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Zestads — acupressure insoles

I bought 2 x items to try and help my mothers health. [B2] STP-142-02 $71.99 1 $71.99 A pop up came - I was expecting to pay 20USD and was charged below!!! I mean what the actual...


I ordered 5 Drones AMD país 330.90 dólares. I have not received shopping detal or productos. I ordered nov 3rd 2019.

Below is the link


Zestadssmart bracelet

purchased this smart braclet on oct 11 recieved the item does not work . contacted pay pal they contacted you and you want me to send it back i went to mail it today they want a $125.00 to send this back to you. ipaid 49.95 for the braclet and there is no way im sending you the item back and paying $125.00 to ship this piece of crap back to you. the right thing for you to do is to send me another one. My transaction number is 5AA62648LX6353410

Zestadsbuy 5 - mj-058-ios-black-0.5m-05

Transaction ID: 7WV87180LM460491F I sent $50.75 for five black mobile charge cables. I have had no contact from the company or delivery details. I have received a message from PayPal that my payment went to to [protected]

Please send immediately or refund all money. If no reply within 5 days I shall instruct my lawyer.

Anthony Costello


I have ordered two drones about a week ago and still haven't been provided with any shipping details. The ad appeared to be legit and a trustworthy company, but by now I should have been provided with shipping details and a tracking number and have neither. And now that I've looked up ZestAds...I'm not the only they have done this too. I want a full refund.



I purchased the above heaters on 11/9/2019 through my paypal credit account for $85.00+$15.00 totaling $100.00 and since I have never received any confirmation
Email... Please cancel the order immediately and refund $100.00 to
My paypal credit account asap. The transaction i.D. Is

Thank you for your prompt response. Mrs. Elvia tucker
... Email: [protected]


I missed that there was a EU and a US product, I need US products. I think the order shipped to me is EU. Tranaction ID IS:
8B319334RW078720K. Please make this change or product will be sent back. Thank You [protected], Glenn Holloway, 6912 SW 104th Ave, Beaverton Oregon 97008. Please do not send the EU product! It will be sent back and payment will be canceled on Monday 11/11/2019 if I do not get any response from you!

Zestads — order

I ordered two drones from you and paid by paypal at time of order. I would like to cancel this order and get my money back. I have not had any confirmation that you have even...

Zestadslifebit watch

I ordered one of these watches in early October, payment was taken from account, via PayPal, on October 10th. I have received no notification whatsoever as to wether my order was received or if this product has been despatched. I find this situation has been created by your company and if it not resolved I will report the matter to the appropiate Authorities.

Zestadsacupuncture insoles

These things are a joke certainly not something anyone would knowingly pay $32.24 for the ones I received are evidently for a very small foot and the pressure points are certainly not placed in any way that would be helpful for anyone with a large foot. Consequently, the only purpose they serve in garbage can fillers.
Also, I noted many other complaints and many are pertaining to these same inserts.

Edna M Trawick

ZestAds Limitedmagnetic insoles

I would like a refund because these magnetic insoles hurt our feet. I ordered 2 pair

Payment sent to ZestAds Limited
October 17, 2019 at 10:50:02 PM PDT
Transaction ID: 3VA96291YA323272D
Payment Status: Completed
Shipping Status: Shipped
Payment Type: Mobile Payment
Gross amount
-$86.89 USD

United States
Order details Quantity Price Subtotal

[B2] STP-142-02
1 $76.94 USD
$76.94 USD

(5) Warranty
1 $9.95 USD
$9.95 USD
Purchase Total $86.89 USD

Zestadsorder #c56d413796 - product received defective and used

I ordered the Done X Pro and when I received it, there was no original packaging...the unit has been used and there are several broken parts. I also purchased the warranty. $135 US equals $187.90 down the drain!
One of the toggles on the control unit is sheared off, the battery's USB port is not useable...crushed. There is no warranty information, only vague instructions. I have provided 2 pictures to show the battery damage and the packaged as received. Please refund my money or send me a NEW DRONE X that has warranty. Very very disappointed!
June Alwood
PO Box 1186
Fort St James, BC Canada
V0J 1P0

order #c56d413796 - product received defective and used
order #c56d413796 - product received defective and used

Zestadsslimming patches

I ordered my slimming patches on the 1st of November. I paid for priority shipping and still haven't received it. I didn't receive and email about the product or the delivery or anything! I have my receipt from PayPal but that's it. I'm now expecting a refund of $38.35. I have my transaction ID Number to hand. I hope I actually here for I'm you soon or I'll be getting in touch with PayPal.

