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I ordered and paid for two, camera equipped remote controlled flying drones. I paid $135.85 for the first and an additional $47.97 for the second drone. To date 12/28/2019 I have yet to receive anything... Even though the costs were deducted from my amex card.
Please remediate this grievous situation immediately.
Thank you so n advance, adam seth glick [protected]

Zestadshearing aids

I ordered a pair of hearing aids november 30 2019 and have not recieved them as of 26 december 2019. Id:6k619042tu5229819.
I expected to get the divices within a couple of weeks and have yet to recieve them. This was paid though paypal. It appears that this company is not very reputable by all the complaints that i've seen on the internet. As of right now i would not recommend this company!

Zestads[b2] pr-331-02 dronex™ pro

I placed my order for three DroneX Pro drones on Dec 7, 2019. I have not received the package.

My desirable resolution: That I would receive the package and that these drones would be high quality drones as described in the ad that I watched on Youtube. If the package does not arrive or if the drones are not high quality as advertised, I will request a refund.

I have received a tracking number, but the last 5 events are all at the same facility (just different times on the same date):
December 19, 2019, 9:57 pm
Processed Through Facility

The PayPal transaction lists Seller info:
ZestAds Limited

The "" does NOT appear to be valid, because the site has a message to "Buy this domain" and the links at that site do not show valid information.

!!! Shame on you PayPal for not validating this Seller info and for letting this "seller" use your system when this seller provided you with an invalid web site address. !!!

PayPal has this e-mail address listed for this seller:

Like others who have posted their complaints, I made this purchase for Christmas gifts (from an ad on Youtube). After checking the tracking status and PayPal info, I did a search for ZestAds and I found this complaintsboard web site.

I used the "disputes" address above, and I sent an e-mail to request the status of the package tracking and asked why it was "stuck" at that facility. I sent this request on 12/25/2019 (while Santa was coming down the chimney). The only e-mail address that I could find for ZestAds Limited is is on their web site ( and it is their career address. I sent a support request to the following career address:

On PayPal, when I select "Report a problem", a message displays about contacting the company (full message copied below) before submitting a PayPal seller dispute. I did not complete the step on PayPal to "Report a problem." I am going to give the "disputes" e-mail "a number of days" and will look for a response. I am going to "give them a chance" and am going to accept "for now" what they wrote in their message: "Please remember, there is a MUCH higher chance you will get your money back if you get in touch with us and explain your issues. We honor our money back guarantee."

I have never had an issue like this for a purchase for which I used PayPal. If I do not hear from the seller and receive a resolution to this issue, I will complete the "Report a problem" steps from my PayPal account, and I may decide to include PayPal as a guilty party involved with this "fake seller."

William in Salem, Oregon
(I am not sure how to include my e-mail in this post, so I left it out on my first attempt at submitting this complaint. Would it get "erased" before this complaint is actually posted on the web site?)

Here is the seller's complete message displayed by PayPal when selecting "Report a problem" from my PayPal account:
Message from ZestAds Limited

Hello, we are sorry you have had to get to this point. But we want to have one last chance to make it right for you. We are not happy if you're not happy! If you sent us an email or support request recently, we may have not gotten to it yet but we will. Invalid email address are some of the common issues we encounter when trying to correspond with our customers. Please reach out at [protected] and let us know what's going on. This email is for the *VERY HIGH PRIORITY* cases such as yours here and treated by a separate dedicated customers support team. *WE LOVE* to find out what's going on, and solve this case ASAP. Please remember, there is a MUCH higher chance you will get your money back if you get in touch with us and explain your issues. We honor our money back guarantee. Disputes aren't the fastest way to solve this. All you need to do is ask through our help desk. We look forward to your email

Zestads — two heaters that were advertised as amazing!! not so much!!

I have no idea why there is an amount being taken out of my bank account? Bonnie edwards, burney, ca. 96013 i'm not even sure what product I may have ordered from you!! If it'...

Zestads — order of drone x pro

This 2 orders have not been recieved/delivered money back guarantee or deliver the products I have contacted you first before Payment sent to ZestAd...

ZestAds Limitedb2-health guide watch (black)

On December 21, 2019 I ordered 2 HealthGuide Watches (Black) from the special you advertised on Facebook. The amount for the 2 watches was $109.95 plus warranty of $15.00 equaling a total of
$124.95. When I printed the receipt, the quantity listed as one (1) for a total of $124.95. Either send me a second watch or send a refund of $54.98 to my credit Card!

