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Zestadsez patch weight loss patch

Hello, I need this complaint to be noticed!! And apparently I have to make this post lengthy to do so!! After I paid via paypal, the website directed me to an error page. Never did it send me back for my address info or anything in order to send me the product. I want my money returned immediately, as I feel this was a scam.
Thank you
Natalie ryals

Zestadsheaters I ordered

Kit Marty
PO Box 125
Shoshone, CA 92384
United States
Track your shipment
November 19, 2019, Sent by
Status: Shipped
Transaction ID
Seller info
ZestAds Limited
Purchase details
B2 - GON-0178-Black+White-US-02$105.94

Zestadsa drone

I purchased a gift from ZestAds for my sons birthday unknowing it was coming from Hong Kong. When I eventually received it, the box was damaged so badly, it was only sent in a plastic bag, not even bubble wrapped. You couldn't possibly give it to someone as a gift. I requested a refund, sent photos of the damaged item and they wanted me to send a video showing the item not working. I explained it may well work but it wasn't acceptable in the state i received it. I sent it back to Hong Kong at my expense, tracked and they are now saying they haven't received it. I then sent them the tracking note saying no one was there to receive the parcel and a card stating it is at the post office waiting for someone to pick it up. Still haven't received a reply from them. There website looks great but unfortunately a complete lie.

Zestadsdrone x pro

Hi, I bought a DroneX Pro off an ad that was running on YouTube. I paid using PayPal. My issue is that I saw the transaction went off to your account on PayPal but I never got any acknowledgement from you on the purchase nor any further communication from you regarding delivery etc.

Also, PayPal has my old address, so if there was any communication from you, i would have ensured that I give you the new address which is 104 Dennis Rd, Atholl, Sandton, South Africa, 2196.

My PayPal account is [protected] and the transaction numbers for the 2 DroneX PRO are attached on the image. Please come back to me asap my local no is +[protected] and alternative address is [protected]

drone x pro

Zestadsdrone x pro


I purchased a Drone from your company, Zest-Ads Limited November 16, 2019' Transaction ID: 8TC316807346262723k.

As of today I haven't received a confirmation nor any other contact regarding this purchase.

I would appreciate an email with status of my purchase.

If I don't hear back from you, I will contact PAYPAL a file a grievance.

Your company, Zest-Ads, is now all over the internet claiming your CO. as a scam.

I don't want to have to do that, but will.


Shannon Slane


Zestadshimitsu patch

Hi. Good Morning. This is not actually a conplaint but just a questiin because I sent an email to the email you have provided but unfortunately i was not able to get an answer from you. i just want to know when will i get the product (himitsu patch) that i purchased because i can not track it. it was debited to my account already. I ordered it nov 19, 2019. Thanks

Zestadsdrone x

Hi my name Robert Schmidt purchased 2 one free DroneX but have not received a notice of order, number or shipping info of any kind ? this was ordered on my phone from an ad now I have heard the product is not what was advertised. I'm gonna ask that you stop my order it still hasn't shipped and refund my paypal account.
contact me [protected]

Zestadsmintlyfe patch

Order on November 20th, money eas taken from account immediately and have heard nothing about shipping since my order was submitted. Would like a full refund of my money. Purchase Detail number [B3F2]PB-0057-05 and Transaction ID # 2CT82911757577340. If I do not have a refund within 2 days I will notify my bank and have them take care of the issue.

Zestads2 smart watches-1 gold & 1 black

I just ordered 2 smart watches-1 Gold & 1 Black... but I need you to cancel the orders immediately & I want to get refunded. Not only is the address wrong but I read in the reviews that other people have ordered products but have not received them so I'm worried this is a scam site. I don't have to money to just be throwing it away esp near Christmas time!
Thank you,

Zestads — dkosh - black smart watch

I ordered the watch on Oct 03rd 2019. I received this watch with no charging cable, very little instructions. when I plug the watch in to charge, nothing happens. After 4 hours, I...


I placed an order on 11 November for these liming patches. My account was immediately debited. I have since not and yet received anything nor have there been any updates with regards to delivery. This is not acceptable behaviour on the part of the company. I no longer wish to receive this product and I am now insisting on receiving an immediate refund of £55.16 (67.80USD).

Zestadsbioclear nail pens

Order 2DB57798DV884841D

Can you tell me when I can expect this order to be delivered?
I ordered these October 16, 2019.

There was no tracking information sent to me.
I received a receipt via PayPal and emailed their dispute department also.
I cant seem to get an answer from anyone.

If I could just get a refund at this point, that would be fine with me.

Thank you,
Cindy Conklin

Zestadsmintlyfe patch

This product not only arrived late it us not what was advertised. I would like a refund. It is written in Chinese which I cannot read. The advertisement does not look anything like what I received in the mail. I feel that it is a replica of the product that was advertise. This is false advertisement and I would like a refund. All of that I purchased a hundred pieces and only received 30. I have attempted to get a refund through PayPal that is still pending.

