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I fear if YT keeps censoring content based on political opinion there are 2 outcomes: 1) an alternative platform arises (Gab is back and Twitter should be worried) or 2) I forsee angry unhinged folks locating youtube officers and engaging them as high risk threats to American democracy. My guess is these officers will no longer enjoy any freedom of movement or any level of security after 1 or 2 incidents. This is not an unreasonable threat assessment. Youtube had a shooting incident once before. I could see targeted high value individuals selected for maximum effect. In 5 mins. the names of the top 20 youtube officers can be identified. The rest is obvious. It may sound crazy now, but Americans are not Chinese. Americans have limits and w/o a checks and balances or alternative to systematic speech oppersion, violence is not at all out of the realm of forseeable reactions. I hope this does not happen but w/o change, I fear it is unavoidable. I am sure YT officers are situationalky unaware to this threat. Hopefully, courts force change but if they do not, citizens will and certain citizens will probably see themselves as speech martyrs.

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    Key Executives For YouTube, LLC
    Ms. Susan D. Wojcicki
    Chief Executive Officer
    Age: 49
    Ms. Julie Supan
    Senior Director of Marketing
    Robert Kyncl
    Head of Content & Business Operations
    Mr. Pawan Agarwal
    Head of Music Partnership for India and South Asia Region
    Mr. Neal Mohan
    Chief Product Officer


  • Ri
    rivelle Nov 10, 2018
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    Verified customer

    Alt fact trumpite mental and moral degenerates are skinhead scum of the earth
    Gab is a hate channel that's already dead who gives a [censored] if skinheads [censored] off there?
    Your concept of "freedom" is nihilistic violence
    Mailed any pipe bombs to Soros lately you schiziod paranoiac [censored]head?

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  • Ge
    Gerhard Erasmus Nov 21, 2018
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    I'm an average person with zero hate but a whole lot of angst. I have been censored by youtube and on asking, they didn't give me a reason why. I've come to realize that there are millions, if not billions of conservatives whose opinions and view points are being systematically censored. I'd ove to find a videos and search channel - engine with ONLY conservative view points. The main reason why I experience angst is due to violent people being forced upon our families through forced migration. We are a sophisticated society and not up to such violence. We are peaceful and peace loving people. Please leave our countries the way they are, our forebears have shed a lot of blood to reach the safety we have (in some european countries have had). We don't need any aggressors and can certainly not afford to have all migrants in our countries. The globalists invested in China and other mono-culture countries and use migrantion and human rights merely as tools to weaken our economies, so they can cash in on the stronger Chinese currencies... How come China is not forced to take up migrants? It is not fair. Stop censorship it is like stealing our voices of concern - it is inhuman! If it goes on like that, there will be war yet again. Many a man will seek their revenge and without free speeach you are oppressing - it is indeed called facism at the highest degree!!!

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