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Firstly I'd like to start by saying that in the year and a half that I had worked at Zaxby's never have I ever seen such an unprofessional general manager. I have worked in restaurants and managed restaurants all over New York and a handful in Florida. I have never felt like I could not go to my manager with a problem that needed to be addressed other than this one. I felt like everytime it was my fault and I was in the wrong by even speaking up in cleanliness as well as sexual harassment. During the time a certain employee worked there, not only did he sexually harass me but he sexually harassed multiple other women that worked there. It wasn't always just verbal either. He had physically grabbed another female coworkers breast after doing it on many occasions. Finally something came of it and not only did the females name get dragged into the conversation but she was then texted constantly by the male that had gotten fired and he harassed her constantly until he was blocked. I was also harassed by the male because I had spoken up and told him he was wrong and he had finally gotten into trouble from it. Secondly, never have I ever worked for such a sexist boss as well. Ive worked in a bunch of kitchens and always made the same as the guys because I was doing the same work and busting my butt to please customers and ensure that they were satisfied. I would be scheduled 30 something hours while the guys that had just gotten hired on were scheduled more than 40! Not to mention he would over schedule all the females up front so it was a constant struggle for anyone to be able to stay and get hours when the guys in the back of the house were scheduled and never had to go home early. I had to start working up front at one point and not in the kitchen because I was pregnant and couldn't do the bending and lifting anymore. I was then referred to as "useless" and "it wasn't his fault that I got pregnant". I'm sorry but I worked just as hard up front being the face of zaxbys and satisfying the customers even though I wasn't doing the physical labor anymore. I was told on multiple occasions well you have the most out of all the females so you can go home early then you've at least reached 30 hours. I have a family to feed and depend on those hours to pay my bills and ensure food for my children because that is my number one priority. It was always a joke when I would put my foot down and say no why don't one of you guys go instead of me?! I'd say "well you don't have a problem paying your bills do you?" And at one point the assistant manager had said to me, " no I don't because after the other assistant manager left I got a hefty raise and I bring home about double what you make!" He said this with a smirk on his face and this was just absolutely crushing to me, like yes I do understand that he made more because he did do more physical labor than I did but I was pregnant at the time and could not lift the heavy items, but that was beside the point, it was the fact that yet again I was put down by yet another male in the restaurant. I know this is pretty lengthy but this has gone on since day one of me working there and I was always afraid to stick up for myself and say something. I felt like my job was in jeopardy if I did say something because in Florida we are "at will" employees and he would use any excuse to get rid of me and it wasn't worth it knowing I had a family to feed and bills to pay and was at least getting 10.50 which is better than most jobs start you out making in the Port Charlotte area. So towards the end of me working there because I had to leave to have my child, I kept on getting my hours cut and cut and cut because I was "useless and couldn't work in the back". So getting my 30 hours was a struggle. On my last day one of my fellow co workers who is also a very good friend of mine was called into the lobby to sit down with the GM where he not only ripped her apart for looking at getting a second job to feed her newborn and support herself, but also ripped me apart saying how toxic I was and it will be for the better that I am as far away from her as possible. I'm sorry but I never called off, I rarely asked for a day off and that was only if I had a drs appointment or a WIC appointment that was in the middle of the day. I ALWAYS came into my shifts, even when my morning sickness was at its peak. I would run from the drivethru area to the bathroom to get sick, and get right back to taking orders. I was FAR from useless, I kept the customers coming back! I even had multiple customers whom I don't even know outside of Zaxbys bring me in gift cards, Christmas cards, sometimes money for the baby when it was her birthday, or when they knew I was struggling for hours, or clothes for my new child before she's born. They appreciated me and how genuine I was no matter what kind of day I was having or how terrible I was feeling. I always had a smile on my face greeting customers and made sure they left with a smile. With all this being said I really do hope something comes of this because on my last day people begged me not to go because it wasn't going to be the same without me there. Not only was it customers but employees as well. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this, please help my fellow co workers as they should not suffer from such an unprofessional manager who slides by every time.

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