Zestads(up#1) buy 5 - ti-0057-05 mintlyfe™ (50 pie

I did not order this. I only ordered as described below...
[B2F1] TI-0057-03 MintLyfe™ (30 Pieces)
$30.80 USD
VIP Customer - Prioritized Order
$4.95 USD
Total $35.75 USD
Which was ordered on November 1st 2019 and have no received it even though I paid extra for the prioritized part.

On top of that at the end of purchase I was also charged the Following:

Buy 5 - TI-0057-05 MintLyfe™ (50 Pie
Total. $53.90 USD

I only wanted the
[B2F1] TI-0057-03 MintLyfe™ (30 Pieces)
$30.80 USD

I want a refund for the following:
VIP Customer - Prioritized Order
$4.95 USD
Buy 5 - TI-0057-05 MintLyfe™ (50 Pie
Total. $53.90 US

Zestadsslimming mint patches

I ordered on November 2, 2019. PayPal has sent me a confirmation letter. Zestads, nothing. I honestly feel I have been scammed out of 50 dollars. I will never order another product from this site. I should have investigated things more. How do I get my money refunded? What company is allowed to be bogus? Cant the government do something about these fake websites. Not only do I believe I got scammed, they used by credit card for another charge to buy audio books online. Seriously?? I want my 50 dollars back.


I have not received any confirmation and its been 2 weeks already so I want my refund. It is a total of $37.90. I do not want be scam as I try looking up to find the link but I can't find it anywhere now like it doesn't exist. I got it through a [censored]book ad by someone name minimalist under their link that they advertise because of the rating and comments of the product but not I don't even see any comments or likes. I do not want be scam.

Zestadsdrone x pro

I ordered Drone X Pro online. They delivered a used item, the items were not even properly packaged. There was no instruction manual, no charge cord, and there were only 3 landing gears instead of 4. I sent them an email last week stating I wanted to return for a full refund, they have not replied back to me. I asked Paypal to intervene. Don't buy from this company!


Transaction ID: 55L642876N294884J

I never received the drone I ordered or even got a confirmation from you. Purchased via PayPal. My email is [protected] so please look into this and send the drone or refund my money please. The drone is
[B1] PR-331-01 DroneX™ Pro
$105.90 USD 1 $105.90 USD

Thank you for any assistance you can provide. I have also notified PayPal on this issue.

Zestadsslimming patches

I ordered by 2 get 1 free and only received I pack. Send me my other packs please as i have paid for them.
My name is paula whatmough
My order no is :3283 a d I ordered on 7/10/20019

I was looking forward to using these along with my diet and exercise regime. If you cannot complete my order, please would you refund me half of what I paid as I think your site is unprofessional by not completing orders correctly.

Zestadshearing aid

I ordered a hearing aid on Oct. 1. It never arrived. It is now Nov 4. The money was subtracted from my bank via PayPal. I checked the tracking number provided, but there was no record of it. I looked at the URL provided but it no longer exists. I e-mailed the address provided but got no reply so far. The domain name expired on Oct. 1-same day as my order. Clearly a scam.

Zestadslifebit watch.

I ordered 2 of these watches on October 5 th and I have not received them as of yet. I found this page by trying to find a way to track them. I am not too happy with this company as it seems like they are a scam. Everyone needs to report this company to better business bureau. I am requesting a full refund. I am very disappointed with this company and I think they should stop trying to scam people out of there hard earned money.


I ordered a pair of cobbinsoles, i then had an upsell order added that I do not want and do not know how it was added, I only want the first pair of cobbinsoles I ordered I do not want the upsell pairs, can you please please rectify the situation and refund me the upsell pairs to my pay pal account, I want the single pair not the upsell pairs
Kind regards
Jamie Ryan
Po box 709
Mt Barker WA 6325



I ordered the life watch from them it does not work. They also charged my credit card for a warranty that i did not order. I have emailed them many times they will not respond. I contacted paypal have not gotten a resolution. I want my money back. I have sent them messages on FB messenger. Still no reply. This company is a scam they send you faulty items and do not stand behind them. Can you help me get my money back $65. I work hard for my money to have these crooks steal it from me
My email is


Received an ad from ZestAds Limitedi for a 'wonderful' drone... Ordered one Paid via PayPal... Immediately regretted my purchase after reading the unending list of complaints against this scam outfit. Also, ASAP filed a complaint... asked for reversal of order and refund.
(I suspect there'll be no such action, but hope others will recognize ZestAds for what they are: frauds, outright criminals.)