Thank you!

b2-health guide watch (black)

ZestadsI bought a drone that cost $105.90 from zestads.

I bought a Drone that cost $105.90 from ZestAds through PayPal from November 21. 2019 and seeing all the complains about them I tried to cancel my order through Paypal and they say they would look into it but on Saturday December 21, 2019 they wrote back and said they are denying my claim because Zestads told them that I had already received it and also they gave them the tracking number but to this day looking through my email files I havent seen where they sent it off, no tracking no. no receiving, they have'nt bill it them self but through Paypal. I thought through all the complaints I have seen, they would also see and more look into .

Zestadssmall heaters

On november 18, 2019 I purchased 2 small space heaters for a total price of $115.93 through zestads limited (paypal shoponline #[protected] hk) reference #74423429322945914114568. the tracking number #lw89294478cn on states it was shipped on november 21, 2019. as of today, december 23, 2019, it has not arrived. any assistance is appreciated. I emailed them to try and resolve this issue and I get a crazy response that their email is backlogged and they will notify me when shipped.

Zestadsdrone x pro

PayPal Transaction: 2KM08478W8118204J
My name is Daniel McManus and I spent $105.87 that charged my PayPal for the supposed Drone X Pro which $29.99 was for the life Time warranty, what I didn't know that it was from Zest Ads Limited who I just looked up and lots of people just got scammed I ordered it for my daughter for Christmas on December 14th 2019 and it said it would be here by Dec. 20th I have not received any email with tracking or anything I can't even find a telephone # to call I want the real Drone X Pro not some piece of [censored] copycat or refund my money! Daniel McManus : [protected]

Zestadsdrone x pro

Transaction ID's _

I ordered 2 Drones from your ad on Facebook and PayPal has confirmed payment (transaction numbers above)... but I received no confirmation or shipping details.
Please complete my order and proceed with shipping as soon as possible! Or refund my money!
Thanks for your attention and prompt response.
*Unhappy Customer

Zestadsdrone x pro - transaction paypal: 93k14266fc6686242 (105.90$)

Patrick Chaltiel
47, rue de Neuilly
94120 Fontenay Sous Bois
I ordered a Drone on your site and PayPal has confirmed payment (transaction number above)...but I received no confirmation.
Can you please confirm my order and proceed to shipping as soon as possible?
Thanks for your attention and your quick answer.
Best regards

ZestAds Limitedb2 gon-0178 black and white us-02

I ordered the ceramic heaters on !!/14/2019. Got a receipt and shipment date
on 11/18/2019. Paid the bill on 12/2/2019 (check number 1068) Have not received my merchandise 35 days later. Can you help? I tried to track the shipment but not available. The transaction number for Paypal is 7CL10828WL885962D. The order number is 4B6E409AD7. Catherine Malaczewski

ZestAds Limiteddrone x pro

I ordered a DroneX Pro for my Husband for Christmas and I paid for it though PayPal, it was 135.00. I ordered it in early to mid November. I complained to PayPal and they sent me to the resolution site and then they said that they were going to close the claim because I didn't follow up with it, but I did! I kept trying to get someone to help me and it kept sending me back to the resolution site!! I have an ID number. It is-OKEG97228R6162303X. I'm on Disability and I can't afford to give my money away for nothing! My husband has been through a lot these last few years and he's been depressed, and we never buy each other anything because we can't afford it. But I wanted to get him something that would be fun to do and maybe it would take his mind off of things for awhile. But now it's Christmas and the first time I get him something, I get screwed and I have nothing to give him now! And now I am upset 😞! If they don't give me what I ordered, then I would like a refund! I know that a person who ordered the same thing and they got their's. But they only paid 70 for it. I don't understand why I paid 135.00 for mine! Can you please help me? I would appreciate it! I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas! God Bless and Thank you, Cheryl Guy


On November 22nd I ordered a pair of one room space heaters on zest ads. I have yet to receive those items and we're very close to being month out from when the order was placed. I would like to know if there's any possible way to track that purchase, and feeling to do that I would like to get my money back . Any assistance you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

Zestadsmint slimming patches

I was charged $33.40 from my bank account on Dec. 17th 2019 and that was the FIRST Red Flag! Never has a company charged my account without sending me a confirmation and tracking number beforehand. I placed this order and then absolutely nothing happened. No Confirmation, No Tracking Info, No Email address, No Customer Service contact info and on and on!! I visited their website which was useless also with no way to connect with anyone.
Please be careful! This so called company is a rip off and they steal your money!!


