Youtubeunauthorised use of my video content

R Aug 15, 2018

Dear Sir / Madam

Please see the link below,
This video is seven years old. I only gave my permission for them to publish for 12 months.
Australian Women's Business Network is no longer in business. The channel has not had any activity for 6 years.
This video is not relevant to me now, and in fact represents me poorly, it is the first video that comes up if you search for me. I am the CEO of a recruitment company and this is not good for my personal brand.
This video breaches two of YouTube's policy
1. Inactive accounts policy - not logging into the site for at least six months. No one has been on this site for six years.
2. Infringes my rights (I only gave them copyright permission for 1 year)

Could you please remove this video

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