Zestadsfit toe - duplicate payment

I ordered 2 fit toe get one free but it said my order failed to process. So I tried placing order again. I went to the next page and it processed payment of $117.90! The default for the quantity checked off the highest number and I wasn't able to review my purchase before it processed my payment. My PayPal is showing 2 purchases for $31.95 and $117.90 from ZestAds. I couldn't call anyone because their contact us button wouldn't click. Still waiting for them to respond.

Zestadsfit toe

I only wanted to buy the 2 pair, get one free, but it would say my paypal would not go through. After trying for several times, I got that one through, but now it says,

OCT30 ZestAds LimitedPayment -$31.90

Oct 30, ZestAds Limited, undefined, Payment, -$31.90

OCT30 ZestAds LimitedPayment

-$117.90 Oct 30, ZestAds Limited, undefined, Payment, -$117.90

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PLEASE! CANCEL EVERYTHING!!! I can't find a help center on their website. I do not want this going through paypal!

PLEASE! This must be a scam!!

Buy 10 Free 10 - fitToe™ (Milky White)
($5.65/Unit) - GET 50% OFF

Zestadsdrone prox

This product finally arrived after a month and it is in damaged condition. I would like to return and get my refund. I contacted PayPal and file a complaint. I think the case is still open. I tried several times to contact the company by email and did not have ant luck. My address:

Mike Jones
30614 McKinney Dr.
Tomball, Tx 77375

Zestadspr-331-01 dronex pro

Attention... I purchased a pr-331-01 dronex pro from zestads limited on september 27th 2019 and recently received it... Upon opening it one of the motors does not work. It is a present for my son and I would like to resolve this problem so he can enjoy his gift. I am hoping this situation can be resolved with minimal complications as it not working to begin with is a very inconvenience and it also took sometime to be delivered after purchasing. Now i'm facing another delay because your product is defective. Please contact me at [protected] with a resolution to this problem

pr-331-01 dronex pro

Zestadslifebit watch

Do not order anything from or use this company - they are scammers. I accidentally ordered a 2nd watch and within 10 mins of ordering it I cancelled the order. But they blatantly ignored my cancellation and sent me the 2nd watch as well. Which I do not want. They have taken my hard earned money from an old age pensioner and paypal have blatantly refused to refund me for the 2nd watch even though I cancelled it within 10 mins of ordering it. Not a happy bunny. I have even got a copy of the order of the date I ordered it and the date that they sent it to me which was 2 days later - so they had ample time to cancel this order.

Zestadsgrey lifebit watch

My name is Mari Lopez. I ordered a lifebit watch for $53.95 thru PayPal on 10/06/2019. I finally received it. I am not happy with it and would like my money back! It does not take my blood pressure when I have it on my wrist and takes it when it is Not on my wrist and records an inaccurate reading! It says I am bicycling and times me at 11:00 at night, when I am asleep! Same for when recording my steps when I am asleep! Crazy watch!!!

Zestadsweight loss patches

I ordered patches and it said the cost was 4.95- it said there was not a recurring fee - pay only shipping - try this product. I never tecieved the product! Yet my paypal account was charged 4.95 and then another charge of 30.95 on oct. 19.
Even if I didn't read the fine print correctly, I have not received the product, so I wouldn't know if I had to cancel within 14 days of receiving it. Anyway, I don't want any recurring charge, I don't want the product and am unhappy.

Zestadspurchase of 3 lifebit watches.

I purchase 3 LifeBit watches from and money was collected by ZestAds, purchased 5 October 2019. Items not received, contacted PayPal to start a dispute. Name Eric C Singleton, Melton West Vic Australia. Emailed ZestAds and emails hotproductssales no response from either. Not sure if these companies are legit, but PayPal will ensure some resolution.

ZestAds Limitedwearfit watch/false advertising

Payment sent to ZestAds Limited
September 25, 2019 at 10:14:13 PM CDT
Transaction ID: 6DB18224FK0515512
Payment Type: Mobile Payment
Gross amount $68.95
Susan Kirkland
212 Thorn Tree Dr
Livingston, TX [protected]
United States
Dissatisfied with the performance of this product. Want to return and receive refund.
Does not work as advertised.

Zestadshearing aid

I ordered a hearing aid from this company several weeks ago, they charged my account on October 5, 2019, but I never received anything! Where can we complain that phony companies like this be removed from the internet as they appear to be crooks cheating the American public. Paypal usually does nothing either. Unfortunately I have been scammed 3 times now by businesses such as this, usually out of China. It would be nice if there were an entity in our government that could control such fraud.