I purchased these on November 12th 2019 for $19.90 and still have not received anything, its December 20th, 2019. I want my money back. This company is a scam. It does not take over a month to provide someone their items that they purchased. This is completely ridiculous and at this point I want my money back. I don't even want the stupid patches anymore.

Zestadsmintlyfe patch

Placed my order and everything since that date screams SCAM!! It is not longer showing in the paypal account even though I have the emailed receipt of payment. I've emailed the company using the email address shared in the confirmation email; disputes @ resolutionsupports .com
Of course no response so I will be placing a fraud complain with both PayPal and my bank!


Had no idea I even purchased anything. Wanted to see a price and bam! I had ordered 2 products just like that! I reported to paypal and they denied my case. Received the heaters and they have electrical plug-ins made for some other country! Can't use them in the u.S. Total scam artists and should be shut down!!!

I went on this page and went to checkout to see what the charges would be and it instantly charged my paypal account and placed an order. I did not want this item. I have not a clue what this even is anymore. I emailed them right away asking for them to cancel. It wasn't until yesterday they replied to my email and said it was too late. 1 month later... I believe this is a total scam. These is the original emails sent: bulls*#t! It has been almost 1 month since I emailed you and you are just now getting back to me??? You scammers!! I am absolutely reporting you! You should be so ashamed of yourselves!

Zestadsceramic heater

Nov 5, 2019, I ordered a set of two "ceramic disc" heaters, that could heat a whole room, but what arrived today - 12/17/19 - was cheap coil heaters with fans to blow the warm air that make no visible difference to the room temperature. This is fake advertising and a rip-off.

Item # DISC - B2 - EST-0178-Black+White-US-02
Cost: $120.95 USD

At no time did I get accurate information on who the seller was as all emails came from obscure email addresses like "GetHotProductsNow" for example. I had paid through PayPal and tried to cancel this order on Nov 9th when I realized that I did not know who the seller was. Paypal was no help in resolving this.

Zestadsmint patches

I received two charges as shown below from zestads for the Mint patches that I was viewing online and never purchased and never received but the way!! I tried contacting the company immediately to cancel these transactions and no response from them. I also put a dispute they PayPal but they cannot contact anyone thru the email provided.
I am seeking a full refund to my account!!

December 17, 2019
ZestAds Limited
There is an open dispute associated with this transaction. Visit the Resolution Center to view status.
Paid with
Ship to
United States
Transaction ID
Return shipping refunds
Request return shipping refund
For more info See Terms
Seller info
ZestAds Limited
Purchase details
[B2F1] TI-0057-03 MintLyfe™ (30 Pieces)$30.80
Print December 17, 2019
ZestAds Limited
-negative $26.95
Automatic Payment
There is an open dispute associated with this transaction. Visit the Resolution Center to view status.
Paid with
United States
Manage ZestAds Limited payments
Transaction ID
Return shipping refunds
Request return shipping refund
For more info See Terms
Seller info
ZestAds Limited
Purchase details
(UP#1) Buy 5 - TI-0057-05 MintLyfe™ (50 Pie$26.95
Print details


I purchased two heaters that were sent on an ad and I receive them they do not look like anything I saw in the ad they do not produce any kind of heat and I would like to have my money backThis is a picture of the black one I got a white one just like it and I do not like themI have read some other peoples view on these and they do not seem to be what they want them to be eitherThey are very cheaply made and very small for $100 for two of these is way too much money to pay they do not do anything.


ZestadsI have no clue what I bought or even that I did

PayPal Transaction ID:

You have sent nothing on what I purchased or any tracking information at all.

Your customer service is terrible and I feel like you are stealing from me, I will report this to the Texas Department of Banking. You need to quit stealing and make this right.