Zestadssmart watch phone

Ordered the watch October 12, 2019. Watch was received November 14, 2019. There were no instructions on how to install the battery or how the band is to be attached. Finally I discovered how to insert the battery and charge the unit. However, the watch does not work according to the instructions. I want to return the watch for a refund. Please send me the return instructions and how to obtain a refund.

Thank you,
Dean Farris
840 Glennwood Road
Morris, AL 35116

smart watch phone

Zestadswearfit watches

Oct 9th I bought 2 watches from wearfit. I didn't realize it had only military time on them. Also the b/p and heart beats were way way off. After using it for almost, almost 2 weeks they quit working??? I didn't get them wet nor drop them, they both completely stopped working??? I want my money refunded, $85.95 to my card. I want my money back, I will send these watches back on their dime. I don't want to spend anymore money getting ripped off. There is no return address on the boxes they came in, or on their so-called directions which are mostly in chinese. Please help me!

Zestads — slim patches

Purchased these slim patches from zestads on 22 October 2019, received a very small envelope but there was nothing in this envelope. It was empty. Very very disappointed with thi...

Zestadsdrone x

Ordered this product from a YouTube ad. After seeing the price was twice the going price. Tried to contact Zestads for a refund. They don't answer emails or send tracking information. This company is a scam and should not be allowed to advertise on YouTube. I'm sure no one is reading this complaint. But maybe future customers will. They have hours for customer service, but no number. :-(

Zestads — mintlyfe

I ordered the patches and was supposed to be shipped by the 11th of November, then it went to November 15 now it says November 19. My card was charged $30 + shipping to my debit...

Zestads — tracker health watches

They don't work! Defective right from the get go and I went back to PayPal to open a dispute and now I have to pay a fortune to send these defective items back to China when I...

Zestadslate delivery return item; watch transaction & h810962pa13

I'm having difficulty in contacting ZestAdsto arrange return of item which arrrived far too late for an occasion.
Since ordering the item it's been impossible to track the item and communicate with someone also my email to the link to ZestAds resolution department through Paypal was not delivered or was rejected?
Please advise how to arrange return this item. ed

Zestads — (b2) nh-0123-black-blue-02 life-bit tm) (b&b) (d)

Brought Product for $125.00 and also paid $15.00 for Warranty. About 2 months ago. Billing Information is- Charles W. Rios, Santa Paula, 71 J. Rodriguez St. Guaynabo, PR US 00969...


I ordered cobbinsoles, I was going to order one pair to try them first when I was I ffered a once only deal for two a total of two pairs I was then charged for two pairs and it only one shows on statement plus insurance which I did not ask for can I please have a total refund as I do not wish to trade with a company which can alter my request and charge differently from my agreed amount


Zestadsmintlyfe weight loss patched

Please cancel order number 5F662214B0 and send the full refund to my PayPal account. An email has been sent as well.

Thank you in advance.

Brooke Watson

(It complained about my passage being too short. So, now I am going to sit here and ramble about nothing. 273 characters to go! Yay! 300! Almost there. This is just so fun. And done!)

[Resolved] Zest Ads LimitedI made an accidental purchase and they haven't refunded or replied to me

I've made a purchase on 11/11 and emailed to zestAds because one purchase I made, I was sure of the the other I wanted to cancel but they never replied to my email. I sant to cancel and refund the purchase because it was made accidentally and was unplanned from my original purchase. It's been days and I still haven't received an email or any updates on the purchase

I made an accidental purchase and they haven't refunded or replied to me

  • Resolution Statement

    I don’t want this public anymorw

Zestads — mintlyfe weight loss packages

On November 7, 2019, I attempted to order one of the weight loss patches to give it a try. I have been billed $18.80 TWICE plus a seperate charge of $26.95. I did not authorize...


Order Number: B6EB3EF8F0
I ordered some patches awhile back and I haven't received any emails about when my product will be shipped and i tried contacting them on the email that is provided with no response whatsoever but they charged the money already from my card. I want a refund and I will be contacting paypal to let them know this ZestAds is a scam!!


I have tried contacting ZestAds through multiple support websites to no avail. I am trying to cancel an order. Order number 8DD20A7969. The FitToe was not the product I intended to order. I want the order cancelled and a refund. The order still has not shipped and I don't want it to. I'm tired of trying to contact the company so please just cancel and refund the order.


ordered 2 heaters for $115.89 and soon after cancelled order but do not see refund on my account
Order 4M208638E3020693T Rosemary Davis, 2501 W Front St. Berwick, Pa Im 85 years old and I will not be ripped off. If this is not taken care of I will report you to the proper authorities My daughter had already purchased other heaters so we don't need them. The order could not possibly have been shipped before I cancelled the order!!!

