuillez nous excuser pour les problèmes que vous avez éprouvés avec ces transactions.
Informations sur la transaction :
Numéro de dossier du litige : PP-D-[protected]
Montant de la transaction : 75, 92 $ USD
Montant du litige : 75, 92 $ USD
Numéro de transaction : 43361666V2961900L
Date de la transaction : 23 septembre 2019


So I want a refund for this defective unit.

ZestAds Limitedlifebit watch

On october 8, 2019, this company claimed they shipped me, (although hit didnt arrive until november at some point..). 2 broken used watches that were supposed to monitor my husband's heart. He just had a heart attack, and I wanted to get these, as they promised to save your life by warning you within half an hour of your next heart attack. I paid $114.95, and got these broken used watches... No address to return it to or phone number to call paid thru pay pal

order details (B2) CTY-317-RD-GREY_02 LifeBit TM Watch(R andG)
Shipment detail LW708470083CN
transaction ID 7JX597728T665253V

Zestadsminylyfe 50 weight loss patches

I ordered this product in the beginning of November. Thinking that this product was coming from within the United States, I ordered it. First it cost me $33.40, which isn't bad, IF IT HAD COME FROM THE U.S., but it came from CHINA. You sold me something that if I had known that it was coming from China, I wouldn't have bought it. That is false advertisement. And if I wanted to buy it from China, I would've bought it thru Wish, because it would've been cheaper thru them!!! I AM NOT SATISFIED with this product at all!!! I want a refund!!!

minylyfe 50 weight loss patches
minylyfe 50 weight loss patches

Zestadsmintlyfe patch

I purchased a 30 day supply of the mintlyfe weight loss patch from this vendor on November the 11 and have not yet received any type of confirmation and or any tracking # to track my order. Usually to every order placed you receive following the PayPal payment some type of email where you're order has been placed and than when it will be shipped but there has been no more emails regarding my order besides my pay pal payment received. There is no phone numbers on my paypal receipt to contact the company and the only email provided is this one zestads, therefore I am asking for a full refund of my money I am no longer interested in the item purchased, otherwise I will be forced to open a dispute with paypal center considering this is just a scam.

mintlyfe patch

Zestadspillow cases

On 10/11/19 I ordered 6 pillow cases
B6 [NWH-0078-GREY-06] Silken™
from ZestAds / Narrow hub My debit card declined the transaction at first, but it later processed. And then I suddenly felt uncomfortable so I went to look at their reviews. So many bad reviews on this item that I asked to canceled the order within minutes. I received no reply for days.

I emailed again on 10/16/19 as I finally received a response saying "Upon checking, we couldn't amend it anymore or do any assortments for your order . It should be on its way to your shipping address as per registered." No tracking.

I emailed again on 10/19/19 and received a response on 10/24/19 Thank you for contacting us.

As our warehouse team has already processed your order, we couldn't cancel it anymore. It should be on its way to you now. We truly apologize for the inconvenience caused.Alternatively, you may check the status of your item by using the link below:

Tracking number:LW751115029CN
Tracking link:​

Usually, shipment delivery may take 4-6 weeks to be delivered. Sometimes, we encounter Custom or courier delays which are out of our control at it may affect the delivery time from time to time. Don't worry rest assure that you will receive your order soon.


The Narrow Hub Support Team

Thank you for contacting us.

As our warehouse team has already processed your order, we couldn't cancel it anymore. It should be on its way to you now. We truly apologize for the inconvenience caused.Alternatively, you may check the status of your item by using the link below:

Tracking number:LW751115029CN
Tracking link:​

Usually, shipment delivery may take 4-6 weeks to be delivered. Sometimes, we encounter Custom or courier delays which are out of our control at it may affect the delivery time from time to time. Don't worry rest assure that you will receive your order soon.


The Narrow Hub Support Team

Of course the tracking number did not track a single thing at that time. Nor for days to come.

11/14/19 the product finally arrived. I thought, well, just to give them the benefit of the doubt I should have a look at these extra special, extra expensive pillow cases that I had thought to gift for Christmas. However upon opening the package they were everything I hoped they wouldn't be: very cheaply made, very thin charmeuse satin pillow cases. I was pissed. I could have made 55 pillow cases for this price. I emailed for the return address as it is illegible on the envelope.

11/24/19 I finally receive a response asking for 'evidence'
Thank you for contacting us.

We will need some evidence from you before we can allow for any return:

1. A photo of the package with clear tracking number and other details.
2. A photo of all items that you want to return.
3. Reason for return.

Refer to our Return Policy at

Thank you.