Zestadscharge $24.90 on my visa card

I have a charge of $24.90 on my Visa credit card on 12/5/2019 that was made thru paypal.
My wife and I have no idea what was purchased. We do not recognize your site ZestAds
What item was purchased. The name on the paypal account is Eileen Cejka
The visa card is under my name Walter A. Murphy
Please clarify. I believe this is an unauthorized transaction.
Walter A. Murphy

Zestadsspace heater

Nov 14, 2019, I ordered a set of two "ceramic disc" heaters, that could heat a whole room, but what arrived today - 12/17/19 - was cheap coil heaters with fans to blow the warm air.
Item # DISC - B2 - EST-0178-Black+White-US-02
When I did a search on the item# I got the "Zest Ads" complaintsboard
Order Number: EF79AC0E7B
The email was from [protected]
I also contacted the [protected] email

Zestadsunethical behaviour

I ordered and paid for three camera drones on November 4 from ads on Facebook from Zest Ads Limited. Today is December 17. I have never received these.

I ordered 3 Drone X Pro. Product SKU. PR-331-03.

I have sent my complaint to : [protected], [protected], and [protected] I have not received a response.

I request a refund of $245.90.

Zestads[b1] pr-331-01 dronex™ pro

[B1] PR-331-01 DroneX™ Pro
This is the product purchased. When I check the status it says


In Transit


Destination - Tracking consuming: 269 ms
Origin Post is Preparing Shipment -> We have received notice that the originating post is preparing to dispatch this mail piece

I want confirmation of order purchased as well as the status of shipment tracking by email

When trying to submit my complaint earlier it said it needed to be longer to attract attention to be responded to. That's rediculous! I would rather be to the point than to be wordy to get your attention. So far the complaints posted are not very comforting reflecting that people aren't receiving what they purchased.

I expect a response to this.
Thank you.

Zestadsdrone x pro

I ordered 2 drone x pro on December 8th from zestads, I never received an email confirmation and have never received an email in regards to shipping. I will definitely be filing a grievance with pay pal. My account was charged immediately at time of order. I don't have an order # or confirmation from the company only a receipt from paypal.
Cori Nye

drone x pro

Zestadsdkosh smartwatch

What I saw on the ad was a potential upgrade to my current smartwatch...otherwise I would not have ordered this watch. What I received is little better than a toy that isn't even good enough for a child... The ad showed multiple face capability and increased interaction with a smartphone. The real product I received is little more than a complicated and cumbersome toy than doesn't me my needs

I would like to return these two watches for a refund

Zestadshokuto, 50 pcs

I ordered this product on Nov.30 2019, in the amount of 42.80 plus 4.95 for prioritized shipping I tried to track but was unable to understand as it was not in English I need someone who can tell me where this item is and when I will receive it in English! This transaction was done thru PayPal, would like to get this resolved as soon as possible, it should not be this difficult to receive a order or to track a product, If you care about your customers, then I will expect to get this issue resolved by ZestAds promptly, Thank you please respond to [protected] with any and all information!

Zestadsdrone pro x

I ordered 2 Drone X Pro on Dec. 2, 2019 from Facebook posting of ZestAds and paid through Paypal. However, there was no acknowledgement, no order confirmation, no shipping or delivery info. Checked their website, there is no phone number, address or email to contact.

On Complaintboard found many similar complaints about this company. People call it a scam site. Therefore, I will try to stop payment or get refund from Paypal or credit card company.


I ordered these patches to loose weight it was 72.00 charged to my paypal I paid for 100 of them in October 2019 and a few weeks later I received 10 patches what a rip off I want my money back I've sent them complaints to there email they never respond. I first saw this add on Facebook it seemed to be ok and it said website was secure so I thought ok seems to be ok but boy was I wrong they are a rip off they just take your money and don't send you what you paid for I want my money or my product.

Zestadswatch not received???
D-Kosh Smartwatch

Thank you for shopping with us!
Below you can find all the product(s) you purchased.
You will receive a confirmation email with a receipt of your recent purchase.
If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach
out to us at [protected]
Thanks again for shopping with us!
If your Product Receipt details are not shown below, please refresh your page.
Your Product Receipt:
Product Price Qty. Amount
[B1] - DKosh2 - BLACK $59.00 1 $59.00
Warranty $17.00 1 $17.00
S & H:
Grand Total:
Billing Information
Jacob R Schaffer
965 Maddison St
Shipping Information
Jacob R Schaffer
965 Maddison St


I only looked at them on Facebook next thing I know I got charged for them. This is a shady company if you only look at their website and you get charged for product you didn't even order! I want my money back in my account as soon as possible! PleAse everyone be aware do not even look at this website as you will be charged for this fake product!
I looked on Facebook at the patches to help you loose weight they kept offering me discounts every time I tried to close out the window! And then the next thing I know I get a email saying I ordered I can't even tell u what or how many I ordered cause I closed it out. I didn't order this website is a fake I guess!


