YouTubeyoutube is treating small channels horrible especially channels with kids

S Jun 13, 2019

I get on my daughters channel yesterday and i am taken to a strike that was put on the channel for a livestream that had been up for a year and 3 months. Youtube says you can view the video for 7 days but they immediately took it down and i couldn't view it to see how we might be in violation of the community guidelines. This is a video of my daughter doing a funny skit of her acting like a dog. She is in pajamas clothed from head to toe and youtube is saying that the video is child endangerment and hence we have a strike on the channel which is absolutely ridiculous! i have tried reaching out to team youtube on twitter they won't respond. I appealed the strike because how can you strike a channel because of their constant change in community guidelines for a video that had been up on the channel for over a year!? this isn't the first time the channel has gotten a strike for ridiculous reasons! i tried to appeal this and every single time we appeal something it is rejected immediately. How can you reject an appeal immediately it means they didn't even read it! they are treating smaller channels horribly especially channels with kids! i see channels where people are doing drugs and those are still up. I see channels where small children are cussingup a storm but those are still up. I see channels where children are in danger of predatory comments that are still up because of the content the channel is providing. I watch my daughters channel like a hawk and i am so mad right now having a strike for a video that i haven't viewed in a year and not even allowing me to view what they might be talking about because they say i can view the video for 7 days. I am so angry and i have made several complaints to youtube regarding other channels that there is legitamate stuff that violates community guidelines and they do absolutely nothing about it! we sat in monitization status for 9 months and because this isn't first time they gave us a strike for no reason and took away live streaming it hurt the watch time of the channel and now that we have waited 9 months we aren't in review anymore because now our watch time is under 4k watch hours. There has to be something that can be done because this is a joke you can't legimately talk to anyone on youtube. The only time they listen to anyone is if it is a large channel with millions of subscribers. Their process to create an account on youtube is crap. You can create so many fake accounts and that is why children are at risk for predators! instead of doing something about that they are punishing the channels instead of getting the scum off of youtube! i am so mad over this right now because we work incredibly hard on the channel and i spend a lot of money putting into the channel and have to deal with this crap. Its not fair at all so whatever this complaint site is about please do something because i am not going to stop until youtube is held responsible for their lack of structure and help to smaller creators this whole thing is bs! i have pictures to provide but i am not going to put them on here if this is a public site.

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