Zestadsdrone x

After ordering this Drone plus warranty I have been unable to contact anyone from this company.
My order hasn't arrived and money deducted from paypal on the day of order.
3 weeks later, no information, no delivery details.
No tracking number.

I will never use this company again and will never recommend it to anyone else.
Come on ZestAds. lift your game.

Zestadslifebit watch

this item does not work and I have been trying to resolve the issue for a refund since it was received. Order ID is 26A049090H239654. Money was taken from PAYPAL account day it was ordered (Sept 18, 2019) item not received until late October 2019 and since then I have sent numerous emails to Zestads, hotproducts, and 2 other email addresses I found that have something to do with it with no response from anyone. I want to send it back for a refund but cannot find out how. I am disputing it with Paypal as well and [protected]@resolutionsupports, and the bank who made the payment. Please help if you can.

Zestadsdrone x misleading sale

I ordered 2 drone x. Your pop up ads kept offering me discounts so I took the bait and ordered 2 items. After sending payment via PayPal, I realized the quantity was 1 item and the charge was the same . I am very dissatisfied! The ad was wide open on my screen until the moment I made the transaction, then it vanished not to be found. I demand resolve on this matter. Shame on me for not doing a background check on this company before purchase. Shame on this company for stealing my hard earned money. I will despute this till hell freezes over! This company is a flim flam scam operation. I want my money back and you can fly your drone where the sun don't shine!

Zestads — mintlyfe patch

I am so upset, I ordered the patch, was supposed to get 30 for 33.40. My credit card was charged and I received 4 patches today...not 30. I would like a refund on my account, I...

ZestadsI have not received my order and cannot contact anyone to ask about it.

I ordered the Couple Duo B2 -dKosh2 Gold and black watches from ZestAds Limited for $95.95 online and paid with PayPal on October 26, 2019. On Pay Pal it says that the status is: Shipped. There is a tracking number but their tracking site will not accept the number. There is no phone number online to contact anyone therefore, I cannot get in touch with anyone to ask a question about when the order will arrive. Also, when I email the address that is given, I receive no reply. I feel that I have been scammed.

Zestadscoupleduo smart watches

Order Number: 29D2AFB6CC

Order date: 10/25 7:41am

I only intended to order a single Black watch and emailed them within 10 minutes of placing the order at: [protected] which doesn't even work. Always comes back as not good address.
Tried 2 other email addresses, same response; not good address.
Been 3 weeks and no updates of any kind. This is a scam!

[Resolved] Zestadsno delivery acknowledgment - no response to email enquiry

Ordered DroneX™ Pro for $75.92 USD on 30th Oct 2019, have not had any response as to delivery

Order # 89A12DB1A5 from [protected] and [protected] - neither have responded to email requests for delivery information etc.

Either deliver the promised good or refund all moinies in full

Not happy

Michael Kavanagh

  • Resolution Statement

    Package eventually arrived

Zestadsbionail clear

On Oct 18, 2019 I had ordered the Bio Nail Clear for $34.90. I've been waiting and waiting and now I tracked it an see, they supposedly delivered it to Oregon on Nov. 9th. I live in Texas. How in the world does that happen and how am I going to get my products or money back? Unbelievable! I recommend everybody to stay away from these pop up orders. The stuff comes from China, poorly made, no instructions. I have another problem with something I had ordered. This is it for me.

ZestAds Limitedslim patch

On 10/30/19, 5:41 pm, I ordered a 30 day supply of the Slim Patch from your advertisement on Facebook. I did receive my product today and I want to make sure that you do NOT send anymore and that you DO NOT automatically charge me or take money. This email is to serve as my cancellation of any future or automatic orders of this product effective today, November 13, 2019. No additional charges will be accepted or paid.


Beverly Bustin
702 Sharon Terrace
Fort Pierce, Florida, USA
Order number: 19BB473076


Order a flashlight through Hot Products Sale website I saw on facebook, (PL-0095-01). Claimed 9000 lumens and showed cooking an egg and starting paper on fire. The item shipped was a cheap flashlight, not what was shown, that was not as bright as the free flashlights I get at Harbor Freight. Also has a recharge port but no charger or instructions included. Complete waste of money. Will not use and would return if I could receive a refund.

Zestads10 pieces mintlyfe diet patches

Have never received. I tried to email them to see if they will be shipping and to make sure this is not a monthly charge. I believe it might be a scam. Need someone to contact me to see if they plan on making this shipment. They have collected money from me the PayPay and I need to make sure this is given credit or they send me the product. The only information I have is the receipt below.

10 pieces mintlyfe diet patches

Zestadsweight loss patch

I want a refund since this was a scam to get more money from me by offering 5 more for a $26.00+ amount. Then increased by 5 times the amount to $134.75 on my PayPal account. I am on a fixed income and unable to pay this amount. If you do not honor my request I will be forced to turn this in to the United States Attorney General, and anyone else that I can find to let them know of your fraudulant practices since there was nowhere a note that this would be charged.

Katherine Lenhardt