The Narrow Hub Support Team

To which I immediately provided requested information.

It is now 12/5 and I have yet to receive a response from them. They have been absolutely HORRIBLE to deal with. Slow, unresponsive on order, and the same with returns, which I have yet to even succeed with.

At this point in time I will just say that they are a rip off

pillow cases
pillow cases

ZestAds Limitedacupressure mats

I ordered two acupressure mats and paid with Paypal on November 21. As of December 5th I have not received my mats. I have a tracking number of LW892972457CN but not any other tracking information. I would like either my mats or a refund .I paid $122.90 for those mats an I consider this a rip-off and i will file with the BBB.

Thank you,

Cathy Slayton


I ordered this patches on 11.30 and they stated they would take 1-2 weeks to ship. What I'm concerned about is I was charged the $33.40 as expected and now I see an additional charge $0.94, why am I being charged more?? I've read other complaints where people were receiving all these additional charges and that the product was not what it was advertised as. I want this order canceled and a full refund. My order number is 1DB265FE3D, and this was paid via PayPal. I can be contacted at [protected] If I don't receive the refund in a timely manner, I will be lodging a complaint with PayPal and contacting my bank.

Zestads(b2) pr-331-02 dronex pro & (up#2) buy 1 - dronex pro

Have PayPal Transaction ID 7WC52308A108215D and your order number C73BB826FA and need to know the proper method of "Tracking" the order. Also, would like an aproximate arrival date for the order, please.

As I saide above, I need to know the company who received payment for the order, the proper method to crack the order shipment, if it ever ships, and an approximate arrival date of the order at my residence.

Don't know what else to tell you.

Zestadsnot receiving confirmation of my order

I placed order and was told I would get confirmation by email

only email address given for concerns was [protected]
I have emailed them twice with no response

I cannot afford to pay out for something and not even get confirmation this is very worrying
Please advise ????

Marian Tunstall

Zestads — lifebit watches return

I purchased advertised product from this company from an ad published on Facebook for $99.95 US. I ordered 2 each "LifeBit" watches on 10/8/19 via PayPal. Transaction ID...

Zestadshome heater

I order 2 space heater from a youtube add over two weeks ago. Orde number below, the payment was made with paypal. Can you please tell me the status of my items or when I can expect delivery.

Nov 18, 2019 20:42:29 PST
Transaction ID: 1RC330393A952302K

Hello Sabine Phineus,
You sent a payment of $105.94 USD to ZestAds Limited

Thank you,
Sabine Phineus

Zestadsfit toe


I bought a pair of white Fit Toe (B1] fitToe™ VN-0077-White-01) last November the 1st. I haven't receive it yet. I haven't receive any news or information on where it is or if it has been shipped yet.

1-Nov-2019 09:13:00 GMT-04:00
Transaction ID: 4TV21332F7132803K
Does someone knows what is happening? Am I suppose to wait more? Is it in the mail.
? Can I be assured that I will receive it someday?

Thank you

Zestads — (b 5 f 5) rnr-0057-10 mintlyfe (100 pieces) track # lw872317877cn

On November 13th I placed an order for the above product, it is now December 2nd and I received in the mail 1 package with 10 patches inside! Where are the other 90 patches???? I...

Zestads — lifebit watches

On oct 2, 2019 I purchased two lifebit watches, 1 grey, 1 red, when received then an attempted to charge them they would neither one take a charge below are all the numbers that I...


I ordered the mintlyfe patches but have not received any notification as when the purchased item will be mailed. My order number is 182393B3E2. The website associated with my payment is not valid and I want to know if this product will be shipped to me. If I do not receive a response, then I will have to submit a complaint to Paypal to get my money back. Based on this, please let me know the status of my order. Thank you.



Zestadsdrone x pro

Order no:E32521A2E5, I ordered this on the 4th November and it's not arrived yet, can you please help.
I ordered this for my wife's Christmas present and it should have been here by now, can you please contact me and let me know what's happening, I can be contacted via the email address above.
I just hope you can sort this out and get it delivered before Christmas otherwise could you refund me via PayPal.
Thank you.

Zestadsheaters (warm wind machines, as stated on boxes)

The tiny heaters (warm wind machines, as noted on the boxes) are not what was advertised and do not heat anything. For $50 each, I bought 4, these are not heaters that I ordered and I want to return them for a full refund. I went to the website, there are NO Customer Service telephone numbers or even addresses to contact the company, just info to join their company and work for them, but still NO company information. Please help me to return these useless machines and get a refund.