Zestadslife bit watch

I purchased this item Set. 16, 2019, through PayPal. As of Dec. 14, 2019 I still have not received it. I would like a refund immediately. If I do not receive my refund I will report this to PayPal for resolution. Also report you to Better Business Bureau. Please advice me immediately about the status of the purchase. If I do not hear from you within the next week I will be forced to take criminal action against your company.


I have not received this item. Please can you refund ASAP
Thank you

You sent a payment of $31.90 USD to ZestAds Limited

It may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in your account.

ZestAds Limited
Instructions to merchant
You haven't entered any instructions.
Delivery address - confirmed
jannette Whittam
9 Calvert Close
Rugby, Warwickshire
cv21 1tz
United Kingdom
Dispatch details
The seller hasn't provided any dispatch details yet.
Description Unit price Qty Amount
[B2F1] fitToe™ VN-0077-White-03
$31.90 USD 1 $31.90 USD
Subtotal $31.90 USD
Total $31.90 USD
Payment $31.90 USD
Charge will appear on your credit card statement as 'PAYPAL *SHOPONLINE'
Payment sent to [protected]
From amount £25.70 GBP
To amount $31.90 USD
Exchange rate: 1 GBP = 1.24145 USD

I have not received any other correspondence from yourselves

Zestadsperfect back

The ad was from instagram. I had seen this ad many times on Facebook as well. It was for the "As seen on Shark Tank" Perfectback. I had seen the product from Shark Tank and thought that is what I was ordering. The total came to $55.90. The product was advertised for $49.99 plus shipping. I decided to order because it was a Shark Tank endorsed product and offered a 60 day money back guarantee. After a month (ordered on 11/9/19 and received 12/4/19), what I received was a package from Hong Kong with a fake, cheap, imitation back brace with no paperwork. It was a junky nylon thing without even a plastic bag over it. The package didn't even have a return address. I promptly contacted PayPal because that was how the payment was made. They told me if I mailed it back by 12/15/19, I could get refunded but that I would have to pay for shipping. They gave me a return address and told me to provide them with a tracking number. Well when I went to the post office, I was told that was an incorrect address and I could not ship it until I got more information. I asked what the cost would be to return mail it after I got a more complete address. I was told it would be approximately $26 to return it. That over half of what I paid for the product in the first place! I contacted PayPal for a better address and have not heard back from PayPal and therefore cannot get a tracking number to them by 12/15/19 in order to get money back. This whole situation is a total scam. I was mislead big time by a fake ad. Please help me rectify this situation!

perfect back

Zest Adseco heater

I purchased two of these heaters which claimed to use less energy, were advertised as ceramic and quite. I paid $115.00 for the pair. As a disabled person this took quite a chunk of my fixed income. These are two plastic pieces of junk. They are extremely loud!!! No where on these heaters do they even have the company name. I believe these to be frauds. I want a full refund!!! I could of bought these two pieces of junk from walmart for $30 to $40 for the pair. I have already contacted the resolution department of paypal.
Kaye caban

Zest Adsno contact number

Who do I contact about an order. You have no phone number.
This contact info for my order is not good = [protected]
Get this message server not found
and also
Hmm. We're having trouble finding that site.

We can't connect to the server at


If I can't make contact how can I find out about my order?????

Zestadswarm wind machine

Order place in November. Items received 12/12/19. Item not as expected. Much smaller and has no temp control as described. Pleas provide method of resolution. I would like a full refund.

These are much smaller than expected and are not as effective as anticipated. How long will a resolution to this take?

November 21, 2019, Sent by

Zestadsslimming weight loss patches

I ordered the patches..after I put it on, my skin burned so bad & removing it was another horrendous skin came off .. the company has no phone number to reach them, or a website to file a resolution.. this company should be put on fraudulent list & be blocked from further sales!!!
This was the worst experience... my skin is still red & irritated .