Zestadsnon wire bra - special design with UK sizing advertised


I ordered two bras in my UK size and they are so small that I can't even get in them. Please refund my money $42.85 USA dollars. Please give me your usa address and I will return the items as they are unwearable.

The advertising claimed that it was a specially engineered bra for uplift. From Jujuan in china phone number [protected] . I will advise paypal.

There is no invoice or order number in the packaging only the Paypal invoice with your advertising details.


Zestadsyoga mat by doctor

Not even T he size of a door mat and basically is a pillow case with velcro and foam in it. You guys literally ripped me off of $65.00 of my hard earned dollars. How would you even represent yourself like this? I waited almost a month for it. When it finally arrived it was in the mailbox. What kind of yoga mat fits in a mailbox? 😡😡😡😡😡So how are you going to contact me back?

yoga mat by doctor

Zestads75j21007fm042705m & 51r06266tm661245f tea patches

Twice a sale came out my account. i did not authorise the second one nor did PayPal. please refund the 2 sales and I will re purchase again once satisfied.

I would not authorise a second sale of the same item especially when the price differs hugely.

email is [protected]

Description Unit price Qty Amount
[B3F2] KP-0057-05 MintLyfe™ (50 Pieces)
$42.80 USD 1 $42.80 USD
VIP Customer - Prioritized Order
$4.95 USD 1 $4.95 USD
Subtotal $47.75 USD
Total $47.75 USD
Payment $47.75 USD

ZestAds Limited
Instructions to merchant
You haven't entered any instructions.
Delivery address - confirmed

United Kingdom
Dispatch details
The seller hasn't provided any dispatch details yet.
Description Unit price Qty Amount
(UP#1) Buy 5 - KP-0057-05 MintLyfe™ (50 Pie
$107.80 USD 1 $107.80 USD
Subtotal $107.80 USD
Total $107.80 USD
Payment $107.80 USD
Charge will appear on your credit card statement as 'PAYPAL *SHOPONLINE'

ZestAds Limitednever received purchased - pr-331-01 dronex™ pro

Good morning

On 11 Sep 2019 I purchased the "PR-331-01 DroneX™ Pro" as per details below. To date I still have not received the item or any correspondence from the seller. I would really appreciate a response to my email asap.
I look forward to your response.



From: [protected]
Sent: Wednesday, 11 September 2019 7:46 AM
To: Marianne Bailouni
Subject: Receipt for your payment to ZestAds Limited.

paypal 11 Sep 2019 07:46:18 AEST
Transaction ID: 5WP83421C5023431R

Dear Marianne Bailouni,

You sent a payment of $135.85 USD to ZestAds Limited ([protected]

It may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in the Recent Activity list in your Account Overview.
Merchant - ZestAds Limited - [protected]
Instructions to merchant
You haven't entered any instructions.
Marianne Bailouni
12/68 Wedge Road
Carrum Downs, VIC 3201, Australia
Postage details

The seller hasn't provided any shipping details yet.
Description Unit price Qty Amount
[B1] PR-331-01 DroneX™ Pro
$105.90 USD 1 $105.90 USD
$29.95 USD 1 $29.95 USD
Subtotal $135.85 USD
Total $135.85 USD
Payment $135.85 USD
Collecting credit card rewards? You'll earn applicable points with this transaction.
This transaction will appear on your statement as "PAYPAL *SHOPONLINE"
Payment sent to [protected]
From amount $206.97 AUD
To amount $135.85 USD
Exchange rate: 1 AUD = 0.656365 USD Issues with this transaction?
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PayPal PPX001066:1.2:b6d9167496344

Zestadsnever got lifebit watches

I ordered 2 of the Lifebit watches one for me and my daughter asked for a confirmation email and tracking and never received an email back. Till now we thought we were receiving them but found this complaint page and not very happy about being scammed. This is not fair to people that think they are getting these cool watches that detect heart attacks.

ZestAds Limitedsomewhere in china

I ordered a back brace and when I was completing it another page stated I could get another for 30% of so I clicked to see what the price would be. It sent the order through and would not let me change it so I received 3 back braces that took weeks to arrive and when I opened it and saw 3 back braces with no order page or receipt included and also no instructions. I contacted the company to return them and received no answer. Trying to find out why PayPal says it was resolved when I heard nothing and no refund. Big scam company. From now I will research any company I intend to order from.