Youtubeprager u propaganda advertising

N Oct 28, 2018

Please stop showing PragerU propaganda advertising. I am very offended by the brain washing propaganda that they push. It's one thing to let them have a channel that I can ignore and thumb down. But to let them pay for slots that I can't avoid or criticize is too much. I would rather let Alex Jones keep his channel that I can ignore and thumb down ( freedom to speech) then let Prager U advertise. This speaks volumes to what YouTube will allow if they are paid enough which speaks volumes to their ethics and true intent. A fix for this is to have a high standard of censorship with advertising and get off content creators backs. YouTube should be about the content not the advertising otherwise what's the point

  • Updated by Norman Different · Oct 28, 2018

    I do not condone Alex Jones he is propaganda. But I am for the right to freedom of expression and opinion. I believe that his channel was insight to what's wrong on the Internet and society. censorship can just push these things underground and add fuel to his sick fire... He needs help not something to fight. Prager U, on the other hand, is the machine and needs to be taken off. money shouldn't supply opinion. This is a very dangerous game YouTube is playing by allowing advertising and censoring content creators... In my opinion it shouldn't be.

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