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L Aug 06, 2018

I often go to you tube to see videos I like.
I have noticed you have removed a user's account. Infowars.
I would like to know the nature of why the videos on this account are being removed, and what lawful reason you have to terminate the account.
I have spoken to several groups of people who have also experienced this happening to other conservative people's accounts.
There seems to be a conflict with when You tube clearly states its "openness to allow people to freely express themselves."
Infowars information has been true and correct.
I have not seen accounts being taken down for hate propoganda against the President.
If you are going to have rules, they must apply to all.
Thanks for your time in resolving this matter.
I will continue to inquire on this matter till Infowars is allowed back on Youtube.

-Citizen of the United States of America

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