Zaxby'sfood and coustomer service


Went to Zaxby's and got super old and cold fries. Went back up and asked for fresh fries. The counter person went over to the manager and told her I wanted fresh fries. The counter person then brought the nasty fries back and the manager then proceeded to tell me that the fries were fresh. I again asked for fresh fries and went to sit back down. I was brought more fries in which most were super old and cold only a few were hot and fresh. I worked as a fast food manager in several other fast food restaurants and know enough to 1. Not argue with the customer. 2. Get rid of the old fries, most people are willing to wait for fresh foo. 3. Even if I knew the food was within the proper holding time to make the customer fresh food. Without happy customers you have no income and the employees either lose hours or a job. This is not the first time that this has happened to me at this store but it sure will be the last time. Maybe the big bosses need to go on Under Cover Boss and see what is going on in their stores. There are several other places close by for me to pick from. I did not realized that asking for my food to be fresh so that it tasted good was such a big issue. Even my chicken sandwich was borderline. I know that store used to be busier now I know why it was so dead when I walked in there.

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