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D Aug 14, 2018

Hi there,
Youtube is a wonderful service and has provided an amazing platform for so many people to create and consume all manner of videos.
On-demand services seem to be taking a hold of entertainment and media over more traditional platforms, and especially now with the rise of Netflix and NowTV etc.

As such, I understand Youtube's incentives to offer a paid-for service, which makes sense to stay competitive in the current climate. However, I do feel as though some free-to-use users (such as myself) are being held hostage somewhat.

The level of advertising on Youtube videos has increased dramatically, from one skippable (or fairly short unskippable) advert, to at least two skippable adverts before every video I watch (on top of the fairly new trend of adverts appearing mid-video). Today (14/08/2018) I had to endure 2 adverts, each a minute long and without an option to skip in order to watch a 4-minute video. I feel as though this is somewhat excessive.

As I say, I understand placing an advert before videos to monetise the service, as well as advertising your own paid-for service to remove these. However, increasing the level of advertising like this to force people's hand into paying for your product, whilst simultaneously increasing your own advertising revenue, although very good business, does not seem in the spirit in which the platform was created, or for many people the spirit in which it still exists.

I'm not sure quite what impact this complaint may have on the money-making practises of a huge corporation, but I do know that I cannot be the only dissatisfied user, and hope that there is a change in this in the future.

Many thanks,


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