Zestadslife bit watch

I ordered two of the life bit watches which were on offer on November 2nd and I have still not had the products.
This was ordered for a birthday present and is now 4/5 weeks late. This order cost around £130/140 Sterling pounds and I cannot afford to not have the products please.
I have emailed twice regarding this issue and had no reply.
Could you please email me back and update me on the order or I will cancel my order through PayPal and have a full refund.
Look forward to your reply
Cath Jones

life bit watch
life bit watch

Zestadsweight loss patch

Hi, my name is Brian Taliaferro. My phone number is [protected]. My email address is [protected] I ordered a weight loss patch today, and paid for it through pay pal. I need u to cancel my order please ASAP because the address attached to my card and the shipping address are both incorrect. I tried to change them, but apparently it didnt happen, so my product will be sent to the wrong address and I will not receive it. It is in a completely different city than I live in now. So please cancel my order.
Also, once cancelled, please send me an email to [protected], letting me know that u have canceled it. Thank you for your help in this matter.
Brian Taliaferro

Zestadsmintlyfe patches

Order 8GU33111WD3487418
Kindly please advise that this is a once off purchase as I DO NOT want to have this item as an ongoing charge to my card. I only wanted this as a once off order. I am seeing lots of other people puchasing this product and being charged an ongoing order. I do not want any further patches so please advise and remove me from any future purchases.
Regards Sandra


I submitted an order November 18, 2019. Paid via PayPal debit from my bank that same day. I have not received any direct response from Zestads. The contact website for Zestads listed by PayPal is now a closed domain, per GoDaddy, with whom the domain was registered. The physical IP address that was previously associated with the domain is now blocked by the hosting vendor. Zestads sent a tracking ID for the "shipment" to PayPal. The shipper reports from their website that the tracking ID is invalid, and is not associated with any actual shipment.

I think this is more than compelling evidence that Zestads is a fraud, and is now running for covered.


I am wondering if I will receive the products I ordered before Christmas? If I don't receive the products before the Holidays, what is your return policy. I understand that you have been paid. I would appreciate your response.
C Bidleman [protected]
So far everything I have read leaves me to wonder if you are a reputable company, I can only hope you are not what I hear about you.

Zestadslifebit watches

On October 13, 2019 I ordered the 2 pack LifeBit Watches. When they arrived I read the instructions and as it recommended I placed them on charge. They would never charge or come on at all. I don't know what to do other than try to return them. I need a return address and a refund for the watches. Please provide this to my email address: [protected]

Zestadslifebit watches

I purchased a 2 pack of LifeBit Watches, 1 grey and 1 red. When we received them they did not charge properly and so we did not ever wear them. They quality is not worth the price that was charged. I would like a prepaid shipping return label sent to me and have my credit card credited back for the $114.95 which also includes a $15.00. Please respond as soon as possible. Thank you.
Robin Ley
295 Fox Meadow Dr.
Covington, Georgia 30016

Zestadsdrone x pro

I bought 2 drones that I thought were being supplied by a different company . When I contacted PayPal to find out why there was no shipping date for my order, they gave me some other email address than yours, why? I just want to know how long it will be before I get the drones that I ordered. You have my email address in your records so I would appreciate it if you would contact me as soon as possible to let me know when they will be shipped. Thanks

Zestadscorrect toe comfy sandals - khaki / 41 and correct toe comfy sandals - black / 41

Transaction ID 1F763911KY3716900: It took for ever for these shoes to arrive and when they did they were unacceptable in many ways. They were too big, the soles were like walking on pieces of wood, and they smelled like paint. I returned these shoes in June through the post office and have yet to receive a refund from the company.
The customs number that I have from the post office is UH18439000US.

Thank you for your help, Kim Frysinger

ZestAds / — lifebit watches

657901 I received the 3 watches on November 11 and have been emailing almost daily since I received them because I need to return and refund them. I have received no response what so...

Zestadslife bit

you claim I received a life bit watch!!And I never did...I did not sign for this package and never received it.please refund 98, 00 canadian this has cost me or send me the life bit watch asap??? How can one protect herself from never having received the life bit and You saying that it was delivered??who delivered it?and why not at my home in my hands? please help...please and thank you.

Zestadsnail fungal treatment

I ordered one of these products but you keep sending them I have now stopped it via PayPal I would like a refund as I never wanted 6 months worth.
I feel I have been scammed, and the product didnt even work !
I saw this item on Facebook there was no mention of this being an ongoing treatment.
All items except first one are in the original unopened packaging which can be shipped back to you as I have no need of six months worth of a product that's useless and that cost a small fortune .
Kind Regards
Lorraine Oatridge
Email [protected]